Viralwoot: This Wonderful Pin Scheduler is the Fastest Thing I’ve Ever Seen [2022]

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Are you interested in Viralwoot, the free pin scheduler?

If you need a free Pinterest scheduler, you are in the right place.

Let’s learn about Viralwoot, your new pin scheduler.

Update November 2020: In the years since this post was published, Pinterest has succeeded in becoming one of the top three search engines. Pinterest, Google, and YouTube are used more for searches than other platforms.

Therefore, discovering how to capitalize on using Pinterest is worth your time. Using the Viralwoot pin scheduler is one of those ways.

Viralwoot is a free Pinterest schedulerAre you frustrated because you just don’t have enough time to do all that blogging entails?

In recent interviews, bloggers cited lack of time as their #1 concern.

What if I told you I used to be one of those bloggers?

One time-drain was pin scheduling.

I use to use a pin scheduler in order to save time.

Do you want to know how long it took me to pin to my 144 Pinterest boards?

30 minutes each pin. What a waste of time!

It was high time for a different pin scheduler. That’s when I discovered Viralwoot.

Update: July 2022: Clicking on the link is returning a privacy error on Google Chrome.

Do you want to know how long scheduling each pin takes me now? Three minutes!

This post will offer a tutorial explaining how you can also use Viralwoot to save time scheduling your Pinterest pins. The best part, Viralwoot is absolutely free.

What is Viralwoot?

ViralWoot is a pin scheduler you can access by going to a website on any computer. Using the scheduler is an amazingly effective time-saving strategy. You can schedule your pins in bulk, analyze what pins are getting you the most website traffic, and meet like-minded Pinterest users called pinners, or Pinterest users.

History of Viralwoot

Viralwoot is only two years old. Since that time, this tool has evolved into a Pinterest marketing suite used by pinners, bloggers, brands, and agencies. As time passes, the company continues to grow and improve the scheduler.

Currently, over 70,000 bloggers, marketers, and other pinners are using Viralwoot. They can’t all be wrong.

They aren’t. Viralwoot is easy, simple, and quick to use.

How Viralwoot Can Help Your Blog or Business

  1. It’s not just a tool but a community of Pinterest influencers, where you can promote your pins, boards, and Pinterest profile to get more engagement and reach.
  2. Manage and grow multiple Pinterest accounts from a single Viralwoot account.
  3. Discover and engage influencers.
  4. Auto schedule in advance.
  5. Analyze your Pinterest performance.
  6. Manage your content.
  7. Schedule your Instagram posts.
  8. Discover and engage Pinterest influencers through a self-serve contest platform. Viralwoot has started Pinterest contests, in case you want someone else to pin your pins on Pinterest to increase more referral traffic to your website.
  9. Viralwoot also launched a chrome extension that lets you schedule and promote any image on the web from your chrome browser.
  10. You can find new boards and pinners without going to Pinterest.
  11. You can create new boards without going to Pinterest.
  12. Viralwoot is developing an app for iOS that will be live with Pinterest and Instagram scheduling functionality.
  13. You can even set the system to republish old content.
  14. You can set the system to delete old pins.
  15. The people at ViralWoot are extremely helpful and respond right away to questions.
  16. Viralwoot will save you the time  you could use to be doing other tasks. For example, I have 144 Pinterest boards. I don’t have time to click on each of my boards every time I make a blog graphic.

 How to Use Viralwoot

How to schedule your pins:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Make an account.
Step 3: Choose the Pinterest account you want to work with by clicking Enter.
Viralwoot expedites #Pinterest pin scheduling for #bloggers
Step 4: Click Schedule Pins, and then click Schedule Repin.
Viralwoot helps bloggers save #time at #Pinterest
Step 5: You can choose between scheduling repins of other users’ pins or scheduling your own pin.
Viralwoot helps bloggers #blog faster
If you choose to schedule other pinners’ pins, you can search for pins by entering keywords. This tutorial will explain how you can schedule your own pins.
Step 6: Go to Pinterest. Find the pin you want to repin to your Pinterest boards and click on it. Copy the URL.
Save time. Use Viralwoot to schedule your Pinterest pins.
Step 7: Paste the URL of your pin. Click “Schedule repins for this pin.”
Pinterest pinners should use Viralwoot

Step 8: Add any keywords or hashtags before setting the text, so people searching for articles about your keywords can find them using Pinterest’s search bar. Many people like to type in the name of their blog in case the pin becomes disattached from the link to your post.

 You can create a custom schedule or let Viralwoot schedule your post for optimal times.
Viralwoot helps speed up blogging tasks
Step 9: Choose the boards you want to pin to. Click “Boards.” Click the dropdown. Your Pinterest boards will appear.
Viralwoot is an effective Pinterest tool.
A search bar is available above your boards. Type in the keyword of your pin. Your boards about that topic will come up. As you can see, I typed “blogging”.
Check “Select all.”With one click all your pins are scheduled to your relevant boards! If you don’t want to pin to all of them, uncheck the boxes to the left of the boards you don’t want to select.
If you have an additional keyword, repeat Step 9. I chose additional boards for the keywords “blogs,” “bloggers,” “social media,” and “Twitter.” I have many boards for each of these keywords, but I was able to schedule to all of them with just one click due to the “Select all” function. Now you see why this scheduling tool is so quick to use.
When you are all done selecting your boards, click “Submit to Schedule Pins.”
Step 10: Review your schedule by clicking “Manage”. You can edit from that screen.

