TikTok MP3 Download: How to Legally Download Music for Free in 2024, 6 Ways

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TikTok MP3 Download

Why consider a TikTok MP3 download?

The audio at TikTok is unsurpassed. People speculate one billion people wouldn’t be using the platform without TikTok’s catchy music.

In fact, many people discover music on TikTok and then get the music on their Spotify apps.

For instance, on many occasions, I find a song I forgot about or never knew about on TikTok and then rush to get the music for listening to in my leisure on Spotify.

However, unless you pay for a Spotify premium account, you can’t listen ad-free.

Advantages of a TikTok MP3 download:

  • You don’t have to buy the music you love.
  • The music is readily available on your electronic device.
  • You can use the downloaded music as your phone’s ringtone.
  • If you like the music but not the video, you don’t have to watch the video again, but you can listen to the music.
  • When you download the music as part of a video, you can remove the TikTok watermark.

What if there was a way you can use the music for these purposes?

You need a TikTok MP3 download.

UPDATE: August 2023

Let’s examine important statistics:

According to recent data, the SSTik.io MP3 converter for TikTok has seen a significant increase in usage, with over 2 million downloads recorded within the past six months.


It gets better: The methods to download TikTok sound are the same as the TikTok MP3 download methods shared in this guide for songs.

In fact, many of these TikTok MP3 download methods are the same as TikTok MP4 methods.

The difference: The audio is used alone without the video.


This guide mentions how to perform a TikTok MP3 download using the following tools:

  • Zeus Bundle
  • SSSTik.io
  • TTDown.org
  • Musically Down

These are your choices of TikTok to MP3 converters.

In addition to learning about the tools, you will find tutorials for a TikTok MP3 download and a testimonial for Musically Down in this post.


When a Twitter user became aware of this guide, he offered another tool to use to conduct a TikTok MP3 download.

He wrote, “You can use http://musicaldown.com/tiktok-mp3 tool also to download any TikTok to mp3 and without watermark videos” (Source).


Podcaster Neal Schaeffer reports that 2022 is the year of the video. Why not capitalize on the widespread publishing of videos? You can extricate music from videos and use the music independent of videos.

One look at the comment section and you’ll see readers didn’t know you can perform a TikTok MP3 download. Did you?

This guide tells you how to download music and videos from TikTok.

In addition, by the time you finish this guide, you will know how to download a TikTok video and remove the TikTok watermark for free in addition to how to do a TikTok MP3 download. You will also discover how to embed the music downloaded from TikTok in your WordPress blog posts.

These are free and ethical tips.

Recently, this blog explained how to use a YouTube Shorts downloader and how to use a Pinterest video downloader. This post also takes a tutorial format and explains how to do a TikTok MP3 download.

Let’s get started by discovering how to conduct a TikTok MP3 download and how to remove the TikTok watermark when you download a TikTok video.

Get ready to find out five ways to perform a TikTok MP3 download with four free tools.

For those of you who prefer to discover information by watching instead of reading, you find an overview of this guide here. Just click play to learn information about a TikTok MP3 download by watching this video.

What is a TikTok MP3 Download?

MP3 stands for MPEG-1. MPEG-1 is a data format for encoding digital audio.

When you download MP3, you only download audio. An MP4 download brings you both the audio and video components.

What a TikTok MP3 Download Is Not

Errors include calling a TikTok MP3 download the wrong names:

  • Tik Tok MP3 song download. TikTok is one word.
  • TikTok MO3. This guide shares how to perform a TikTok MP3 download. MP3 is used for the audio format.
  • TikTok.mp3. Remove the dot and capitalize MP3.

How to Perform a TikTok MP3 Download

UPDATE February 2022

Zeus Bundle

TikTok MP3 Download: Method 1: Zeus Bundle.


If you need help following the steps below in order to make a TikTok MP3 download, watch this video tutorial.

SSStik.io MP3 Converter on Mobile

TikTok MP3 Download: Method 2

These steps were followed on my iPhone:

Step 1: Open the TikTok app and find the music you want to download. If you don’t have the TikTok app, you need to download it.

Step 2: Then, click Share to/Copy Link.

Step 3: Open Google. Find a TikTok MP3 download tool. YouTuber Grace Style recommends SSStik.io. SSSTik stands for “SSSTikTok,” so the name of the tool is easy to remember.

Click the link to open the URL.

TikTok MP3 download

Ignore the ad for the tool in the middle. Free tools often show ads.

Paste the link and click download.

Step 4: Wait for your video to convert and click download MP3.

One important note:

During this step, you will see your options to download without the TikTok watermark.

This is a free tool, so you will see an ad. After closing out of the ad, you will see your music play. You also have choices of the playback speed.

The music will appear on your iPhone via Airplay. Airplay is a communication system that allows streaming between devices of audio, video, device screens, and photos,

You can hear the music through your Roku speaker.

SSSTik has an app available at Google Play for Android devices.

If you want to download the video without the watermark instead of doing just the TikTok MP3 download, click Without Watermark.

