Instasize Video: How to Easily Use the 8+ Best Video Apps (2024)

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Instasize video

Are you looking for an Instasize video guide?

There are many advantages of video editing.

This updated guide contains detailed information and tutorials for Instasize video and the following Instasize video alternatives

  • Vimeo
  • Spark Video
  • Lumen5
  • Canva Video
  • Splice
  • Over
  • TikTok

This Instasize video guide is timely. Consumers reported they prefer getting their information through videos.

UPDATE The Trump Era brought new concerns over “fake news.” When people watch videos they trust what they see since they are viewing the information with their own eyes. As 2020 ends, let’s look at important stats: In the last year, 428 million videos were uploaded to social media sites (Source).

Here are more social media coaching stats proving the importance of video marketing in 2021.

Social media sites like Instagram need to determine which videos to show to users. The algorithms will consider the date the video was shared as a criterion.

Before you begin using Instasize video, make sure you know your video’s purpose. For instance, if you want to use your video to sell, according to Copy Blogger‘s Brian Clark, you must make your video engaging before you can use your video to persuade people to buy from you.

Instasize video is easy to use and quick to make. Therefore, Instasize video is the perfect choice for your 2021 video marketing needs.

Instasize video: how to easily use the 4 best editing apps

Do you know how many searches there are each month for Instasize video?

According to the keyword tool KWFinder, 5,415.

Instasize video has over 500,000 users.

Marketers know they need videos to drive sales, traffic, and boost their audience. Videos help you meet these important goals.

There are many video marketing solutions.

Why are so many people interested in using Instasize video?

You may already be familiar with Instasize, but are you familiar with Instasize video?

Mobile First is a new video marketing trend. You can create videos on mobile with Instasize filters and editing tools.

With Instasize video, you create visually engaging videos to grow your social media audiences.

With Instasize video, you use advanced filters and editing tools to make dynamic videos.

Instasize is easy, fun, and makes professional-quality videos for use on social media sites and in your blog posts.

You are here to learn about how to best use Instasize, free video editing software, for videos.

In my original Instasize review, I realized after publication I described how to use Instasize as a photo editor but not as an Instasize video editor. This article focuses on how to use Instasize to edit your existing videos.

This post explains how to make an Instasize video as well as suggests Instasize video alternatives, Spark video, Splice, and Over.

After reading this tutorial, you’ll be able to make your own Instasize videos. This post will also describe free video editing tools to make videos to use in your blog posts, advertise your blog content, or sell your products and services.

The world of video marketing can be yours when you learn to use Instasize as a video editor and other free iPhone video editor tools.

Update: 2020 statistics show 54% of people admit to preferring to watch a video than seeing a product advertised in a still image.

Let’s get started learning the wonders of the Instasize video maker.

Make sure until the end of the guide when you will learn about more free video making tools.

Are you ready to discover how to Instasize videos?

Why You Need Video

Video is considered one of the 2020 trends. Therefore, you need a video editor.

Instasize video is considered among the best free video editing software.

By making a video, you boost your brand. First, people trust marketers they can see. Putting yourself in the video boosts your credibility for this reason.

Also, you can do demonstrations in videos making your message much clearer. Since most people are visual learners, they will learn your information better if you show how in the video rather than explain in writing.

Next, explaining repeatedly in live video is boring for you. Recorded video saves you this repetition and boredom.

One question you might have is, “How long should my video be?”

The answer may vary depending on your purpose for the video.

For example, according to sources, many popular YouTube videos are as long as nine minutes. Yet, on Instagram, videos in your Stories can’t be longer than 15 seconds.

Note: See the updated information about Splice, below.

Instagram Video Sizes

Instasize Video

You can put your Instasize video in three places on Instagram: In your Instagram feed, in your Instagram story, and on IGTV.

Instagram video sizes:

In your Instagram feed – 1080 x 1080, a perfect square

Instagram Story – Vertical, 1080 x 1920

IGTV – You can have a horizontal (1920 x 1080) or a vertical dimension (1080 x 1920).

