3 Tips That Will Make You See Awesome Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon

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#Bloggers can boost their StumbleUpon traffic.

People say nothing lasts except death and taxes.

I beg to differ.

I’m happy to say our StumbleUpon group is still going strong.

It’s been a year since I started the StumbleUpon group, the content curation site which results in massive traffic to blogs and other websites.

In that time, bloggers’ posts have been stumbled, bloggers have stumbled others’ posts, and the bottom line is the same– we are continuing to get mega traffic from StumbleUpon, and you can too.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon.com is a social media and content curation site. It’s reputation precedes it. Bloggers flock to SU as a result of the site’s reputation for bringing blogs massive traffic.

Do all good things come with a catch? At least this one does. The catch is as follows: supposedly, the more you stumble your own posts, the less likely you are to get the massive influx of blog traffic.

My experiences support this. Danny from DannyUK.com also advises against self-promoting too often.

My Experiences with StumbleUpon

My post How To Make 1,406 People Look At Your Site in 1 Day explained I received 1,000 page views from the site  in less than a day. That was almost a year ago.

However, since then, I frequently receive 50 hits from StumbleUpon in the course of a day. While many report peaks and valleys in regards to SU traffic, I feel the traffic flow is stable depending on how active I am there.

50 hits in a day is not an abnormal occurrence for me, and a statistic I am quite happy with. The screenshot included in this post (see Advantages to Using StumbleUpon) shows I received 74 page views in one day from the site. These statistics are consistent for me. Instead of the peaks and valleys others report experiencing, I am experiencing a plateau, one I am quite happy with.


1. I have had my first success through StumbleUpon, and it’s a direct result of your post and stumble. Thank you so so much! ~ Mainy

Mainy also wrote,

Morning Janice

I have continued to enjoy stumble visitors to my blog most days since joining your group, so I’d like to say a big thank you! ~ From Mainy

These results are not isolated. In June, Mainy wrote:

Hi Janice, I am loving the results of my visitors from using your stumble group. Thanks so much.

Subsequently, Mainy wrote:

Hi, Janice, hope you’re well:) I was wondering if you’d be able to stumble my new post, please. The results are always so good!:),

Other commenters echoed the praise.

2. I love the traffic that I get from StumbleUpon ~From Rachel

3. StumbleUpon gave me great traffic: maybe not 500 hits a day, but significant!! Thank you for all the help! ~ From Matt 

4. I had a post reap over 1,000 views when it was stumbled. ~ From Molly

5. StumbleUpon has always been a good source of traffic for me. ~ From Harry

6. I submitted a page to SU and got over 1500 views the next day! ~ From Lorraine Reguly

7. In her post, I Went Viral on StumbleUpon! Here’s How I Did It., Coach Debbie Woodruff explains her blog traffic increased seven times as a result of using the site and continued twice as high in the coming weeks.

StumbleUpon provides massive blog traffic

Screenshot Courtesy of Coach Debbie Runs.

Changes at StumbleUpon

Recently, there have been so many changes over at StumbleUpon, people don’t recognize the site.

According to the powers that be at StumbleUpon, the social aspect of this social media/content curation site has decreased. “The new update does remove private messaging…”

Despite these changes, there are still many advantages to using StumbleUpon to try to get mega blog traffic.

Advantages to Using StumbleUpon

  • StumbleUpon is a great content curation site. If you are browsing the web and find an article you might want to reference in a blog post or read later, click the thumb up. This will put the article on your list of “likes”. You can always organize your likes later by putting them in a list.
  • StumbleUpon is an excellent source of traffic. The more you get stumbled by other people, and the more they stumble your articles, the more traffic you should receive. That is the beauty of our StumbleUpon group. The page is structured to facilitate both the stumbling and being stumbled aspects.
  • StumbleUpon traffic often results in search engine traffic. Consider the screenshot below.

StumbleUpon traffic results in search engine traffic #SEO

As I explained in my post which described how to increase search engine traffic, I used to receive 2 hits a day from search engines. As can be seen, on May 29, the day I received 74 hits from StumbleUpon, I received 52 hits from search engines, a massive increase in organic traffic for me.

Because SU is so helpful in getting visibility to your website, socialmediaimpact.com recommends it for marketers.

  • Today, it is easier than ever before to get traffic from StumbleUpon. You get traffic from stumbling other people’s articles. More and more people have StumbleUpon buttons which facilitate this. Even the new social media/content syndication site Niume allows you to stumble articles.

StumbleUpon Strategy

Although people recommend various methods to receiving mega traffic from StumbleUpon, there are strategies that my observation and practice prove effective.

