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#Bloggers can get paid to promote their #blog posts at Niume

Note: Niume is a defunct site. This revenue sharing site folded in 2017.  Virily is an active revenue sharing site. If you’re interested, give Virily a try.


Do you know bloggers’ three biggest challenges?

If you guessed, how to increase blog traffic, how to make money blogging, and how to find enough time to promote, you guessed correctly.

You can solve all three by following just one blogging tip: promote your post at

Consider this a follow-up to my post This is What You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Content Syndication Sites.

Since writing the article, I discovered another content syndication site, Niume.

Content Syndication sites offer you a valuable opportunity to get exposure to new audiences without writing a single additional word.

This post will explain how you can use to get paid for promoting an article you’ve already written.

Get paid, get traffic, and not have to write another word?

It’s true! Niume actually pays you to syndicate your blog posts at their site.

Apparently, they believe in sharing their revenue with their users.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t.

This tutorial will explain how you can use Niume to get more exposure, spend less time to promote your blog, and get paid money.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog, site, or video content out to another site, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail. You syndicate your content in order to get new traffic to older articles. You get exposure to new audiences without writing new posts.


What is Niume?

According to StartupStory, “Niume is an interest-based social network that is born out of the need for a quality driven social network in which users are motivated to share high-quality content and to pursue their passions.”

Niume not only allows content syndication, the site administrators encourage syndication by paying you per view to promote your articles at their site. The site administrators also pay you to refer others to use the site. Niume is a social media site as well.

Users are motivated to stay active and refer others due to the money they can accrue. Users get paid for both page views and referrals. There is even an aura of competition to see who can get the most hype (votes).

Niume is gaining in popularity so quickly that the Writer’s Accountability Facebook Group has a special thread devoted to Niume to ensure their members connect there.

Since the site helps you find like-minded bloggers, the admins have coined the phrase “Collaborative Blogging” to describe their site.


Since the site was founded at the end of 2014, it is barely two years old. In that time, 35,000 content creators have signed up and more register daily.

The site was started by a trio of London graduate students from Cambridge University and has vast financial backing.

Niume’s Mission Statement:

We are a platform that gives people the chance to collaborate and share their work to connect with a huge and passionate audience of readers. In order to do so, join your favorite spheres of interest (and create your first post.)

How to Use Niume to Promote Your Blog Post

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “Your interests”. These become your “Spheres”. They are like Google+ Communities.
  3. Click “Get me Started”.
  4. Click “Create a Post”.
  5. There is a bar across the top. Click the niche of the post you’d like to share.
  6. Initially, Niume will show you where to paste your article and where to add a photo or graphic.
  7. I recommend adding a photo or graphic. They are eye-catching and other people have them.
  8. You will be asked to agree with Niume’s guidelines.
  9. After submission, you can share your article on your social media.
  10. I shared on StumbleUpon since StumbleUpon discourages sharing your own articles. I was able to promote my writing, but since my link was coming from Niume, I shouldn’t be penalized by suffering a decrease in traffic from StumbleUpon.
  11. Click “Leaderboard”. Articles from people who have written about your interests will appear. You will have the opportunity to “Subscribe” to them in order to get their posts in your Niume feed.
  12. Click the round icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You will be able to edit your personal information like your blog URL, Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

Within an hour, I had received six hype for my post. This means six people liked it. Hype is like upvoting or clicking the like button. When I scrolled through my news feed, my article was there. Getting visibility at the site is easy!

Niume is an effective form of blog promotion. Can you tell my post has a golden banner since the site administrators chose my article to be the featured post?Niume is a content syndication site

Why You Should Use Niume

  • Niume has categories called Spheres for bloggers of every niche.
  • You can use Niume to search for articles. In order to filter what comes into your feed, tag the posts that you see at the bottom of the screen.
  • Getting visibility, essential for blog growth, is easy.
  • You could be the Numier of the Week. That’s the name for Niume’s featured blogger. Niume Emails its users information about the featured blogger which would increase your visibility if you are chosen.
  • You might make new connections and find like-minded bloggers. The spheres of interest enable you to find people who share your interests as well as their articles on topics that interest you.
  • People who use the site meet in a special Facebook group which also encourages expanding your connections.
  • The site administrators are available if you have questions.
  • The folks over at Niume tweet all articles left there. This enables you to increase your blog’s visibility on Twitter as well as Niume.
  • You may want to have the option of writing somewhere besides your blog.
  • There are three ways to make money at Niume. First, you make money if people sign up through you!  If people sign up to use Niume, you make $1.00 each time the people you referred make their first post. If you decide to sign up to use Niume, I hope you’ll use my referral link:
  • You will also get paid when you make your first post if you signed up through someone. As soon as you make your first post, you and the person who referred you each make $1.00.
  • You also make money when people view your articles. According to Tracey Jade Boyer, you get paid per view! All you have to do is connect your PayPal account to Niume, so the administrators can deposit the money in your account. They’ll start paying you when you’ve accrued $10.00 or over. Here is the link to connect Niume to your PayPal account. Payments are carried out within 15 days after the end of each calendar month.

