How to Get Out of Facebook Jail in 2021 [3 Ways to Escape]

  1. Davida Chazan

    Well, they went much easier on you than they did on me – but maybe book reviews are more controversial than selling things! The first time I was in FB jail (actually, it was the URL to my blog that they jailed, not me), it was 24 hours. Then they jailed my URL for a week. Then they jailed my URL for a month, and the last time, it was jailed for SIX months! Yes… SIX MONTHS for posting links to BOOK REVIEWS!

    I appealed and appealed and appealed, all to absolutely NO AVAIL! Now, my FB page is for my blog and isn’t a business page, but still… it was not nice. I’m out now, but I ended up using landing pages to continue to post my content to FB and my groups.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Davida,
      Great to see you. How awful! Six months! I agree with you that sounds totally unreasonable, definitely extreme. Your time spent in Facebook jail was far worse than mine.
      Thanks for writing to tell us about your experience.

      • Johnny Hollywood

        I was put into Facebook jail for ASKING WHO UP😤😤😤I have 22 days left smh they said I violated guns animals & some other bs so asking who up just a simple questions no pictures no nothing but I’m in Fb jail what a joke

        • anne

          I landed in 30 day jail for posting “nutjob” on a page with no reference, no nothing. I guess once you have offended Facebook, you are forever f*cked and you have a target on your back by the entities that be. I have reported hundreds of posts for racism, threats, misogyny, bias, and the Facebook authorities say that they are not violating community standards, but for the word “nutjob” (30 days) and asking someone why they had to have a bitchy tone (7 days). Ridiculous.

          • Will

            Yep…same sort of deal with me…

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Will,
            I’m sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience and landed in Facebook Jail. Thanks for writing to tell us.

          • Linda

            I was put on notice for discussing how Kiwi plants need at least 9 males for every 1 female. GMAB. For posting ‘Jo and the Ho Gotta Go’ (they show it on a coffee cup on their own site!). And lastly for saying f u on the last site (forgive you, fouled up, are they now mind readers?) I hate Facebook – too controlling and too censoring. They pick on conservatives and let liberal snowflakes get away with murder. I’ve read the article and plan on going back and erasing anything that can be misconstrued (cuz they’re dumber than a rock).

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Linda,
            I seriously hear your frustration and stress. I’m glad you read the article regarding going back and deleting comments that can be misconstrued. I was hoping people would read the comments and encouraged them to do so in order for us to learn from each other’s experiences.
            One of the commenters indicated deleting potentially troublesome comments could help us avoid landing in Facebook Jail again in the future.
            Once again, I’m sorry for your bad experience, but I am grateful to you for writing.

          • Jane M Creteau

            Agree. I was in facebook jail for a month for calling someone a fool. I was out for one day and then restricted for another month for saying “republicans would be killed if they didn’t pass the debt ceiling” meaning they would lose in the elections. I’ve appealed but feel as if there is a target on me now.

        • Melody wiercinski

          Yea hi am melody wiercinski I got upset on today used the fword on chirsten Facebook group I was just upset I am bipolar I don’t mean to get mad forgive me I quit smoking a. Cigarettes month ago on march 8th of 2021 so Facebook needs understand am special needs person people like me have hard understanding ok..this the 8, time this happened how long is 7 days

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Melody,
            I am sorry for your frustrations. I have also been in Facebook jail many times like you. You are not alone. Thank you for writing to us to share your experiences.

        • Diane Till

          I got REMOVED for trying to change my profile information.
          I now have to prove who I am with a government ID for identity.

          ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! I can’t even see anything on my post. Their information letter about the ID needed prevents me from seeing anything. I only could see the last post before they totally blocked me off.

          I did upload a drivers license (tried to block the number) but has my ID photo and state and birth date.

          Its been over 2 weeks and nothing.

          Whats bad is I am the only admin for our “Old School Friends” FB group. I cannot keep it going.

          I am so upset more about that!!!!

      • Cheryl

        I used idiot also got me 30 days

        • Graham Grice

          I used ‘pathetic’ – the same length of ban!

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Graham,
            I am so sorry for the bad experience that caused you to land in Facebook Jail. Thanks for writing to share your story with us. People may have to shart compiling a list of “taboo words.” Perhaps I should add it to the section about how to avoid landing in Facebook Jail in the first place!

          • Deborah L Zimmerman

            I used selfish, and got 30 days.

          • Janice Wald

            Ouch! Thank you for letting us know!

          • Dave

            Same here. Today I got 30 days for using the word “pathetic”.

    • richard kaban

      Some black guy what’s harassing me and swearing at me on Facebook. I called him a swear word and I’m the one that got banned

      • Janice Wald

        My friend had a similar experience and was also banned.

        • Sandy

          What peeved me off is the owner made millions off of us and then has horrible people who once facebook jailed you always watch you “ on a group page a person was saying foul things to others and used the C word several times I reported it they write back and say block the person it’s not offensive seriously but yet I told someone to stop bashing others and then saying she will pray for them and I got thrown off saying it’s bullying after she reported me but she stayed on and there is no where no number to even arguing to defend yourself I with they had MySpace or a thing like Facebook so we can all leave them I tried MeWe and parlor not a fan but would love to meet face to face those who think they are so superior than others

      • Yamir

        you prob called him a [“n” word] just be honest,,,

      • Graham Grice

        Just report the people who do this and they then will get the ban. Often these people are trolls and they are trying to gaud you so that they can report you.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Graham,
          I have also drawn that conclusion from the comments shared by people who landed in Facebook Jail.
          Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

      • Jessica

        I was put in Facebook jail for messaging someone and being mean and talking about them to their friends. Can I create a new Facebook account using my other name?