This post has already shared the need to stumble and be stumbled. If you are a Mostly Blogging subscriber, I am happy to stumble your posts for you, but your results will be far more effective if you stumble other people’s posts as well. These are my suggestions.

In addition, if you want massive traffic from StumbleUpon, you should follow these other bloggers’ tips:

  1. According to Olivia Derby, You need to slow down and actually read and engage with the article the site presents to you. She recommends a minute on the post.
  2. When stumbling, you should come from different sites, not always their blog. Stumble articles from their site, from Pinterest, and from Facebook, for example. The StumbleUpon Blogger Adventures Group so adheres to this strategy, that if anyone posts a blog post URL in the group, the admin deletes it from the stumble request list.

There is support for this strategy. According to SEO Expert James Kosur, “Don’t stumble from the same location like my blog or a FaceBook group. That way SU won’t get a heads up that there’s collaboration going on.”

Danny, a UK blogger, confirms this. He advises, “Be both a consumer and a contributor of stumbles.”

Do I follow this strategy? Absolutely. The StumbleUpon Group is a perk for my blog subscribers. When I receive stumble requests, sometimes I stumble from their blog; other times, I copy the URL and paste onto the StumbleUpon “Add a Page” option.

3. According to Coach Debbie, you should not “like” every post that you see. Be truthful. The advantage to giving a “thumbs down” is that you won’t get articles like the one you found uninteresting. Also, according to Debbie, it will help increase your traffic from the site if you give honest assessments of the articles presented to you.


Bloggers express concern that they don’t have people following them at the site. According to Popularization.Info, having followers can actually hurt your ability to get blog traffic. “The more friends you have, the less other non-related strangers are there to push your discovery.”

Also, you may not realize your posts are getting stumbled since you are not the one stumbling them. The people who stumble your articles (like me, if you are in my StumbleUpon group) receive the notification.

StumbleUpon brings #bloggers massive #blog traffic if someone else stumbles your posts

As you can see from the screenshot, Barbara stumbled my article Are You Wasting Your Time Promoting at Social Media Sites?. Therefore, she was the one notified by the site when the article received stumbles (likes that give my post visibility).


In closing, a year has passed since I cross-promoted groups with Michael Rios. I promoted his Reddit group, while he promoted my StumbleUpon group.

If anyone would like their links stumbled, please let me know in the comment section of the StumbleUpon Group page.

Two tips: 

  • Please put one link per comment box.
  • Remember to stumble others’ links too. You are more likely to get traffic if you stumble as well as get stumbled. The StumbleUpon Group has a URL directory Stumble those links, I will stumble your links, and you will be that much more likely to get traffic from the site.

Readers, what are your experiences with StumbleUpon? Do they support the findings of the people whose testimonials I quoted? Do you have additional strategies for getting traffic from the site you can share? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Please share so other bloggers, marketers, and website creators feel confident they can use StumbleUpon to dramatically increase their site’s visibility.

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  1. Gary Jefferies

    Dammit Janet…always wanted to open a comment with something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show…et voila!

    Stumble upon….I remember you posting about this before and I think I had a quick bash before stumbling off a cliff and drowning in the vast sea of Eh? My Pinterest in matters social media is restricted to three places that I’ve slowly begun to #understand.

    Reading this post makes me feel socially inept and considering confused.com as a place to ponder insurance as a distraction.

    Either that or the force has not awakened in me and I’m running around in a maze trying not to get scorched while listening to the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

    And breathe….after all Winters Coming….mind you, being a horror writer I concur with your counter to the opening line of of only taxes and death being long lasting. My antagonist in part one of the annexed link has a good deal of The Conjuring to keep death at bay….bit of a Lost Boy really….

    Rambles aside….stumble upon….yes…ok….right…..Han Solo meets son on bridge thing and end of Han Solo….that would be me playing Han…for clarity… ?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gary,
      Your comments were funny as always. I loved Rocky Horror Picture Show, so I am familiar with the “Dammit, Janet” reference. By the way, if you are playing Han Solo, am I Princess Leah?
      As far as StumbleUpon, no need to be lost.
      Put a link to an article of yours in the comment section of my SU Group page:
      I will stumble it using a relevant tag like “literature” if they have. You sit back and watch the traffic roll in on your dashboard. That simple!

      • Gary Jefferies

        Well, I’ve got an account there now and an email said stumbling has gone on. I thought that was really clever, recognising I was tripping over and thinking eh..then e-mailing to tell me!

        Princess Leah….oooh…..they got off you know and had a darkling chylde of the Sith….just saying ?

        I’ll stick a link in the group tomorrow now. I have mostly got the hang of Twitter bar setting up lists…time issue. So next thing is SU and Pinterest. I have pins now you know….not sure how, but I have a board and everything ?