Viralwoot hash many helpful features

You can edit the Viralwoot scheduler
You can change the decisions you made when scheduling your pin by clicking “Edit Pin,” or you can delete it altogether if you accidentally chose to pin to an unrelated board.
Step 11: If you want to see how many pins are scheduled for any given day click “Calendar.”
“Set time slots” allows me to determine how many times a day I want Viralwoot to schedule my pins. You will only have to set this up one time. You can always go back and pin more or less often if you change your mind later.
After you’ve been using Viralwoot for a while,  “Analytics” will tell you your best-performing pins to repin and get new traffic to old posts.


There is a free plan that gives you 200 pins. If you want more pins each month, you can get engagement credits. You earn these by repinning other bloggers who appear at the site. The free plan is available with limited features.

The best part, if you run out of your pin allotment for the month, have no fear. You can earn credits to pin more pins than your payment level allows.

When you have reached your scheduling limit, you can use credits to increase that limit and credits can be earned easily by engaging on Viralwoot with other users such as liking their pins.

Viral Woot has premium plans to choose from starting at $12.00 per month. Users sign up for a year. These plans allow you to pin 500 pins a month.

Businesses might be interested in a 30-day Pinterest Mangement Account. A team of four Pinterest experts will make sure you receive the following benefits:
  • 450 new pins each month related to your business and linked to your website
  • 300-350 new followers each month
  • 500-600 repins each month
  • Pinterest optimization of your old pins and boards
  • Pinterest Search Engine Optimization out of 2 billion searches
  • Competitor Analysis and much more

If you would like to get a premium account, I hope you will go through my referral link.

Are You Ready to Make an Account?

In conclusion, Viralwoot is a great way to advertise your blog or business with your visuals. You can meet new connections since they show you other bloggers and their blogging niches. Most importantly, you save time since it takes just moments to schedule your pins. Clearly, it’s your go-to tool for help with Pinterest.

Viralwoot is life-changing! Scheduling pins to my boards now takes three minutes instead of 30 minutes. Seriously, I timed myself. It only takes me three mere minutes to schedule my pins to my 144 boards now that I’ve started using Viralwoot. It can save you time too. Everyone can find three minutes.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their visibility and save time.

I recently became an affiliate of Viralwoot since I am such a satisfied user. If you sign up today, you can be a satisfied user too.

Readers, please share, so other Pinterest users know about the advantages of using Viralwoot to schedule their pins and the varying price plans they offer. Pinners could have 200 pins a month for free, and that’s a price that can’t be beaten.

Have you heard of Viralwoot? Have you tried it? What is your experience with it? Which Pinterest scheduler do you currently use? Would you recommend it? How does your scheduling tool sound in contrast to Viralwoot? I look forward to your views in the comment section.

Click here to get your own downloadable PDF of my 89 free blogging tools list.

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  1. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    This is very interesting Janice. I certainly am going to try Viralwoot. I have tried others and have not found their worth for me. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I am sure that will be very handy when I take time to learn their system of sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathleen,
      It actually took me a little time to learn since I didn’t realize how simple Viralwoot is to use. I was missing the obvious– it really is that simple. However, if you have any questions about it, let me know.

  2. John Doe

    Viral woot seems like it would make things a lot easier and life more organized. Just less things to think about

    • Janice Wald

      I am so busy since I also teach and grade papers. Viralwoot makes my pin scheduling so fast, I take it for granted and am several months behind on pinning, LOL. I was out of town for five weeks and am now playing catch up. Viralwoot is so fast to use, it won’t take me long at all to catch up.

  3. Chris - What I Run Into

    How does this compare to Tailwind? I’m curious to try both myself!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Chris,
      Thank you for reaching out to me today. Where did you see my post?
      In answer to your question, I’ve never used Tailwind. I used to use Ahalogy since it was free. Ahalogy used to take me 30 minutes to pin each pin. I wrote and asked if there was a quicker way, but they never replied. Viralwoot replies almost immediately. I have asked around but never found a recommendation for a free pin scheduler, and people recommended Tailwind. My recollection says it isn’t free, so I never tried it.

      • Jen Golden

        Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Ahalogy, but I strongly recommend that you try Tailwind instead. Everything you mention above you can do with Tailwind – and more. That’s why it’s become the one scheduler that everyone I know seems to use for Pinterest (and now instagram).

        Viralwoot has a REALLY bad reputation and history and has been known to do some shady things. To this day, they list on their site some of my friends as customers who tried them once three or four years ago and switched to other tools. Those friends have asked to be removed from being mentioned on their site and they simply refuse to remove them!