        • Sara Sizemore

          Yes you can create another page. I did, using another name I publish under. Had it two weeks – now in FB Jail on both accounts. I strongly feel that FB is violating my freedom of speech rights. Consider what you were put in jail for ; saying a “bad” word? Calling someone a “fool” – “stupid” – or simply disagreeing with a post? Cause it pissed FB user off, you got reported. Being a caregiver for senior’s that are bedridden -FB is ONLY way to communicate with anyone -when they jail them, that stops their world. Quit playing with peoples lives

    • Kim

      I in face book jail again for 3 days. Apparently suggesting someone appears a fool , but by them commenting removes all doubt. Goes against community of bullying . Cant say men are fools either, nor some religions support pedophilia, no names mentioned .
      I seem to be in face books bad books for being out spoken and not being nice to foolish people who comment on stuff they have only read the easy words in the headlines..

      • Janice Wald

        Many people are in your situation. Did you read the comments on this post?
        Thank you for writing and telling us your frustrations.

        • Louise

          I’ve been put in Facebook jail for three days because I told someone who said a squirrel was fat, that she was fat-shaming a squirrel. I appealed it, but it seems I’m just a nasty bully and jail still stands. The lady who said the squirrel is fat has not had her account suspended.

    • kathy Taylor

      i’m on my 4th FB suspension. I need to write 1000 times “I will no longer omment on political leftist posts” I think I may have actually learned my lesson this time.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Kathy,
        I’m so sorry. Your comment is funny but I hear the frustration coming through.

    • Elizabeth Golden

      I don’t understand why I am locked out of Facebook & Messenger & game apps. I guess I said no bad words on all of those because I grew up with never using foul language towards anyone or friends!

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Elizabeth,
        I am sorry for your frustrating experience people have you written Facebook to ask? Sometimes they make mistakes. They got me for spamming.

    • Andrew

      I dont even know what i did my facebook has been doing Weird s*** on me for about a week before this and two days before all this went down my phone like locked me Completely and When it let me back on a day and a half later i had to fix every thing on my phone and well i was doing that is when i found out about face book it wont even let me sine in to it i have been trying for the last 3 and a half days now and nothing like i dont even know what was done for me to be in jailfor me

  2. I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using the word idiot. The word idiot is not a curse word it’s just a regular word. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and I think I should be taken out of jail immediately thank you

    I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using the word idiot. The word idiot is not a curse word it’s just a regular word. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and I think I should be taken out of jail immediately thank you

    • Janice Wald

      My friend was put in Facebook jail for two days and one hour for using a comparable word. Thank you for writing to share your experience with us. I am sorry you are having that frustration.

    • John Simpson

      I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using a quote from Joe Biden where he said talking about Donald Trump I’ll see you after school today behind the school and I’ll kick your ass.

      • kelli

        because all the people the complaints are sent to are in freakin INDIA and have broken they see a word like MONSTER in my case and think its berating people .. fuck facebook

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Kelli,
          Yes, that’s why you landed in Facebook Jail. Was there another word you mean to say or did you not realize “monster” was insulting?

        • Rose

          I’m currently in FB Jail, because I put the word “that’s” all in upper case, and for being a bully because I hate people who abuse animals. I was sentenced to 7 days in jail with no chance for parole. I still have 5 days to go. I’m so excited for my release though, because rumour has it, all the mainstream media will be there to record my triumphant release from jail! How cool is that?! 👍🏼👏👏👏 Gonna miss my bitch though! 🤣🤣

          • Janice Wald

            You are too funny! I appreciate your sense of humor especially in this difficult situation. Thank you so much for bringing levity to this comment section.

        • just Someone

          That’s not why. COMPUTERS are doing the work. Computers cannot distinguish between context and tone. So if I say “eat shit and die”. that would normally get you banned for bullying. But if I say “I stepped in shit”. THAT TOO will get you banned because the computer ONLY sees the word “shit”. and does not understand the context. It’s literally bullSHIT. lol.

          • Janice Wald

            I agree with what you wrote. Thank you for the explanation.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi John,
        I’m guessing Facebook thought you threatened violence which probably goes against their standards. Did you use quotes or indicate it was a Biden quote?

    • Phillip Weissburg

      15000 words of text for how to get out of FB jail…and no clear way to do that… First sentence should be…I have no idea.

        • Janice Wald

          By the way, thank you for your feedback. I changed my introduction after reading your comment and moved up the links to appeal and request a review to override the Facebook ban.

          • Sara Sizemore

            I think there are people out there that have nothing better to do with their time than to scroll thru FB, find anything they don’t “like” and hit the report button. I’m in FB Jail for the 4th time in 2 months, cause I was honest – proved it by posting official court papers, along with my word “thief.” Same person every time, why? cause I want the people he deals with to know what he is – & I went through messenger to do it.Some idiots just can’t handle the truth when it slaps them in the face.

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Sara,
            While I am sad about your stress, I did appreciate your last line, the famous quote from the movie “A Few Good Men,” “You can’t handle the truth.” You are right. People CAN’T handle the truth, on social media and elsewhere.
            Thanks for writing to share your experience.

        • Dave B

          Im on the countdown from a 30 day ban, i did spend an entire day trying to find a way of contacting facebook, there is no number you can call or any other way to contact them, as we all know when you get a ban your asked if you want to appeal, so click appeal thinking you will be able to explain, we know thats not the case, it just says it will look at it again, we all know nothing will happen, its frustrating that there is no appeal, if you ended up in court at least you would get a chance to explain, but not facebook, facebook is not a democratic platform.

          One way to stop being banned for past events is to go through your post history and delete any comment you think may get you more bans, it takes time but does help, also if you belong to groups that you are always being reported the best thing to do is leave those groups, another way is not to respond to comments directed at you that are meant to get a negative reaction, so now if i make a comment, i never return to any reply.

          Facebook needs to lift its game and be more fair, many people are waiting for a new social media to take up and either replace facebook or at least be competition, if that happened millions would leave facebook..

