The 50 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas You Need to Get Unstuck Now

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50 Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Nikola Roza

Are you struggling to start a blog?

Is this your first blog post?

Perhaps you’re an experienced writer but need refresher tips about how to write a blog post.

Are you writing a new blog post and don’t know how to start or what to write about at all?

Whatever your answer, you are in the right place. This post helps you publish great content. 

If you run any type of a lifestyle blog, and you’re running out of ideas what to write about fast, then you’re in luck! You found this article so all your problems are to be solved soon:). 

Your blog content will improve after you read this guide. After all, you want the best blog content, not the “same old, same old” readers can find anywhere in the Blogosphere.

You came to the right place if you’re looking to improve your content strategy.

Also- good job Google! You served up THE BEST result for the query “lifestyle blog post ideas.”

It’s the best because here you will get a hefty fill of lifestyle blog post ideas to last you for a very long time.

Writing a blog will be easier when you have these hacks in hand.

Writers Block is cured when you save this list of blog ideas.

But that’s not all!

I will also show you how to validate your ideas so you’re certain your next blog post will be a winner, overflowing traffic, profits, and all that jazz. Your readership will soar.

Whether you run a personal blog or are a problogger, these tips are relevant for you and applicable to all niches.

Sound like fun?

Let’s go!

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block – the curse that can be overcome, here and now!

Having a writer’s block hit you in the head when you’re about to write your “dear diary” is no big deal. It simply means you’re dead tired and in need of mental/physical renewal.

But when you blog for business, when your blog IS your business, then having a writer’s block, especially a prolonged one, can mean a financial disaster for you and many a restless night.

And you know what they say about sleepless nights?

They’re creativity killers.

So you enter a vicious circle of blogging sterility you can NEVER get out from!

Except that you can.


With a handy list of lifestyle blog post ideas ready to be used by you for writing, no thinking ahead required.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is digital content expressing its author’s life and interests.

50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

You don’t need to brainstorm. We did for you.


Here’s a list of 50 lifestyle blog post topics that you can use in your blog and start writing right away.

NotePay attention to ideas written in boldface. Those are the ones I think can be monetized easily (with affiliate links) so you might want to do them first.

  • How do you stay organized?
  • Write something helpful to your readers, anything
  • Do a review about a monthly subscription box
  • Share your opinion on a topic
  • Women vs men in entrepreneurship
  • Your photo collection
  • Best summer flicks to watch this year
  • Gift ideas for friends
  • Your outfit of the day blog post
  • Party theme ideas
  • Discuss your epic failure and what you’ve learned
  • How to pursue your ambition in life?
  • Biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and how to overcome them?
  • 7 things about yourself
  • Ways to build online relationships with bloggers
  • Your favorite tourist destination
  • How to stay within budget when shopping?

[Host Blogger’s Bonus Tip: How to Get Free Items. People love to get free things. For example, you can write about how to get free internet and how to get free food.]

  • How to get inspired on a crappy day?
  • 7 must-haves for your bag
  • A story about your pet and you
  • Favorite Instagram lifestyle bloggers to follow
  • How to stay calm under pressure?
  • What’s your dream and how do you plan to reach it?
  • Your favorite blog post that you love reading again and again
  • Write a book review
  • I love coffee
  • What tools do you use to maintain social media profiles?
  • 11 things that make you feel happy all the time
  • Your favorite hashtags for social media?
  • Share a personal story to motivate readers
  • Share productivity tips
  • How to cope with a busy schedule?
  • The use of beauty products in your everyday life
  • Books that you recommend
  • Blogging tools you recommend (Reviews)
  • How to avoid online distractions and focus on work?
  • Best tools for creating blog images?
  • 14 things that make you feel happy all the time
  • What motivated you to create a blog? Share your reasons in a blog post.
  • List of YouTube channels pertaining to “insert niche”
  • How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself?
  • The best lessons you’ve learned in your life
  • 10 things you love about a road trip
  • Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
  • Healthy foods to eat daily
  • Interview a blogger and share a success story
  • Your favorite blog post that you love reading again and again.
  • Why SEO is a must for your blog?
  • Make an A-Z list and share it with your readers

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Now continue reading the article!

Listen: I’m confident I can guess your internal monologue right now: “Lifestyle- it’s a pretty broad topic, I can literally talk about anything I want. So why is he giving me just 50 ideas”?

Good question! Allow me to reply:)

  • Because 50 is a nice round number, not as small as to be useless, not humongous as to be overwhelming
  • Because I want to get you quickly started on the path of writing
  • Because other people have already made huge lists and me copying them would just be ineffective for SEO, boring to me and uninspiring for you

Finally, the fourth and final reason.

I didn’t want to list hundreds of ideas because I wanted to make room for the meat of this post, which is showing you how to make sure that what you write ranks well in Google. And once you read it- I know you’ll thank me for my foresight.