        Not find in either of their dashboards intuitive mind…but new to me so no doubt time will tell!

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Gary,
          I am following you now over at Pinterest. Looking forward to seeing the new pins you create.

          • Gary Jefferies

            Hi Janice,

            Yes, I noticed you’d connected there too and thanks, means a lot to have your support. Very new on that site so treading softly at the moment….although did I not say that about being a Twit earlier in the year too!!

  2. Reuven

    Great post, Janice. Having recently read about Stumbleupon on your blog, I joined up and am still learning the ropes. That said, I’d appreciate if you could clarify a couple of things from tip #2 above: i) “When stumbling, you should come from different sites, not always their blog.” In this case, by ‘their blog,’ do you mean Stumbleupon directly or the bloggers blog site? ii) “The StumbleUpon Blogger Adventures Group so adheres to this strategy, that if anyone posts a blog post URL in the group, the admin deletes it…” Again, is this referring to sharing a url from Stumbleupon directly?

    Thanks also for making this a safe place to ask ‘stupid/not stupid’ questions, LOL!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Reuven,
      1. “Their blog” refers to the blogger’s blog site. For example, let’s say you wanted to stumble my link. It’s okay to click my StumbleUpon share button. However, it’s good to “mix it up”. So instead of always clicking the SU share button, I will copy the URL of the article, go into StumbleUpon, click “Add a Page” and paste the link there. So, I end up with different ways of getting URL’s to StumbleUpon.
      2. Regarding the StumbleUpon group on Facebook, the members post article links to social media sites. Some people post the link from the Facebook post; others post the link they want stumbled in a Tweet. I always get the pin to the article and post my Pinterest link. Before stumbling, the members click the social media link, end up at the blog, then stumble. Since some of us start at Pinterest, others at Twitter, others at Facebook, we are not all coming from the same place.
      We don’t want the powers that be at StumbleUpon to get “red flagged” that we are trying to somehow manipulate the system.
      3. Thanks for connecting with me at Facebook, for reading what I wrote, and for writing me today.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Reuven,
        I just shared this explanation with another commenter, and you may find it’s clearer than what I wrote you:
        It’s okay to stumble from their blog. Click the StumbleUpon share button. You will be coming from a variety of different blogs when you do, so you will be coming from a variety of different places.
        The StumbleUpon Bloggers Group adds a step. By clicking the link to the post at Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, we are coming from there first. Since we have this additional variation in where we start, the StumbleUpon group feels we are further protected from StumbleUpon thinking we are trying to work the system.
        PS Reuven, I saw you are joining the SU group on FB. Let me know how it goes.

          • Reuven

            Hi, Janice,
            Thanks so much for all of your helpful info. You write great posts and I really appreciate the time you put into responding to your readers’ questions, too.
            Your explanations about the ways to stumble a post have been really helpful and, thanks to your mentioning the FB group in your article, I’m starting to actively participate, promoting others work and getting exposure for my blog posts, too.
            My next goal is to engage on Niume, too, another site you’ve introduced to your readers.
            Honestly, I really can’t thank you enough for all I’m learning from your posts. I’m very grateful.
            All the best,

  3. Olivia Morris

    Great introduction to StumbleUpon. I have used it for years, but didn’t really understand it’s implications. Thanks for clarifying. Where can you find your SU stats? Do you have a plug-in or does SU provide that information?

    Would love to have more people Stumble my articles from either of my websites.
    http://www.grammieknowshow.com or pizzazzplusfashion.com

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Olivia,
      Great to see you. Thank you for writing me today.
      I always get my stats from my WordPress dashboard. The screenshot I showed was captured from my WordPress dashboard.

  4. Sandy KS

    I don’t get, if you can’t do it directly from their blog. Than how do you StumbleUpOn their stuff?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandy,
      It’s okay to stumble from their blog. Click the StumbleUpon share button. You will be coming from a variety of different blogs when you do, so you will be coming from a variety of different places.
      The StumbleUpon Bloggers Group adds a step. By clicking the link to the post at Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, we are coming from there first. Since we have this additional variation in where we start, the StumbleUpon group feels we are further protected from StumbleUpon thinking we are trying to work the system.
      I saw you are joining the SU group at Facebook. Great!

      • Sandy KS

        Thank you for explaining that to me. I do have the StumbleUpOn button in my browser.

  5. John Doe

    How does one join your stumbleupon group? Do you stumble people’s links?