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Dave,
            Thank you so much for your help and detailed reply. I find your comments so valuable, I included them in my post in this section:

            You and I are in agreement about avoiding a negative response. Don’t give people the satisfaction and avoid the risk of landing in Facebook Jail again.
            I didn’t think about leaving the groups containing members who reported you. Thanks for the suggestion and your helpful comments once again.

          • Doug Gressett

            I went through the 30 day and got to the day 1 count down. Today I was able to log in only to find that my account was now permanently deleted because they said the time had expired for my request for review. I clicked the review every single day for the last 35 days and never got anywhere with it. Now I don’t know if I have any options moving forward or not. Ideas?

          • Harold D. Bragg

            The comment that made “Hang ’em High was a Clint Eastwood Movie. I was asking if that posted scene was that mov

        • Shari

          I’ve been thrown in FB jail 3 times since the pandemic began. Thursday was the fourth time. My crime? In a group for people like me with Rheumatoid Arthritis (aka a bunch of people who have compromised immune systems), someone was talking about how effective N95 masks are at protecting people from getting Covid. I responded by saying that KN95 masks are also nearly as effective and are generally a little cheaper, and the moment I hit “send,” BOOM! Banned for a week. The other three times were also ridiculous and had nothing to do with the supposed “guideline” I was told I broke, but this one really ticked me off. Just trying to help people vulnerable to having a severe outcome if they get Covid and getting booted for a week for it. Yet a few “special” people in that group posted all manner of disinformation about Covid, masks, and vaccines, which stayed up (and that’s not the first time). Facebook IS killing people – allowing Covid conspiracy theories and lies to flourish and suppressing actual factual information that might help someone protect themselves and save their own lives. I’m disgusted beyond words.

          • Harold D. Bragg

            The comment that made “Hang ’em High was a Clint Eastwood Movie. I was asking if that posted scene was that movie

          • Janice Wald

            Hi Harold,
            I’m so sorry to hear about your stress. I’ve heard of that movie!
            Thanks for writing to let us know what caused you to land in Facebook Jail so the rest of us who want to avoid Facebook Jail don’t mention movie titles that can get us banned!

  3. Shawn Krill

    I have been in facebook jail for 280 days now. When i was put into jail my personal and business add account was jailed. After about 200 days face book finally responded to my multiple attempts to get in touch with them and apologized for putting me into jail and got me out or so i thought. They released my personal account but not my business account and they have not responded to any of my attempts to contact them. I found a phone number for support but the number i called was for a different facebook support not the people able to pull me out of jail. So i am still there

    • Janice Wald

      I left contact information for Facebook in the article. I believe it was an email for Support. Did you try that? I am sorry about your experience. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your frustration with us.

    • Phillip Weissburg

      Well, unlike the title….the writers have NO idea how to help anyone.

  4. Zachary Valentine

    I was watching a video where a blind dog fell into a swimming pool. Luckily another dog guided the him/her out. I responded to a person’s comment saying the dog probably wasn’t even blind. I said the caption clearly says blind dog ! 30 day ban. FACEBOOK IS A JOKE ! And can’t get any help to get the ban lifted. Literally said nothing inappropriate.

    • Janice Wald

      I am truly shocked! Thank you for letting us know.

      • Mike

        I was put in fb jail for suggesting someone take up a hobby like cliff diving.

        • Janice Wald

          That sounds innocent enough. Did you appeal?

  5. MARGARET Smith

    24 hours for bullying, i used a troll gif in comment. I think the recipient has a fake account, but was able to report me for that .

    • Janice Wald

      I recently put had to get rid of spam commenters on my Tumblr article. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Eric Paul Johnson

    30 day jail sentence for joking with a friend, saying, “David, you ignorant slut.”
    BAM! 30 days for quoting Saturday Night Live in a way that everybody involved knew was meant as humor, not bullying.
    Appealing does jack crap since I’m pleading my case to a bot.
    A friend was put in jail for 30 days for telling someone not to be a bigot.
    I’m done with Facebook. I’ve had it with this crap

    • Janice Wald

      I once won an appeal but not for violating standards, so maybe it isn’t always a bot judge.
      Did you indicate your quote was from SNL?

  7. Vicky

    I was put in FB JAIL because I posted a picture of the crazies that rioted the White House.
    Not my picture, it had already posted. 3 days later I get 30 days in FB Jail 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Janice Wald

      So sorry. Did they give a reason?

  8. lindda barrows

    I fell asleep and drop my laptop and it came apart,i put it back as best i could,got it to work ecverything was screwed up no facebook.was charge with showing porn,so can i find out if and when i can get it back

    • Janice Wald

      Oh my! Contact support! Did you try?

  9. william k hawks

    i got 1day for personal opinion , then when thery asked about it i checked do not agree , and it went to 3days ,that is not censorship that is dictatorship .

    • Eric Paul Johnson

      That! Right there!

      • Harriet

        I was given a 24 hour ban, I did not agree and they gave me 7 days instead.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Harriet,
          Your comment seems typical. When people argue, they extended the ban.

    • Janice Wald

      I am so sorry for your frustrations. Thank you for writing to share your story with us.

  10. Donsld Hendershott

    I got 30 days for responding to a liberal who had been insulting me and several others
    His ridiculous post was I am in charge of the gates to heaven you will not be allowed in, I replied that didn’t want in to meat morons like you. 30 days

    • Janice Wald

      What I don’t understand is why the person who offended you didn’t get time in Facebook Jail. Would you know if the other person was banned as well?

    • Rundark

      Same here, almost the exact same scenario, so I went in to fight fire with fire and reported several of his inflammatory comments. Got the notice from FB that he didn’t violate their policies. What a crock! I was only a week out from my last 30 day sentence. If someone tries to gaslight me and fails like they always do cause I come fully equipped with gifted script and the only thing thicker than my skin is the depth of my lexicon. I came across an article just before this one where a guy theorizes that FB wants people to make fake accounts because their growth has stunted and fake accounts effect the numbers which triggers the algorithm. What if a bunch of us go in, make those fake accounts then delete them over and over? Time to make Fuckerberg pay!

