How to Use the MozBar [for Free To Boost Your SEO Now], 3 Ways

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How to use MozBar for free to boost SEO

Are you familiar with the MozBar Chrome Extension?

The blogging world was rocked on March 5, 2019, when Moz changed the way they calculate their Domain Authority Ranking metric.

Bloggers wondered, “Will I be affected? If so, how? Will my Domain Authority Ranking go up or down?”

From Quora:

Why did the domain authority of my 3 websites decrease suddenly?

Consider these comments:

Piyush Narayan: “I would love to use these extensions (referring to the MozBar Chrome extension and other Chrome extensions) to drive traffic to my website.” (Source: Here are the 10 Best Free Chrome Extensions.)

He is in luck. Happily, the Moz Chrome extension is designed to help you beat the competition and send traffic to your site.

What is the MozBar?

  • A free tool to help you check Domain Authority
  • A free tool to help you conduct competitive analysis
  • A free tool to help you drive blog traffic

This post answers these questions in depth:

What is Moz?

What is the MozBar?

What is the value of the Domain Authority Ranking metric.

How to use MozBar Chrome extension to check your Domain Authority Ranking and other websites’ Domain Authority Rankings.

How to use MozBar Chrome to find search words to drive traffic to your blog.

How to use the MozBar Chrome to conduct competitor analysis.

People ask, “Is MozBar free?”

It’s true! The Moz SEO bar is free.

Let’s dive in.

What is the Moz Chrome Extension?

The Moz Chrome Extension helps with link prospecting, competitor research, and offers metrics such as the Domain Authority Ranking.

How to Use the MozBar SEO Tool

What is Moz?

Moz is an SEO analytics company started by Rank Fishkin in 2004. Moz’s analytics tools are used by bloggers and marketers worldwide.

Moz has a community of over 600,00 who use Moz’s tools to check their SEO analytics.

Moz’s Link Explorer helps SEOs know their Domain Authority Ranking and Moz’s Keyword Explorer helps website creators search for keywords that have high search volume but low online competition so their keywords can rank on Google and other search engines.

Moz’s tools help you conduct

  1. SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis
  2. Competitor research
  3. Link profile analysis

MozBar testimonials:

Podcaster Phil Adair, in his episode on keyword research tips, recommended Moz.

Also, in a recent survey, Moz was considered to have one of the best SEO tools in 2019.

Additionally, I polled a handful of Instagram followers using the hashtag #marketingdigital. I believed I’d generate attention from people familiar with SEO tools using the hashtag.

I asked marketers on Instagram which tool they prefer, Moz or SEMrush.

MozBar poll

As you can see, 100% of respondent indicated they prefer Moz over SEMRush when given a choice.

Clearly, the Moz SEO toolbar is a powerful and necessary tool.

UPDATE May 2020:

In a surprising twist, when given a choice between Ubersuggest and Moz, the majority of respondents on Instagram chose Ubersuggest.

I find this surprising since Neil Patel, Ubersuggest’s developer, recently started charging $10. per month to use Ubersuggest. In contrast, Moz is free for up to 10 queries a month.

What is the MozBar?

The MozBar SEO tool is a free browser extension that became available to the public in 2014. Over 500,000 people have installed this extension.

When you use the MozBar, you will see an SEO toolbar on your site so you can access important analytics by Moz.

For example, you can use the MozBar as an SEO keyword checker. You can also use the tool to see important metrics like your website’s Domain Authority ranking and other people’s Domain Authority Ranking.


If you look to the right, you’ll see the Number 44. That number indicates your Domain Authority Ranking.

As you can see from the screenshot, the MozBar is a domain authority Chrome extension.

Is there more than one MozBar extension? For instance, is the MozBar also available for other browsers like Firefox?

2016 research turned up information that the MozBar Firefox Extension was temporarily disabled. Therefore, clearly, there is indeed a MozBar Firefox extension.

You can also use the tool to check your Page Authority.

The MozBar SEO tool is easy to move to the top or bottom of your screen and is easy to turn off.

There are several misconceptions about how to spell “MozBar.” For example, people erroneously spell this Moz DA Checker Extension “Moz Bar.” “MozBar” is one word.

Would-be users have trouble spelling “extension” as well. If you try to find the MozBar “Extention,” as many do, you’ll have a spelling error and won’t find it.

Some potential users struggle so much with MozBar’s spelling, they type into their search bar, “MozBar.”

What is Domain Authority Ranking?

Photo by Pixabay on

Moz developed the Domain Authority Ranking. For years, the Domain Authority Ranking, or DA, has served as a metric that tells the blogging world the quality of the website. The DA starts at 1 and goes up to 100.

Is the MozBar Domain Authority an accurate metric of how well you’ll rank in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages?

This question is controversial. I polled Instagrammers and asked them this very question. Although most responded, “No,” I believe the answer is “Yes.”

