Pinterest Downloader: How to Easily Download Images and Videos for Free, 3 Ways (2024)

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Pinterest downloader

This Pinterest downloader guide helps you download images and videos from Pinterest.

This post explains: How you get pins (Pinterest images) and videos from Pinterest to your smartphone and desktop computer.

Also discover how to save videos on Pinterest.

Who is this Pinterest downloader guide for?

  • People who lack the time to create new images
  • People who lack the time to create new videos
  • People who want to download Pinterest in MP4 format.
  • People who lack creativity
  • People who want to ethically download images and videos from Pinterest

By the time you are done reading, you will know why you need a Pinterest downloader, the types of people who benefit from a Pinterest downloader, and how to download Pinterest images and videos. You also learn how to upload videos to Pinterest.

Whether you are downloading an image or a video to a desktop, iOS device, or Android, these Pinterest downloader tutorials are for you.


Social media marketing podcaster Neal Schaeffer claims 2022 is the year of the video. Tips on using video marketing to boost SEO are at the end of this video. Just press the Play button.


You might wonder why you need this Pinterest downloader and Pinterest video downloader guide. As explained, you save time by not making videos. Use this guide to ethically use other people’s videos.

However, there is are several added, important benefits to using a Pinterest video downloader:

  • View the video offline. This is helpful if you want to view without internet.
  • You can break up the video into parts once it’s downloaded to your computer.
  • If the video creator takes the video offline, you can still watch once you download.


This table reveals the sheer magnitude of the audience viewing videos on Pinterest:

YouTube Shorts 

Pinterest Videos

15 billion average views daily globally Source

People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest Source

The numbers in this table reflect 2021 data.


You will find information about the Pinterest downloader and other social media tools in the video.


This guide explains how to download Pinterest images.

However, you are unable to use Pinterest downloader methods with the following:

  • Pinterest Story Pins
  • Carousel Pins
  • Videos

There are many video downloaders depending on where you find videos you want to download. For instance, you can follow these instructions for a YouTube Shorts download. Go here to discover how you can use a Pinterest video downloader.

When using these methods, you don’t need to worry that the images you find on Pinterest will be “undownloadable.” According to Quora, you cannot make a pin undownloadable. However, owners of the pin may include their watermark to show the image is someone’s property.

Pinterest GIF Downloader

Pinterest downloader
Pinterest video downloader
Photo by Brett Jordan on

UPDATED April 2022

What is a GIF?

GIF can be pronounced “Gif” or “Jiff.”

A GIF is an image file that can be used to create animation.

Here is an example of a GIF:

Do you want to know how to save GIFs from Pinterest?

You need a Pinterest GIF downloader.

If you prefer to watch the Pinterest GIF downloader information:

Watch this video tutorial to discover how to use a Pinterest GIF downloader.

If you prefer to read:

If you need a Pinterest GIF downloader, follow the instructions:

To save GIFs from Pinterest:

  • Go to Pinterest and search for the GIF you want to save in the search bar.
  • Click the GIF. Click the 3 dots that comes in with the image.
  • Click the up arrow to get the URL to the GIF.
  • Go to and paste the URL.
  • Click the Download Video File button.
  • Right click on the video file and click save.

Do you like Instagram story stickers? Instagram stories are a passion of mine, so I downloaded this GIF. When you press Play, you see the GIF move.

Here you will find Pinterest video downloader instructions.

Pinterest vs Instagram



478 million users

1.7 billion users

Purpose: Content Curation

Purpose: Content Sharing

Information in the table reflects 2021 data.

Both Pinterest and Instagram are photo-sharing sites. However, there are differences. Pinterest’s main purpose is to curate, or save, content. Instagram’s main purpose is to share content.

This guide teaches you how to use Pinterest to grow on Instagram. With over one billion users on Instagram, this guide is timely considering the hefty competition.

Why You Need a Pinterest Downloader

Pinterest downloader

Image Credit

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that helps you discover creative ideas. You can save the ideas you find on Pinterest boards. For this reason, Pinterest is an effective social bookmarking site.

In addition to being a social media site, Pinterest is a leading search engine along with Google and YouTube.

It’s true: Pinterest wants to be Google.

Search for whatever you need in the Pinterest search bar. If you accidentally spell your search query wrong, Pinterest will correct you.

You found the perfect image for a blog post on Pinterest. How do you bring the pin (a Pinterest image) into your device?