  11. Pam

    I was reported by someone who was harassing me on an opinion thread. They were posting misinformation and accusing me (incorrectly) of being involved in a fraud of charitable donations. I posted they should check their information and only an idiot would think this charity would give money to someone who wasn’t eligible. This got me banned but I don’t believe the person who posted incorrect comments about me was banned. It’s frustrating that fb don’t look at all posts before deciding who to ban and it’s basically a race to be the first to report. I’ve had something similar happen to me previously and the lack of a right to reply is not fair.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Pam,
      Thanks for reaching out with your experience. Your experience sounds like my friend’s experience. In her case, like yours, it was a race to report.

  12. Amanda Schmidthiesler

    24hours for calling someone a b*tch. “Hate speech” yet they were bullying others and calling people names too and they didn’t get chucked in jail. I also got warnings for saying groups of people are weird. Example “Americans are weird” lol I tried the duck duck go browser also. (iPhone) and it didn’t work.

    • Eric Paul Johnson

      I got a week for joking with my female friend saying, “Women are weird.”
      Then I had female friends replying to my post about my jailing. They said, “But women are weird.”
      They were not jailed. >:{

      • Janice Wald

        Oh no! Did you read the other comments here? It seems to be a race to see who gets in trouble first.

  13. Nicole Tugeau

    I am currently in Facebook jail, but I can’t figure out exactly why. I’ve had no communication, warning or otherwise from Facebook. My business IG (with over 11K followers!) is down, too, and they tell me it’s because my Facebook account violated Community Standards. I’m assuming I was hacked or reported (not sure why, I’m not controversial, maybe it’s personal). It’s been about 72 hours. I’m currently stuck in a security SMS text loop where I get through the Facebbok login but then have to request a security code. When I select the phone number (the only phone number – my mobile) it says I’ve requested too many codes and must wait 24 hours to try again.

    I’m steering clear of the FB login page and actually waiting the full 24 hours (no clicking) to try again. Fingers crossed it works. I don’t so much mind my personal page being down, but my business is my business! It’s debilitating.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi thank you for writing to share your story with us. Did you try a different browser or try clearing your computer cache?

      • Janice Wald

        Can you please let me know if clearing your cache or trying a different browser works? If so, I can tell others in your predicament.

        • Nicole Tugeau

          As an update, I waited a full 24 hours without attempting to log into FB or pass the security code. I was able to receive the SMS code, enter it on my desktop computer (yes I cleared the cache, history, cookies) and enter. Once in, I was told (again) my account was disabled because I violated community standards. They requested my ID, I uploaded a picture of my drivers license. They thanked me and noted that due to COVID they were short on staff and may *not* be able to review my account. Sorry for the inconvenience. At the point of security code and uploading my ID, I received emails from Facebook confirming the actions so I don’t believe I’m dealing with a hack. I responded to those support emails asking FB to review the account and the importance of my associated IG business account. At this point I have uploaded a picture to IG of myself holding the security code, IG handle and name and uploaded my ID to Facebook. I have read in other forums 2-3 days for review but for some accounts it just doesn’t happen. The account is disabled indefinitely:

          • Sonya Warren

            THIS is what Im going through. I have a FB business and they said that i used a copyrighted photo.. nope! I used six photos that i took myself and used FB business to have them create ads. 2 days later my fb is down with a message about it being reported.. but did not give me a time frame. Asked me to file an appeal but, like you, it wont let me get a security code… then the tried too many times thing pops up even after i wait for 24 hours. Its been 5 days.. I have no idea what to do. It said i have 24 hours to dispute or it will be perm. BUT I cant dispute bc it wot let me in. What do you mean about clearing cache?

          • Sonya Warren

            Also.. FB hit me with 5 charges on my bank account for a total of $540. FOR ADS they created and said were copyrighted…

          • Sonya Warren

            Also.. my IG is gone too

          • Janice Wald


          • Janice Wald

            Is it because Facebook owns Instagram?

  14. Holly

    Good Morning,

    I am currently restricted from adding people to groups. It’s been about 3 weeks. I received a notification 2 weeks after not being able to add people. It’s putting a strain on earning money for me. I received notification this morning that I can add people again, but I can’t, with 3 profiles. How do I fix this? TIA. =)

    • Janice Wald

      I wrote the Facebook group at Reddit to ask for advice. I’ll let you know if they respond. Thanks for reaching out with your question about Facebook Jail.

  15. Kelly D

    I repost memes and get tossed in FB jail. Nothing happens to the ones I took the memes from. I posted my opinion about the covid vaccine and got 30 days. Now look what happened with Johnson and Johnson vaccine! It shouldn’t matter. It’s my page which is private and it’s freedom of speech.

    • myob

      Actually, you’re on Facebook, on the internet, it’s public, not private.

  16. myob

    There is no such thing as “duck duck go browser” it has never existed, ever. You must be talking about Brave browser, because “duck duck go” is only a search engine.

    • Janice Wald

      You are right. Thank you for the correction. I misspoke.

    • Janice Wald

      Would anonymous browsing work?

  17. Graham Grice

    FB is becoming a woke wilderness just full of adverts, snowflakes and trolls! Sadly Twitter is even worse.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Graham,
      I agree. I sure do see many advertisements on Facebook! I also agree they are distracting.

  18. K

    I was ban for 30 days as of this morning around 2:00am for re sharing a link from pfizers website admitting in it’s own document that non-vaccinated can be exposed to the vaccine’s spike proteins by inhalation or skin contact. page 67 yes it’s actually in there.

    • Janice Wald

      Facebook banned you for sharing information from Pfizer? If it’s not misinformation, I wonder why they banned you.

