171 Helpful Travel Blog Ideas [You Need to Use in 2023]

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travel blog ideas

Are you aware you will need travel blog ideas quite soon?

These travel blog ideas are timely.

Not too long ago, traveling was popular, and many people prepared for vacations months in advance. Ukrainian brides planned honeymoons in exotic destinations like the Maldives and Tokyo; students took gap years to visit other countries, and musicians went on elaborate world tours. The travel industry was lucrative and many people invested their resources in it.

Nowadays, the story is different as international tourism has come to a grinding halt. Travel bloggers and vloggers are struggling to create valuable content for their audience, and people in long-distance relationships are bearing the brunt of having to stay apart for extended periods.

When asked, people expressed they miss traveling more than anything since they began staying home.

If you occupy the travel and tourism industries, income has been scarce as tourists are less likely to part with their money.

Even if they wanted to travel, cruise industries haven’t afforded them the opportunity.

Are things changing? Will travel bloggers be more in demand as tourists resume traveling?

I asked experts to offer travel blog ideas. This article shares the results of the interview. Eighteen experts offer travel blog name ideas and travel blog post ideas in this guide.

Even when people know they want to blog about travel blog ideas, they don’t know enough travel blog topics to write about.

Let’s dive in and learn travel blog ideas like travel blog names and travel blog topics.

Travel Content Ideas: Inspiration

travel blog ideas
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From Reddit

“So I am currently 21 and am thinking of making a blog about what I learned in art school, good food places I’ve tried in NYC, lost history, and just cool things I’ve learned in my life.”

My advice:

I offered him these travel blog ideas:

Publish a blog about New York. Travel blogs are going to be needed again. I have a friend who blogs about New York. She’s been blogging for years. You could do the history of New York, food places in New York, museums in New York…

Travel Blog Ideas

Blogger, Traveler, and Transportation Expert Responds:

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Idea #1: Write about what to wear when you’re there. Traveling often involves visiting climates you aren’t necessarily accustomed to. Whether you’re dealing with chilly weather, balmy temperatures, or a constantly shifting climate, it pays to prepare.

You can devote a series of blog posts about what essential clothes one needs to pack before heading to specific destinations, detailing the right materials to wear and, in some cases, how to layer them properly.

2. Give your readers tips about how to be worldly. Most regions of the world have customs that may be entirely unfamiliar to travelers. Consider educating readers about the right and wrong things to do when visiting certain places. Tips can include just the right thing to say after a meal and common gestures visitors often don’t realize are disrespectful. 

3. Psst – Let your audience in on the best time to fly. Airfare is a weird and fickle thing, but tips and timing tricks can help flyers nab the best rates. Research best practices and compile a list of the most helpful advice for your readers.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Jonathan Frey, Urban Bikes Direct

Travel Blog Idea #4: Best Hotels in (Insert Location Here): Most people that are planning to travel will definitely be looking for good hotels to stay in. Writing blog posts about hotels in a particular location can be a great way of generating more traffic as it not only adds value to your blog but it’s also a good keyword to rank for. Posts like “The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Cinque Terri”  or “best resorts and hotels in Orlando” can be great additions to your blog.

5. Best Time To Visit (Insert Location Here): There’s always an ideal time to visit a certain location and writing posts about them can be great for your blog. Your post can include information about the prices and availability of hotels, flights, local temperatures, and peak seasons.

6. The Full Camping Guide of (Insert Location here): Camping is very popular among travelers and blog posts regarding camping in locations around the globe can be great content for your blog. An extensive camping blog for certain locations will add more value and traffic.

7. 1 Hour To Explore (Insert Location Here): Many people like to explore a certain region while in transit between 2 countries, giving them only a few hours or minutes to explore what they can. A blog post telling them about what to visit first if travelers only have an hour can be a very successful addition to your blog.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Kevin Mercier, https://www.kevmrc.com/

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Idea #8: Include your niche in your travel blog name. When picking a name, make sure the name includes the niche you are in. I made this mistake.

For example, my website is “Brit on The Move”. It should include “travels” or “travel” but it’s too late for that now on this blog. However, it’s forced me into a branding situation. AKA, no one is searching for “Brit on the Move”. So, I have little chance of hitting the SEO charts on my name alone.

