13 Quick and Free Unfollow Tools for 3 Social Media Sites

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Unfollow App

Do you like dancing?

That’s what social media success is all about.

It’s a dance.

Do you remember the partner dance we learned in school that had Partner A approaching Partner B and Partner B backing away?

The next part of the dance required Partner B to approach Partner A, and then Partner A backed away.

This is what success at social media is all about.

You approach, and then you back away.

If you continue to approach and follow people on social media, your content will seem unappealing.

“Why aren’t people following you?” potential social media followers will wonder.

If, on the other hand, you don’t follow people and just hope you will get followers on your social media account, you are being unrealistic.

People won’t know about you unless you follow them first.

Complicated? Confusing? Contrived?

Not if you use an unfollow app.

By using these free social media tools explained in this post, you’ll be able to reduce the number of people you follow on social media and still be able to follow others.

People who follow you will believe you are a winner and want to follow you when they see your number of followers is higher than the number of people you follow.

The BandWagon effect states that people want to follow people they perceive to be winners. Your ratio of people you follow to people who follow you will give your potential followers the social proof they need to follow your account.

If you need an unfollow app for the following social media sites, you’ve come to the right place:

This post reviews unfollow tools for Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I use these tools to unfollow people who aren’t following me back on Instagram and Twitter. After reading this post, you’ll also be able to keep your ratio in check and have an easy time with social media growth.

This leads to more widespread exposure to your writing and an increased chance of traffic and subscribers from these social media websites.

Are you ready for your social media presence to grow?

Why You Need an Unfollow App

I had success at Instagram following the followers of two influencers in my niche. Then, things went south. Could it be I followed so many people my follower to following ratio was so unbalanced people stayed away?

You look like a winner if more people follow you than you follow. The Band Wagon Effect in psychology discusses how people congregate toward who they perceive as “a winner.” If you follow fewer people than follow you, you’ll be perceived as a winner.

Look: Do you know many people follow Kim Kardashian?

141 million.

Do you know how many people she follows?


Instagram unfollow app
Twitter unfollow app
Pinterest unfollow app

If you knew nothing else about her, would you perceive her as a success? I think so.

Good news: Now that you know why you need an unfollow app, you should know you can use all the social media marketing tools in this review for free.

Instagram Unfollow App


According to Facebook’s Stephanie Fischer, “A lot of people are posting about this right now. Instagram is kicking out third party apps.”

The question becomes, “How can we use 3rd party apps to see and unfollow our unfollowers if Instagram penalizes us for doing so?”

I asked members of the Influencers on Instagram Facebook group.

Here is how they replied:

An Android user recommends the following apps: Follower Analyser and Follow Cop. He maintains he used these apps since Instagram started the crackdown without issue.

An iOS user reports she uses Follow Meter daily. She explained that she only uses the app to see her new unfollowers but not to complete actions. She reports that once she discovers her unfollowers, she manually unfollows them on Instagram.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

Followers App

Happily, the Followers app showed me which Instagram followers weren’t following me back. Unfollowing them took a large portion of my morning routine.

Then I discovered the up arrow at the top of my iPhone’s screen. I clicked it and BAM! The followers who had unfollowed me were gone.

However, the data is extremely slow to load.

Cleaner for IG

I was looking for an Unfollow App with a White List. This app has it. A White List is important so you don’t use an Unfollow app that accidentally unfollows people you want to follow. I couldn’t figure out how to use the app so I watched a YouTube video. It clearly stated, “Do Not use the Instagram Cleaner.”

Also, actions require coins on this app. How to get coins? You have to watch promotional videos or purchase the coins.

Unfollowers for Instagram 

I was looking for an additional unfollow app that would let me unfollow my Ghost followers, people who haven’t interacted with my last 10 posts, so I installed this app.

Follow Track

This unfollow app seems to have all the bells and whistles on it as the others. You can see who isn’t following you back and who you aren’t following back for free. The premium version gives you a detailed analysis including your ghost followers (inactive followers), The premium version also tell you your most liked posts, most viewed posts, and most commented posts.


In one of my Instagram engagement groups, Report+ came highly recommended. However, when I read the review at the App Store, someone complained that Instagram objected to this 3rd-party app and shut down their account.


Tommy Tech calls this app the best unfollowers app. Unfortunately, many ads come up when you use the app so Tommy recommends getting an ad blocker for your phone.

These instructions explain how to get rid of ads on your phone.

Watching Tommy’s review of the app on YouTube left me less than impressed.

This is why I was underwhelmed:

He individually unfollowed 60 people. The app told him when to stop so he didn’t have to count. My understanding is Instagram will let you unfollow up to 160 people per hour, not 60. Also, using the Followers App as I’m used to doing, I can unfollow with just a click of a button.

Follow Cop 

Instagram user Am_Farhath recommends Follow Cop. You will find it at Google Play.


UPDATE: July 2019: Instagram logs me out when I sign into this app.

Note: I contacted Instagram to ask how we can use these social media management tools without getting penalized. At the time of this writing, I’m still waiting for a reply.

This app allows me to White List anyone I want to keep on my list. This feature is important. A White List ensures you don’t accidentally unfollow people you want to keep following.

I can still unfollow with the click of a few buttons. The app allows you to delete 15 followers at a time.

The InstaUnfollow app charges to use the White List feature. The cost is approximately $3.00 per month and $11.00 if you pay ahead for the year.

You can’t use two unfollow apps in conjunction with each other if you want people to stay on your White List. When I reverted to using the Followers app, the people I’d placed on my InstaUnfollow White List were unfollowed.