  19. Nicole E Thweatt

    I was banned for being bad in 3 posts over the last month.
    The first no-no was when I called someone a “silly goose.” That’s bullying.
    The 2nd was for sharing a post that violated standards…but they don’t show what that post even was.
    And lastly, this morning I called someone a dingbat. That was bullying also.

    I’ve gotten 24 hours. Can’t post, comment, or like anything, but I’m free to scroll and message.
    BUT…I disagreed with the judgment so we’ll see if they actually reinstate me tomorrow.
    I hate Facebook. If it wasn’t my primary social outlet (introvert) I would gladly delete my account.

    • Eric Paul Johnson

      Right there with you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nicole,
      I feel your pain. I didn’t even post a comment perceived as offensive. Instead, I also got banned for 24 hours for copy-pasting too many times! Thanks for sharing.

  20. SammIam

    Interesting read. I’m currently in FB jail because they say I posted a photo that went against community standards. I called their hand on it, and they admitted they were wrong… BUT…. I’m still in the damn jail… what the hell gives?

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for the compliment on my article. I appreciate it.
      Can you write them back and ask when the Facebook jail will be over since they admitted they were wrong? At least they responded to you. Many people don’t get a response.

  21. AD

    So I’ve already filed an appeal to the 30 day suspension, but requesting a review can only be done if you log in to your Facebook account. Yes…that Facebook account. The one you can’t access because they suspended it. So basically, everything they say about requesting a review is bullshit.

    People need to stop giving that advice, because it’s not possible.Facebook has made it that way.

    Additionally, I’ve been logging in every so often to see how many days were left of the 30. I log in. A screen opens informing me that I’ve requested a review, and that if they don’t get to it in 30 days, the account will be suspended.

    My only option in the drop down menu is ‘Log Out.’ When I do, because I’m not staying logged in for these assholes to further fuck with my account…a notice pops up telling me how many days until my account is permanently closed if the review doesn’t happen. It worked like any other countdown until it reached ‘Day 1.’

    It’s been on ‘Day 1’ for at least three days now. If these assholes are going to terminate my account, they should just do it. Meanwhile, I still can’t request a review, because as I said, that requires logging in, and it’s not possible when you’re account is suspended. I can’t find anything on the internet about that happening to other people, but I can’t be the only one.

    PS ~ a terminated account is never actually terminated. It’s still accessible to Facebook. To what end, I don’t know. Maybe they just scroll through them while masturbating and chanting Zuck’s name. Glad I’m not the janitor.

    • Janice Wald

      I hear your frustration. I really do. As I said, I’ve been in Facebook Jail for spamming more times than I can remember. My article just showed a fraction of all the notices I received for violating Facebook Community Standards.
      I don’t mean to contradict you, maybe each case is different. However, when I was in Facebook Jail, I could log in to Facebook. That’s how I saw I was banned from posting. I even wrote my friend and asked her to post for me since I couldn’t post myself. She and I are in a Facebook group together. Honestly, I don’t remember how I wrote her if I was suspended, but the only contact information I have for her is through her Facebook account, so it had to be that way. As I said in my article, I had an easier time in group threads. This was years ago, so I’m going on memory.

      • Truther

        I have been in Facebook jail many, many times. Right now I almost out of Facebook 30 day jail that I posted offline. No cell service or wifi.
        A test. And I was right. Just like I test google. It doesn’t matter if your connected to anything. Even off grid. Everything you do and say. They shut your internet off when you catch them. Won’t let you get results.
        Same with when a plane flies over or helicopter.
        I know your dying to know what I posted offline.
        I posted. Just got out of Facebook jail. Someone seriously needs to kill Mark Zuckerberg.
        I’m homeless on Portland, OR for pandemic. Have had 4 accounts disabled right before announcement of pandemic and my real account and puppies suspended on holidays and anything that is important. I’m able to use messenger and marketplace.
        They do mix up the accounts and lock me out of one when it is the other account in jail.
        I am very vocal and I slam Zuckerberg and truth everyone.
        I’m so blackballed in everything because I’m not wrong about anything. I’m gangstalked like a mother fucker by homeless and housed. And social media. I’m surprised I haven’t lost anymore google accounts but they have kind of been out of picture for pandemic.
        I can’t get aobile mechanic to bleed the clutch on my truck. And the homeless that can do it are not gonna turn down money or dope money for dope ect for anything unless they have no choice.
        And they never have dope. But keep showing up offering me dope one right after the other.
        Facebook isn’t just social media. It is the Government made social media.
        Zuckerberg isn’t a coder. Never was.
        And no yeah it not being jailed for anything you are doing wrong.
        Your being controlled and your local government and phone and internet companies have given all access to police fbi and government.
        Everything we do is being policed to conform.
        The things you all got jailed for really say it. Because I really won’t hold back.
        I get jailed for defending myself against murder threats. Trumpers. I have Antifa and proud boys and all Oregon government especially Corvallis and Portland.
        I clown the fuck out of them. I use Facebook live when I get pulled over by cops. They hate that and me. And can’t do anything. They can’t take my car and the tickets I tear up in their face. I don’t have a liscence and I learn their asses on following their laws.
        It isn’t illegal to drive without a liscence ok r insurance if your a Traveler. It is the right to travel. Then tell them I’m dying of cancer and I don’t give a fuck and they can’t do a damn thing about it. And how the judge’s from my 2 Duii cases in 1991 are dead. And no one will release my liscence and not going back into a wheelchair so they can’t go fuck themselves.
        I have cameras all over my truck. No one new till I screamed it tonight.
        I enjoy boasting about what I know and see. And how stupid everyone is where my truck is broke down.
        I run off the homeless that trash everything and take it over.
        When one harasses me and I post it I get hate crime for them grabbing their dicks and expecting me to yuk. And how I would rather fuck a fossil then a child. 30 is a child to me. My son’s age and when they cry. That makes me racist for making a retard cry. Not the retard. Not fucking them.
        I got one account disabled because I got pissed and reported dudes for sending me dick picks and jerk off videos beginning of pandemic. Different country on one different laws they said.
        Bull shit. I know the score and test it day.
        They have me totally blackballed from mechanics for 4 months now. And today. Even better cuz got some to almost show up and got the txt Dislike truck parked outside apt complex. Another told me they can’t work on vehicle that are in parking lots and when I corrected them and told them on the street. They don’t it on the street.
        Mobile mechanic.
        I had 2 really great people who made a homeless group to trash the homeless.
        Not very bright in they told my puppies profile that they offered me housing and I refused.
        They were pissed when I said who the fuck do you think your talking too. And I got them taken down and let their community know.
        I’m hated for not being like everyone else on the streets and for seeing the truth and getting video, photos ect. Posting it. Blasting gangs and non profits who sell drugs and enslaving homeless. The non profits have homeless working for them. The meth heads and heroin addicts.
        So what I’m telling you all is your on the government watch list. Doesn’t matter what you post. And when your not being hated and too many new groups that are perfect for you like I hate people. Get vaccinated. Stalking.
        Yes, it is all part of a bigger plan and all about the heroin. The opiate fields.
        Big pharma. And everyone is drugged and being dumbed down.
        Remember bill gates made comments about a vaccine that would have RNA to dna and change your dna. Before their was even talk of vaccine. And then boom.
        Well he did same about how to program society to be more accepting to new way our world has become and drugging water supply with ketamine to make everyone more agreeable.
        I never get Facebook jail for swearing.
        I call people fucking retards all day long.

