Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #214

Inspire Me Monday linky
11 February, 2019

Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party for February 11. We are happy you joined us! Weekly Wrap Up Exciting News: My post, How to Be More Productive at Work on Your Blog: 8 Time-Wasting Blogging Mistakes, is one of the most shared articles […]


How to Make Higher Education Work For You

Higher Education
24 December, 2017

Are you looking to extend your learning in 2018? When today’s guest author wanted to contribute a post about higher education, I initially had concerns. After all, posts on this blog normally are about blogging. Then I realized bloggers are life-long learners. Then I realized, people, […]


Inspire Me Monday

17 July, 2017

Hi, Inspire Me Monday is dark today while the other hostesses and myself grab a little rest and relaxation. We will return next Monday, July 24. In the meantime, if you are looking for networking opportunities, the Mostly Blogging Link Exchange will provide bloggers for […]


14 Superb Ways Your Site Can Attract New Readership

18 June, 2015

Welcome to another installment of Reblog Thursday. Samuel, of the Word Garage, explains how to attract visitors to a website. Although he writes from the perspective of a business person, any site creator, including bloggers, can benefit from his tips. Samuel offers 14 tips. All […]


200 Followers (and counting) :D

4 June, 2015

Welcome to Another Installment of Reblog Thursday! In 200 Followers (and Counting) A.B. Mood discusses her relationship with her readers and how very important being followed by them is to her. Her explanation of the significance struck a chord with me. This post will take […]


Reasons You Should Avoid Movie Sequels

22 February, 2015

Have you heard it said that there are no new ideas in Hollywood?  Do you hear people complain that today’s movie plots are based on old concepts?  I do. People often complain that either old classic movies are remade, or sequels are made to hit […]


15 Secrets of Marital Longevity

14 February, 2015

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am re-releasing 15 Secrets of Marital Longevity.  It received more page views than all my other relationship posts. Are you hopeful your marriage will last forever but afraid it won’t?  Do you dream of living “happily ever after,” but […]


16 Ways to Know If He (or She) is a Keeper

13 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is two short days away.  In honor of the holiday that celebrates love, I am re-releasing my study in which I asked 16 questions to help people determine whether he or she is the right romantic partner for them. Today’s post varies from […]


13 Quick Ways to Stop Fighting

12 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is three days off.  To celebrate, Reflections will spend the next three days counting down to the holiday that reinforces the dream that relationships can work.  This post is number three of my five relationship posts with the highest page views. Valentine’s Day […]


12 Priorities for Living a Happy Life

10 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is five days off.  To celebrate, Reflections will spend the next five days counting down to the holiday that reinforces the dream that relationships can work. Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love.  Many relationships involve love, not just romantic love. Recently, I […]


How to Know if She is a Keeper

21 January, 2015

Are you insecure in your relationship?  Do you wish you could feel more secure? There is a movie called, “What Women Want” with Helen Hunt (okay, Mel Gibson was in it too).  It’s about a man who wishes he could know what women think and […]


21 Compelling Reasons Not to Vote for Mitt Romney

18 January, 2015

Right’s top 5 arguments against Romney in 2016 – If He Declares Candidacy Mitt Romney is Secretive Romney refused to show all his tax returns in 2012. Romney refused to allow anyone with a videotaping device in where he was speaking after the infamous […]