How to Boost Your Traffic: 5 Free Promotion Strategies You Can Use Now

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5 proven free promotion strategies

Do you know bloggers’ most frequent question?

“How do I get blog traffic?”

Someone just emailed me today and asked me to share promotion strategies.

I get asked to share promotion strategies on my blog and on as well.

My post 79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic is still one of my most popular articles. The post still picks up page views although it was written two years ago.

Why is the article still relevant?

People say you should write 20% of your time and promote 80% of your time.

The article is still relevant because you need promotion strategies so people learn about your blog.

Today’s guest author, Iyiola Owabumowa, offers 5 promotion strategies you may not be using.

All of them are effective and all of them are free.

The best part: Iyiola has invented a promotion strategy called “The CN Highway Technique” which works even on new blogs.

The post describes this proven method as well as 5 other effective promotion strategies.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience from Nothing: 5 Strategies You Can Implement Now

Iyiola Owabumowa

One of the world’s longest traffic jams in history was the 12 days and 62 miles one that happened on China’s National Highway.

It’s very possible to drive that much traffic to your blog.

Many experts have achieved it.

But you don’t know how or where to start.

Basically, there are five ways you could channel that much traffic to your blog.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks traffic from Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough to drive meaningful passive income home.

Picture the China National Highway Traffic Jam for a minute.

It just doesn’t happen.

Not for 12 painful days!

And the cause of this outrageous event?

Different channels of cars coming from different places.

You could have this same effect on your blog.

And create a blog that drives traffic from five different channels.

I’ve used this formula and I got perfect results.

I didn’t use this formula on a 3-year-old blog but a 2 month-old blog and got the desired results.

The “CN Highway Technique” like I love to call it.

I’m going to walk you through 5 Smart Techniques to grow your blog from nothing to a successful blog.

Note: These steps in the CN Highway technique are linked together so missing a step might just make you miss everything.


  1. Consistency on Pinterest

There’s one thing Pinterest loves: high pinning frequency.

Pinterest also loves to see high quality repins.

Repinning low-quality pins all in the name of consistency would just lower your chances of getting found on Pinterest.

Yep! Early grave it is.

Then, how exactly do you get noticed on Pinterest?

How do you be the one to always get the hits and click-throughs?

You might have seen other Pinterest faces like Raelyn Tan, Meera Kothand, and a few other experts.

That’s because of 3 things they do well on Pinterest:


  • Branding


All the images you pin should have a unified design.

This establishes your brand and attaches more recognition to your pins.

Also, people begin to view you as an expert in your niche.


  • Consistency


Pinning consistently should be part of your priorities if you want to thrive on Pinterest.

That’s why you should use Tailwind.

Tailwind knows when your pins get the most engagement so Tailwind helps you schedule them for maximum results.

[Host Blogger’s Comments: Tailwind is not a free tool. Viralwoot is a free pin scheduler. I use and recommend Viralwoot.]

[Read: This Wonderful Pin Scheduler is the Fastest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Viralwoot]


  • High-quality pins


High-quality pins get you a lot of repins in return and also tells Pinterest that you are worthy of the front page.

A single pin could make you go viral.

After you’ve gotten validated by other pinners, you’ll need to do something more awesome.

Maybe ground-breaking, whatever you prefer 🙂

You’ll need to create a roundup post.


  1. Creating Expert Roundup Posts

From the last step, you’d have established yourself as an authority in whatever niche you blog in. So getting influencers to notice you wouldn’t be a big deal.

Roundup Posts don’t have to bring in the results you want.

They don’t even have to bring in any results. Yes.

All you need a roundup post for is to get a little traffic for day one (and then you can go back to the trickles you’ve been receiving).

You also need roundup posts for the next step.

So what exactly is an expert roundup post and how do you do it?

Expert roundup posts are posts that contain a bit of information from different experts on a particular topic.

There’s been quite a lot. So everyone does it and experts see it as a waste of their time.

No one actually tells you this, but only a few roundup posts actually make your blog popular.

But what is the main reason for this step?

For blogger outreach.

This step is actually to get a little bit of traffic and awareness on the side but mainly to reach out to those expert bloggers.

After you get the contributions ready, publish the roundup post and let the experts know.

Hint: Don’t put too much expectation on roundups in case they don’t explode.

Once you are done with the roundup, then you’ll have the chance to proceed to Step 3.

[Read: How to Write an Expert Round-Up Even if You Don’t Know Any Experts]


  1. Blogger Outreach from a Smarter Angle

No matter how much you try to reach expert bloggers in your niche through social media, blogger outreach is mostly done the cold way.