How to See How Much Money You’ve Accrued 

As indicated, you will be paid once your earnings reach $10.00, so it’s important to know how close you’re getting to a payout.

In order to see how much money you’ve made, go to your dashboard:

Click “Revenue” to see how many money you’ve accrued.

#Bloggers who use Niume get paid for promotion


You can give an article thumb up, thumb down, or bookmark it. Giving a thumb up, voting approval of the article, is called hype.

You can upvote or downvote comments as well. Because of  the comments, Niume is both a content syndication site and a social media site.



Blogger Barbara Radisavljevic recommends the site. “It is easy to find readers for your content. The guidelines don’t require more than five lines of text at this time. Most of the content I’ve seen so far is of higher quality than on many other similar sites.” She goes on to explain she finds the members participate more actively than users of other content creation sites.

According to Eileen Brown of, “With over 250 million blogs existing online and over a million blog posts uploaded every day, it is difficult for most bloggers to rise above the internet noise and be noticed. Niume intends to change all that.”


Bloggers have expressed concerns about search engine rankings falling if they syndicate their content.

Google came out with penalties that hurt your SEO rankings for duplicate content. As my previous content syndication articles explain, Google is not concerned with you duplicating your content.

However, there is a downside to content duplication. First, rather than have both at their search engine, Google may pick only one, and it may not be your blog post.

If you are still concerned about content duplication, when you syndicate your content, change the headline.

Are you convinced?

If you are interested in signing up, as explained, everyone who refers someone is paid $1.00. The person referred gets paid when they create their first post as well.

I would love it if you signed up by clicking my Referral Code: I’d appreciate you helping to support my site by signing up through me.


Have you ever heard the expression, You don’t need to reinvent the wheel?

Bloggers, you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.

That’s the beauty of content syndication sites. They allow you to syndicate content you have already written.

Are you ready to try Niume? Before you go, please share this post so other readers know about Niume.

Have you used Niume? What are your experiences? Would you recommend the site to others? Do you think you might try signing up? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Updated Information: According to Tracey Jade Boyer, you will be paid automatically when you reach the threshold. There is no need to cash out.

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Niume New Blogging Platform Is Taking the World By Storm

  1. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Thanks Janice I am thinking about giving it a go, of course I would use your link. I was a bit sceptical because I joined another group called Empowr. I soon made $60 after a few days. They pay out after 90 days, it sounded awesome and they also wanted to share their profits.They also connected payments to Paypal and said they had been around for 15 years. My husband did a scam search and many users named them as a scam, I won’t go into the details but I managed to get out and stop their access to my PayPal.
    I just did similar searches on Niume and DID NOT find any negative reports. It sounds good Janice and congrats on being featured by Niume..

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for cautioning us to be wary of sites that may be a scam.
      That is scary. Niume does not have my PayPal password, but thanks for the warning nonetheless.
      I followed you at Niume.

  2. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I still can’t get used to reblogging or duplicating content I’ve written elsewhere. Click bait is definitely against the TOS. An example of Clickbait is to write part of your blog on Niume — just enough to get someone interested — and then directing them to your own blog to read the rest with a “Read More” link. To me, it’s find line. I’d rather write something original and then direct to a link for more information on my blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbara,
      For that reason, I’ve started promoting this post as “Write at Niume” instead of “Blog at Niume.” You’re correct. People can write original content at Niume. It does not have to be a replica of a blog post. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Michael Noker

    I signed up. I figure it’s worth a shot – not necessarily for the payout (these revenue sharing sites were huge like… A decade ago, but I never really saw much good come from them), but if I can use it to get some more eyeballs on my YouTube videos, that seems like a pretty good use of my time. Especially since you don’t have to do much to post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Michael,
      If you signed up through my referral link, let me know, so I can make sure my dashboard Revenue reflects that.
      I agree. It doesn’t take much time to post there. What spheres did you pick? Thanks for writing. Great to hear from you.