Related Reading: Driving Tips for Brits in Orlando, Florida

9. Make sure your travel blog name is available. When picking a name, make sure it’s available on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

10. Your blog name and social media names really need to match. If not, they should be the acronym of your name.

11. Check for trademarks. Even when you get to the point of picking a name, it must be available everywhere – and have no trademarks.

Note: I have not vetted these travel blog ideas out. However, if I were doing it again – I would start here:

12. Travel with (insert name)

13. Travels with (insert name)

14. On the road with (insert name)

15. In the air with (insert name)

16. Traveling with (insert name)

17. Vacation with (insert name)

18. Vacationing with (insert name)

19. Travel tales from (insert name)

20. Travel tales with (insert name)

21. Travel tips with (insert name)

22. Travel tips from (insert name)

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Nikki Webster, www.britonthemove.com

Old is good; alone is (sometimes) better than with a group.

Travel Blog Idea #23: Scenic train rides across the country- they have an old vibe to them that’s just adorable for some folks.

24. Touristy things to do at night- see the difference between same places at day and night

25. Things to do alone in a big city- this can be a list of things where two is one person too many.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Nikola Roza, NikolaRoza.com

Travel President’s Travel Blog Ideas

Here are my travel blog ideas:

Travel Blog Idea #26: Look for alternative ways to celebrate major holidays. Many travelers to Mexico in May don’t realize that Cinco de Mayo isn’t a major holiday in the country. It is, however, a respected cultural holiday in Puebla, the city where the battle Cinco de Mayo commemorates took place.

I’ve seen many ‘partying on the beach in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo’ blog posts, but fewer that discuss the speeches, parades,  and other events in Tulum. Essentially, you’re taking something people are interested in, and finding alternative locations and events to differentiate your blog.

27. Video is king. Great photos and well-written content are the staples of travel blogging, but you should always be upgrading your video game. Better equipment, upskilling in Adobe or Apple video-making products, lighting, and sound. There’s a LOT to learn with video, and nothing screams ‘amateurish’ like blurry travel footage taken selfie-style from your smartphone.

Related: You can make videos with the Instasize app. Instasize is free to use.

28. Collaborate. Always be on the lookout for other travel bloggers who’d enjoy your expertise, insights, and content sharing. Backlink building is just as important for travel bloggers as it is for big businesses. What’s more, as travel bloggers, there’s a strong chance you’ll meet each other on the road and come up with a stellar co-marketing opportunity your audiences will love.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Dwight Zahringer, https://www.purecabo.com/

Content Marketer Sharing Travel Blog Ideas

My travel blog ideas:

Travel Blog Idea #29: Cover popular travel locations with a no BS philosophy. This means sharing your traveling experiences straight-up, and discussing how things really are. I believe a lot of people are tired of reading idealistic travel blogs, and they would gladly read something realistic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, but you need to maintain the reputation of staying real with your blogging.

This will also help you come up with a good blog name and a unique marketing position. From my experience as an online marketer, the search engines are slowly but surely gravitating towards facts and actual data compared to idealistic posts. It’s a bold idea for the bold ones.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Aaron Haynes, https://loganix.com/

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Name

Travel Blog Ideas #30: I have an idea about the name of your blog. What do you think about “The Traveler”? I had checked over the Internet and understood that this name isn’t commonly used. However, if we are talking about naming and branding, this name of the blog is really good. It’s easy-to-remember and personality-oriented.

31. It’s very important in blog naming to choose the name, which will be associated with a person who is a friend for others, and has got some experience in the area. 

Travel Blog Topics

32. How to make your hitchhiking more comfortable.

33. Best places where you can meet celebrities.

34. The most expensive and the cheapest places of… (country).

35. How to travel during the pandemic.

36. How much does life cost in Bali (other countries)?

37. How to combine traveling and work.

38. How to travel more and spend less.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas

Marianna, Tiktal.Co

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Traveling is something that everyone loves, and it becomes even more special when you plan it with your loved ones.

Here are some of the best travel blog topics and ideas:

39. Beauty and fashion – What you have to wear, and how are you planning for beauty? (This suggestion is especially for females because they are giving very importance to these things. This beauty is for anything like a face, hair, skin, etc.)

