How to Dress to Impress at LinkedIn, 6 Ways

LinkedIn Photo Examples, 6 tips
12 November, 2019

Did you know there are times when a blogger’s appearance matters? Yes! It’s true: In your profile picture. For example, you should consider the impression you make in your WordPress gravatar, Instagram bio, and your Twitter profile picture. On Twitter, not having a profile picture […]


These 26 SubReddits Will Make You Know More

26 Reddit subReddits will make you blog better.
26 October, 2019

Would you create a subReddit? Why would you want to, right? After all, Reddit has a reputation for considering bloggers spammers. However, for you to succeed online, you need to use Reddit for online success. Reddit, known as the front page of the Internet, is […]


Do You Need to Start a Social Community?

12 respondents share the pros and cons of starting a social community.
22 October, 2019

A social community. Do you need to start one? My friend asked me to start a Facebook group social community with her. I made an excuse and bowed out citing time constraints. I genuinely believed starting a social community would be a time drain without […]


How to Write Upside Down & Backwards on Social Media

Learn how to write upside down text and backwards text on 3 social media sites.
27 August, 2019

Upside down text. A famous expression tells you to turn your frown upside down. Today’s guest author tells you how to turn your writing upside down. You might wonder why you, or anyone, would want to do that. Social media users resort to unique measures […]


How to Best Use a Social Media Quote and Why You Need To

How to best use a social media quote and why you need to.
29 June, 2019

Motivational words. What a powerful way to hook your readers and inspire them throughout your post. However, too many bloggers ignore the popularity of a social media quote and can’t understand why they don’t stand out in the competition for readers. Don’t be one of […]


4 Best Free Social Networking Sites: How to Chat Online

11 May, 2019

Bloggers routinely use free social networking sites to promote their blog posts.  Yet, bloggers don’t know where to promote anymore. They lost their footing, their confidence, since the Facebook and Google+ data breaches of 2018. What can you do to promote, and boost your brand, […]


Instagram Automation: What You Need to Know about Instazood

How to use Instazood for Instagram automation
18 April, 2019

Instagram Automation: What You Need to Know about Instazood Moss Clement Instagram has become a phenomenal social media marketing hub where businesses of all sizes are flocking to establish a strong presence to enable them to connect and engage with their target buyer. However, while […]


Instagram Liker: Do You Really Need Bots?

Instagram Liker: Are bots really needed?
7 April, 2019

Instagram Bots: Are They Really Needed? This post was contributed. Yes, that is quite a hackneyed subject for discussion. Everyone and their dog were spending hours arguing whether we really need Instagram automation or not. But let’s ask another question: is it really effective? First […]