    • Doug

      I have been in the 30 jail for almost 30 days now and like AD states, I cannot log in. I get the same messages that AD referenced. There appears to be no appeal that will work. I will see if/when the Day 1 message arrives just what happens then. Thanks for the article. If there was actually an email address that would reach FB without going through the app that would be helpful.

  22. Non of your business

    The most stupid video and recommendation i’ve ever heard, but you are a lovely puppet

    • Janice Wald

      Facebook put out instructions: Click the appeal link and click the review link. I forwarded them to people.
      When I was in Facebook Jail, I was able to click the link to appeal.

  23. Laura Anderson

    This just happened to me for the first time since having a facebook. Whats annoying is that I rely on groups a lot for my business. I wasnt spamming at all, the notification actually shows me a picture thats not there anymore (like the link is broken) of some christmas photo (by the description only, no image shown) and it was posted apparently (and not by me and not in a group) novemeber 2020 and today is june 2021…. it says im restricted from posting in facebook groups now or commenting on others posts in groups until December 4th…. anyone else experience this?

    • Janice Wald

      For spamming? I got 24 hours for spamming. Each time they put me in Facebook jail for spamming, they give me 24 hours.
      Since the time spent in Facebook jail seems consistent depending on the violation, I find this odd.

      • Janice Wald

        How awful to land in Facebook Jail the first time since having a Facebook.

  24. Sarah

    I’ve recently been put in Facebook jail for 30 days because I called a particular nasty troll a
    “rude twat.” Btw in the UK that isn’t seen as a particularly bad “curse” word at all.
    In fact, I have seen very extremely racist people not be put in Facebook jail at all which is beyond ridiculous! 30 days isn’t that bad I know though it is roughly around 4 and a half weeks. I know I can appeal but I bet it won’t work obviously. I’d love a trusted hacker to free me from Facebook jail lol.

    • Janice Wald

      I am sorry about your frustrations but I would like to add LOL along with you. Your suggestion was funny.

  25. Kam Kalambay

    This is the dumbest blog ever and a watse of everyone’s time. In fact FUCK YOU for playing with my damn time. smh

    Not a damn thing about how to actually get out of FB Jail that helps here. dickheads.

    • Pam

      Your response (complete with spelling error and unnecessary language) is the best indication yet that whatever the reason you are in fb jail it is very likely warranted. You got yourself in jail and throwing accusations and tantrums isn’t going to make anyone want to help you. This blog has potential solutions. If they don’t work for you too bad so sad. Grow up, do your time and learn from it.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Pam,
        I am writing to thank you for your support. I appreciate you having my back so to speak. In the meantime, I am choosing not to reply to the commenter.
        You are right. I am trying to help. I don’t need to dignify that kind of language with a response.

  26. Dave

    I think people are under the impression that facebook is a democracy, its not, its not for free speech either, i spent an entire day looking for ways to contact facebook, there is no way to contact them, unless they want you to contact them, no phone no, no email address, when you report something on facebook it goes to an autobot.

    Facebook must have hundreds of thousands of words that trigger a response, apart from the obvious ones there are many many more, each country has slang, and most people use slang in their posts, cause if you post a slang word you think you have got away with it, but you haven’t, i use a lot of slang on social media, its easier when talking to mates, but dont kid yourself only you know what it means, facebook also knows, and this is where they get people.

    Also posting funny pictures and meme`s are considered hate and bullying, so you have to be wary about the type of pictures you post and in what context, now there is no work round from a ban, we all know the appeal process, click the appeal thinking you will get to explain, and all that happens is a small window pops up and says they will look at it again!!, nothing more frustrating, the reason for this is facebook is about profit, they dont care about any of us, so people leave facebook, more will join.

    If your on a ban there is nothing you can do, while in most cases you can still see what’s going on you cant make comments or like something, you can still use messenger though, not the best way to keep in touch with people but if your only on a few days ban it gets you by, if your on a 30 day ban and keep getting them there are some things you can do.

    Make a new account, use a different variation of your name, use a different email address for it, there are many free accounts you can sign up for a free email address, Gmail is one, another thing you could do, and i have done this already is to go through the groups or people that get you banned, and block them both, you can block a group the same as a person, and lastly try and keep calm, if someone is winding you up step away from the computer for an hour, have a coffee, you dont have to reply to anyone, thats something everyone needs to remember, the post that gets you trapped is meant to, but you dont have to reply to it, ignore it and whoever sent it to you will sit there just waiting for you to reply, dont reply, if you do that you have just turned it back to the person, thats a point to you, it can be that easy, hope this helps..