40. Packing list – Must carry packing list while traveling anywhere. (This could be the best and most important thing to describe in detail which things you have to carry with your traveling for any place.)

41. Travel Experiences – My best ultimate experience while traveling at XYZ… (Every travel journey has its own experience, and it will be good to share it with the world.)

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Abby, https://www.wellpcb.com/

Travel Insider

Travel Blog Idea #42: A good travel blog name can be “Traveler Insider.” One of the reasons why the name is good is because the blog will be giving detailed information about the locations and how to travel to the locations.

43. The first thing that the blog should do is try to change the idea that traveling has to be expensive and extravagant. People should be able to travel on a budget and still have fun. The blog should try to show some of the locations that people might travel to, learn about the culture of the place, and have fun on a budget.

44. The second idea is to have the blog provider detailed information on how to access the various requirements for each location people might travel to. The blog should have inside information on permits, legal issues, and charges travelers will have to pay on the trip.

45. The other idea is to act as marketing for destinations and countries not known by many. The information might be impactful to help people travel to the countries due to the information presented on the “Traveller Insider.”

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Alina Clark, https://cocodoc.com/

Travel blog ideas
Photo by Mads Thomsen on Pexels.com

Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Name Ideas:

Travel Blog Idea #46: The Wild Traveler

47. Your Path Finder

48. One Way to There

49. Buckle Up

50. Destination Brainstorm  

51. As you generate the blog name ideas, check on what you will be providing more apart from just a catchy name. It should rhyme with the content you will be providing.

Travel Blog Topics

52. What You Should Wear When Travelling in Wet Areas

53. Top 10 Summer Destinations in 2021

54. Why Your Health is Important as You Travel

55. Tips to Enjoy a Game Drive

56. Best Camera for Traveling

57. Best Camping Sites in Africa (Include other places)

58. How to Travel to Different Countries on a Budget

59. The Most Luxurious Hotels to Enjoy a Vacation 

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Harriet Chan, https://cocosign.com/

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Here is a list of travel blog names:

Travel Blog Idea #60: Roam Rover

61. The Itinerant

62. Float and Coast

63. Crazy Nomads

64. Hand-Carry only

65. A Mother’s Guide to Travel

66. Traveling and Parenting

Some of the travel blog topics ideas can be:

67. How to pack when backpacking

68. Modes of transport during traveling

69. How to use credit cards to your advantage during traveling

70. Accommodation guides- Hitchhiker’s guide to Hitchhiking

71. Weekend traveling

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Robin, https://vivipins.com/

Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Idea #72: Your blog name should be catchy and define your brand.

73. The name you choose should be easy to remember and not too wordy.

74. Pick names like Fascinating Places or Cheap Travel to catch the audience and also explain what you do best.

75. With social media taking control, always make sure that your blog name is available.

76. Make sure your blog name falls under the character limits of various social media handles.

77. SEO should be taken into consideration before finalizing your brand name.

Travel Blog Topics

78. Remember to always look for places that offer the most material to write and explore new places that are yet unexplored.

Some of the topics are:

79. The Long Way Home: A road trip is the best category, to begin with as there are several ways you can plan to do so, and it also offers the most variation.

80. The Harry Potter Way: There is nothing better than enjoying the scenery while relaxing on a train. With breathtaking views, a train ride remains a classic medium of travel.

81. Canine Companion: A dog is a man’s best friend, and trust us, you will enjoy every moment of your trip when you’re with your loyal sidekick and when he is not with you, book a stay that looks after his needs.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Caroline Lee, https://cocosign.com/

Writer on Travel Blog Ideas

How to Get Others Bitten by the Travel Bug

Travel blog ideas to inspire those with itchy feet:

Travel Blog Idea 82: 5 Fool-Proof Ways to Save Money for Travel

83. Our Guide to the Top Budget Destinations Around the World

84. A Minimalist’s Guide to Packing

85. Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

86. 7 Pieces of Advice for Solo Travelers 

87. How to Be a Tourist In Your Own City

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Jordan McDowell, https://shopescapeoutdoors.com/

Travel Blog Ideas and Tips

Travel Blog Idea 88. Nail your niche The travel blogging world is competitive, and you’ll have the best chance of success if you define a clear niche for your blog. Rather than writing about every topic under the sun, come up with a clear focus for your blog. 