What is Instasize Video?

The Instasize app is a popular image and video editor available from both the iPhone Store and Google Play.

Instasize has over 80 premium filters, beauty touchup features, and collage capabilities.

The app was a trailblazer in the video making industry since Instasize was among the first to offer square videos for Instagram.

Instasize became available to the public in 2012.

This post is a tutorial explaining how to use Instasize video.

Are you ready to learn how to use Instasize video?

Read on.

How to Use Instasize Video

Step 1: First, make a video with your smartphone. This is important since the Instasize app is on your phone.

Step 2: Download and open the Instasize app. Click the plus sign for new and choose the video you want to edit from your photo library where your videos are stored.

I decided to edit this video:

Step 3: Adjust the backgrounds and filters. I gave my video a gold background and I turned the warmth up to +50. I also turned the sharpness up to +21.

Aesthetic Filters

Click Photo or Video, then choose the image that you want to edit. Click Filters.

You have many choices of aesthetic filters to add:

  • Coast,
  • Tiki
  • Oak
  • Tokyo
  • Bark
  • Lincoln
  • 1989
  • Hiro
  • Hula
  • Radio

You can choose to edit the exposure, contrast, lux, brightness, sharpness, and saturation of your video.

You can also choose all sorts of backgrounds. Your choices range from prints with patterns, dots, diagonal and horizontal lines, and so much more. I chose the Glitter background since I was making a Happy New Year message.

If you make a mistake, tap the element you want to get rid of once and click Edit or Delete.

Step 4: Choose your text. When you click the S with the lines around it, you’ll see the text comes in in premade templates already designed for you. To change the size of the font combination, just pinch the element. If you don’t want to use the premade font combination designs, click the T for Text. When you click the T, all sorts of font styles will appear.

Step 5: Crop your video. If you want to crop your video, click the Cropping tool. With the premium version, you can choose from Original, Square, 3:2, 5:3, and 4:3 size dimensions.

Thanks to the different sizes, you can repurpose your video. For example, you’d want long for Instagram Story, a square video for your Instagram post, and a horizontal video for YouTube.

Note: I am using the Premium version for my Instasize video. You will find comparable, although fewer, filter choices with the free version.

Would you like to see how my Instasize video turned out?

Do you notice my gold border? You can also opt for a white border.

If you run into trouble, there are Instasize video tutorials to help you like this one that gives you tips on font editing:

When you’re done making your Instasize video, you can share.

Pricing: Instasize is a free app available for both iPhone and Android users. The premium plan starts at $4.99 per month.

How to Add a White Border

White borders have not been trendy for a while but are starting to make a comeback.

If you want to add a white border, there is an easy method you can follow.

You need a third-party app.

Instasize Video

Can you tell there is a white border behind my image?

My image was vertical, so to make it into a square for placement on Instagram, I added a white border.

Using the Instasize app, I added the image from my photo library and then clicked “Square.”

My image is now perfectly shaped in a square for placement on Instagram.

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Go to the Instasize app.

Click the plus sign and choose your image from your image library.

Click Story.

Use the Instasize app to modify your story as desired.

If you choose a video from your library that already has music, it will come into your Instagram Story with music.

If you don’t, continue following these steps:

Download your finished product.

Go to Instagram and start a story.

Bring in your image for your IG Story.

At the top of the screen, click the Face icon which brings in Stickers. Click Music.

Choose a song. All the choices are free of copyright restrictions.

Preview the music. You’ll see the lyrics. When you’re pleased, click Done.

Blur Filter Instagram

Instasize video blur filter Instagram

UPDATE: September 2023

Instasize is a versatile and powerful tool that offers an array of creative features to enhance your photos and videos for various platforms, including the ever-popular Instagram. One of its standout features is the blur filter, which allows you to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your Instagram Stories, the iconic Instagram grid, and even your videos.

With Instasize’s blur filter, you can effortlessly create stunning visuals that captivate your audience and make your content stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to blur out a distracting background, add a dreamy effect to your images, or simply create a sense of depth, this filter allows you to achieve it all with just a few taps.

