PosterMyWall: How to Make a Strong Visual Presence

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Growing up it meant cacophony, loud unpleasant sounds.


Today, especially in the blogosphere, noise equates to competition so fierce no one will notice our content.


It’s becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to create awareness about their products and services due to the intense competition.


PosterMyWall changes all that. This graphic design tool enables us to make our graphics so noticeable we will get the online attention our content deserves.


At the end of this article, the folks over at PosterMyWall offer a nice surprise for Mostly Blogging’s readers.


What is PosterMyWall?

Have you heard most people are visual learners?

It’s true. Most people will be hooked by looking at your graphics. High-quality graphics engage readers.

Engaged readers stay longer on your website. This improves your SEO and your search engine visibility.

Using visuals is not a passing fad; the use of graphics is a way of communicating with your website visitor.

If you use PosterMyWall, your website will benefit in all these ways and more.

PosterMyWall is a free online website you can access from all browsers that creates professional, high-converting marketing content in minutes.

In addition, the site works just as well on all mobile phones and tablets –  there’s no need for an app.

The tool has over 50,000+ templates and a wide variety of font styles, editing features, and stock resources.

PosterMyWall provides customizable templates for posters, flyers, videos, and all other social media graphics.

It gets better: No coding skills are needed to use PosterMyWall.

With over 200,000 online searches for information about PosterMyWall, it is clear that the interest in PosterMyWall is great.

Let’s see what the tool is all about.

The developers at PosterMyWall, ensure that you are one step closer to breaking away from the clutter and creating the impact you desire. PosterMyWall provides you a quick and easy solution for the content creation of your marketing campaigns.

Why You Need PosterMyWall

Many benefits await you and your website visitors when you use PosterMyWall to make your videos and graphics.

Have you heard the trend in marketing is to connect with your potential customers?

B2C (Business to Consumer) marketers use graphics to make those connections.

Why should you use PosterMyWall to make your website graphics? 

  • PosterMyWall is a one-stop solution allowing you to create stunning promotional images and videos.
  • Your designs will enable you to have greater social media impact.
  • PosterMyWall empowers entrepreneurs to kickstart their marketing campaigns without any dependence on graphic designers or a huge advertising budget.
  • PosterMyWall provides you with easy, pay-as-you-go options for all downloads and PosterMyWall Premium for bigger businesses. Free downloads are also available for users on a tight budget.
  • You’ll find thousands of templates you can modify and these templates cover numerous categories like parties, events, bands, church, retail and so much more.
  • Upload your own images as well as or instead of using PosterMyWall’s stock photos. Photos too big? Easily trim them down to the dimensions you want.
  • Have you heard video-making is all the rage in blogging? With PosterMyWall, you can create professional looking videos in minutes.
  • PosterMyWall is quick and easy to use. When I first went to the website, I was not asked to create an account and sign in. I immediately began using the tool.
  • You can easily share your projects. Share your design with friends or on other social media sites.
  • PosterMyWall is versatile. You can make anything from a flyer to a business card. The possibilities are really endless.
  • Never lose your work. Your graphics are saved for you.
  • Errors are easily fixed with the click of a button. Just click the undo or redo buttons.
  • You get HD quality video and image downloads.
  • A variety of font styles are available. Users have the option to choose from basic as well as fancy text.
  • Forgetting to save is an error of the past. The tool is intuitive! PosterMyWall knows you haven’t saved and reminds you to do so.

How to Use PosterMyWall to Make a Blog Graphic

Step 1: Go to PosterMyWall. Click Create a Design.

Step 2: You have two choices. You can create a new design or a new video. I wanted to create a graphic for this article, so I clicked Image. A countless number of template choices appeared before me. Since I wanted to make an image to accompany this graphic-design post, I typed “graphic design tool” in the search bar.

Before the tool would present me with relevant templates, I needed to choose the size I wanted from a drop-down menu of sizes. How helpful! I don’t need to remember dimensions for a blog graphic or an Instagram graphic. Any dimension I could desire is on the dropdown menu of size choices.