  4. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Janice,
    I don’t anything about the Niume but through your post, i came to know about it.
    Thanks for sharing
    have a good weekend.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robin,
      I am glad I could expose you to a new site. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Totally new to Niume but it bears a deeper look. Good note on dupe content too. If you love search traffic this may not be a match but if not, feel free to research thoroughly to see if it fits your blog and brand. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for reading what I wrote and commenting on my Niume article .
      I definitely like search engine traffic! I’ve only posted at Niume three times. Next time, I’ll be sure to change the headline.

  6. Melinda Mitchell

    Dear BBFFJ, sounds almost too good to be true! But, since it’s from you, I know it’s trustworthy!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi BBFFM,
      A reader’s husband checked, and there are no negative reviews of Niume or complaints over scams. It definitely seems on the level.
      Sorry I haven’t been over more. Busy week.

  7. dgkaye

    Thanks Janice for explaining this so well. I’ve bookmarked this page because I am going to check out Niume in a week or so. I will definitely go in through your link. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Thank you so much for linking to my article. I hope your readers are as intrigued by Niume as we are. I followed you over there.

  8. Michele

    I joined a few days ago. My second post got featured and I have a good collection of hypes already. We will see where it goes, but so far so good!

  9. Victoria

    Thanks again for introducing me to a new source. I can barely handle the “traditional” promotional sites (FB, Pinterest, Twitter) so I always have to check my enthusiasm for adding one more promo place to my list! 😉 Do you have articles/recommendations for folks (like me) who are in the DIY-craft niche? I don’t write articles, more tutorials and how-to. Visiting from Saturday Sharefest.

  10. Reuven

    Mrs. Wald, thanks so much for another terrific post. As a blogger, I’m always looking for ways to increase traffic and exposure of my posts. Thanks to the info you shared here about Niume, I used your link to sign up and will soon start sharing my content.

    I really want to convey my thanks for all you do to help and encourage other bloggers. Your posts are consistently informative, helpful and detailed and I’m learning so much from you. I am truly in your debt!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Harry,
      Thank you so much. Thank you as well for the compliments on my article.

  11. Jim Bauer

    Ever since the Bubblews debacle I am always cautious about sites like this. But it does seem to be worth a shot. One rule I always follow is any money I make online goes into my investment accounts. That way if and when a site goes kaput, like Bubblews did, and like WebAnswers did sometime after, the money remains and keeps on paying dividends. I’d recommend keeping records of content as well so if the site does go kaput you at least still have your content. Bubblews users lost it all.

  12. Teresa

    I found this very interesting because I had never heard of Niume before. I will definitely look into it. Thank you for sharing and please keep us informed of any new information.

    • Janice Wald

      HI Teresa,
      Thank you for writing me. If you sign up for Niume, I hope you will use my referral link. Hey, every dollar helps pay for my site =). Thanks for letting me know you found my post valuable and the site I wrote about interesting.

  13. Angela

    Thank you for your info. Unfortunately my blog is book blogging. I try to search for book category but it was not there.

  14. Gangadhar Kulkarni

    Hey Janice,

    Informative post indeed….!!!

    Recently I joined Niume blogging platform. Amazing blogging platform to boost your blog web traffic & earn money.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable info with us…..Have a great day……!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for writing to tell me! I’m glad you enjoyed my article. Thank you for your comments.

  15. Sandy KS

    What do you mean paste your article? Did you mean write it? I’m confused.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sandy,
      I use Niume as a content creation site. I write on my blog, I copy the writing, and then I go to Niume, click “Create a Post,” and then I paste the article I originally published on my blog. Of course, you can write original material at Niume if you want.

      • Sandy KS

        Thank you for explaining, I have a few more questions. Do you paste your whole article or part of it? Do you link to your blog when you paste it?

        • Janice Wald

          I just reviewed two of my articles. I pasted the whole article. Unlike at Medium, I did not link to my blog to have people continue reading. Maybe it’s taboo like you said. However, with the backlinks I included in the post, I still linked to my blog.

  16. Betty

    Janice Can you list other related articles that you have written at Niume in your post article?For example:

    You can read more from this author: then list the article?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Betty,
      Thank you for reaching out. Where did you find my Niume article, may I ask?
      My answer is yes you can. Feel free to put links to your other articles in your article that you are posting.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Betty,
          I wanted to thank you for subscribing to my blog! Much appreciated!