What sets Instasize apart from other editing tools is its seamless integration with various social media platforms. Not only can you use the blur filter on Instagram, but you can also share your edited content on other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. This means you can maintain a consistent aesthetic across all your social media profiles, ensuring your content looks professional and visually appealing to your followers.

In addition to the blur filter, Instasize offers a wide range of other editing options, including filters, effects, adjustments, and text overlays, allowing you to unleash your creativity and give your photos and videos a personalized touch. The intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginners and advanced users to navigate and create stunning visuals effortlessly.

Whether you’re a social media influencer, a small business owner, or simply someone who loves sharing visually captivating content, Instasize is a must-have tool in your creative arsenal. So go ahead, give your photos and videos the Instasize treatment, and watch as your content becomes even more engaging, attracting likes, comments, and followers like never before.

Rather than pay to use Instasize, I chose to use Instagram’s blur filter for free.

Instagram Blur Filter Step-by-Step instructions are found below.

How to Blur on Instagram Story

Open the Instagram app and Start a new Story. Access the camera.

At the bottom of the screen, you see the Instagram filter choices.

The very last choice will allow you to search for Instagram filters. Click browse. Use the search bar on the right, and search for BlurredBackground (one word).

Take the photo by clicking the circle at the bottom of the screen.

At you can see, by looking at my image, the background of the Instagram photo is blurred!

You can spruce up your Instagram story by adding Instagram stickers, gifs, and more Instagram Story enhancements.

The Tutorial Nerd YouTube Channel has a helpful tutorial showing how to blur an Instagram Story.

Instasize Video Alternatives


UPDATE February 2022

TikTok has an amazing video editor.

You can splice video clips together inside the app, and the filters are unsurpassed.

Here is an example of a video with a TikTok filter:

I have only scratched the surface of all the TikTok video editor can do.

Important note: TikTok rewards you by staying natively inside the app instead of using Instasize video or another video maker to make your video.


Updated Information

If you don’t pay to upgrade, you can’t download your video. However, you can share to YouTube which is how I was able to share here.

Vimeo has templates you can easily fill.

I recommend Vimeo as an Instasize video alternative.

Spark Video

Adobe Spark has a free video app called Spark Video. Download the Spark Video app. Log in with Google or Facebook.

Step 1: To start, pick a template. For Inspiration, click Inspiration.  When you click + to create a new video, you’ll see a template. Scroll right to choose a template that’s right for your video.   Templates are available for many categories. I chose “Teach a Lesson” since I wanted to make a video about how to blog.  

Step 2: Choose a format. You can choose from Fullscreen, Split Screen, Caption, or Title and Text.  

Step 3: Describe the relevance of your video. When you are asked to describe the relevance of your video, hold the microphone and record the importance. Let Spark Video access your microphone.

Step 4: Click the plus sign to add a relevant photo or another video. Continue answering the prompts Spark Video gives you and adding relevant photos or videos.   You can drag to pan or pinch to zoom in on your videos.  You have 3 choices: Adding to your video from your photos, your other videos, or typing text.  

Step 5: When you’re done, choose music.  

Step 6: Save and upload. Since you can choose either a wide or square format, you have the option of uploading to Instagram. YouTube, or another social media site. After I uploaded to YouTube, I went back, resized to a square shape and uploaded to Instagram. Clearly repurposing your videos for different social media sites is easy with Spark Video.

Step 7: Return to your videos for additional editing. Spark Video syncs to all your devices. Just open the videos in Adobe. You can add more photos to your video if desired. You can also trim your videos.   Your video will contain slides you can reorder like in a storyboard.   You can select from multiple themes for your video.   You can resize your video between widescreen and square. Square, of course, is perfect for Instagram videos. Record narration and choose from a choice of music.  Preview your video before uploading.

