6 Ways to Easily Get More Social Media Attention

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#Bloggers can increase traffic using social media #blogging Click to see howDo you use social media?

You should. After all, since there are 2.3 billion active social media users, clearly you can use social media sites for a variety of reasons.

For example, if you are a blogger or website creator, you can draw attention to your site.

In addition, you can use social media to draw attention to a cause you believe in or share personal news. Also, you can use social media to find like-minded users who share your interests. You can even try to market a product using social media.

This post will share six easy ways to increase your blog traffic using social media. Not only are the tips easy, they are quick to follow, effective, and free.

Get More Social Media Attention with 1 Simple Tip

There are many ways to get more attention at social media sites by following one simple tip. Look at your analytics at the various social media sites you use.

Dashboards contain analytics and most social media sites have dashboards containing your statistics.

A  dashboard is an easy-to-read data visualization tool that displays your performance. Every social media site has a dashboard that displays data. By looking at the data, you can repeat your effectiveness at those sites. Here are examples of how you can boost your social media strategy by looking at analytics.



When you go to your Twitter account, you will see your analytics near your profile picture. They are visible every 24 hours.

By looking at the screenshot, you can see my blog posts received the most impressions at approximately 10:00 pm. I want to make sure I tweet at the time I am the most effective, for maximum attention on Twitter. Autoschedulers like Hootsuite and Buffer are available in case I can’t be at a computer at that time.

With 320 million monthly users, capitalizing on your previous Twitter successes is a great way to get more online attention.



Click on your profile picture. Then, click on the analytics symbol.

flipboard dashboard analytics

By looking at the screenshot, you can see my Flipboard analytics show my top five best performing articles. Flipboard has more than 50 million users. If I want to capitalize on users’ (“flippers”) interest in me, I would write more content that users find interesting.


When you go into your Pinterest account, you will see “Analytics” in the upper left. Click it.


Your Pinterest analytics show your pin that’s the most popular with “pinners” in the last month. If you want to get more attention on Pinterest, you need to make more pins like your most popular pins since that’s what your Pinterest followers enjoy seeing.


Many website creators have pages for their online businesses. Facebook has over one billion users. By paying close attention to their analytics, content creators can replicate successes at this popular site.


Click on the name of your page. Then click “Insights”.

social media

You see my analytics in the screenshot. Facebook users were more engaged with my writing than they were the previous week. I need to repeat the content I’m posting, and I should continue to see increased engagement.


social media

When you are logged into your Google account, you will see your notifications next to your profile picture. Click on the red circle.

social media Google+

By looking at my Google+ analytics, you can see that six people “+1’d” my secret blogging hacks article. At Google+, “+1” means they are recommending my article to their followers.

These six people are interested in my content. If I want more social shares, I should write more content like this. Since they already shared this article, I can expect they will share more like it.


Even Instagram has analytics. Instagram is a photo sharing site with over 400 million users.

social media

If you hover over a photo you uploaded, you will see statistics showing likes and comments. If I upload more photos like this to Instagram, I can expect to be effective at gaining traction from this social media site and have more people like my photos.


There is a whole host of reasons to use social media sites. If you are a website creator, research exists which point to added benefits to following these tips. In addition to getting more online attention, your website will rank higher on search engines. Also, the more people who find you at social media sites, the more possibilities you have of users sharing your articles with their social media followers. This, in turn, creates even more online attention for you.

As diverse as all our backgrounds are, there are benefits at social media sites for everyone. Online attention only scratches the surface. Readers of my blog know I always look at the dashboards at social media sites in order to repeat my successes there. For the reasons mentioned in this article, so should you.

Analytics are irrefutable. This post explained six ways you can use your data at these various sites to fuel your blogging success.

Many social media sites exist which are valuable for blog promotion. To boost your effectiveness at social media sites, you should implement a strategy. This post suggested following one step in that strategy – look at your analytics. At most sites, they can be found in your dashboard. For this reason, your social media success can be found there too.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers and website creators know how easy it is to check the dashboard at social media sites so they can repeat their successes.