For example, you could focus on camping across the U.S., luxury travel in Europe, or the best travel gear for digital nomads. Try to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and you can always expand your focus in the future. 

Not only will this approach help you position yourself as an authority or go-to person in your niche, but it will also help your articles rank better on Google. In other words, defining a clear niche is good for search engine optimization (SEO).

89. Ditch the cliches When coming up with a name for your blog, some common words probably come to mind, like vagabond, wanderer, wanderlust, adventure, and nomad.

But a lot of these words have been done to death by travel bloggers. It will be tough to stand out if you go with a name that’s similar to everyone else.

90. Use a blog name generator. Spend some time brainstorming a unique name for your travel blog. You can use blog name generators online to help in the brainstorming process. Try to come up with something catchy, unique, and no more than three or four words.

91. Avoid boxing yourself in with a name that won’t age well. For instance, if you start a blog called Twenty-Something Traveler, what will you do when you turn 30? Or if you go with something like My Travels in Spain, you’ll be boxed in if you want to expand into another country. 

92. Adapt to today’s climate. Travel and travel blogging is looking a whole lot different due to Covid-19. But even though travel is down, it will surely pick up again as more and more people get vaccinated. 

93. In the meantime, find out what people’s priorities are when it comes to travel now. Maybe they’re looking more for cabins or other accommodations where they can socially distance themselves from people. Maybe they care more about airlines with flexible cancellation policies or thorough cleaning practices.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Rebecca Safier, https://remotebliss.com/

Roaming and Rooming: 3 Travel Blog Ideas To Try

Blogs can help less experienced travelers when they are out on a trip. As an avid traveler, I love sharing my travel experiences through blogging. This not only showcases the beauty of the destination, but it can also give fellow travelers an idea of what to try.

Try these ideas:

Travel Blog Idea 94: Top 10 places that are friendly to first-time travelers

95. Best places to stay in this city

96. What to pack for your trip to this city

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

George Mouratidis, https://stasher.com/

40 Travel Content & Blog Post Ideas for 2021

Blog Travel Idea 97: How to Earn Money While Traveling?

98. TOP Things to Do in Amazon Jungle

99. Most Famous Festivals Of India You Must Experience

100. Top 10 Places to Visit in the World

101. The Best Restaurants in the World

102. Top Adventure Travel Destinations

103. The Best Countries to Visit in the World

104. Top Cheapest Countries to Visit

105.  Top Most Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die

106. The Best Mountains To Climb Around The World

107. Must Eat Foods From Around the World

108. The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit

109.  The Top Must Visit Island Destinations in the World

110. Top Cities in the World to Visit

111. The Best Deserts In The World To Visit

112. Safe Places To Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

113. Travel & Safety Tips to Know Before You Go

114. Safari Packing List: 10 Things You Must Pack for Your Safari

115. Simple Tips to Learn Spanish in 3 Months

116. The Best Volcanoes to Visit in the World

117. The Most Beautiful Lakes in the World You Must Visit

118. Best Beaches In The World To Visit

119. Most Beautiful Rivers in the World to Visit

120. Things to Do with Kids

121. The Most Beautiful Haunted Destinations Around the World

122. The 10 Best Restaurants in the World to Visit

123. Things to Do in France 2021

124. Best Water Parks Around the World

125. The Top Resorts Around the World Places To See In Your Lifetime

126. BEST Places to Travel on a Budget in 2021

127. How to Travel Free

128. Ways to Travel During a Pandemic

129.  How to Not Get Bored on Long Travel Days

130. The Top Photography Destinations Around the World

131. Best Destinations for Couples

132. Tips for Booking a Cheap Flight

133. How to Stay Safe When Traveling Solo

134. Places to Visit in Summer in the USA

135. Best Countries for Hiking in the World

136. Best Places To Visit With Your Friends in 2021

137. Top Places To Visit With Your Family in 2021

Source of Travel Blog Ideas

Ritika Kadiya, https://knowledgesight.com/

More Travel Blog Ideas

138. Read travel blogs. As someone who loves to travel, I also love reading travel blogs because I get to know and learn about a lot of different places, cultures, and adventures through reading travel blogs.