Here is my first attempt at making a Spark Video for YouTube:

More Best Video Apps

InShot Video Editor

UPDATE November 2021

Lately, when I make videos, my go-to tool is the InShot video editor. In-Shot is known for being user-friendly. Like the Instasize Video Editor, you can add music and sound effects which are my favorite perks although I’m sure there are more.

This is my latest InShot Video.


Whitagram for videos enhances your Instagram photos for use in the video.

In addition to Instasize Video, Whitagram is one of the best video apps. Whitagram lets you expand your number of options for taking and sharing Instagram photos.

Whatagram for videos is only available at the Apple Store for the iPhone.



Lumen5 is also one of the best video apps and nicely serves as an Instasize video alternative. With Lumen5, you get a royalty-free video picture if you don’t want to upload your own. A video picture is a thumbnail that shows a picture from your video.


Lumen5 draws from your RSS feed and makes a video each time you publish. The tool will Instacrop your video to fit on Instagram if you manually select this choice. Lumen5 has many format choices. Instacrop is one of them. Just scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Square.

May 2021

Instasize Video

Instasize video

I used the Instasize Video app to make a Facebook Jail Meme for my post about how to get out of Facebook Jail. I used the Oak filter which made me look darker. The result: My dog looked white which I thought was appropriate as if he is scared of going to Facebook Jail.

May 2021

In order to change the size of your Instasize video or Facebook video, you need a 3rd-party app.

Are you concerned you won’t know how to get your video on Instagram once you make it?

If you want to post your video in your Instagram feed, your video needs to be perfectly square.

Here are 3rd-party apps that help you make your videos larger or smaller:

  • Nocrop
  • Plann
  • Squaready

Use these and you can still post your full image or full video on Instagram or Facebook.

Squaready is a tool that makes your images square.

After using Squaready for years to make my still images square, I recommend the tool. However, I’ve never used Squaready for video. Instasize video makes your videos square, so there is no need for an additional tool.

I take my square video and put it in my Buffer queue to go onto Instagram at optimal times.

January 2021

Instasize video now offers Web Stories.

Instructions to make Web Stories using Instasize Video:

From the Instasize app home screen, click the plus sign.

Choose your images. Instasize video offers free images in addition to images from your photo library.

I noticed there are videos in the free image library.

Because you are making a Story, you only get to select one image. However, if you’d like a collage, choose the collage frame at the end of the screen under your image. You can choose up to six images for your collage frame.

I chose to have three frames. When I did, I had options for how to position the three images in the frames.

If you choose the collage frame for your Story, continue to click the plus sign to place additional images.

Click “Import” and the number of images you are importing.

If you want to add text to your Story, click the A at the bottom of the screen.

November 2020 Update 1

Video continues to explode during the shelter-in-place of the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, according to recent data, 82% of Twitter users report watching video on Twitter. You can put your videos made with the Instasize video app on Twitter.

November 2020 Update 2

Videos are exploding on social media sites. For instance, Instagram started Reels to compete with Tik Tok.

A new study shows brands should post Instagram Stories five times a day. These should include videos. Instasize video is perfect to use in your Instagram Stories. According to the study, while consumers may drop off during Stories 1 through 3, by Story 4 and 5, they will continue to watch.

October 1

Social media sites with video marketing capabilities are stepping up their game.

For instance, Instagram is testing new video responses with IGTV. Also, Facebook helps you improve your Facebook videos with video insights.

Instasize video is known in the video marketing industry and is up to meeting and surpassing the competition.

October 2020 Update 2

According to Forbes, video advertising is one of the predicted trends of 2021. “A new era of video advertising has arrived, and it’s shaking up the marketing world.”

October 2020 Update 3

Since Instasize is an app, there is currently no way to use a tool that allows you to post an Instasize video from your desktop.

However, if you email yourself the Instasize video, you can use a desktop publisher like Combin or Inssist to post from your desktop. Here is a Combin tutorial.

Inssist won’t let you post videos longer than 15 seconds. Inssist has an interface with a tool cutter that will allow you to shorten your Instasize video. Here is an Inssist Chrome tutorial.