Simple! Use a downloader tool or method.

Many people benefit from a Pinterest downloader:

  • Blogger
  • Teacher
  • Instagrammer
  • Smartphone user
  • Video marketer

You are a blogger. You found the perfect graphic for your blog on Pinterest.

You are a teacher. You found an image that helps you instruct and inspire. Most students are visual learners who learn by looking at images.

You are an Instagrammer. You need an Instagram color palette or an Instagram highlight cover. You found one on Pinterest.

You are a smartphone user. You want Wallpaper for phones.

You are a video marketer. You found an ideal video at Pinterest you want to download.

In these scenarios, whether you are the blogger, the teacher, the Instagrammer, the smartphone user, or the marketer, you need a downloader.

There are additional reasons you might need a Pinterest downloader:

You might need access to the images you find when you are off-line or not using the Pinterest platform. For instance, I wanted to view a Pinterest image but my Pinterest app wasn’t reinstalled.

Also, I cruise in the summer and the Internet is not available or it is available but costly. Furthermore, the Internet in my workplace is sluggish and I can’t always access the Internet on my phone.

Finally, there are disadvantages to taking screenshots. For instance, ethically, you should give image credit which is difficult when you capture a screenshot on your phone. When you use a Pinterest downloader, attribution comes in with the image or video.

Also, you might be capturing an image you don’t have permission to capture. You don’t have these ethical concerns when you use a Pinterest downloader.

This guide explains how to save images you find on Pinterest. A third-party tool is not necessary.

It gets better: You no longer have to take a screenshot.

This tutorial also contains instructions to download Pinterest images and videos on your desktop, iOS device, and Android. You also discover how to download individual images for multiple images from Pinterest.

A Pinterest downloader gives you a simple, free way to bring Pinterest images down into your electronic device to review in your leisure.

Let’s get started by discovering how to use a Pinterest downloader.

How to Use a Pinterest Photo Downloader

Pinterest downloader
Photo by Brett Jordan on

Instructions for using a Pinterest downloader for images are different from the instructions for using a Pinterest video downloader. Let’s start discovering how to download images using Pinterest downloader methods.

All these methods assume you have a photo or some kind of image you want to download from Pinterest. If you don’t, use the Pinterest search bar to find the perfect image.

Method 1: Download a Single Image from Pinterest on a Desktop

Pinterest downloader

Image Credit

Use the Instagram search bar to search for the image you need.

When you find your image, click the 3 black dots in the lower right-hand corner.

Then click Download Image. The image will download immediately and you are free to edit and save.

On desktop, you can find the download in your Downloads Folder.

Note: Once you click the image, you will no longer be able to see the three dots. When that occurs, right-click and choose Save Image As. Choose the name and location to download the image. Also, you may not see the three dots even if you don’t click the image. In this case, the image is for sale and not downloadable.

It’s ethical to give source credit. When you hover over the image, you see an up arrow. Click it and choose Copy Link to get the source link in order to give attribution.

The information below gives specific instructions to download to your desktop computer, iOS, and Android.

Method 2: Download Multiple Pinterest Images on Desktop

Suppose you want to download many images from a Pinterest board. You can!

Pinterest Image Downloader

However, you need a special browser extension called Image Downloader. You can use this tool to download any image from the Internet not just on Pinterest.

Using the extension, download Pinterest. Go to the board you want to download the images from. Click on the image download or icon. You can select all the images from the board or individual images. The default checks all the images, so if you want to deselect an image, click the box with the checkmark in it. Click download.

You might get a warning message asking you about settings for the future. Answer the question.

Go to settings. Find “ask where to save each file before downloading.” Disable. Chrome will ask if you want to continue the download. Click Yes.

You can download an entire board of Pinterest images with the Pinterest downloader extension.

Method 3: Use a Pinterest Downloader on Mobile

You don’t need a third-party app to download Pinterest images to your mobile device.


Follow the instructions for iOS. To view your images, open the gallery app and click pins. Your download will be in the Pinned folder.


Open Pinterest.

I like to make Instagram stories using my brand colors. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have my brand color, navy, on its story palette.

Trying to use the Instagram color dropper to find navy is painstaking. Using a color palette would be easier.

Pinterest downloader

When you find your image at Pinterest, click on it.

In the upper right-hand corner, you see 3 white dots. Click them.

Choose Download Image. You are given an option to copy a link to give source credit.