        The bigger thing though is that they are not an approved Pinterest partner, which means you’re putting your account at risk by using it. You can find all approved partners listed here:

        It’s ultimately your choice, of course, but there’s a reason Pinterest has approved some partners and not others. That should be a good guiding light to help in your decisions.

        • Janice Wald

          Thank you for adding to the discussion by sharing what you know about Viralwoot. I’ve used it since the beginning of the year, and I am very happy.
          Viralwoot is free for up to a limited number of pins and you can earn more credits if needed. It works for my needs.
          Is Tailwind free?

  4. Kellie

    Ok I’m hooked. I have saved this to my desktop for next week when my kids are FINALLY back in school and I can blog regularly again with out interruption. Thanks.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kellie,
      I really did time myself. After initial setup, it only took 3 minutes to pin each pin to my boards. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for writing to tell me you’re enthused about it.

  5. Barbara Radisavljevic

    This sounds like just what I need. I would like to have time to write and I find Pinterest overwhelming. Of course, I do wonder that if people can do so many things without actually going to Pinterest, I wonder how many people are still going to Pinterest and seeing the pins>

  6. Melinda Mitchell

    Hello my BBFFJ, 30 minutes to pin each pin????
    WoW!! thanks for finding a better way for us.
    I appreciate all the hard work you do on our behalf!
    Love, BBFFM

  7. Vivek Yadav

    Tailwind is far far better than Viralwoot, Viralwoot is shit, they will ask you to buy a plan in every three minutes.

    • Janice Wald

      That has not been my experience. But Viralwoot has a free plan. If you don’t want to buy a plan, just say no. Tailwind costs yes? Commun.It asks me every few seconds to spend money. However, I don’t. Have you tried ViralWoot? I am having fun with it. Thank you for writing.

  8. Michele

    This is the first I have heard of this tool. I need to improve on Pinterest, so this would help. Thanks!

  9. Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew

    Awesome Post and Review of Viralwoot. I honestly agree with you Janice. I don’t have the time to Sit for hours Pinning stuff. 144 Boards, wow what do yo post to all them boards? Did you know that the Optimal number of Pin Boards is Approx 50-60 tops?

    Anyhow, using a resource to auto schedule your Social media efforts is very essential to your time management and living a life of sorts lol. I use Tailwind. I tried Viralwoot and found Tailwind more to my liking. To each their own for sure.

    Thanks for sharing at the Pit stop 🙂

  10. Monica Sharma

    Viralwoot :O lol..not at all!! My account got suspended using it :-/ A really bad time it was…
    Now I use PinPinterest com for overall automation of my new account. It imitates a human-like behaviour, so there’s no risk of account ban. You can batch-schedule pins, it runs on the cloud, is mobile optimised, free to use, easy to setup and its intelligent: pins only relevant pics to your account.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Monica,
      Thanks for writing me to warn me about Viralwoot. Why did your account get suspended using it? I don’t want my Pinterest account suspended, but I don’t break any rules that I know of!
      May I also ask where you found the post? It is many months old now but picked up a lot of page views yesterday, the day you wrote.
      Thanks for writing with the warnings, and thanks in advance for answering my questions.

      • Monica Sharma

        Hello Janice. Thanks for writing back 🙂
        I was just researching a bit regarding my blog and pinterest automation, that’s when I came across your blog. I felt that I should write my experience, as it could save someone from an account ban.
        I don’t remember the exact message, but it was the common pinterest message, telling that the account was suspended because of violation of terms or something. Later when I created a new account, I took some time to actually read the terms and conditions. And there was this clause that the “use of any 3rd party applications to gain advantage in pinterest is violation of terms” ..something like that. That’s when I figured it was because of viralwoot.
        A few days later, a cousin’s account also got banned (and he was also using viralwoot), so it was kind of confirmed that viralwoot is the culprit here…

        It was good until it got me suspended. Because once you’re suspended, it does not matter if it gave you 1k followers or 100k… 🙁

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Monica,
          Thank you for writing such a detailed explanation in hopes of saving us from an account ban. I am not using Viralwoot for getting advantage or a third-party application to my knowledge. Thank you for the warnings.

  11. Smiling Notes

    I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this post before but glad that I did! Do you still use Viralwoot to schedule your pins? I’ve heard about Tailwind but since it costs money, I haven’t yet signed up for it. Now, after reading this post, I might give this a try instead of Tailwind. Thanks for always sharing the best resources, Janice!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shamira,
      Yes, I still use Viralwoot, and I’m very pleased with it. It’s free. You can always earn more credits if needed by following and repinning other people. I haven’t needed any more. Try it and let me know what you think.

  12. Babbette

    Definitely don’t think ViralWoot is worth it. When it was free, maybe but now it’s too complicated and there are better, easier and more effective options. Plus it just doesn’t do as much as other choices and their support is really poor

  13. Aslhey

    I used my 100 pins for the month of May. It is June now and no new pins available. Is Viralwoot still free?

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