47 Popular Pinterest Group Boards You Need to Join Today

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47 Pinterest group boards and how to find other Pinterest group boards today.

Are you able to generate blog traffic from Pinterest?

Since Pinterest’s algorithm changed in recent years, bloggers are reporting they are finding Pinterest more challenging as a source of blog traffic.

This post is a follow-up to my post, The Complete Pinterest Guide That Will Make You See More Traffic & Money. That post explained how your Pinterest strategy needs to include group Pinterest group boards. This post will tell you which Pinterest group boards to join.

This post will share 47 Pinterest group boards you can post your blog graphics to on Pinterest.

Some of these boards have tens of thousands of people pinning to them. Think of what kind of exposure that is for you!

Since each graphic has a link to your post embedded, people who see your pins on the boards merely have to click the pin for you to see Pinterest traffic.

The boards represent a variety of blogging niches.

To avoid duplication, the boards are listed in alphabetical order.

For your convenience, links to the boards are included so you can easily access them.

I have personally checked: All the group Pinterest boards are still accepting pinners.

Note any conditions that apply in order for you to access the boards. Many have very specific rules you need to follow or risk getting removed.

After the list of boards, you’ll see tips for finding additional Pinterest group boards.

Is Pinterest still important in helping to grow your blog or business?

Yes! According to VigoritOut, using Pinterest group boards is the key to blog growth.

Consider these comments from blogger Gary Jefferies:

“You can draw conclusions from Pinterest. Constant input there expands growth. My own stats show the potential for there as a referral medium are huge. There is a strategy to approach these platforms to make them work for you.”

That strategy includes using Pinterest group boards.

Gary Jefferies continued explaining how using Pinterest group boards can increase your blog traffic:

Regarding Pinterest: My own research says sharing to Pinterest group boards is a definite to increase exposure and saves.
Especially if the board owner has a large following. It drives people at your blog and also at your own boards and that again throws them at your blog. Also, if you actively share pins from boards, then you start to draw more Pinterest traffic to you too.”
The key thing is time, like all of them. Regular pinning, sharing, and engagement. In my opinion, this is the same formula whatever site you use. That said, Pinterest probably has the edge because of its user demographics and volume of users.”
What if you don’t have a business, can using Pinterest still be beneficial for you?
Consider these comments from a blogger requesting access to pin to our blog’s group Pinterest board:
“I would love to join your Pinterest group board “Mostly Blogging Group Board” so that I can interact with a larger audience and hopefully find some awesome other bloggers to develop relationships with!”

47 Active Group Pinterest Boards

  1. * BLOG PROMO *A Little Bit of Everything | Blogger CollaborationAmazing Blog Post PinsBeauty and Style Blogs Group BoardBeauty, Travel, Blogging, and Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
  2. Best of Blogging
  3. Best of the Blog Posts
  4. Better Blogging Tips [Group Board]
  5. Blog Babes Group Board
  6. Blog Booster Board
  7. Blog Boost: HerPaperRoute Hive
  8. Blog Post Booster
  9. Blogger Babes Unite!
  10. Blogger Buddies Share
  11. Blogger Support Group Board
  12. Blogging
  13. Blogging & Online Business Tips
  14. Blogging Tips
  15. Blogging Tips Group Board
  16. Boss Girl Bloggers
  17. Boss Babe: Business Tips, Blog Tips
  18. Creative Entrepreneurs Group.
  19. Community Blog Posts
  20. Disney World Planning Tips
  22. Fabulous Blogging
  23. Fantastic Blog Posts by Fantastic Bloggers
  24. Fashion (group board)
  25. Favorite Blogging Tips
  26. For #Creative Bloggers
  27. Great Blog Posts Group Board
  28. Great Bloggers
  29. Group Board for Bloggers
  30. How to Rock Your Blog
  31. Making Money
  32. | Mom|Foodie|Lifestyle|Blogs|
  33. Mommy blogs
  34. Mostly Blogging*
  35. Online Marketing
  36. Pinterest Addiction
  37. Pinterest for Pro Bloggers
  38. Pinterest Marketing
  39. POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers promote here
  40. ~Promote your Blog~
  41. Promoting Blogger Babes
  42. Share All Your Pins (Group Board – No Limit)
  43. Social Media Marketing
  44. Social Media Tips
  45. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
  46. Turbo Blogging & Business (Temporarily closed at the time of this writing.)
  47. Writers Blog Posts

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards

In the event, you’d like to pin to even more Pinterest boards, directories exist to help you.

