11 Components of Cyber Security That People Should Know 100%

components of cyber security
30 October, 2019

Do you need a network security checklist? Today’s guest author presents a cyber security plan with 11 components of cyber security to keep you safe from hackers in 2020. Although he titles his post, “Eleven Tips for Online Security That Every Blogger Should Know 100%,” […]


Everything You Need to Know Before Using the Cloud

Cloud Business Solutions, 3 tips
14 October, 2019

Contributed Post Do you need information on cloud business solutions? You’ve come to the right place. Everyday web users who use the internet are always learning about new and innovative areas of the web. Years ago, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) was the newest innovation that […]


How to Improve Lead Gen with Quiz Questions, 7 Ways

12 October, 2019

Janice Wald Quiz questions. How can you use them and why should you? Using quiz questions has many benefits: You’ll boost reader engagement. Respondents will provide blog post content ideas. You’ll generate feedback which results in more sign-ups. It’s true. By the time you’re done […]


How to Speed Up a Slow Mac, 7 Ways

how to free up memory on Mac
11 October, 2019

This post was contributed. A slow running computer is frustrating, saps productivity, and leaves you with the potential nightmare of having to find the money for a replacement. Buying a new Mac might not be on your list of expenses for the month but, fortunately, […]


7 Best Tools That Are Worth Spending Money

7 premium tools for an online marketing specialist.
10 October, 2019

Do you want to be an online marketing specialist? Maybe you already are one. These digital marketing tools and techniques are valuable for everyone who wants to succeed online. Today’s post reviews 7 premium online tools worthy of any online marketing specialist and everyone else […]


How to Find and Easily Fix Broken Links Now

How to use an internal link checker
24 August, 2019

Do you use an internal link checker? You should. Having broken links on your site has many downsides. First, your SEO falls. Since your links don’t work, your readers get annoyed and leave. This tells Google you have a poor site and your bounce rate […]


Internet Radio Player: How to Make Beautiful Music

How to make an internet radio player and start a music streaming business.
12 July, 2019

How to Start a Music Streaming Business: Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Comparison This post was contributed. Music streaming is a giant money-making business. Revenues are expected to reach over 11 billion dollars by the end of 2019. The compound annual growth rate is 6.6% […]


9 Free Chat Lines: How to Boost Your Brand and Make Money

1 June, 2019

We need free chat lines. Current electronic marketing trends tell us we need to connect to our audience. B2C marketing strategies (Business-to-Consumer) tell us to get to know our customer. The best way to learn about our audience is through verbal communication. People give email […]


10 Best Smart Gadgets That Bloggers Need Now

10 Smart Gadgets for Bloggers
8 May, 2019

Must-Have Blogging Gadgets Which Should Be on the Blogger’s Mind Ali Dino Blogging has turned out to be one of the most straightforward approaches to remote work and profit. Along with blogging and monetization know-how, it’s critical to have basic blogging apps, gadgets, and devices […]


How to Conduct Polls for Free and Why You Should, 6 Ways

How to make a reader survey with 6 free tools
4 May, 2019

Traffic. Income. Brand Recognition. How do you get all those seemingly elusive blogging goals? Not so elusive at all. You succeed in blogging by giving your readers and potential customers what they want.  That is Basic Blogging 101.  The problem is you don’t know what […]