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dave,
      I appreciate your detailed comments trying to help my readers.
      A lot of your suggestions help people avoid landing in Facebook Jail again:
      Avoid slang,
      Don’t react
      As far as your suggestions about how to get out of Facebook Jail now:
      Make a new account with a different variation of your name. Find a new email such as Gmail which is free.
      I have a question about the tip to make a new account with a different variation of your name: I heard if Facebook catches you creating an account with a fake name that could result in a ban possibly a permanent ban.
      Have you heard this or tried this?
      Thanks again for helping my readers and the people that landed in Facebook Jail and are trying to find a way out of Facebook Jail.
      I may put some of your ideas in this Facebook Jail guide.

      • Eric Paul Johnson

        “Make a new account with a different variation of your name. Find a new email such as Gmail which is free.”
        I’ve done that. Somehow they know it’s still you, and jail that account for your the remainder of your imprisonment.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Eric,
          Thank you for letting us know. I suspected as much based on my reading. Sneaky methods don’t seem to be effective.
          Thank you as well for following my blog!

        • Dave Burke

          You must have done it wrong, i have done it and have 3 accounts, i also use 3 search engines for each account, and they are true accounts that i can provide ID for and have done, 4 of my friends have done this the way i did it and they also have more than one account and its not attached to any other account, you have to play smart..

          PS, i dont let too many other people know how to do it, and im not likely to go on YouTube with detailed instructions..

          • Eric Paul Johnson

            I have two other accounts. One of them is a cartoony faux Spanish version of my name. When my main account is in jail, I get one or two uses out of them before Facebook jails them, too. And I don’t even say anything remotely jail worthy.

  27. Mark

    I haven’t tried setting up a pseudo FB account but have at other forums. Being a conservative and Trump supporter (always a target) I’ve been banned at Marxist leaning forums whether it be hobby or interest groups.

    First, you have to hide where you’re coming from which means using a Proxy or VPN that hides your place of origin and ISP, your provider. This is after you’ve signed up for another email account that is not tied to the one used on Fakebook.

    FWIW am in jail for 30 days for posting a meme of a nice looking white woman with an attached “July is WhitePrideMonth”. Tongue in cheek in response to all the June LGBTQ stuff being stuffed down our throats by yet another vocal minority.

    Here’s hoping Trump and millions of others of us will force big tech to re-instate the 1st amendment thru a suit that hits their pocketbook hard.

    Thanks for your support.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mark,
      I appreciate your thanks. It is my pleasure to try and offer support to people who don’t know how to get out of Facebook Jail. As my article indicated, I was there many times for spamming. I’m happy to offer the benefit of my experiences and the experiences of others who are generous with their time and willing to share their experiences here.
      Thanks for the tips about the Proxy or the BPN. I appreciate you trying to help frustrated Facebook users.

      • Mark

        Thank you Janice! Question, I went back to my dated “infractions” but have not been successful deleting the comments or memes. They aren’t there, looks like Fakebook deleted them. Any help please?

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Mark,
          Thanks for reaching out with your question. I’ll ask the Facebook Reddit group. I’ll let you know if they reply with any insights.

  28. Kevin Gallagher

    I got FB jail for commenting on a photo of a car parked 2 inches away from the next car, where nobody could open their door. I said “I’d kill anybody who blocked me in like that”. Not LITERALLY, but of course, the Facebook Computer decided it was a death threat. There is no way to appeal. I was never banned in over 10 years and then something changed this year. About 50% of a Monty Python Group has been banned simply for quoting MP scripts. Right now, I am banned because somebody posted how Bezos and Musk and Branson are rotten people because they are investing in Space Exploration, at no taxpayer expense, and they do the job better than NASA does. So I said “Well, why don’t you just flog them for being successful Entrepreneurs then”. Violence! So, old sayings, and phrases, and words, and colloquialisms will get you banned. When I get out, it is just a matter of time before it happens again, and the bottom line is, no human being is deciding this. It is all being done by a computer, and there is NO way to appeal. They don’t care. So I am now on MeWe and am awaiting Liker, which will be coming online soon. I want to fade from this awful monstrosity that Facebook has become.

    • Mark

      It’s a disgrace, but is what America has become. Fight to cancel the Cancel Culture mob, PC mob, CRT mob and all the other maniacs destroying our freedoms.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you for writing to share your experiences so other Facebook users get warned. You are right. Colloquialisms can be misinterpreted by AI and get us thrown in Facebook jail.
      I had not heard about Liker. Thank you for letting us know. My site does have a MeWe review. Here it is if you are interested: MeWe Review.
      Thank you for commenting.

  29. Mark

    “Comments that can be considered misconstrued”. Are you kidding me? It’s a losing battle as the Fakebook Thought Police is controlled by computers. Now we have the Biden administration admitting it has ties to Facebook.

    Will the madness EVER end????

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for commenting on my how to get out of Facebook Jail article. You asked will the madness ever end? I think not. That’s why we need to figure out how to avoid landing in Facebook Jail again in the future.

  30. Elaine

    I missed the notice from FB saying that my password had been changed from another location. This was followed by a suspension for violating community standards. Then, I see attempts for me to change my password that didn’t work because I could not figure out what was wrong and thought it was due to some anti-identity theft software I had installed. I accidentally must have hit Disagree when I attempted to request a review because I had not noticed the password change, and thus, not told FB I did not do it. My ask for them to look happened six days ago and the original password change four days before that. I use it a lot. I use this a lot for professional work. I was freaked out when it said I had Disagreed. I’m super worried about this. I see in my email notes about friends posting. Thanks for listening.