That’s a given.

Should you write about THIS topic? How to validate an idea so it’s worth both your time and effort?

Not all keywords are created equal. For some, you can rank and bank, and easily too.

For others:

  • you can spill a ton of sweat,
  • waste a ton of money,
  • and wreck a nerve or two or three

And still not rank! Not even come close to ranking.

I want to help you avoid that enthusiasm crusher.

There are two ways to validate whether a keyword/topic is worth your time.

  • Keyword popularity– are people interested in the topic you want to cover. Crucial because it’s useless to write about something that only gets few measly searches per month
  • Keyword competition– Is the SERP under siege by the big guns in your industry? If yes- it’s not a good keyword

Let’s break these two down real quick.

#1- Keyword Validation- Is it Popular?

Note: For our test subject we’ll use the keyword/topic “KWFinder review”. It’s a whole suite of tools you can write an article about, insert your affiliate links and rank and bank.

And I know Janice loves KWFinder, and I can guess why- it’s an awesome tool!

But is there any online buzz around it? Let’s find out by visiting the most popular online communities.

a) – Reddit

Go to the Reddit home page ( and type your keyword “KWFinder Review” Let’s see what it spits up.

Reddit is excellent for topic/keyword research

Hm, the tool has some popularity, you can see there are some threads with lots of comments and upvotes. Not bad, but overall KWFinder is not a hot topic on Reddit.

Pro tip– Read the comments of popular threads and take notes of the exact language used in regards to KWFinder These words are “special” in a way that Google considers them highly relevant to the KWFinder topic and related keywords.

It’s called Entity Salience.

Here’s the link if you want to learn more, but I warn you right now- it’s overly technical and hard to read.


So, include the words and phrases you found on Reddit within your content and you’ll become more relevant, thus you’ll rank higher with fewer links.

b)- Quora

This is similar to what we just did on Reddit. Go to and type “KWFinder” in the search bar. This will spit out a list of questions about KWFinder.

Use Quora when researching lifestyle blog post ideas

And… there’s none!

There is no question specifically about KW Finder. But there’s a ton of questions about keyword research and keyword research tools, and in most of them KWFinder is mentioned and talked about (usually in the context how it’s a low budget tool).

Note- Normally, since there are no questions about KWFinder that’d mean it’s not that popular. But in this case, that’s untrue.

Because, you need to remember that KWFinder is a relatively new tool, and it’s competing against the giants that are MOZ, SEMrush and Ahrefs. So of course they’ll be more popular.

Pro tip. Record the questions on a spreadsheet so you can extract snippets from your KWFinder review and post them on Quora, with a link back of course:)

Like this:

Be organized when approaching Quora for keyword research

Note- this is from another campaign I ran, but a good example nonetheless.

Pro tip– I know Janice is a power user on Quora. And she has a tip or two to share. Go and read that post so you make Quora work for you.

c) Answer the Public

This is a wonderful tool that scrapes Google and Bing for questions people ask about anything. And it’s actually the best indicator whether a topic is popular or not. If you see a bunch of questions people pose, then you know you’ve struck a potential goldmine.

Answer the Public- a goldmine of questions to find lifestyle blog post ideas

[Read: How to Use the MozBar for Free To Boost Your SEO Now.]

#2- Keyword Validation- Can Your Site Rank?

Here’s the thing- some keywords are “taken” and you literally can’t rank for them, no matter what you do.

For example, the keyphrase “SEO” is what I consider to be an unrankable keyword. Take a look at the competition:

hard keyword= tough competition

Another one is “content marketing”. Take a look at the link profile of number #1 result:

High DA and many links pointing to a page


But most keywords are not like that and you can rank for them, especially if your site boasts decent authority.

Mostly Blogging is a strong website

Mostly Blogging site is not super powerful, but is very strong nonetheless

Here are two easy ways to check how strong your competition is

a) What is their domain ranking power?

Domain ranking power is simply the authority a website wields. The higher the number; harder they are to beat, and this is best represented by Moz’s domain authority.

For example, my site is DA 21. Not bad considering that I only work on it part-time.

Fun fact– up until recently my DA was 18, but when Moz updated their DA metric it jumped to 21. It was a pleasant surprise to me and a sign I’m doing something right.

So go and install a free Chrome extension from Moz (MozBar)(

Once you do go and Google your target keyword. Then turn on the extension and it’ll tell you the strength of your competition.

MozBar shows domain strength for all sites in the SERPS

b) Another way is to use Ahrefs

Here’s how to use a free Ahrefs account to get what you want in life:)

  • Step #1– go to Google and type your keyword
  • Step #2– copy the link of the first result

Copy the first result

  • Step #3- Plug it into Ahrefs

Plug the link into Ahrefs when looking for lifestyle blog post ideas

  • Step #4– Go to “organic keywords” and chose SERPs and you’ll see the first 10 results, with SEPR features and their metrics

SERP overview- courtesy of Ahrefs


b) How good is their on-page SEO?