SSSTik.io on Desktop

TikTok MP3 Download: Method 3

I followed the same steps on my desktop.


TikTok Mp3 download

This time, SSSTik gave me instructions on the appearance of my TikTok link.

In contrast to Method 1, completing a TikTok MP3 download on a mobile device, when you use the desktop, you can go straight to TikTok.com to find the video. You don’t need a third-party tool.

When I clicked Download MP3, I was immediately presented with a Download button that belonged to an ad. Make sure you look for “Ad” so you can avoid bringing in a tool you don’t want.

Close the Ad. You will be able to hear your music play.

If you want to save the music to your desktop device, click download.

One important note…

Only 30 seconds of the song downloads.

Disappointed? Remember, the average TikTok video is only 15 seconds, so you won’t get a TikTok MP3 download the length of a full song.

When I went to my downloads, I was surprised to see the music listed as M4A and not MP3.

M4A vs M4R

M4A compresses the music so the quality isn’t lost. If you want to use the music as your ringtone, change the file to M4R.

When I clicked the M4A file, I was asked how I wanted to open the file. Choose a music app. For instance, you can choose Groove Music, iTunes, and Windows Media Player.

Do you want to hear the song I chose?

The music came from this video:

Look at how I was able to extract the music from the video by performing a TikTok MP3 download. Now that you are reading these tutorials, you can too.

I picked “Thank you for Being a Friend.” Note: This song would be a great accompaniment if you throw Meet and Greets on your blog.

One important note though…

The file name consists of a long string of letters and numbers. Rename the file so you recall the song you downloaded later on.

UPDATE April 2022:

Wasn’t conducting a TikTok MP3 download fun?

Let’s do another. Shall we?

The music comes from this TikTok video:

Okay. Now that you’ve seen the video, let’s hear the extracted music from the video.

Just press play. You can see that once you’ve completed your TikTok MP3 download, you can listen to the music without having to watch the video.

Enjoy your listening pleasure!

How to get a TikTok MP3 download into your WordPress blog:

Step 1: Go to https://ssstik.io/.

Step 2: Paste the link to the TikTok video that has the music with the TikTok MP3 download you want to perform.

Step 3: Click download.

Step 4: Close the ad.

Step 5: In your WordPress dashboard, using Gutenberg blocks, add an “audio” block.

Go to your downloads and open your most recent download. The music extracted from the TikTok video when you did the TikTok MP3 download will be visible.

If you are curious: I chose Adele’s “Hello,” one of my favorite songs.

TTDown.org MP3

TikTok MP3 Download: Method 4

Step 1: Open TikTok.

Step 2: Choose your TikTok video. Click Share/Copy Link.

Step 3: Go to https://ttdown.org/ .

TTDown stands for TikTok Download. Again, the name is easy to remember.

tiktok mp3 download

Paste the link where indicated. Hit Go.

Once you start your download, you are given two choices: a TikTok MP3 download and a TikTok MP4 converter.

Once downloaded, you should rename the file so you remember the name of the song.

Note: I did not vet this tool by clicking either button.

TikTok Music Converter for WordPress

TikTok MP3 Download: Method 5

Do you want to know how to get the TikTok MP3 download in your blog post?


Step 1: Follow the steps in TikTok MP3 Download: Method 2.

Step 2: In your WordPress dashboard, add the audio block.

Step 3: Click Media Library. Click your audio file.

Your audio will appear in your WordPress draft. When you click Preview, you can play the music.


UPDATE: August 2023

TikTokio can also be used to conduct a TikTok MP3 download.

TikTok MP3 Download Warning

Research for this guide revealed that after the download electronic devices automatically converted the downloads to an MP4 video format.

However, I did not have that problem on either my mobile device or my desktop device.

TikTok MP3 Download Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download TikTok to MP3?

In order to download the music to your mobile device, you will need a 3rd party download tool. These tools are free. You need to find the video you want the music from, copy the link from TikTok, and paste it into the tool. Then click Go. You get a choice to download the MP3 music file or the MP4 video file. Choose MP3.

How do you download audio from TikTok?

In order to conduct a TikTok MP3 download, you need a free 3rd-party tool. You can use SSSTik or TTDown, for instance. Get the link from the TikTok video using the Share function. Copy the link and paste it into the tool.

UPDATE April 2022

TikTok MP3 download

Source of Data

Although this guide is about how to conduct a TikTok MP3 download, this infographic shows the power of using TikTok MP4, video format, to market.

You can see from these statistics that TikTok is more powerful than other sites. Newer social media sites that gain popularity usually are more powerful organically at first.

Wrapping Up: TikTok MP3 Download

In closing, by reading this guide, you received four free tools for conducting a TikTok MP3 download, a TikTok MP4 download, instructions to remove the TikTok watermark, and steps for bringing your TikTok MP3 download into your WordPress blog post.

You now have action plans for enjoying TikTok music and videos for personal or professional use.

Readers, please share so music lovers wishing to perform a TikTok MP3 download and wanting to follow these other strategies discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you use TikTok? Would you consider performing a TikTok MP3 download?

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