How to Write an Expert Round-Up Even if You Don’t Know Any Experts

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What's the Point of an Expert Post?

It’s easy to find influencers to help you promote your blog.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?  Your attempts at trying to improve traffic have minimal results at best.

You’ve heard that you need influencers’ help to get more eyes on your blog.

You’ve heard that influencers have massive amounts of followers on all their social media.  If they promoted your posts, that many new eyes on your blog could mean more traffic for you.

The problem is–you don’t know any influencers.

Why You Need to Write An Expert Round-Up Post

If, by definition, influencers have more followers than you on their social media, and they promote your blog links for you, your content will have more exposure, and the chances for increased traffic and readership will improve, and not just by drips and drabs, but by mass quantities.

The influencers are the experts.  You are going to “round them up,” so you can interview them.

Let’s look at a case study.  Who is the case?  Why me!

Both my expert round-up interviews achieved favorable results.  Expert round-up posts, in general, do well.  Both interviews, my first, which included nineteen experts, and my second, which included twenty experts, achieved triple-digit page views within twenty hours of publication.

I am still a relatively new blogger, so I triple-digit views within the day of publication is an impressive result.

Within the day, eight of the twenty experts shared the post with their Twitter followers. An additional expert shared the post with both his Twitter and Google + followers. The combined result is that 151,899 additional people, their social media followers, had the opportunity to read my writing who would not normally have been exposed to it.

Blogging is the shot-gun effect.  The more numbers have the chance to read your writing, the greater the chance that your traffic will increase.

How to Write An Expert Round-Up Post

Step 1. Think of a question. 

I would advise you only ask one question.  Experts are busy, and you want to make it easy and quick for them to answer.

There are many places you could look for a great interview question:

  • Your readers’ questions to you in your comments section
  • Questions in the forums you frequent.  Facebook has many groups where bloggers go to ask questions.  LinkedIn has a blogging group as well called The Blog Zone.

Step 2.  Go to Google AdWords to check for interest in your question.

Google AdWords is a Keyword Planner.  Look at my tags.  Do you see one that says “blog promote”?  Poor grammar, I admit.  It’s awkward wording at best.  However, Google AdWords  told me that currently interest is high but competition low, so I used it. The Keyword Planner is a free resource.

I have never used, but I hear it functions the same way, to ensure that there is interest in your topic.  I have never used it since when I went there, if offered a free trial which means eventually I will have to pay to use it, so I am not interested.

Step 3: Pick the experts!

Go to Google.  In the search bar, type expert round-up and your topic.  Experts who have been interviewed in expert round-up posts come up in previous interviews they have participated in.

If they agreed to be interviewed by someone else, the odds are that they will say yes to you are favorable.

Step 4: Invite the experts to be part of your expert round-up interview.

Go to Twitter, and type in the experts’ name in the search bar.

Even if they don’t follow you, you can still send them a Tweet.

I find the following wording effective: I am conducting an expert interview and would like to include your insights.*

Then, ask the question and let them know when you need the answer by.

Step 5: Set up your post as the experts’ answers come in.

It is advantageous to include their photo, their website with a link back to their site, and their picture.  I would also recommend a one-sentence explanation of what makes them an expert in your area.

My first expert interview had their bios while my second didn’t.  I’ve read many round-up posts that don’t have the bios, so I didn’t include them the second time around.  However, it makes sense to include them.  How will your readers know they are experts if they have never heard of them?

Step 6: Get your readers excited!

Do you have an Email list?  Send out the word ahead of time that an expert interview is in the works!  Let them know when they can expect it to be published at your site.

I like to use the word “secrets” since people are curious about secrets.

Step 7: Create a professional-looking graphic.

This will make your interview memorable and can be easily shared on Pinterest.

Step 8: Publish your expert-round up interview!

Step 9: Write your participants, and let them know the link.

Thank them for their participation, and politely ask if they could share it with their followers.

Step 10: Write the experts and thank them for sharing.


Expert Round-Up Post

It’s easy to create an expert round-up interview.