Combin is an app while Inssist is a browser extension.

September 2020

What does instafit videos mean?

I discovered 150 people a month search the keyword “instafit videos.” Curious, I found out what that was.

I originally thought it had something to do with fashion. I now know “instafit videos” means fitting your video for Instagram.

Do you want your video to cut off your head? No!

When you use Instasize video, you won’t need to crop. Your video will have a perfect “square-fit.”

Instasize video will Instafit your videos and make sure they fit on Instagram perfectly.

If you want video that are an exact “Instafit” for Instagram, Instasize video is the video editor for you.

Summer 2020

Due to the Coronavirus shelter-in-place, video use has exploded! The following social media sites let you post videos:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and, of course, YouTube allows for video posting. Instagram not only lets you post videos but also, Instagram Reels is now a feature of Instagram.

Instagram Reels are short videos on par with TikTok. People speculate Instagram started Reels to rival TikTok’s popularity. Since Donald Trump wants TikTok banned in the U.S. due to tensions with China, now seems like an opportune time for Instagram to implement Reels.

Update September 2020:

TikTok will be purchased by Oracle. Therefore, TikTok can stay in the United States. Regardless, Instagram is still going full-steam ahead with Reels. This shows the tremendous popularity of video which is speculated to be a 2021 marketing trend.

Therefore, there has never been a better time to use Instasize video and these other free video tools reviewed in this post.

June 2020 Update 1

I wanted to add a video to a video that I didn’t predict would cause me trouble. After all, Spark Video allows me to add various elements like video and still images.

The problem came as a result of the music. Spark Video allows you to choose royalty-free music or you can choose music from your own library. However, Spark Video doesn’t let you omit the music altogether, and the track I chose drowned out my voice in my video.

I researched, and the Adobe team said it’s possible to eliminate the video music but never explained how in the two sources I read.

On the other hand, Instasize Video allowed me to add my video without annoying music interfering with my audio.

Canva Video

February 2022

Reels are taking social media by storm. I used Canva to make this Instagram Reel:

June 2020 Update 2


Using Canva’s template was quick, easy, and free.

May 2020

Video consumption changed during the Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place lockdown.

According to Forbes, 80% of consumers watched more videos while sheltering-in-place. This trend toward video consumption will continue after the lockdown restrictions lift.

Forbes went on to predict that 82% of information will be disseminated through video by 2022.

This makes video making more important than ever before. Instasize video is your tool for meeting consumers’ demands for more video.

Make your video purposeful. Know your goals for the video before you start the video creation. However, whatever your goal, try to make your content unique.

I asked Instagrammers if they preferred Instasize video over Spark Video.


Instasize video

An overwhelming majority of the respondents, 90%, indicated they preferred Spark Video while only 10% reported they prefer Instasize video.

April 2020

I made a Spark Video in order to promote my post about becoming an Instagram influencer.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, you might find yourself housebound.

There are many ways you can still communicate with your readers and customers by using Instasize video and Spark video.

For example, you can make a Behind the Scenes video. This can showcase your business’s efforts to continue to help people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Note: When you post Behind the Scenes videos to Instagram, be sure to use the #BehindtheScenes hashtag. Instagram will show your content to users who click “like” on Behind the Scenes content.

Next, you can make a video tutorial and teach people interested in your content a new skill or strategy.

You can also make and receive video testimonials. Testimonials boost your company’s credibility.

How to Use Splice 

Splice combines videos and photos to make a video to share on Instagram Stories.


Allow Splice to access your photo library. Even though this is a video maker, that’s where your videos and photos you might want to use in your videos are stored.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your choices from your video and photo library populating.

If you hold one down, you’ll see the trash can so you can remove it. Holding down also enables you to drag and drop where you want each selection.

Note the time at the bottom as well. Try to keep your Instagram Story video under 1 minute.

When you’ve finished arranging your selections and omitting any you don’t want, and your video is one minute or under, click Add. You can arrange your selections by holding down the image and dragging it where you want in the order in your video.