With the help of various travel bloggers’ stories, I get a lot of tips that I am sure will come in handy in case I go on a trip. Travel is one of the most popular blogging niches out there. It is also one of the best blogging niches to earn money

If you are planning to start your own travel blog, but do not know where to start, here are a few travel blog ideas for you:

139. Traveling through public transport. A lot of travelers or tourists use public transportation during their trips or vacations. That is why one good travel blog idea is sharing tips on how to get around a place through public transport. Also, you can share what you think are the best public transportation options.

140. Introduce your city or locality. Another travel blog idea is to write about a place you are very familiar with, your city or locality. You can introduce or share to travelers or tourists the places they can visit, what food they can eat, or the activities they can try in your city or locality.

141. Traveling on a budget. You can also write about budget-friendly trips or destinations. Share tips on how someone can make the most of their trip without having to spend too much. This is a good travel blog idea because who wouldn’t want or say no to a budget-friendly trip?

Source of Travel Blog Ideas

Martin Seeley, https://www.mattressnextday.co.uk/

Travel Blog Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Please find my travel blog ideas below:

Travel Blog Idea 142: How to discover off-the-beaten-path spots that only the locals know. 

143. What does the future of tourism look like? Key things to consider on your next trip.

144. Reasons why you should try slow travel.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Cristina, Travel Blogger at https://mylittleworldoftravelling.com/

More Travel Blog Ideas:

Travel Blog Idea #145: Conduct Research. As a frequent traveler myself, I’ve always made it important to conduct research on the important customs and laws of the places I’m going to along with the activities and accommodations I can enjoy and check out while I’m there.

146. Showcase the beauty and traditions of the place. This will help travelers have a good time.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Simon Elkjær, https://www.avxperten.dk/

Ireland’s Outer Realms

Travel blog ideas

Travel Blog Idea #147: Be Descriptive.

Here is an example from Donnegal Sea Stacks Climbing:

“Imagine descending 250m sea cliffs to arrive at outstandingly beautiful storm beaches in the most remote and atmospheric locations in Ireland.

We then launch from the shore to cross the open ocean to land at the bases of towering monsters of immaculate rock. We then climb these towers of rock to arrive on pristine pinpoint summits far from anywhere in the real world.

Travel Blog Ideas

Standing on a pinpoint summit over 100m above the ocean, 500m from the nearest point of land, and 20KM from the nearest main road can easily be described as a truly spiritual experience.”

Source of Travel Blog Ideas and Images

Iain Miller, https://uniqueascent.ie/seastacks

Expert Real Estate Blogger on Travel Blogging Ideas

My Rental Home is a blog that educates travelers on how they can beautify their rental homes at a low-cost without any invasive tools. The blogger can maximize revenue by recommending material that their readers can use using an affiliate link.

Here are three potential blog ideas:

Travel Blog Idea #148: Top 5 Compact Decors You Can Bring Anywhere  

149. How to Set-up a Gallery Wall Without Using Nails and Hammer

150. Why Change the Lighting in Your Rental Home? 

Marina Vaamonde, https://propertycashin.com/about-us/marina-vaamonde/

“Spooky Spots” for Paranormal Tourism

Here’s a name I recommend for a niche blog: Spooky Spots. 

Spooky Spots can be a niche blog that deals with paranormal tourism. It features haunted places, spooky destinations, or supernatural sightings.

I’ll expand on the three travel blog ideas in detail:

Travel Blog Idea #151: For haunted places, bloggers can feature infamous places like hotels where many ghost sightings and murders took place. 

152. For spooky destinations, these could be any place with an eerie backstory that never fails to raise any passersby’s hairs. 

153. For supernatural sightings, it will narrate stories that can’t be explained by science or logic. 

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Stephen Light, https://www.nolahmattress.com/

Looking for Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Idea 154: Niche Down to Grow Faster as a New Site Start a site around something that you already have a lot of domain knowledge in. This could be a travel blog that’s filled with advice and travel tips for your home base or somewhere that you travel to on a regular basis.

As Google updates keep rolling out, it’s clear that Google is caring more and more about the authority you have in a given subject and how relevant the topics on your blog are to one another. It’s very hard to just have a general travel blog these days, you really have to niche down in a topic that you know well and that you have first-hand knowledge of. 