How can you find Pinterest group boards? 

PinGroupie is a popular, free directory that can help you find Pinterest group boards. You’ll see “Followers,” “Pins,” and “Last Updated.”

Pinterest Tools

Many tools are available to help you pin to the boards at prescheduled times. After all, you can’t be at a computer all the time, now can you?

Free Pinterest schedulers include Ahalogy and Viralwoot. [Read: This Wonderful Pin Scheduler is the Fastest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Viralwoot.]

Note: Just like Facebook groups, Pinterest community boards often have rules. Follow them or risk expulsion.

For example, I asked to pin to one board that required two visits to their linky party before they’d let you pin. Another board requires vertical pins.

Wrapping Up

I realize this many boards may cause confusion. The Trying Not to Go Crazy blog offers tips to use an Excel Spreadsheet to organize all these boards.

*Note: Mostly Blogging has a group Pinterest board. If you’re a subscriber of Mostly Blogging and you’d like to pin to our board, please let me know in the comments section.

If you’d like to subscribe and gain access to the board, click here: Mostly Blogging.

Do you have a Pinterest board that currently accepts contributors? Let’s make a resource together. You are welcome to leave the link to the board in the comments section.

Readers, please share so other bloggers can boost their blog traffic by using Pinterest group boards.

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    • Janice Wald

      Good luck Kim. These boards will definitely help with exposure.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Janice this is so timely. I became a Pinterest lounge lizard 2 weeks ago. Mainly to find new blogs for commenting, befriending pro bloggers and for Pinning. Pinterest is an excellent source of new bloggers, new blogs and steady traffic. Consistent Pinning and befriending is key. Excellent list. Joining now…..Tweeted and Pinned.


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    Useful resource Janice! How would you recommend applying to the ones with
    no email/joining instructions though?

  5. gaman

    I started getting serious with Pinterest in late July this year and been looking for group boards to join. The list is timely for me, so thanks for sharing Janice.

    I’d also love to join your Pinterest group. I’ve signed up to subscribe to your blog and I’m following you and your board.

    Here’s my Pinterest profile https://www.pinterest.com/blogging_tips/


    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for your interest and for your comments. Invitation sent!

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  7. Cori Ramos

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for this awesome list of Pinterest group boards! I’ve been working on growing my Pinterest following on my new blog so this is perfect timing for me!

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  9. incomefizo

    Very amazing post Janice.

    Personally, I think the key to a great traffic from Pinterest is consistency.

    For example, there was a time I thought Pinterest wasn’t doing much for me and I decided to focus on SEO.

    Then all of a sudden I saw a traffic spike from Pinterest a few days later.

    So, being consistent is key.

    Thanks for this post

    • Janice Wald

      Good to see you.
      So, what do you think accounted for the spike in Pinterest traffic if you gave up on the site to focus on SEO?
      Your previous efforts paying off?

  10. Praveen Verma

    All social media platforms have their own importance in online business and Pinterest is also one of them. If you are using Pinterest in a right way then you can effectively grow your online business. Pinterest is one of best social media platforms to promote our content and connect with the audience.

    Thank you for sharing the list of popular Pinterest group boards.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

    • Janice Wald

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    • Janice Wald

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  12. Johanna Galyen


    Ok, now I feel a bit silly. I didn’t realize that you could pin your stuff to other boards that weren’t yours. Thank you so much for this; it was very helpful. Now I just need to figure out how to do this consistently moving forward! ~ Johanna

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Johanna,
      That’s why we read blog posts– to learn new information! No need to feel silly!
      I’m glad my post could help teach you something new as well as provide a Pinterest resource.

  13. Marilyn K

    This is a wonderful resource! I have been wanting to focus on Pinterest promoting my blog. Thank you for this timely post. Lots of information in here. Have you considered making this an ebook? I am positive it would be successful. Thanks again! Time management is another issue for myself and I see there is a post on scheduling too

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for the suggestion about the ebook and your opinion that it would be popular.
      I have a social media ebook about Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion.
      However, I am using my own board as a lead magnet.
      Thanks again for the suggestion and for the comments. I’m glad this was timely for you.

  14. Penelope Silvers

    I love Pinterest, but don’t spend as much time there as I should. I do see tons of traffic to my blog when I pin. Thanks for the great list, and I’ll work on this tomorrow joining up with some new friends. Tweeted and pinned! 😀

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Penelope,
      Have fun making new friends and pinning to new boards. I appreciate the social shares and your comments.

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