Did I miss any? What social media sites do you use for blog promotion? Do you check your analytics while you are there? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Note: This article originally appeared on Lifehack.org.

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  1. Brittany Ferrell

    These are such great tips! I really need to look at my analytics more in depth. It just makes sense to know your reader, so you can provide content that is valuable to them.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Brittany,
      Please forgive my late response. I fell behind on answering comments when my book was published. I am glad you found my analytics post valuable. We want to emulate our successes at social media. Thanks for writing.

  2. Barbaria

    Dear Janice,

    thank you for another great post. I would like to ask you about Stumbleupon? Is it still worth to use it for promotion of a blog? Cause in some of your older posts you mentioned it as a good source of traffic to your website. However, after I have signed up recently, I didn’t really get any traffic from there, only spent a lot of time by stumbling and liking lots of posts and articles, without any reciprocation. Do you have any advice on how to use it the right way? Thanks for your help ?


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbaria,
      Thanks for writing me and reaching out. You asked how to get traffic from StumbleUpon.
      Step 1. Someone needs to stumble your link. I stumbled your Venice link.
      Step 2. You need to stumble other people’s links. Please stumble my link for me: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/social-media-attention/
      Additional ways you can get traffic from StumbleUpon:
      There are groups designed to stumble your links and like your links already there. They are reciprocation groups, just like the reciprocation I described in Steps 1 and 2. They have very strict rules, so make sure you follow them.
      I have had the most success with this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1078584682183900/
      Follow those steps and then let me know if you start seeing traffic!

      • Barbara

        Thanks Janice!

        Wow, it’s really working, I have never had such high traffic, ?terific, thak you for your help.

        I stumbled your link.


        • Janice Wald

          Big smile here Barbara! =)
          Thanks so much for writing and letting me know. I will use your comments as a testimonial in my next StumbleUpon post and link to you. Excited for you!

        • Janice Wald

          Sorry I keep calling you Barbaria, Barbara. I really am happy for you.

  3. Cellular Israel


    I rediscovered your blog after several months, and I’m – again – really impressed. Thanks for always providing thoughtful posts geared toward helping us grow our social media followings and website traffic. I really like the idea of scheduling social media posts for the times when your audience is most active! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Cellular,
      I agree. That is the beauty of automation. Tools exist which can tell us when our audience is the most active.

  4. Melinda Mitchell

    Right on target as always, my BBFFJ!
    You amaze me with your knowledge, and strengths in using social media to your best advantage!
    Your BBFFM

  5. Mark

    Thanks for sharing another excellent post Janice!

    I sort forgot about the analytics of social media!

    Thanks so much for the wake up call. And you are absolutely so
    right, there literally is a ton of extremely valuable information
    to be discovered, by studying our analytics.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mark,
      How is the blogging coming? I recently was hired as a blog consultant. After a long break, I found I loved it! Thanks again for helping me in this regard.
      I’m glad you agree that studying our analytics if valuable. People might not know how to find their analytics, so I figured they’d find the post valuable.

  6. Reuven

    Janice, this is another terrific post and I’ve bookmarked it to refer to again and again. I’m terribly guilty of neglecting analytics, much to my detriment. I know they’re available and yet I’m always so busy getting things done that I put off taking a closer look. Your post has inspired me to do better: I should be working smarter, not harder.

    I have to say, Janice, that I learn something from every post you write and I’m grateful for the thought you put into creating value for your readers. It’s truly appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Meredith

    I’m just starting to become more involved on social media and learn more about the platforms as I try to grow my new blog. Thanks for pointing out how helpful analytics can be!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Meredith,
      It is always my pleasure to help. Thanks for writing to tell me you found my article valuable.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kellie,
      I’m glad you enjoyed my analytics post. Thanks for clicking my link over at SITS.

  8. chris jericho

    i have just started utilizing traffic from your social sites.Your tips are very timely, thanks!

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