155. Use Keyword Research to Find a Different Perspective to Go After. The travel blog industry has been saturated for some time, which means it’s important to find a different angle to write about the topics that everyone else (who is probably more authoritative than you) is writing about.

If you’re a new blog, try to go after keywords that are focused on smaller destinations that aren’t being written about by larger publications, or find a different angle on popular keywords like “things to do in x city”.

Maybe you could start a site that targets “unique” things to do in x city, or things to do in x city for literary nerds, or a site that’s just about RV travel for popular road trip keywords like Route 66 or The Pacific Coast Highway. Find an angle that not many other people are going after and that aligns with your expertise, like discovering hidden gems along the way or providing tips on buying and renovating used RVs, and dominate it.

Related Reading: There are many keyword tools like Ubersuggest and free tools like Ubersuggest alternatives.

156. Pick a Name That is Niche-Relevant But Also Reminds You of Why You Love Travel in the First Place. Your blog name should be something that reminds you of your love for traveling and, of course, something that’s related to your niche.

For me, my travel blog name was based on a song that reminded me of traveling and the word “Atlas” was unique enough to be memorable since not many other blogs were using it in their blog name. Many people choose to go the first name route, where their blog is a travel-related adjective like “adventurous” + their name. At this point, it’s a bit overdone and probably shouldn’t be your first pick for a blog name.

157. Instead, think of a phrase, a song, or a noun that reminds you of travel in your own unique way and that works well with your niche.

158. Sometimes just spending a day playing around with different combinations of words and adjectives gives you clear insight into a name that would be perfect for your travel blog. 

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Mimi McFadden, https://theatlasheart.com/

Plane Hopper

When it comes to an increasingly competitive niche, finding a unique approach to help set you apart can definitely be challenging.

If I were to start one, I’d definitely look into these two different angles:

Travel Blog Idea #159. How To Travel Without...
Not just without money but you can do something like “How to Travel Alone” or “How To Travel Without Credit” or something like that to get people more involved since you have something hindering you.

160. Where Should You Travel To?
A quiz! Create a quiz that asks people a set of questions and based on their answers (generally should take into account only one). Guide them to a particular thing. This could be affiliate products or a CPA offer that pays you for referring clients that are looking to fly to somewhere for fun!

After the quiz, they can become “the Wanderer” or “the Sophisticated” or “the EasyGoer” or something like that, and based on their behavior, you can give them a travel solution!

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Martina Cooper, https://brutallyhonestmarketingreviews.com/

Eating The World

Travel Blog Idea #161: A great idea for a travel blog is to go around the world searching for the best food in that particular area. Sure, everyone tastes the food when they go somewhere but actively searching for the origins of food and for those really local places that most tourists do not see would give people a lot of great insights into the food of each country.

Authenticity is something you could offer. You could call the blog ‘Eating The World, One City At A Time’. 

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Thomas Fultz, https://www.coffeeble.com/

Travel Blogging Tips

Be intentional from day one of your travel blogging journey.


Travel Blog Idea #162: Remember SEO. When you are considering starting a blog, SEO might mean zilch to you, but essentially it is the breadcrumbs we leave Google to help it to understand our sites and help us rank on Google search.

It’s worth considering what terms you want to rank for on Google before even choosing your blog name. If you can include a relevant keyword within your blog title that you would like to be known for, it will help you down the line. 

So for example, if you want to write about luxury travel, it would be worth getting the word luxury into your blog name which will help you to rank for terms related to luxury travel down the track. So for example, a good luxury travel blog might be ‘Luxury Explorista.’ It’s still a fun and quirky name but contains that all-important keyword you want to be known for.  

If you were planning to specialise in road trip travel, you could look for a name containing a keyword like ‘van life’ so, for example, something like ‘Van Life With A View.’ 

163. Write closely related content. If you are someone who enjoys variety, niching down can feel restrictive. However, the fastest way to teach Google and your readers what your blog is about is to write lots of closely related content on one topic.

This lets your audience understand that you are an expert on that topic. Not niching down is probably one of the most commonly made amateur blogging mistakes. Therefore consider what type of travel are you most knowledgeable and passionate about.