Step 2:

Select the music to accompany your video. If there’s a particular song you like from your iTunes library, you can select that. I counted 15 genres of music you can choose from. I chose an instrumental I have in my iTunes library.

Step 3:

Format. I chose Portrait orientation since this is for an Instagram story. I kept the default transitions although I’m sure you can change them.

Click Done.

Splice prepared my video in less than a second.

Thinking my project was done, I was surprised so many choices awaited me.

I could add text, effects, and crop just to name a few. I was also given the opportunity to narrate my video.

In order to narrate, I clicked a small microphone I saw in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

I needed to add text after I finished my video.

To  edit your Splice video:

Find your project. If you click Done, your list of projects should appear.

Find the scene you want to edit and tap on the photo or video. Click Edit.

All sorts of filters appear.

I read Instagrammers prefer strong clarity so I clicked the Text icon.

You can tap to enter text or pinch, zoom, or drag.

When I entered the text, it fit perfectly into my Instagram Story video. All sorts of font styles and color populated. I began to be surprised this app was free.

When you’re finished, you have choices: Share to Facebook, share to Instagram, or save to your photo library.

There is so much more you can do with this app. For example, you can trim the video that you put in your Instagram Story.

Audio: I let the theme from the movie Terms of Endearment play but I still narrated by pushing the big red dot. If you don’t get a red dot, pull the white line to the right, and you’ll be able to record sound. Before you record, you’ll get a 3-2-1 notice.

You can have sound effects too. They range from motorcycles to monsters.

I started my video with a bomb explosion which went with my title “The Power of Quora.”

Look at my finished projects:


The Over app offers free video templates. You can add text and images from your photo library.

How to AirDrop Your Videos from Your iPhone to Your PC:

    There might be times when you make your video using these easy, amazing apps just to find you need to upload the video from your iPhone to your PC or Mac.

  1. Plugin the phone to your PC using the lightning rod cable the phone came with. I use software to transfer my media to my computer.
  2. You could go to the App Store and get the VLC  for Mobile App. Open your Photos app and select the video you want to transfer.

Update July 2021:

This is my most recent Splice video. The video was put together with photos from my photo library and music from the Splice app.

Update May 2021:

Here is my latest Splice video. I combined two videos which is noticeable near the end, added music, text, and a background color for my text.

Update April 2020:

Splice functioned to divide your Instagram videos into sections of 15 seconds or less. According to recent reports, Instagram breaks the video for you now.

When I went to the Splice app, the functionality seems different supporting the reports.

Instasize Video: FAQ

Can you Instasize videos?

Yes! The Instasize app is a video editor. Follow the 5 simple steps in this tutorial to make an Instasize video.

How can I fit my whole picture on Instagram?

Your Instagram post must be square. I recommend these pixels: 1080×1080. However, you can fit your whole picture in an Instagram Story.

What is Instasize?

InstaSize is an all-in-one image editing app that integrates with Instagram.

Do you have to pay for Instasize?

Instasize is a free app. The premium plan starts at $4.99 per month.

Is there a free version of Instasize?

Yes. Instasize is free. However, you get more features with the premium plan.

How do you Instasize a video?

Make a video with your smartphone. Download and open the Instasize app. Adjust background and filters. Choose your text. Crop your video.

Is there a free Instasize app?

Yes, there is a free InstaSize app available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. It offers basic editing features and allows you to resize photos for social sharing at no cost

Wrapping Up: Instasize Video and Instasize Video Alternatives

In closing, there are many ways to enter the video world. These smartphone apps are free and quick and easy to use.

You’ll engage your readers and social media followers when you promote using videos. It’s true: With 65% of the world learning information visually, you’ll boost your readers’ experience, improve your bounce rate by keeping people who watch videos longer on your blog and improve your subscriber retention rate.

Your readers are less likely to get bored with your content when you vary your format.

This post explained how to use Instasize video, Spark Video, Splice, and Over.

Readers, please share so other content creators learn how to use them as well.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: What do you believe is the best video app?

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