8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post And Get Traffic

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Promote Your Blog Posts and Increase Traffic by following these 8 #blogging tips.

Did you know being a blogger is trendy?

According to today’s guest author, Vincent Hill, “Blogging is the newest trend nowadays.”

My post 7 Ways Blogging Helps You Better Navigate Life explains you are better at dealing with life than people who live outside of the blogosphere.

According to my guest author, you are trendy as well.

According to Google Trends, interest in sites used by bloggers like Medium and Google+ is on the rise.

Vincent explains 8 ways you can capitalize on that trend in order to woo visitors to your blog and increase your blog traffic.

Vincent’s tips are not only trendy, he makes them sound downright fun.

Vincent, take it away.

8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post And Get Traffic

By Vincent Hill

 Blogging is the newest trend nowadays for people who spend a decent amount of time on the internet and have a lot of thoughts to share.

A blog site is like your own personal journal with a twist of social media sharing and the occasional “theme” for the website.

Some of us prefer to have a spontaneous theme for our blogs; nevertheless, we follow a certain writing style.

Your main objectives may be to share your thoughts and skills in writing, but it’s always preferable to have a continually growing audience.

Before you start a blog, here are 8 smart ways to help you promote your blog site and get traffic.

  1. Write controversial content so people need to share.

Controversial content and latest gossip and trends are always the easiest topics to capture the attention of an audience. Keep your blog posts interesting and updated with the latest.

  1. Link to authoritative blogs so they link back.

Linking your blog posts to bigger and more influential blog sites is a key strategy to increasing your traffic. This means you refer to authoritative and reliable sources. This way, these links will also link back to you.

  1. Make your content easy to share. 

When customizing your blog site and your posts, always make it easy for your audience to share. Add a link to social media sites that they can simply click and it will link to their profiles. This way, your audience can help you build a bigger network with their own networks.

  1. Link to your other, relevant blog posts.

Highlight the relevant message and topics to your blog posts and link them to relevant articles on your topic. It would be much better to link them to articles on your blog, which has the same key message, to make your audience see that your site is complete in information on a specific niche.

  1. Optimize your blog for search engines.

Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to use it to your site’s advantage. With SEO, Google will be your best friend. Adding the SEO factor to your website management can add a significant growth to your internet traffic.

  1. Syndicate your content to other blogs.

You will need to find sites that allow syndicated content – this is when other sites re-publish your posts and also allow you to look into their audience. Syndicated content sites can allow you to “steal” their audiences without any illegalities. [Admin Blogger’s Commentary: You can find a list of sites that welcome syndicated content in my post This is What You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Content Syndication Sites.]

  1. Produce a resource article.

Resource articles have relatively higher traffic than other types. This is mainly because resource articles are used as references, thus they become a necessity for those who research on your specific niche. [Admin Blogger’s Commentary: Bloggers find resources so valuable, writers often publish them in Ebook form. My post 89 of the Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging is an example of a resource article.]

  1. Promote your blog by joining Top Forums in your niche.

Join forums in your blog category, and join open discussions. This will allow you to build a bigger network by meeting other bloggers that have the same niche and also gathering a new audience. [Admin Blogger’s Commentary: Kingged and Inbound are examples of forums.]


Always remember that your audience and followers will only grow if you write blogs and articles that are interesting and informative. Of course, when you follow these tips and tricks, adding traffic to your blog site will be easier and you can grow your followers a lot faster.

Author bio: 

Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to start a blog, content

writing, blog design and much more. His writing is not only descriptive but also meaningful. He

loves to share his ideas on different categories.

Admin Blogger’s Commentary:

Readers, please share, so other bloggers know how to promote their articles, increase traffic, and be social, a skill too many bloggers often leave out of their promotion strategy.

What did you think of Vincent’s tips? Did any surprise you? Which did you think was the most valuable? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice and Vincent,

    #2 is an easy way to get traffic. Fish in a barrel easy. I do it for most posts. I link to top blogs, tag these bloggers on social and even if they do not link back to me they usually share the post on social media. Even better, we form bonds through this simple little linking process because when you help someone, you tend to befriend them as they are drawn to you. Janice, you caught my eye by linking in to me a few times. Put ya in my Feedly. Now I am a comment lounge lizard here 😉 And every time I tweet your posts to my 45,000 followers a few more readers likely make their way to your awesome blog. The power of bonds.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for commenting on my guest author’s post. I appreciated what you wrote– even if the authors I link to don’t link to me, they often share my posts resulting in more exposure for me.
      I agree about the power of bonds. I often have become friendlier with the people I have “swapped” links with. Thank you for calling my blog “awesome”. The praise means a great deal. Thanks for visiting me.

  2. CJ from Thirty30Courtney.com

    Good points. I need to do a better job at SEO now that I have a blogging routine in place. There’s plenty of information out there for me to obtain so there is no excuse for me not get in the game. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. Julie Syl Kalungi

    I agree with Ryan,

    When yo link to other Power bloggers and Mention them in a tweet. Most of them are on the look out to who is linking to their content and are they worth linking to or sharing or blocking even! Like Ryan I got this blog on my radar and I love the way Janice gives back. You give other awesome people a chance to share their expertise on your premium real estate…Cool beans!

    I love Creating Resource Articles, i do my research, test out a tool or technique, see hat I got and share the steps and how I got there plus more resources…A great way to have your blog become a go to resource for other bloggers and creatives.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Julie,
      I find your comments (and your tips) inspirational. I do all those things. However, after reading your comments, I decided to make a “Resources” section in my sidebar. Thanks for the idea and the high praise about my blog!

  4. Sandy KS

    I am going to try some of these tips. as my blog is no longer getting the views it once did. Something changed. I am not sure what it was.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandy,
      I’m glad you feel the post has valuable ideas.
      Regarding the reason for the drop in traffic. It could be something as simple as the weather is still warm, so people aren’t at their computers. It could be there’s more competition. It could also be a need for us to reinvent ourselves. Thanks for visiting and writing me.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Andria,
      If you have any blogging-related questions I can answer, let me know. I am glad you found the post helpful.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Marsha,
      I am glad you enjoyed the article. I agree. The guest author did a great job! Thank you for sharing!

  5. dgkaye

    Great post Janice. I’ve shared! Just replied to your email. Came here from your link. <3

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Thank you for the help this week with this article. I decided to publish it again tomorrow, since it never got delivered to people’s Email boxes. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      I thought Kathleen did a great job with your interview.

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  7. Gail Akeman

    very interesting. I will have to think of some controversial topics for my blog.

  8. Muhammad Hassib

    Bravo… I appreciate your effort. I want to add something in this list. I think sharing in social media sites with proper strategy is most important.

  9. Sammy Blackmore

    We link to authoritative blogs not only because we hope for a link back. But we also want to show to everyone that we write credible and value-packed posts. Thanks for this share Janice and Vincent!

  10. Sara

    That first tip “write controversial topics” was the biggest surprise. Being social is what makes blogging fun. You write to release all the pent up thoughts and ideas inside, but what’s really nice is when others add their thoughts and opinions.

    Thanks for a lovely post Vincent.

  11. Mark

    Thanks for sharing your 8 proven traffic generating tips Janice.

    Vincent did an excellent job, demonstrating the value of each proven tip.

    And while I definitely can see and appreciate the value of all eight tips,
    my biggest takeaways are #’s 4,6, 7 & 8.Thanks!

  12. Debbie

    I’m happy to see that I’m doing most of these things, though I need to work on the last three. Thanks for sharing!

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