That’s it; ten easy steps.  Is it time-consuming?  Yes.  Is it worth the potential for new traffic?  Of course it is, so don’t delay–go generate your interview question.

Readers, have you ever created an expert round-up post?  What were your experiences?  Did it result in new traffic for you?  I look forward to your views.

*Source: Brian Lang, Boost Blog Traffic






  1. John R. Meese

    Glad to see you wrote a post on this process, because it worked on me, among quite a few others!

  2. Janice Wald

    LOL. Oh no! You’re on to me! LOL. Actually, I greatly appreciate your comment as it gives my instructions credibility.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Rebecca! Thanks for coming over, and the kind words about my post. Even the experts are coming which is very exciting.
      I met Jeannette, (Jack’s Mom) who I believe you know. Very nice. Nice as well that we are all friends.

      • sunflower

        Yes, your posts are very informative though for now I barely have time to read, let alone to implement 😉

          • sunflower

            Preparing for our holiday of Passover and mom in hospital. Busy busy 🙂

          • Janice Wald

            Sorry to hear about your Mom. I understand busy. Here is what I do. I read many blogging articles but don’t always have time. I have two Email accounts. When the articles come in, I put them in a folder I call “Blog Articles to Read”. Then, when I have time, I look at them. Just a tip, for what it’s worth.
            Happy Passover, if we don’t “talk” sooner.

          • sunflower

            Great idea! I go through my reader and read some when I find the time. (Like now lol)

          • Janice Wald

            Me too. I love my Feedly reader. Easy to “Save for Later”.

          • sunflower

            Oh, I use the WP reader.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Matija,
      Thank you so much for writing me. I hope you will try writing an expert round-up interview. What do you blog about? Would it be hard to find experts in your area?
      Thank you also for writing that you are from Slovenia. I am in the United States. I always wonder where other bloggers come from. For that reason, I started a Blogger Meet and Greet where we introduce our countries and what we write about. If you’d like to meet new bloggers and introduce yourself to them, here is the link I wanted to provide an opportunity for bloggers to network.
      Thanks again for contacting me, especially all the way from Slovenia =).

  3. Amanda Ricks

    Great post. I’m definitely going to do this ASAP.Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Amanda,
      What do you blog about? Would it be hard to find experts in your area? It was time-consuming, but not difficult. Let me know if you try it, and how it works out for you.

      • Janice Wald

        PS Thank you so much for the nice words about my post. I’m so glad people are interested in trying it.

      • Amanda Ricks

        Hi Janice, My blog currently is very eclectic, I have taken a swing away from any specific niche and now post a wide variety of things. I post on many topics and in different mediums (written posts, photos, quotes etc).
        As for finding experts in my area, what I was thinking of doing was picking a topic and finding experts in that topic. I do know a few experts already in various fields myself. Anyway if you want to see my blog it’s at

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Amanda,
          Your blog IS eclectic. I was trying to categorize it in case you wanted a niche. Definitely a lifestyle blog. I commented right on one of your posts.

  4. Rena McDaniel-Alz Caregiver

    Great information once again. I’m really learning a lot through your posts.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Rena,
      You should try this! It should be easy to find experts in the health care system that you can interview. They don’t all have to be people who work with Alzheimer’s Patients. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

    • Janice Wald

      You should so do this. It shouldn’t be too hard to find math experts.
      Thank you for writing, and again, for your interest in my blog.

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  6. T.O. Weller

    Fantastic summary of what we need to do for a good round-up post. I think, sometimes, we’re hesitant to contact influencers. We can’t imagine that they’ll give us any of their time.

    But, if done right, they will help out. I’ve seen it and done it, and a boost from one of them can make all the difference!

    • Janice Wald

      I agree with you through first-hand experience. When I release a post, even though I go to Google’s AdWords first, it’s hard to know if people will be interested in the topic. There seems to be a lot of interest in readers doing their own expert round ups. I’m glad people are finding the information in the post valuable. Thanks for writing.

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