That’s the main reason why you needed Step 2.

Growing your audience is the key step in blogging.

And blogger outreach would help you solve part of your problem.

Until now, I was skeptical about this step.

Because I know everyone is always talking about blogger outreach.

But that’s not all. They were definitely hiding something.

So you reach out to bloggers and just get traffic from social shares? No freakin’ way

Blogger outreach should be done this way:

And after a couple of blogger outreach attempts, ask for guest opportunities from those expert bloggers.


  1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is as good as roundup posts but not all the time. It is just a subset of roundup posts.

Sometimes a unique guest post on a quality site that gets a lot of traffic might just be the key.

Everyone says you could borrow someone’s audience and if you really hit the nail on the head for your guest post, you’ll be able to build your audience.

Yes, that’s true.

But not always.

I’ve seen a whole lot of people trying to guest post for low-quality sites and get nothing in return.

So post about 3-5 topics on your blog that you could use as proof when walking your way up the ladder.

What do I mean?

Have cornerstone pieces.

Posts that remain evergreen and all your other posts originate from.

While you’ve done, this you could easily use it as a measure of your quality when submitting your guest post.

Then in your guest post, you need to write specific content


  1. Writing Specific Content

The guest blog you want to write for might require you to write in the tone or style of the blog.

But not to worry, you could still add a bit of specification.

It’s important you do this because it allows you to drive the category of traffic you want on your blog.

For example,

Adam Connell gave this example on my site:

if you’re starting a blog on health – there are likely already countless posts about how to make exercise a habit. Now, let’s turn that “How To Make Exercising A Habit” post into something like “The Asthma-Friendly Guide To Exercising (And Making It A Habit).”

… There you have a blog post that’s specific to a certain group of people (I call this persona-driven content)

That’s how specific content looks like for a guest post.


Now you see that the CN Highway technique links these steps together rather than making them stand on their own.

When you are on the journey of growing your blog audience, these stand-alone steps need to be incorporated to see a significant rise in traffic like it did for me.

So growing your audience isn’t a big deal.

It’s just you trying to make each of the steps bring in traffic without having to combine them into a strategy or technique.

There are a lot of other combinations growing an audience could take.

You might just be the one limiting yourself.

So try something that actually works, instead of expecting results from a single part of a puzzle.

When you do that, you’ll automatically become revolutionary.

If you loved the “CN Highway” Technique, share it with your friends and tell me how you feel about it in the comment section.

Author Bio: Iyiola Owabumowa is the founder of The Income Blogger and he helps beginning bloggers become revolutionary. Download his copy of the Insanely Effective “CN Highway” Technique and how he used it to drive 3,000 unique visitors to his blog in a week.


  1. Donna DeGuglielmo

    Hi there Janice and Iyiola, thank your this great article. love the anology CN highway. Great feeling to it. You spoke of pintrest. I like to do twitter and have a FB fan page. I am a writer, marketer. Faith Writer to be exact. It thought instagram was better than pinterest. So, maybe I need to switch a focus to P not I ( sorry for abbr.)
    Your points are very well taken. that is why I am thinking of switching and I do guest blog. but need to study post tips more that is that way I am. esp Blogger Outreach from a Smarter Angle. blessings

    • Iyiola

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you for commenting.

      From my experience, I know that sticking to one platform (Pinterest in this case) and mastering it allows you to become an expert on the platform and then spread your tentacles to others.

      It makes you sure that you know what you are doing and you are sure of your traffic technique.

      Blogger Outreach from a special angle is always fantastic when it is done correctly.

      So use these two wisely and then the CN Highway technique becomes your treasured gold!


      • Anil Agarwal

        Hi Iyiola,

        Great tips.

        I personally recommend the beginners to focus on writing timeless content instead of rehashing what others say.

        Also expert round up posts and expert interviews work like a charm.

        They can help you bring massive traffic when you’re just starting out.

        When you optimize those posts for specific keywords, you can attract even more traffic from search engines. Just make sure to focus on adding as much value as you can.

        Keep rocking.

  2. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Iyiola,

    Beautiful post. Certainly promotion is the most challenging part of blogging and bloggers mostly newbies struggle with it. Expert Roundup post and Guest posting are one of my best ways to drive traffic to my blog. I also prefer to comment on relevant blogs as it helps me to connect with fellow bloggers which increases my networking and also help me to build my authority online. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and insights.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Iyiola

      And thank you for adding blog commenting too Vishwajeet!

