How to Get Out of Facebook Jail [3 Ways to Escape]

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How to get out of Facebook jail

Am I qualified to tell you how to get out of Facebook Jail?

Yes. I’ve been in Facebook Jail a number of times.

Facebook can produce happiness, but the social media giant can also be a source of great frustration.

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to get in Facebook Jail and how to get out of Facebook Jail.

This guide gives you the link to appeal if you need to know how to get out of Facebook jail because you believe Facebook put you there in error.

You’ll also know what Facebook Jail is and other important points about Facebook Jail. Finally, you’ll get to see screenshots that show what you see when you’re in Facebook Jail.

Are you ready to dive in and learn how to get out of Facebook jail?

Facebook has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages include the possibility of ending up in Facebook Jail and suffering the consequences.

How Do You Know if You Are in Facebook Jail?

How to get out of Facebook Jail

Image Credit: Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Naturally, Facebook Jail is not an actual jail with jail cells with bars inside.

Facebook Jail is a metaphor. The phrase means you’re suspended from using Facebook, so you’re in “Facebook Jail.”

Facebook has banned your use of your account or limited your ability to use certain features of Facebook.

You will know if you are in Facebook Jail since Facebook will send you a nasty notice telling you you’ve been accused of violating their policies.

Each time they sent me the notice that my account was blocked, Facebook never mentioned the term “Facebook Jail,” so I was shocked to hear that’s what that was.

It’s true: I’ve been in Facebook Jail several times.

Do you want to see Facebook’s notifications that you are in Facebook Jail?



If you look at the first two notifications, you see that Facebook also notifies you when you are out of Facebook Jail.

The top notification reports that I have 13 new notifications.

Shall we see what they are?


How to get out of Facebook jail

Notice: Facebook shows me the graphics of the content it considers to be spam content.

You don’t need to wonder what you did to violate Facebook’s policies. Facebook’s Community Support team tells you.

Are you curious whether you have committed violations that might land you in Facebook Jail?

How to Get in Facebook Jail

how to get out of Facebook jail
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Why would you want to know how to get in Facebook Jail? Why, so you can avoid committing the actions that land you there.

Reason 1: Spam

Each time I landed in Facebook Jail, the reason was the same: Facebook thought I was a spammer.

I copy-pasted my blog content promotions in one Facebook group after another. I posted in the Facebook groups so quickly, Facebook accused me of spamming.

I posted identical content too many times in a row.

I was shocked I landed in Facebook Jail! In my mind, a spammer is someone who tries to push too often and too hard for their products or services. It never occurred to me pushing content too hard would also be seen as spam.

One way to avoid being seen as a spammer, an over-promoter, is to have a Facebook Business Page.

This is where you can post your promotions and discounts for instance.

Reason 2: Racism

A short history: In July, Facebook’s sponsors walked out costing Facebook billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

The reason: Advertisers felt Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg prioritized hate for profit.

In a turn around, Zuckerberg has tried to commit to banning inappropriate content.

Reason 3: Misinformation

Also, Facebook will put you in Facebook Jail for spreading misinformation. This might include misinformation about politics or the Coronavirus.

In fact, a “Plandemic” group posted videos spreading misinformation about the virus on Facebook, and the group’s content was removed.

UPDATE Reason 4:

Inflammatory behavior seems to be another cause of you potentially landing in Facebook Jail.

If you read the comments section of this article, you’ll see someone used the word “idiot” and was banned from Facebook.

My friend was also accused of inflammatory behavior. She reacted badly to what she perceived as a racist comment, and Facebook banned her.

Therefore, if you want to know how to get out of Facebook Jail, you need to try to think like Facebook. If they believe you are upsetting their users, you could be banned.

Important Points About Facebook Jail

Note: This guide mostly relates to my experiences being in Facebook Jail. Other people’s experiences may be different.

When I was in Facebook Jail, I could still read Facebook posts. However, I could not post my own content. Each time I tried, I received a nasty notice from Facebook.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

Do Nothing

Generally, you won’t have to wait more than 24 hours to get out of Facebook Jail.

Do nothing. Just let the time pass.

24 hours passes quickly. Then, you can use Facebook again.

Post in a Thread

I learned that I was able to post in threads even though I could not post on the walls of Facebook groups.

Write the Facebook Support Team

If Facebook accuses you of committing a policy violation and puts restrictions on your account, you need to know how to get out of Facebook Jail.

When you receive the dreaded notice that you broke a rule, appeal. That is how to get out of Facebook Jail. Here is the link to appeal.

Once, the Facebook support team shut down my business page. I appealed; they immediately responded and reinstated my page.

Do they always respond quickly?


When they accuse me of spamming, and I write to appeal, I don’t hear back and must wait 24 hours. That is the most effective way I know how to get out of Facebook Jail.

November 2020 Update: How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

Don’t panic. Time is on your side. Wait out the suspension.

How to Avoid Landing in Facebook Jail Again

Simple! Avoid committing the actions that caused you to land in Facebook Jail in the first place.

For instance, in my case, instead of promoting in Facebook groups repeatedly until I’ve finished, now I take a break. If I have 20 groups to promote to, I do ten at a time.

Another option: I can vary the wording in my promotions so I’m not copy-pasting identical content repeatedly.

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to post inappropriate content, inflammatory content, or misinformation of any kind.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail Updates

After publishing this article, many Facebook users commented on this post to share their stories of frustration and their perceived injustices in being on the receiving end of bans they don’t feel they deserve.

Some Facebook users believe they are in Facebook Prison. Others call the ban “Facebook Jail.” Others simply refer to being banned from Facebook.