Wanna know a secret? Inbound links matter, A LOT, but without sound on page SEO- they won’t help an iota. Think of it like this: Backlinks are your fast car and all the gasoline you need to reach the end of the world, but on-page SEO is your compass.

How will you know where you’ll end up, if you don’t know where you’re headed?

That’s what on-page SEO is for, and the good news for you is most sites put no thought into their on-page, and the rare ones that do- are really sloppy about it.

So there’s lots of room for you to advance and overtake them.

So, how do you check keyword competition in Google?

I won’t tell you about it here, because there isn’t room here, and because I already wrote a lengthy guide on the topic, which I suggest you go and read (after you’ve finished reading this article of course because we’re not done yet)

Finally-how to write a post that ranks well in Google?

That’s a whole new guide right there.

  • Writing good headlines
  • Meta data
  • Formatting and readability
  • Internal linking
  • Getting backlinks
  • Off-page activity other than getting links

And so much more!

I’d be doing you a large disservice if I tried to cram it all into this post, and you’d inevitably leave confused about what to do next. Instead, I will give you a bunch of resources from Janice you should check out.

I’m a regular reader of Mostly Blogging so I know the kind of quality she puts out.

But before that, I do have one important tip to give you:

BE different, and BE better.

This means you need to study the first 10 results for the target SERPS (yes, all 10- don’t be lazy) and write what each result has on the page that you think is helping them rank.

  • Are they using lots of images? You better match that.
  • Videos? Get in front of that camera!
  • Custom graphics? Make them yourself or make up for them with other stuff.
  • How long is their content?
  • Is it well-formatted and readable?
  • Are there internal links pointing to the page?
  • Are those internal links well optimized (anchor text)?

These are all elements you need to have on your page in order to compete. Because Google clearly likes it and it’s showing it to you in plain sight.

But it’s not enough to match. You also need to surpass them and for that you need to be different.

There’s a ton of ways to achieve a meaningful difference.

For example, your content can be much longer. So if they have a 1000- word page, you put out a 3-000-word guide. Or if everyone has list posts and no one surpasses 20 items on the list, you give a 100 items. Or forget writing and do a damn good video. Or combine video with your monster list.

I told you- there’s an infinite choice before you. You just need to be creative and above all- provide value.

This article is a good example.

When doing my research, I noticed that most results are just huge lists with very little text. So I made sure to include my list of lifestyle blog post ideas, but I also included a twist of actually showing people how to rank with their blog posts. Because I realized that most would like to rank and earn some money from their hard work.

Simple, effective and BETTER.

So my post is more valuable (in my opinion) and Mostly Blogging has a decent chance to rank for the keyphrase “lifestyle blog post ideas”.

Got it? Find a way to be Different AND better. It is crucial that you do.

Now here are some resources from Janice that I promised you earlier

Wrapping Up: Add New Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Conclusion- To be alive is an abundance of lifestyle blog post ideas right then and there, right?

But help is appreciated too. And this step by step guide to writing posts helped you quite a bit be a more effective content marketer.

First, you got an unlimited source of lifestyle blog post ideas. And then you received near-unlimited knowledge on how to convert that pile of ideas into a pile of cash.

The best part: This list is a valuable resource for when you guest post as well as publishing on your own blog. 

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to post articles? By now, your creative juices should be flowing.

Due to your improved content marketer strategy, the number of comments on the blog should improve as well.

You’ll see you’ll be writing blog posts that get the most shares at Buzzsumo.

Use this list of lifestyle blog post ideas for content planning which is a powerful way to drive traffic. You’ll rejoice over the spike in your stats in your WordPress dashboard. 

Get cracking!

Oh, I know, you want to first share the article, and then you want to leave a comment below.

How nice of you!

Thank you and don’t be surprised if you get a response from me. I’m a junkie blogger, and comments shares and engagement are my fixes, so go ahead, help me sleep well at night:)

Because if I don’t, I’ll wake up cranky and then have a writer’s block.

Oh, the agony! Oh, the irony! 🙂

If only I had a list of lifestyle blogging ideas near me…


Author Bio. Nikola Roza blogs about SEO, WordPress and affiliate marketing. His site is and if you want to make a living online writing about what you love- you should pay his site a visit. You’ll be surprised when you do, and you’ll regret if you don’t.

Enough said.


  1. Wedding Photographer | at 7:34 pm

    Wow, so much information!
    You have really set the bar high when it comes to creating a post that will rank well on Google.
    Now, if I can write something 1/4 as good, as long, as informative, as … etc.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald | at 2:01 pm

      Hi Lorna,
      Great to see you. I also like Answer the Public (especially the man picking his teeth) but lately, I’ve been hit and miss with it. Sometimes, I go in and find no questions at all.
      Does that ever happen to you?

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