164. Great travel niches:

  • Luxury travel 
  • Budget travel 
  • Solo travel 
  • Adventure travel 
  • Family travel 
  • Travel photography 
  • Location-specific travel 
  • RV travel 

165. Know Your Target Audience. Before writing any articles, the most important thing is to understand who you are writing for. This will help you to deliver better content, grow your blog traffic faster and monetize much sooner.

166. Think of your blog as a tool to facilitate problem-solving. But before you solve your audience’s problems, you need to understand them. So spend some time thinking about your ideal reader or ‘avatar.’

Think about what their goals are, what roadblocks they have, and find ways to solve those roadblocks. This is the way to grow a loyal fanbase. 

For example, if you have a solo travel blog, your audience might be thinking about planning their first trip abroad and a problem might be worrying about safety on their own.

You can solve these problems by writing about your personal experiences, writing about countries and locations which are safer for solo travelers or write accommodation guides for safer areas of town.

This can also help you to decide what products to promote with affiliate links when you are ready to monetize. Like for example, in this case, theft-proof luggage or an online self-defense course could make that ideal reader feel safer and help them book that first trip alone! 

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Leanne Scott, https://www.passiveincomesuperstars.com/amateur-blogging/

Uncharted Territory

167. You have to be unique. Go to places that aren’t talked about as much. Everyone has something to say about NYC or London, but not many people talk about certain areas in Russia or rural areas in Wales.

168. Look on the outskirts. While in or around a popular location, it may be wise to look just outside of the main hub to see what beauty and hidden gems lie right on the border. There may be something there that becomes a new hotspot.

169. Change your angle. If you do want to talk about those big names, try to find different things to talk about or look at things from a different angle. In New York, everyone talks about Central Park and Times Square, but maybe there’s something else there. A lot of movies are filmed in New York, maybe you could write a blog from different places seen in those?’

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Will Hatton, https://www.thebrokebackpacker.com/

Final Travel Blog Ideas

Travel Blog Idea #170: Use social media. To find like-minded bloggers, use Facebook groups. Type “travel blogs + groups” into the Facebook search bar.

The Girls LOVE Travel Facebook Group is one of the biggest groups on Facebook. The group has over one million members. Here is the link to Girls Love Travel where you can request to join.

171. Emulate travel blog ideas that work. Look at sites like CruiseCritic.com. Cruise Critic has an Alexa Ranking of 30,507 which means there are only 30,507 websites in the world better than Cruise Critic.

Source of Travel Blog Ideas:

Janice Wald, MostlyBlogging.com

Travel Blog Ideas Update

May 2021

After publication, I took these travel blog ideas and entered them into a Wordcloud.

Travel Blog Ideas

Now you can see the travel blog ideas that are the most prominent in the travel experts’ responses.

I made the image a camera since many of the experts discussed travel photography.

Travel Blog Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

What Should a Travel Blog Include?

A travel blog should include a unique name with a keyword that might rank on search engines, recommendations and reviews of places at the travel spots, and images.

Wrapping Up: Travel Blog Ideas

In conclusion, this post shared 171 travel blog ideas helpful to travel bloggers who want to write about traveling. These tips are also helpful for travel bloggers who already write about traveling but suffer from Writer’s Block.

Did you see any commonalities in the tips? I did. Several of the experts interviewed shared you need a niche. Many of the travel blog ideas focused on the importance of the travel blog name.

Even if the travel industry has not made a complete recovery yet, blogging requires planning ahead.

Thanks to this A to Z guide, you can start your content planning for when the travel market experiences surging growth.

Readers, please share so travel bloggers learn these timely travel blog ideas, so they can plan ahead.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know any travel blog ideas you can add to the list?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    These really get the creative juices flowing Janice. Tweeting. Sometimes, all travel bloggers need is a little nudge to be more creative. Scan a bunch of helpful titles and your prolific nature expands. Neat how that works.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Great to see you. Since you are a travel blogger, I appreciate you coming by with these tips. Your idea to scan titles is a good one. I heard a head copywriter required his staff to study successful headlines in order to replicate their success.
      Thanks for commenting.

    • Janice Wald

      Do you currently blog? Have fun with it. Blogging is amazing. Thank you for writing to tell me.

  2. julia

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