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Betty,
          I noticed you just signed up recently. Do you remember where you found my blog? I always wonder what promotion tips work for me.

  17. Taposh Kapuria

    Hi Janice,

    Helpful post…!!! I always try to comments on article that’s helpful and problem-solving for others. Niume is a great place to drive massive traffic and earn revenue. Niume helps people to create article, distributing that post and we have opportunity to earn money from here. Great platform.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Taposh,
      Thanks for writing me. I am glad you enjoyed my Niume post and the site itself. I wrote a subsequent article in which people took sides over the merit of the site. Nice to meet you.

  18. Akinnah

    Hi Janice,

    Wow, this is an amazing post! I have signed up with Niume months ago but I haven’t posted anything yet. I just did not know how and where to start. And now you’ve just given me insights and I will definitely explore Niume. Thanks much and more power to you!
    Newbie blogger here ?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Akinnah,
      So glad I could be of help with my Niume article.
      You mentioned you are a new blogger. You’ve come to the right place. We help new bloggers here. I actually host 10 networking events each month where you could meet new readers and often write articles about sites that help bloggers like Niume.
      Thanks for writing to tell me you found the article helpful.

  19. Otis

    Janice, you have just Won yourself a convert. Full disclosure, I found your blog through Twitter & I originally landed on this post:

    And after reading (and commenting – I did the right thing), I find myself engaged with your content. How in the hell do you find all of these resources!?? In TWO POSTS, I’ve learned about a plugin & a social media network that I’d never heard of prior to reading your content. That is truly impressive!

    What’s more, while scanning through the titles of your other posts, I see even more sources that I am unfamiliar with. You really are something!

    I’m uhhh….gonna have to stop by more often. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Don’t toy with my emotions this way! Give me a follow! You like my articles, and I have over 600 more where those came from. I like your personable comments! It’s a match!
      Thank you for telling me where you found my article. I always wonder.
      Regarding my resources, I had a goal to make my blog a place bloggers could come for resources. Thanks for letting me know I’ve done that.
      Thank you for the glowing comments. Seriously, I would love to have your readership.


    I am willing to try Niume but I signed up and once they say I need to verify my e-mail for PayPal in order to get accepted in the revenue thing. I went to my gmail and it was in my spam folder like this: “Be careful with this message. Lots of other people have marked similar messages as phishing scams, so this might contain unsafe content.”, hope you can help…does this site really pays?


        Thank you, Janice.
        I already posted something
        The problem is that I write in Spanish (it’s my native language) so I have to translate every entry I made on Blogger.
        But I hope to see great results because I want to be back at med school.
        I appreciate your great feedback here.

        • Janice Wald

          My pleasure. Follow me over there. You can see my articles, if you’re interested.

  21. Prosanta Mondal

    Hey Jenice,
    Great Post abou Niume, i am a new blogger and i don’t have enough experience about how make money with blog, now i understan how to earn money from blog without google adsense, thank you very much.

  22. Smiling Notes

    Hi Janice,

    I had signed up on Niume using your referral link and had already started publishing my content there as well. In May I received an email from them saying that they are discontinuing their revenue system. After that, I did not post any articles there. I was wondering whether you also received a similar email or did they just send out to a handful of people who are pretty new to niume.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shamira,
      I’ve meant to update this post and post a follow-up but I’ve been really busy.
      It’s true. Niume has stopped paying writers per view. I did not realize they stopped paying for referrals. Thanks for trying to sign up through me.
      I have a post planned on sites that DO pay writers. Stay tuned!

      • Smiling Notes

        Thank you for replying and clearing my doubt, Janice. Looking forward to your posts as always 🙂

        • Janice Wald

          Thanks my friend. Congratulations again about winning the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party.

  23. Cubber

    Thanks for giving me to various tips & tricks to increase our earning and also helped to improve ours traffic sources.
    Continue growing.
    Life time earning opportunity app: –

  24. Raj Sharma

    Hey Barbara,

    I can’t find my own referrals links.
    Help me out plz.

    Expecting for your reply soon.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Raj,
      I’m Janice. I wrote the article. Since I published, Niume has stopped paying people for referrals or page views.
      Do you still want me to go in and discover where to find the referral link?

  25. Tecsolo SEO

    Thanks for the information on Niume. I hadn’t heard of it before but it sounds pretty cool. I’m always looking for great content syndication.

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