Browse Categories: You have two ways to browse. You can browse by size using the “Browse Categories” feature. PosterMyWall divides the template choices into categories depending on the type of graphic you need. Your choices are graphics for marketing, documents, videos, social media, menus, ads, and digital.

Browse Templates Your other option is to browse through different themes of templates that appear before you. PosterMyWall’s templates contain a wide array of selections from a Wanted Poster to a Happy Boxing Day poster. I didn’t even know there was a Boxing Day! You can also click “blank canvas” if you prefer to design the template yourself.

I chose Pinterest Graphic under the list of social media sized templates. Usually, Pinterest graphics are the right size for blog posts and I can successfully post the image to Twitter and Pinterest when I promote my blog post content.

The tool immediately presented me with relevant templates. Once I saw my selections, I was like a kid in a candy store. Immediately, ideas flooded my brain for multiple uses of these creative templates. For example, I look forward to selecting these templates in the size of a perfect square for use on Instagram.

As I scrolled through amazing templates, my mind populated with ideas for writers besides myself. For example, under the category of Graphic Design, there are templates to help writers design their book covers.

Step 3: Once you find the template, click Customize Template.

PosterMyWall guide


This screenshot shows your PosterMyWall work area.

If you’d like to replace the stock image with another image you can. Click Photo.

To replace an image with another stock image, choose from Getty Images, Storyblocks Images, Pixabay, and Flickr. The last three will give you free stock photos.

If you’d like to use your own photo, click Add from My Photos. If you’d like to add an image from Facebook, your Google Drive, or your Dropbox storage, you have those options as well.

To modify the text, click Edit Text. You’ll find your editing tools to the right. To resize, click the letters and they will highlight. Resize your font box as needed.

PosterMyWall guide


If you look at the graphic, you’ll see the text is curved in different directions. You can even change the degree of the curve.

Text Shape has many directions you can choose for your text.

How to Make a Social Media Post Using PosterMyWall

Step 1: Go to PosterMyWall. Click Create a Design/Image. Click All Sizes. Click the All Sizes drop-down arrow and select the kind of social media post you want to create.

You’ll find your choices in the Social Media category. I chose Instagram Post. Since I wanted to wish my Instagram followers a Happy Veterans Day, In the Inspiration search bar I typed “Veterans Day.” Veteran’s Day graphics populated.

This graphic caught my eye:


I like it. At the top of the graphic, the message headline is to thank the veterans. However, it needed a great deal of modification.

Step 2: I clicked Resize and chose Instagram post. Again I clicked Resize.

Step 3: I removed the logo and replaced it with my blog’s logo. Photo uploading is easy with the uploader.

Step 4: I modified the text.

PosterMyWall Veterans Day

The finished graphic took seconds. Using PosterMyWall is just that quick and easy!

How to Make a Video Using PosterMyWall

Step 1: Go to the  PosterMyWall video library. Hover over a video template in a relevant category and click “View Template. Before I could even decide what I wanted to make a video about, I noticed PosterMyWall is intuitive. Before my eyes, templates for timely themes appeared. For example, I saw templates about Winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Step 2: 

PosterMyWall guide

I chose the size I wanted. Then, I clicked Video/Add Stock Video. I searched for Marketing Technology. I have a post being published soon on technology for bloggers and marketers. Although Pixabay, which offers free videos, has nothing to choose from, Storyblock had marketing videos I could modify. Videos on my topic of various lengths appeared.

Note: The videos are actually short videos which can be used in advertising.

PosterMyWall has these advertising videos on a countless number of topics such as discounts and events.

Step 3: Click the video and it will load.

Step 4: Click Customize Template and modify as needed. 

This is the video after I modified the template. As you can see, this makes a nice accompaniment to my post How to Make Your Consulting Business a Cut Above the Rest. It looks like the man in the video is consulting with the people who are seated.

