Free Pinterest Scheduler: How to Boost Pinterest Traffic With 9 Free Tools

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free Pinterest scheduler

Do you need a free Pinterest scheduler?

Do you even use Pinterest?

According to 2022 statistics, Pinterest has 431 million users.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could direct that traffic toward your blog and sales offers?

By the time you are done reading this post, you will be able to use a free Pinterest scheduler to boost your traffic and income.

In addition, you will find out about more free and paid Pinterest tools.

Read this post to get reviews of free Pinterest scheduler tools that I personally use and recommend through first-hand experience.

By reading this post, you will discover how I get free passive traffic from Pinterest to my blog so that you can too.

Let’s get started reading how to schedule Pinterest pins and the free Pinterest scheduler reviews.

free Pinterest schedulers

By looking at the screenshot, you see that Pinterest was my best referrer of social traffic for the month ending January 4, 2022.

This was during a time when traffic is normally slow due to the end-of-the-year holidays.

I am not a fashion blogger or travel blogger. These niches normally do better on Pinterest than my niche, marketing.

If Pinterest can send me more social traffic than any other site, Pinterest can do the same for you if you follow these strategies.

Premium Pinterest Scheduler


Blogger Adrian Gentilcore recommends Viraltag to schedule Pinterest pins (Source.)

However, when I tried to go to, I received a warning explaining the site was not secure.

Viraltag Pricing: Viralatg offers you three months for free as a trial period. Afterward, Viraltag charges a fee starting at $29. per month.

Free Pinterest Scheduler

1. Tailwind

Full disclosure: I have not used this popular Pinterest scheduler.

Did you know you can also use Tailwind as an Instagram scheduler?

Here you will find how to use Tailwind as a Pinterest scheduler:

This is how to use Tailwind to schedule your Instagram post:

Pricing: You can use Tailwind as your free Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind allows you 100 free Pinterest pins if you are a blogger or a small business owner, and then you go to a paid plan. Premium plans start at $9.99 per month.

Before you can use a free Pinterest scheduler, you need to make a pin to schedule.

Many free graphic design tools are available for this purpose. For instance, has a large library of graphic design templates in all sizes.

When you are done making your pin, it’s time to schedule.

2. Pinterest Native Scheduler

Did you know you can schedule your pins right inside the Pinterest app or website?

Since the scheduler is native to Pinterest’s platform, this is the Pinterest Native Scheduler.

Go to Click the plus sign. When you see the drop-down, click Pin.

You can use Pinterest’s native scheduler on your desktop or using the Pinterest app.

3. ViralWoot

I used ViralWoot, a free Pinterest scheduler, happily for many years.

ViralWoot saved me time. Thanks to this tool, I don’t need to manually pin my pins to my 144 Pinterest boards which took me 30 minutes a day.

You can read more about ViralWoot in these ViralWoot reviews.

4. IFTTT (If This, Then That)

In the screenshot above you saw that in January of 2022, Pinterest was my best referrer of social traffic. This is not unusual for me despite the fact that I am not a DIY (Do It Yourself) or food blogger.

In this screenshot, you see that Pinterest was my second-best referrer of traffic from mid-March to mid-April of 2022.

How can I get these results?

I use IFTTT, a free Pinterest scheduler, to put my pins on my Pinterest boards.

If This, Then Now (IFTTT) is a free cause and effect connection maker. These connections are called “applets.”

By telling IFTTT to connect WordPress to your Pinterest account, your blog graphics get published as pins on your Pinterest board.

Go to

free Pinterest scheduler IFTTT

Click Connect. Then, click Connect again.

You can find more information about IFTTT and a tutorial here.

5. Buffer

free Pinterest schedulers

Buffer allows you to add three channels for free.

Click Pinterest and authorize the app.

You might wonder why I need to use a free Pinterest scheduler since IFTTT sends my pins to Pinterest for me upon publication.

Sometimes, I add a graphic to a post after publication in order to update my posts. I want to send the additional graphic to Pinterest. I can schedule it in my Buffer queue.

6. Publer

Publer is a virtual social media superhero that lets you collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, YouTube, WordPress, and Telegram from the same spot.

Related Reading: How to Grow on TikTok

Pricing: The basic plan is free. Paid plans start at 10.00 per month.

You can access Publer here.

Note: I have not used this tool.

7. OneUp

The OneUp app helps you schedule many social media posts. This includes Pinterest.

You can also use OneUp to schedule content on your Google My Business Page.

Note: I have not vetted this tool and used OneUp as my free Pinterest scheduler.

Here you can find OneUp.

8. Metricool

free Pinterest scheduler

As you see from the screenshot, you can schedule Pinterest pins with just four steps.

Here you can sign up for Metricool.

9. Hootsuite

You can also use Hootsuite as your free Pinterest scheduler.

Go to Sign in or create an account.

Click Add a Social Network. Add Pinterest.

Add text, links, and hashtags to your post. Then customize it for each social network.

Add media. You can add a static image or a video. Use one from your library or upload media.

It gets better: You can even add a free stock photo from Pixabay.

Pinterest asks you to “Pick a date and time, or select a recommended time, and we’ll publish this post for you—even if you’re in bed, at brunch, or off to the Bahamas.”

Hootsuite lets you use an Owly link shortener. This enables you to track the link to measure the effectiveness of the Hootsuite free Pinterest scheduler.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Did you know you can use your free Pinterest scheduler to make money on Pinterest?

Make your pin using a graphic design tool. Then, use your free Pinterest scheduler to pin to your board where people can make purchases.

For instance, you might pin to your Etsy board. I would pin to my “Offers” board.

YouTuber Nancy Padillo explains how to use a free Pinterest scheduler to batch post Pinterest pins in order to make sales for her Etsy store.

Follow her methods to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

More Free Pinterest Tools

Did you know you can download Pinterest users’ videos for free, legally, and ethically? You even get the link to cite attribution. In order to use a Pinterest video downloader, you will need free third-party tools.

A post about a free Pinterest scheduler wouldn’t be complete without a mention of more Pinterest tools like a Pinterest unfollower app:

free Pinterest scheduler

Free Pinterest Scheduler: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free Pinterest scheduler?

Yes! Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind are examples of free Pinterest schedulers.

Does Pinterest have a scheduler?

Yes! Pinterest has an easy-to-use scheduler that’s native to the app.

Wrapping Up: Free Pinterest Scheduler

In closing, you learned of 9 free Pinterest schedulers, one premium Pinterest scheduler, and two more free Pinterest tools.

Readers, please share so Pinterest users discover these choices and can pick a free Pinterest scheduler that’s right for them.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know an additional free Pinterest scheduler you can recommend?

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      Hi Ryan,
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