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blog post #Bloggers can increase traffic and have fun while promoting their blog posts.

Did you think last week’s publication schedule was erratic?

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, you didn’t receive Tuesday, October 4’s post, 8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post and Receive Traffic, so I am sending the article to you now that the technical difficulties are resolved.

8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post and Receive Traffic

Did you know being a blogger is trendy?

According to the guest author, Vincent Hill, “Blogging is the newest trend nowadays.”

My post 7 Ways Blogging Helps You Better Navigate Life explains you are better at dealing with life than people who live outside of the blogosphere.

According to my guest author, you are trendy as well.

According to Google Trends, interest in sites used by bloggers like Medium and Google+ is on the rise.

Vincent explains 8 ways you can capitalize on that trend in order to woo visitors to your blog and increase your blog traffic.

Vincent’s tips are not only trendy, he makes them sound downright fun.

Click to continue reading 8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post And Get Traffic. Then tell me which tip you think is the smartest way to promote your post and increase traffic in the comments section.

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See you tomorrow!


  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    I like the post title about stories and inspiring readers to comment. Checking that out now 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Mark

    Sorry to hear you recently experienced some technical difficulties Janice!

    I recently went through a similar situation, when my site was hacked!

    And I’m so glad the situation was resolved quickly.

    I definitely want to read your recommended post.Thanks!

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