    • Mark

      That is pathetic! Like all liberal enterprises they want complete control of you and yours.

      Every browser has a path or link to its cache storage. In Firefox it’s under settings.

      The easiest way to clean up your computer and that includes dumping the files in your Cache is installing CCleaner. Been using it 20 years. I also clean the registry or use TOOLS to uninstall programs I don’t want. Make sure you check your settings, like having Passwords unchecked. I’m sure you want to keep your passwords. It will also clean out your cookies and trackers. Free version is all you need.

    • Janice Wald

      I’m so sorry about the bad experience that is causing you stress. Thanks for reaching out and letting us know.

  31. Beatrice Dotson

    I got put in fb jail 30 days for a meme I posted 7 years ago. Now another 30 days for telling someone to take a look in a mirror. (That person was shaming women for getting fat after getting married).

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Beatrice,
      That is so sad! You were trying to help that poor fat-shamed woman and you got penalized for it. You should have good things happen to you when you try to help people, not bad.

  32. Commonsense

    You suck. this doesnt give anything helpful at all. and the review doesn’t get sent it always says error unable to process. try again. same thing as before. and don’t say its my attitude. my current attitude is the natural feeling of frustration that overcomes me from being unable to resolve the matter only to search and come across your captain obvious ass solutions. bravo. good day sir. good day.

    • Janice Wald

      I am sorry you didn’t find my answers helpful. If you find better solutions or any solutions that work to get us out of Facebook Jail, please write back and let us know, and I will be happy to add your discoveries to my article explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail successfully.

  33. Stefan

    When I am in Facebook jail for any lengthy time I always got to the Liberal pages or groups and search for derogatory language hoping its from a liberal and not from a conservative

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Stefan,
      If you are in Facebook Jail, how can you go to these other groups or pages? Do you mean when you get out? Thanks for commenting.

      • Stefan

        When in jail you still can go to the other groups or pages, FB doesnt completely BAN you from using the platform, just can’t comment or post or like anything

  34. WVMontani

    Your suggestions did me absolutely no good. I’m trying to activate the appeal process but I keep running into the same problem: I can’t get to a link where I can actually appeal. I keep getting the same message about “we don’t have enough reviewers”.

    What would really be helpful is finding a loophole to get around this.

    • Janice Wald

      Did you click the link I posted?

  35. Tanya

    Hi! I was blocked by FB for commenting because they say I misused the feature. It was in a private unlisted group where I’m the only member of. I’ve been trying to set it up so I went too fast with commenting. I reached out to them in Facebook support. It did not say for how long it lasts. How do you know that you have the ability to comment again? I read that if you try to use it while blocked it can extend the block time. Should I just wait 24 hours to comment from the time I last tried to comment? Or do they send something in your support box that you are unblocked?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tanya,
      Thanks for reaching out with your questions.
      When my block was over, I was able to comment again, so that’s how I knew I was unblocked. Facebook tells you when you are in Facebook Jail, but they don’t tell you when you are out of Facebook Jail.
      I received 24 hours for spamming. During the 24 hours, I repeatedly tried to comment although unsuccessfully. My Facebook block was not extended. At the end of the 24 hours, I could post on Facebook again.

  36. Mary

    Does Fake book tell you you are in jail or are you just suddenly unable to log on…

  37. Mary

    Asking for a friend…

  38. Andrew Bramhall

    Midway through a FB Messenger call on July17th this year FB announced they’d discovered ” unusual activity on my account, meaning someonme may have tried to log in to it, and to protect me we’re blocking your account” Since then numerous attempts to appeal and to get back on the site have met with a brick wall. They simply don’t respond, and it’s impossible to get a genuine reason from them, or any type of explanation. It seemed odd to me that it should have happened midway through a FB Messenger call to France. I’m a modest user, don’t send friend requests, memes, etc, or post controversial comments. At a loss to know what to do.But feel sure the plugged is pulled by algorithms, and not by people.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Andrew,
      I am sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for writing to tell us why you ended up in Facebook Jail.
      I’ve never known of anyone blocked longer than a month. How long has it been? I’m wondering if there is an advertising department with a human at the other end of a phone line. Sometimes, if they think you will pay money, they let you talk to people. Perhaps such a person can tell you what to do. If that works, let us know. Thanks,

  39. Kenny Mann

    One day you go to one of your regular places and the small-time pushy guy or the bully has gotten tired of the place and moved on. Sometimes their wannabe followers leave with them. That’s how things evolve.

    When the institution at that place — say, for instance Facebook — has the same kinds of agendas as the pushy guys and the bullies, nothing evolves. When that place is a wide territory, going elsewhere is a major loss and a major burden. That’s why pushy people and bullies work so hard to gain wide territory.

    Grownups don’t behave that way — only pushy people, bullies and wannabes behave that way. So you have to keep asking, where are the grownups?

    I made a criticism to Facebook about a business that’s in cahoots with Facebook and the result was that Facebook put me on a 3-day suspension.

    That business wanted to monetize something that I posted which I had gotten directly from the person who made it. The owner didn’t claim copyright — only the 3rd-party business claimed copyright. The exchange we made, of the material, was outside of that business. I stated that I would take down the post. That post wasn’t worth the trouble. I was blocked by Facebook before I could do so.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kenny,
      I am so sorry about the stress from your bad experience. Thanks for writing to share. What varied and unusual circumstances land people in Facebook Jail! Thanks for writing to share your experience with us. I appreciate the detailed retelling of what landed you in Facebook Jail.

  40. Christopher OBrien

    This is more accurate. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg prioritized hate for profit. Wish I could include meme that is not allowed on FB.

  41. Ahmad

    Don’t even try discussing world history, not argue, or explain just.mention “Key” phrases or you will be sent to jail for hate speach. 😂. Just normal discussion between two people about historical world events. Allnit takes are trigger words and boom your done.

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