This Is What You Should Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

Blog Post Publication Checklist helps #Bloggers
2 December, 2016

By Muhammad Hassib Gul Success in blogging depends on loads of factors. Writing quality content is one of them. What comes after publishing quality content? Searching for another hot topic? Compiling another epic blog post? I don’t think so. Take a deep breath and think […]


8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post And Get Traffic

blog post #Bloggers can increase traffic and have fun while promoting their blog posts.
4 October, 2016

Did you know being a blogger is trendy? According to today’s guest author, Vincent Hill, “Blogging is the newest trend nowadays.” My post 7 Ways Blogging Helps You Better Navigate Life explains you are better at dealing with life than people who live outside of the […]


This Is Why People Care About Domain Authority

#Bloggers can improve their Domain Authority and #SEO
30 August, 2016

Were you confused by last week’s post 5 Creative Ways of Promoting Your New Blog Now? After all, complex terms the post used like Domain Authority might motivate you to bounce to another blog instead of sticking around to get the benefit of the information. […]


20 Blogging Myths That Will Make You Blog Worse

Bloggers should not believe these bligging myths.
21 August, 2016

Are you overwhelmed with all the blogging advice you find on the Internet? Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. (Source: HubSpot) However, what if blog posts tell you different advice? How do you know which articles to believe? […]


How to Be Found on Google Today, 19 Powerful Tools

Google tools help #bloggers find #technology
14 August, 2016

Have you heard that SEO is dead? You heard wrong. According to research, 93% of all Internet users begin at search engines. By not using the tools in this post, you’d be ignoring an enormous chunk of your potential readership. This post will explain 19 […]