  6. Bill Kasman

    I have found StumbleUpon to be most valuable in promoting not only my own work but that of others – which, of course, leads to more visits to my own work. I Stumble at the rate of 10-20 articles from other authors to each one of my own I place there. StumbleUpon also lets me know when my own work is Stumbled. By the way, I find that Twitter is also a good source of traffic.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bill,
      Since I never place my own links there, I am never notified when my links are stumbled.
      You are correct in your ratio although I heard it is more like I need to stumble 30 of other people’s links for each one of my own I place there. Maybe things have relaxed a little.
      Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Isaac Anim

    I have also received some traffic from stumbleupon. The first time I shared my content, I had 12 more shares over there in less than a day. That was about 7 months ago when I was still a newbie.

  8. Janice Wald

    Hi Isaac,
    It’s the hamburger lover! =) Thanks for writing to remind me I need to go shopping for the virtual burgers for next week’s party =). I thought yesterday, since I served cheese, you could have a cheeseburger, hold the burger, LOL.
    At any rate, thanks for writing to offer an additional testimonial that StumbleUpon really does result in additional blog traffic.

  9. Terri Schrandt

    I’m glad to know that SU is still working. A few months back, several bloggers were locked out for over-stumbling posts. I get emails that announce my posts are getting stumbled, so yay! When i finish migrating back to wordpress dot com, I’ll start stumbling posts again!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Terri,
      Thanks for writing me. Locked out! Over-stumbling! I’ve never heard of that? Do you know how many they were stumbling? If I fall behind stumbling links on the StumbleUpon group page, I may stumble many links in a day, and I’ve never had a problem. Thanks for giving us a warning.
      Do you stumble your own links? Is that why you get notified they are being stumbled?
      Why are you going back to WordPress.com? I don’t think they approve of bloggers making money there, and I know you’re selling your Ebook.

  10. Carol Cassara

    This is great. You know, social media marketing takes a boatload of time. That investment is something that I”m not sure I have in me. I’ve slowed down a lot in that regard. I’m going to have to consider how this will play out in my new business.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carol,
      If you have a new business, I recommend social media marketing to promote it. Let me know how it goes without it. Then, you can always implement it.

  11. Deb Jones

    I don’t have my own blog yet — plan to, but not yet — but enjoy these tips and being able to share them with others via social media.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Deb,
      Thank you for writing me. I did not realize you do not have your own blog. When you decide the time is right to try it, I hope you’ll pick my brain about blogging tips. I love to help bloggers, as you can see.

  12. Corina

    This article is right on time. I just started with StumbleUpon and have a lot to learn. I had wondering for a while if stumbling or commenting on facebook from collaborative fb groups was actually hurting things. I think the algorithms definitely pick up on it… Great tips! Joining your SU group.

  13. Leanne

    Stumble Upon was a big hit with me for a while – it was good for page views and I even got a few bigger lots of views ……..but over the last few months it seems to have dropped off. I still Stumble everyone when I share their posts and I stumble my own, but it just seems to be dead in the water these days. I’ve found the same with Flipboard – HUGE views for a month and then a gradual decline to almost nothing lately. Facebook and Pinterest seem to have picked up though. I don’t tweet, but I’ve heard Twitter views have also died off for bloggers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      I’m happy with StumbleUpon’s traffic– 70 hits a day I’ve received recently. However, I NEVER stumble my own. Could that be the difference?
      I am happy with Flipboard and Facebook. Pinterest is my biggest disappointment. I’m going to try to change my Pinterest strategy to see if it improves. Twitter is low but slowly growing. Thanks for sharing your results. Do you have any advice for how to improve Pinterest traffic? I’d appreciate it since I’m writing about it again soon.

  14. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Thanks Janice for talking about Stumble Upon again. I have slacked off SU. I should revive it again. Thanks to everyone for sharing their success Stumbling.


  15. Charlotte

    Thanks so much for sharing this (and I just joined your Stumble Upon FB group!). Excited to learn more; admittedly, SU is really a platform I know very little about, having joined so long ago and then kind of forgetting about it. I KNOW! Thanks for the reminder to kick my butt in gear where this is concerned 🙂 Happy weekend–I just stumbled in from SITS Sharefest!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Charlotte,
      Glad you found my post valuable. Thanks for writing to tell me and clicking my link over at SITS. Let me know how you like the StumbleUpon Facebook group.

  16. Wendy

    Hi, Janice! Thanks for the explanations here. You are pointing out many things I’m doing wrong, and how to fix them! When I was participating in your SU group regularly, I was getting lots of SU traffic. I’m heading from here back to your group again. 🙂

    • Wendy

      Oh, I didn’t realize you had a FB group now! That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been actively Stumbling – yikes! I thought you were still using the group on your blog. Just requested to join your FB group. 🙂

      • Wendy

        OH…haha — The FB group isn’t yours. Your group is still on your site. Finally found the right links!

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