Regardless of the term used, all their stories are heartwrenching. I encourage you to read the plights of the people who ended up in Facebook Jail in the comments section of this post.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail: FAQ

Is there a way to get out of Facebook Jail?

Yes! You can wait 24 hours to get out of Facebook Jail or you can write to Facebook and appeal the restrictions.

What gets you banned from Facebook?

Content that is considered spam, racist, or misinformation. In other words, any content perceived as inappropriate by Facebook could get you banned.

More Social Media Bans

In addition to being thrown in Facebook Jail, you can get punishments on other social media sites.


An Instagram ban is called a “shadowban.”

Like with Facebook Jail, the best action to take if you find yourself on the receiving end of an Instagram shadowban is simply to wait out the length of the suspension.

What might cause you to receive an Instagram shadowban?

Violations of social media rules cause you to receive punishments on those sites.

For instance, on Facebook, you’re put in Facebook Jail. On Instagram, when you receive a shadowban, your account is suspended or dismantled.

Instagram Shadowban Example 1:

Each time I tried to use a third-party unfollow app to unfollow on Instagram, I received nasty warnings from Instagram. They threw me out of the site and asked me to reset my password. This was a temporary shadowban.

Instagram Shadowban Example 2:

Someone actually cloned my account on Instagram. I reported the violation, and the offender’s site was dismantled. This shadowban was permanent.

Wrapping Up: How to Get Out of Facebook Jail


This post explained what being in Facebook Jail means, the violations that will cause you to get into Facebook Jail, and what happens what you are in Facebook Jail. Plus, this guide shared how to get out of an Instagram shadowban and examples of violations that caused Instagram shadowbans.

The post also went over three ways you can deal with the restrictions of being in Facebook Jail:

  • do nothing
  • comment in a thread
  • write the Community Support team at Facebook

Note: When wondering how to get out of Facebook Jail, only Strategy 3 will work. The other methods help you deal with being in Facebook Jail.

Readers, please share so other Facebook users know how to get out of Facebook Jail.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Have you ever been in Facebook Jail? Do you know how to get out of Facebook Jail?

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  1. Davida Chazan

    Well, they went much easier on you than they did on me – but maybe book reviews are more controversial than selling things! The first time I was in FB jail (actually, it was the URL to my blog that they jailed, not me), it was 24 hours. Then they jailed my URL for a week. Then they jailed my URL for a month, and the last time, it was jailed for SIX months! Yes… SIX MONTHS for posting links to BOOK REVIEWS!

    I appealed and appealed and appealed, all to absolutely NO AVAIL! Now, my FB page is for my blog and isn’t a business page, but still… it was not nice. I’m out now, but I ended up using landing pages to continue to post my content to FB and my groups.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Davida,
      Great to see you. How awful! Six months! I agree with you that sounds totally unreasonable, definitely extreme. Your time spent in Facebook jail was far worse than mine.
      Thanks for writing to tell us about your experience.

      • Johnny Hollywood

        I was put into Facebook jail for ASKING WHO UP😤😤😤I have 22 days left smh they said I violated guns animals & some other bs so asking who up just a simple questions no pictures no nothing but I’m in Fb jail what a joke

    • richard kaban

      Some black guy what’s harassing me and swearing at me on Facebook. I called him a swear word and I’m the one that got banned

    • Kim

      I in face book jail again for 3 days. Apparently suggesting someone appears a fool , but by them commenting removes all doubt. Goes against community of bullying . Cant say men are fools either, nor some religions support pedophilia, no names mentioned .
      I seem to be in face books bad books for being out spoken and not being nice to foolish people who comment on stuff they have only read the easy words in the headlines..

      • Janice Wald

        Many people are in your situation. Did you read the comments on this post?
        Thank you for writing and telling us your frustrations.

  2. I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using the word idiot. The word idiot is not a curse word it’s just a regular word. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and I think I should be taken out of jail immediately thank you

    I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using the word idiot. The word idiot is not a curse word it’s just a regular word. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and I think I should be taken out of jail immediately thank you

    • Janice Wald

      My friend was put in Facebook jail for two days and one hour for using a comparable word. Thank you for writing to share your experience with us. I am sorry you are having that frustration.

    • John Simpson

      I was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for using a quote from Joe Biden where he said talking about Donald Trump I’ll see you after school today behind the school and I’ll kick your ass.

  3. Shawn Krill

    I have been in facebook jail for 280 days now. When i was put into jail my personal and business add account was jailed. After about 200 days face book finally responded to my multiple attempts to get in touch with them and apologized for putting me into jail and got me out or so i thought. They released my personal account but not my business account and they have not responded to any of my attempts to contact them. I found a phone number for support but the number i called was for a different facebook support not the people able to pull me out of jail. So i am still there

    • Janice Wald

      I left contact information for Facebook in the article. I believe it was an email for Support. Did you try that? I am sorry about your experience. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your frustration with us.

  4. Zachary Valentine

    I was watching a video where a blind dog fell into a swimming pool. Luckily another dog guided the him/her out. I responded to a person’s comment saying the dog probably wasn’t even blind. I said the caption clearly says blind dog ! 30 day ban. FACEBOOK IS A JOKE ! And can’t get any help to get the ban lifted. Literally said nothing inappropriate.

  5. MARGARET Smith

    24 hours for bullying, i used a troll gif in comment. I think the recipient has a fake account, but was able to report me for that .

    • Janice Wald

      I recently put had to get rid of spam commenters on my Tumblr article. Thank you for sharing.

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