What if your download doesn’t start?

Open your phone settings and tap Privacy. Find “Photos Pinterest” and click. On the screen that says Allow Photos Access, tap Read and Write. Repeat the steps to download your image.

How to Use a Pinterest Video Downloader

UPDATE May 2022

One important note before these Pinterest video downloader methods begin:

You cannot use these methods to download Pinterest videos and then upload them to YouTube. This is considered a copyright violation. If YouTube gets wise, you will get your account banned. Also, this can imperil your ability to monetize if you are trying to apply hours of views using Pinterest content in order to monetize on YouTube.

UPDATE January 2022

Are you ready to download Pinterest in MP4 format?

Pinterest to MP4 means you are downloading Pinterest files to your electronic device in a video format. In contrast, Pinterest to MP3 indicates you are only downloading music.


This post shares Pinterest downloader information for iOS and Android, but there are some Pinterest video downloaders that only work for one or the other.

The Clip Flick Video Downloader is an example. This video downloader only works on your Android device. Here you find more information about the Clip Flick Video Downloader and a download button.


Many social media sites allow you to download videos. In fact, you can download videos from any site that hosts videos. For instance, you can download YouTube videos following these methods. This section solely deals with methods for using a Pinterest video downloader.

UPDATE September 2021

Deciding to create my own video, I used the Placeit video editor. The free account won’t allow me to download the video.

I put the URL into a video downloader. Wouldn’t a Pinterest video downloader work to download any video URL?

Or so I thought…

When I attempted to put Placeit’s video URL into the Pinterest video downloader, the error message told me to use a different URL.

One important note…

These tips are for videos downloaded from Pinterest, not Placeit or any other video editing site.

Pinterest doesn’t allow you to download videos, so you will need to use a third-party Pinterest video downloader.

Therefore, the instructions are different for a Pinterest video downloader than they are for a Pinterest photo downloader.

UPDATE: For instance, if you want to download videos from Instagram, you can’t use a Pinterest video downloader. Instead, you can use the AhaSave Instagram Downloader.

Here are free Pinterest video downloader third-party tools you can use to download Pinterest videos:

  • Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Experts Trick Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Experts PHP Pinterest Video Downloader
  • Experts Tool Download Pinterest Video
  • Pinterest Video Downloader Online Bot Downloader
  • The Down Video Pinterest Video Downloader
  • iVideoMate Downloader
  • ImgDownloader
  • Save the Video

You now have eight free Pinterest video downloader tools.

Pinterest Video Downloader Tutorial

Experts PHP Pinterest

Experts PHP Pinterest is a handy tool that lets you download Pinterest videos, GIFs, and images effortlessly. Despite Pinterest’s restrictions, this tool simplifies the process—just copy and paste the link, and you’re good to go!

experts PHP Pinterest

Experts PHP Pinterest Video Downloader Review

Updated Information: December 2023

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Experts PHP Pinterest Video Downloader boasts a remarkably intuitive interface, making the video downloading process a breeze. The simple design ensures that even users with minimal technical expertise can navigate effortlessly.
  2. Fast and Efficient Downloads: One standout feature of Experts PHP is its impressive download speed. The platform delivers swift and efficient downloads, saving valuable time for users who seek a seamless experience.
  3. HD Quality Support: A notable highlight is the support for HD video downloads. The platform allows users to access Pinterest videos in high definition, ensuring a superior viewing experience for downloaded content.
  4. Reliable Performance: Experts PHP Pinterest Video Downloader consistently performs with reliability. Users can depend on the platform to deliver consistent results, contributing to an overall positive user experience.
  5. User-Centric Design: The platform’s design places a strong emphasis on user needs. From a straightforward download process to clear instructions, Experts PHP prioritizes user satisfaction, creating a positive interaction from start to finish.

In conclusion, the Experts PHP Pinterest Video Downloader stands out as a reliable, user-friendly tool that excels in delivering fast, high-quality downloads. Its positive attributes make it a valuable asset for users looking to enhance their Pinterest video content experience.


Here are instructions to download Pinterest videos using the third tool on the list, Experts PHP:

Go to Paste the link where requested. Make sure the URL has “Pin” in it which shows you the link is for Pinterest videos.

Experts PHP also has a Twitter video downloader here.

Here are instructions to download Pinterest videos using the first tool on the list, Pinterest Video Downloader:

Although there are many tools you can use for your Pinterest video downloader, the following tutorial is for the Pinterest Video Downloader tool.