Step 5: Save, share, and download. 

When you download, click Share Design/Share your design online/Grab the Link or HTML Code.

In addition to putting the video in my blog post, I used the video on Twitter to promote my article.

When you’re done, you can share your video creation. Sharing options include sharing to Mix, Tumblr, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, and emailing others.


High-resolution image downloads cost $2.99 only and the videos in HD resolution cost $14.95. The social media graphic sizes for images are free!

Create Your Visual Content Right Now!

Give your content a boost with a powerful graphic design or video today. The developers at PosterMyWall have arranged a special deal exclusively for Mostly Blogging’s readers.

Enter the promo code ‘MOSTLYBLOGGINGPMW‘ at check out to get a 30% discount on your download. The promo code is for one-time use only and expires on December 8, 2018.

Wrapping Up: Your PosterMyWall Guide

In closing, having a strong visual presence on social media can often be the dividing line between success and failure.

You create an impact on social media when your content is presented with visuals that stand out.

These visuals increase engagement on social media sites. PosterMyWall enables your graphics and videos to stand out from the clutter. These graphics that are perfectly tailored for your brand generate such a strong online presence and give your brand a great boost.

By using the graphics you create with PosterMyWall on social media sites, increased engagement results in more social media followers, email subscribers, and even sales.

Readers, please share so other content creators learn about the visual presence they will acquire when they use PosterMyWall.

What tools do you use to make graphics and videos? Do you think you might try PosterMyWall? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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    • Janice Wald at 10:10 pm

      Hi BBFFM,
      That was a Gone with the Wind joke! I got that! I’ve never heard a Gone With the Wind joke before. Too funny! Thanks for the reference. My mom loves that movie!

  1. John Snow at 2:50 am

    I have been looking for the contacts for some time to rectify some doubts regarding the product. Thanks for sharing the details.

    • Janice Wald at 10:17 pm

      Hi John,
      I am still loving PixTeller. PosterMyWall has new aspects to it, for example, the short videos. I’ve been using both. Lately, though, I’ve been going to PosterMyWall first. I like many graphic design tools so my readers don’t get bored with my templates.

  2. Brianna Martin at 6:03 pm

    Thanks for a helpful, detailed review of PosterMyWall! I’d never heard of it before. I use Canva and like it, but the ability to add photos straight from my Google Drive isn’t available to me there, so it’s one feature of PosterMyWall that really intrigues me. I’m going to check it out.

  3. Edna Davidsen at 9:10 am

    Dear Janice!

    You touched an interesting topic in this blog post, namely the competition in the blogosphere.

    I agree you on what you said.

    My take on the solution is not to create more noise but to create blog posts that is so different from everything else that it’s spread by the word-of-mouth.

    PosterMyWall is a great tool; I believe those of your readers who’ll try it out will benefit from it.

    I use Canva – but I don’t think it’s so much a question of which tools we use, the most important is to deliver high-quality content to the Christian marketplace, and there are so many great tools for that purpose 🙂

    With love!
    Edna DavidsenDear Janice!

    You touched an interesting topic in this blog post, namely the competition in the blogosphere.

    I agree with you on what you said.

    My take on the solution is not to create more noise but to create blog posts that are so different from everything else that the word-of-mouth spreads it.

    PosterMyWall is a great tool; I believe those of your readers who’ll try it out will benefit from it.

    I use Canva – but I don’t think it’s so much a question of which tools we use, the most important is to deliver high-quality content to the Christian marketplace, and there are so many great tools for that purpose 🙂

    With love!
    Edna Davidsen

    • Janice Wald at 1:03 pm

      Hi Edna,
      Thanks for your comments.
      You discuss great content– definitely a must.
      However, does the graphic attract people even before they see the headline or read the post?
      I like Canva as well, but I do believe in variety. I don’t want my readers to get bored seeing the same Canva templates in all my posts.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #206My Profile

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