Although the merit of the Domain Authority Ranking has been questioned, my observation based on my experience serves to show that the MozBar Domain Authority Ranking is indeed a world-wide recognized metric as to the probability that your articles will rank on Google.

Experts on Quora agree as well that your DA is considered a predictor of how well your posts will rank on Google.

Update June 2020:

In answer to the question about the validity of the Domain Authority Rank, someone explained it to me recently this way:

Let’s say Facebook, or some other site, has a Domain Authority Rank of 100, and Moz believes their DA should go higher.

It’s not possible to go above 100 since 100 is the highest DA there is.

Therefore, Moz would have to lower everyone else’s Domain Authority Ranking.

Therefore, while the DA is an accurate predictor of how you’ll perform in the SERPs, your DA is relative compared to other sites’ DAs. This is an important perspective to consider.

How to use the MozBar SEO Tool to check your DA and other websites’ Domain Authority Rankings

There are times when you’ll need to know your DA and the Domain Authority Ranking of others.

For example, if you monetize your blog, the higher your DA, the more money you can ask for sponsored posts. Also, sometimes people might want you to publish a relevant link in one of your older articles.

How to Get into MozBar:

Step 1: Download the MozBar.

Step 2: Sign in to You need to be signed in to use Moz’s tool. Make an account if you don’t already have one to use the MozBar login.

Clicking the blue M will make the MozBar appear.

How to use the MozBar

This is what the MozBar SEO toolbar looks like.

Starting from the left, you see metrics for the URL of the page you are on: If you click the first icon with the magnifying glass, the MozBar will actually do an on-site page audit for you that will boost your SEO.

The next icon, the pencil, is a link highlighter. The icon with KW is only available for the premium version. Paid versions of Moz will show you your Page Optimization Score.

Next, you see Page Authority Ranking, Your MozBar Domain Authority Ranking, and your Spam Score.

People who pay for Moz get to see the Spam Score. This could determine your DA. However, when you use the MozBar, you get to see your Spam Score for free.

Helpful Feature: You can decide if you want the SEO bar at the top or bottom of your screen. The bar moves with just a click of a button.

MozBar Alternative: If you don’t want to add the MozBar as a Chrome extension, sign in to Moz’s Link Explorer. When you use the Link Explorer, you only get 10 free queries a month. When you use the MozBar, your queries are unlimited.

Factors That Could Affect Your Domain Authority Ranking

To recap, the MozBar shows your website’s DA and the Domain Authority Rankings of other websites.

However, this number fluctuates.

Remember, the DA shows you the likelihood of Google showing its users your website posts and pages.

There are many factors that could affect your Domain Authority Ranking.

If Google has an algorithm change, for example, that adversely affects your website, your DA could go down.

On the other hand, if Google has an algorithm change that favors your website, your DA could go up.

In the fall of 2019, Google’s new algorithm, BERT, was designed to help users find more accurate search results.

How to use MozBar to Find Search Words to Drive Blog Traffic

Before you begin these steps, download MozBar for Chrome.

Step 1: Sign in to

Step 2: Click the blue M on the browser extension in order to bring up the MozBar.

In order to do keyword research, you need to know what content you want to write about.

One day, I’m planning to write about Slack. Follow these steps.

Step 3. Go to the site you’re planning on writing about and click the magnifying glass on the MozBar.

How to use the MozBar to boost your SEO and beat your competitors.

In this case, I’d go to I want to see the meta description and the other on-site information. Clicking the icon with the magnifying glass enables me to read the website’s meta description.


MozBar MozBar Chrome

It’s true: I can see’s on-page description. I can use these phrases as my SEO keyword phrases when writing about Slack so people looking for this type of information find my article.

Generally, the focus SEO keyword will be in the Page Title and the Meta Description. You should use these as possible keywords for your post.


June 2020

The Google Core update in May, a response to the Coronavirus, was damaging to search engine marketers whose search engine traffic plumetted. I even heard lost 30% of its Google traffic.

Since the DA is an indicator of how much Google traffic you’ll get, webmasters might have seen their DAs fall in May.

Some SEOs felt these were natural fluctuations by Moz. These might be natural fluctuations by Moz, but search engine marketers who have their income riding on the amount of their visibility in Google’s SERPs, might have felt a sting.

According to, the Google Core May Update was directly related to E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trust, Google’s new ranking factors.

Since Google wants people to know they are getting medical advice about the Coronavirus from authority sites, experts they can trust, Google made the Core update that adversely affected blogs that were not .gov, .org, or .edu sites.

April 2020

In March of 2020, I published a post reviewing more SEO tools.

If you click the link and read the comments on the post, you’ll see bloggers recommending their favorite SEO tools for keyword research.

Moz is not mentioned. Bloggers recommend Ubersuggest which is now a paid tool and others.