As you did in Method 1, use the Pinterest search bar to find the video you want to download.

Both still images and videos will populate. If you only want to see videos, you can filter. The dropdown defaults to “pins.” Click to see your other choices and choose “videos.”

When you find the video, click the video. Then click Copy Link.

Go to your web browser and search Pinterest video downloader. The tool is free.

Paste the Pinterest link where instructed. Click download. You will see a preview of the video.

Below the preview, you will have two choices. Download the video as an MP4 or download the image as a JPEG or PNG image file.

Click the Download Link button to download the video. This click is a long press. Choose Download Linked File. Click Download Icon to view the video. Wait for the download to finish. When the download is complete, you can save or open the video.

Click Share to save. The Share Button is the icon with the arrow pointing up. Click Save Video. You will find the video in your camera roll. Click to play.

If this is your first time using the Pinterest video downloader, you might be asked to give Pinterest permission to access your photo library.

I make sure to click the up arrow and click “Copy Link” so I can give the source of the video.

The Pinterest video downloader is not compatible with WordPress. If you want to put a video after you’ve downloaded it from Pinterest into your WordPress post, put it into a 3rd-party tool like YouTube first and then paste the custom HTML code into WordPress.

Here is a downloader tutorial.

UPDATE: May 2022

I also made a Pinterest video downloader tutorial.

More Video Downloaders

One important note...

The video downloaders listed in the above section only work with Pinterest videos.

Here you will find a Vimeo video downloader, a Chrome extension.

Pinterest Downloader: Ethics


After publication, I asked Instagrammers if they thought using a downloader like a Pinterest video downloader is ethical.

Look at their responses:

100% of the respondents surprised me by indicating yes. They are wrong.

Copywrite infringement is punishable by a fine. Follow these downloader methods for images and for Pinterest video downloads and stay safe from repercussions.

Related Reading: Incremental plagiarism brings consequences if you steal text-based content.

How to Save Videos on Pinterest


Much of this post has been devoted to sharing how to download from Pinterest with Pinterest downloader methods and Pinterest video downloader methods.

However, if you want to upload to Pinterest and save videos on Pinterest, follow these instructions:

Go to Pinterest and click Create Pin.

Drag or Drop the Video you want to save. Fill in the information requested.

Click Publish.

Pinterest Video Downloader: People Also Ask

How Do I Download a Video from Pinterest?

You need a tool. You can use the Pinterest Video Downloader.

How Do I Save a Video from Pinterest to My Gallery?

Can I use Pinterest images on Instagram?

Yes. Use the Pinterest downloader and the Pinterest video downloader to share Pinterest images and videos. Make sure to give source credit which Pinterest provides. In this way, you can use Pinterest to grow on Instagram.

What is the best video downloader?

There are many great video downloaders you can choose from. For instance, you can use the downloader provided by

How do I use Pinterest downloader?

Easy! If you want to download an image with the Pinterest downloader, click the 3 dots that accompany the image. The Pinterest downloader will download the image for you and enable you to cite source credit. If you want to use your Pinterest downloader with a video, you will need a 3rd-party tool.

Can I download from Pinterest?

Yes! You can use the Pinterest downloader to download images and videos. To download videos, you will need a Pinterest video downloader, a 3rd-party tool. Just page the link into the Pinterest video downloader to download your video.

Can you copy images from Pinterest?

You can download both images and videos from Pinterest and get a link to cite source credit.

Wrapping Up: How to Use a Pinterest Downloader

In closing, this guide explained three Pinterest downloader methods for images, one method to go from Pinterest to MP4, and the five types of people that need a Pinterest downloader. You also discovered free tools to help you download multiple images and eight free tools to use as your Pinterest downloader for videos.

You also read a review of the Experts PHP Pinterest video downloader and found out how to save videos to Pinterest.

By reading this article, the days of taking screenshots on your phone or desktop of images you find on Pinterest are over.

Readers, please share, so Pinterest users discover how to download Pinterest images using these free Pinterest downloader methods.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you agree with the need for a Pinterest downloader or are you fine taking screenshots?

Related Reading

If you don’t want to use a Pinterest downloader such as a Pinterest video downloader, you can make your own videos. Here are instructions using the Splice app.

If you are interested in discovering more Pinterest tools, here you will find information about a Pinterest unfollow app.

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