      Blog Commenting brings your brand outside too and most times can be in a form of blogger outreach.

      Thank you once again.


  3. Edward Thorpe

    Hi Janice & Iyiola,

    12 day traffic jam? Wow!

    Like your take on the stale round-up post strategy. I can see how your approach would give a blogger a better chance to build relationships with authority bloggers. Thanks for the innovative blogging ideas,

    • Iyiola

      Thank you so much Edward!

      I’m really glad this post helped you.

      Have a good one.


  4. Freddy G. Cabrera

    I really like your technique Iyiola!

    When it comes to driving traffic to your blog, you have to open your mind to the many ways to drive online traffic.

    As you’ve mentioned, it is a smart idea to focus on a few traffic channels. There are many internet marketing strategies one can implement to drive traffic. The key is in choosing a few and sticking with them with consistency in order to reak the rewards.

    Traffic generation online is about working smart but also hard – to gain traffic momentum and build up the monthly numbers! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these super helpful tips on traffic generation!

    Cheers! 😀

    • Iyiola

      Thank you so much Freddy!

      Consistency is the key to Traffic Generation and that’s the main thing.

      Thank you for commenting once again!


  5. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I’ve been using BoardBooster with Pinterest and like it. It’s been my top social network for traffic. I just have to remember to keep up with it.

    • Iyiola

      Exactly Becca!

      Consistency is the keyword throughout this post.

      Keep doing great with BoardBooster. And the more you keep using it, the higher your Pinterest Stats go.

      That’s the only trick.

  6. Rachel Lavern

    I really have not made any effort to promote my blog in almost three years now other than occasionally posting it in the PAC Facebook group and one other. Of course, I can always use more blog traffic and I may take advantage of some of the tips shared in your post.

    • Iyiola

      Thank you so much Rachel!

      Remember, consistency plays a vital role in the growth of your blog

      Talk soon,

  7. Pospi Otuson

    Thanks for the great article Iyiola

    I sincere agree with all your tips and there are indeed sure ways to drive traffic To our blogs

    I ll definitely try out some of this great tips

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Judith

    Great article Iyiola. Traffic generation is the current challenge my blog is facing. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Sonal Talwar

    Hi Janice and Iyiola

    Wonderful tips. Guest posting and roundup posts are great ideas. well I have not tried either of them so far but will surely try it soon. You spoke of consistency on Pinterest – my favorite is Facebook for that matter. I also make sure that I do blog commenting to increase my reach and audience.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • Iyiola

      Hi Sonal,

      Facebook is extremely fantastic too. You can join groups, share your links from there and also participate during promo days.

      Glad you loved the post!


  10. Robert

    I’ve been using BoardBooster with Pinterest and like it. It’s been my top social network for traffic.
    Thanks for share.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robert,
      It’s fun hearing people’s preferences. I know so many people who recommend Tailwind I’m starting to think perhaps it’s worth the money. I assume there’s a charge for BoardBooster? Congratulations on getting so much traffic from Pinterest.

    • Iyiola

      Great thing you love the influence of Pinterest.

      Janice does a great job with Pinterest too and you can also join the mostly blogging group board.


  11. T I Antor

    Hey, Iyiola,
    Excellent stuff!!
    I have learned about the Pinterest work for getting traffic from it. Also, blog outreach and Guest blogging is a great way if all things are done perfectly.
    Thank you very much for sharing all these excellent steps and definitely, people will get lots of help from your post. Have a great weekend.

    • Iyiola

      Thank you Antor!

      Pinterest is a hot cake in the blogging world! We should make the best out of it before it gets too crowded.


  12. Elise Cohen Ho

    This is fabulous and speaking of guest posting…if you ever wanted to guest post on Ask Dr. Ho I would love it.

  13. Nicky

    Nice article with a catchy title! Pinterest are great in driving traffic, especially pinterest boards. Roundup posts also have their place in blog promotion though it’s bit tedious. viralwoot is a nice add. keep up your great work!

    • Iyiola

      Glad you loved the article and the catchy title drew you in.

      Thank you so much Nicky.


  14. Chery Schmidt

    Hey Janice! Good to meet Iyiola here today! We all know that without traffic we have no business right? I loved all the strategies and know that the only thing that really works is consistent action! Great Share! Thank You Two.. Chery :))

  15. John

    Hye Iyiola

    Such a great idea. Thank you for sharing this informative post here. I sincere agree with all your tips and there are indeed sure ways todrive traffic To our blogs I ll definitely try out some of this great tips

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