I, myself, use the premium version of KWFinder for keyword research.

Don’t misunderstand me:

I use the MozBar constantly. However, I use Moz’s tool to check websites’ Domain Authority Rankings not primarily for keyword research.

I have never heard complaints about Moz or the MozBar. The bloggers I know seem to prefer other SEO tools for keyword research.

That is the beauty of the MozBar. It has many functions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MozBar

What is my DA?

There are two ways you can discover your Domain Authority Ranking. Both ways require making an account at First, you can download the free MozBar when you use Google Chrome. MozBar is a Chrome Extension. You’ll get unlimited queries. Also, you can go to and enter your URL. Using this method, you’ll be limited to 10 queries per month.

What is a good Domain Authority?

The higher the better! Under 40 is considered low. 40 to 50 is considered average. Higher than 50 is considered good, and 60 or up is considered excellent.

Where do I find Google Chrome Extensions?

When you’re using your Google Chrome browser, go to Settings by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, go to More tools/Extensions. Type the extension you need in the Search bar.

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools have a variety of functions. They help you rank better in Google’s Search Engine results pages, They do this by allowing you to perform queries that help you beat your competition for readership. They also give you information on keywords and backlinks.

More Updates

March 2020:

Ubersuggest, one of Moz’s main competitors when it comes to SEO tools, charges $10. monthly. Neil Patel, the brains behind Ubersuggest, gives 5 queries for free. Moz gives 10 queries for free.

I predict this will boost the popularity of Moz, the MozBar, and the many Ubersuggest Alternatives.

February 2020:

Almost a year has passed since Moz changed the way the company calculates the Domain Authority Ranking.

Despite the big announcement about the change in March of 2020, I will venture to write that nothing has changed.

The blogging and marketing worlds still consider the Domain Authority as the be-all and end-all when it comes to judging a website as worthy or unworthy.

Wrapping Up: How to Use the MozBar Extension

The MozBar for Chrome is an important SEO tool and should be part of your arsenal of blogging and marketing tools. I know other bloggers have reported success with the Moz toolbar as well.

Now you know how to use this SEO toolbar by Moz.

This post gave an overview of the SEO toolbar by Moz and explained

The value of the Domain Authority Ranking

How to use the MozBar Extension to check your DA and other people’s DA

How to use the MozBar to do competitive research to find search words to drive traffic to your blog.

Plus, since the MozBar is a browser extension and not a plugin, using the MozBar as your SEO toolbar won’t slow down your site.

Readers, please share so other bloggers learn how to use the SEO toolbar by Moz.

Were you familiar with the MozBar extension before reading this review? If so, do you agree it’s user-friendly?

If not, do you think you might download the Moz toolbar? Do you have an alternative you prefer as your favorite SEO tool?

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Nice breakdown here. I too observed how DA seems linked strongly to SERPs with Google. Some pretty heavy weight given to Domain Authority.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I agree about the weight given to Domain Authority by Google.
      That’s the only competitive analysis I do– I check the DA of people who have written content on my keywords.
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      My pleasure! Thanks for writing to let me know I introduced you to new MozBar benefits.

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      Hi Muthoni,
      You write like you are knowledgeable about SEO. I agree with what you wrote about the value of the MozBar. It sounds like you have personal experience with the MozBar. Thanks for writing with this testimonial.

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    Mozbar is so useful, I will definitely use them for boosting my SEO from now on.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing article.

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      Good luck using the Mozbar, Devika. I feel my post has barely scratched the surface of all you can do with the MozBar. Thanks for writing.

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  6. John H

    I guess with Google PageRank now hidden, Moz DA and PA is all we have to measure the value of a page. I wish Google would turn the PR database back on.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      I agree with you. The decrease in metrics add extra importance on the few metrics that remain. Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

  7. Himanshu Singh

    I personally use MozBar thank you for explaining more things i didn’t know, very helpful.
    Also check one of my favorite article on SEO.

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  10. Nikola Roza

    Mozbar is so useful Janice. It’s almost a blasphemy not to use it to boost our SEO performance.
    Thanks for this guide, I admit I’ve been guilt of eschewing Mozbar in place of SEO Quake, but now I’ll either switch back, or use both.
    More data is never a bad thing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nikola,
      May I pay you a compliment? I love your writing! Blasphemy! eschewing! I found as 2019 wound down my word choice improved. I’m optimistic it will continue to do so in 2020.
      Regarding your comments: I have the MozBar. I use the DA tool all the time. I’m lucky they offer the MozBar so I can use more than 10 queries a month.
      I use KWFinder for Keywords. I agree with you: We can never have too many tools in our arsenal, especially if they’re free.
      Happy New Year to you!

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    Domain authority seems to be a huge ranking factor, page authority might seem to work less effectively as DA. It is good to have strong DA to rank some keywords.

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