In addition to the White List feature, InstaUnfollow offers the same free features as other unfollow apps: You know who your unfollowers and ghost (inactive) followers are. The apps also tells you your active followers, your fans (people you don’t follow back), and mutual followers.

Note: People have apps which tell them who their inactive followers are and then the apps unfollow those people for them. If you find people are unfollowing you, the cause might be your inactivity. Try to boost your engagement rate on Instagram and you might find the number of people who unfollow you diminishes.

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Pinterest Unfollow App


This tool will unfollow the people not following you back on Pinterest.

Are you looking for a free Pinterest unfollow app? Then, Pinfollow is the app for you.

Go to https://pinfollow.net/.

Sign in with your Pinterest account.

PinFollow finds and unfollows your nonfollowers at Pinterest.

Do you really want to follow people who don’t follow you back?

No? Then use Pinfollow, the free Pinterest automation tool.

Twitter Unfollow App


Go to https://commun.it and make an account.

Twitter Users: You’ll have to give Commun.it permission to connect to the social media account you want it to take away followers from. I use Commun.it with my Twitter account.

Go to https://commun.it/reports. Wait for your data to load.

Look for the tabs “New Unfollowers” and “Not Following You Back.”

In order to decrease the number of people you’re following, consider using these tools.

Commun.IT has other advantages for you.

For example, the site emails you analytics and even makes keyword suggestions.

How to use Commun.it:

You will see from the video how easy it is to use Commun.it.

As you can see in the video, Commun.it suggests who you should follow as well as who you should unfollow.

Commun.it will allow you to unfollow 50 people a day.


In an interview about the best social media app, blogger Richard Monssen claimed Crowdfire was the best social media app.

Note: Crowdfire doesn’t allow you to use this app to unfollow anymore.

Who Unfollowed Me

Blogger Hugh Roberts recommends Who Unfollowed Me. Hugh reported, “Have you heard of whounfollowedme.org? It’s a great free site I use every day to check out who has unfollowed me on Twitter.”


I discovered Twitter doesn’t show me everyone who follows me, so I started using Tweepi since Tweepi shows me everyone who is following me.

However, Tweepi will also show you who you are following in case you want to use Tweepi as an unfollow app.

Go to https://tweepi.com/.

Make an account. You can use your Twitter login information.

When I click the number of people who aren’t following me, I am given the choice whether I want to unfollow them.

Just hover over the words “You are following,” and the words change to “Unfollow.” Click it, and you won’t be following that person anymore.

Wrapping Up: Which Unfollow App Will You Try First?

Note: When you’re dealing with a third-party app, anything can happen. For example, the app might accidentally unfollow people you want to follow. I’ve heard horror stories of third-party apps deleting more than the desired number of people and the user getting shadowbanned by Instagram.

Unfollow App Takeaways:

Social media marketing is easier when you use an unfollow app.

This post reviewed 13 apps you can use to unfollow people on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I’m sure there are unfollow tools for other social media sites, but these hacks shared how I use these tools in my social media strategy. For example, if you are a Twitter follower, Social Oomph and Follower Wonk have strong reputations, but I have no familiarity with these tools so they are not included here.

Great news: These free tools tell you who isn’t following you back.

Bad news: Unfollowing unfollowers manually takes a great deal of time.

Since these are automation tools, your unfollow app won’t take long to use at all. In most cases, unfollowing is as fast as clicking one button.

These social media marketing strategies can even lead to new customers once your new followers find out about how products and services.

Are you ready for your social accounts to grow?

Please share so people wanting social media growth can discover a new management tool.

Which is your favorite unfollow app? Which social media platform is the app designed for? I look forward to your recommendations in the comments section.

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  1. Moss Clement​ at 8:51 am

    Hi Janice,

    I love the tools you presented. I have used Tweepi for Twitter and it works incredibly well. Nonetheless, I also use “Unfollower Stat” to find those not following me back and those who stopped following me on Twitter. I compliment it with Managefliter.
    For Instagram, I use “Follower Assistant.” It is a free tool that shows you who stopped following you and those not following you. Then you can choose to unfollow them as desired.

  2. Dave at 10:17 pm

    Crowdfire used to have an option to unfollow inactive twitter accounts, but as crowdfire has been banned by twitter this action can no longer be used.
    Do you know of any other app that can unfollow inactive twitter accounts. Inactive means not active for 6 months or more.

  3. Ryan K Biddulph at 4:40 am

    Good to know Janice. I have been unfollowing folks much on Twitter because the tweet tone changed over the years. Too much fear and pain. Not a good look. Bleh. Better to keep it positive by unfollowing tweetes from time to time. Keeps your head clear,


    • Janice Wald at 1:26 pm

      Hi Ryan,
      Sadly, I don’t have too much time to browse the home feed to see any negativity. However, if/when I do see content that turns me off, I definitely unfollow.
      I use Commun.it about once a week to unfollow people not following me back. I keep my ratio in check that way.
      Great to see you. Thanks for commenting.
      Janice Wald recently posted…3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Emails Away from SpamMy Profile

  4. jenn at 9:28 am

    I have an instagram account, and I do follow people daily, but getting too much followers start to look spammy.
    I love the tools you presented, anyway I use an app called Unfollow on my android phone. The app divides the people i follow to
    Followers, and non followers, so i try to unfollow the non followers first. I may try some of the other tools.Thanks!
    jenn recently posted…Top 10 Best Tricycles for 2 or 3 Year Old in 2019 ReviewsMy Profile

    • Janice Wald at 1:49 am

      Hi Jenn,
      I found Unfollow for Instagram at the App Store so it seems they have it for the iPhone. Does it have a White List so I don’t accidentally unfollow people I don’t want to unfollow?
      Thanks for commenting and suggesting this Unfollow tool.

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