How to Blog and Still Live a Quality Life

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Time-saving blogging tips explainedDo you think he felt slighted?

In my post 7 Effective Ways to Avoid Drowning in Emails, I quoted four bloggers who responded to D.G. Kaye’s spin-off post of Hugh Roberts’ Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out of Control?,  but I excluded his quote.

Am I rude?  A sexist, perhaps? (I quoted all women.)


There was a reason I didn’t include Ralph Willier‘s comment along with the others.  Ralph does not feel the time pinch the other bloggers fretted about.

Ralph, a successful blogger with an engaged community, has so much free time, he found time to come here today to explain his system for saving time and still getting blogging tasks accomplished.

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My System

by Ralph Willier

Out of the blue Janice commented on one of my posts that she was inviting me to Guest Post on this blog concerning a comment I made on another blog about being overwhelmed and what I had done about it. So here I am.

 I was keen as mustard when I began blogging over 3 years ago. I would Follow everyone who looked my way. A jellyfish using a jack hammer would get a Follow. I had 3 blogs, FB with a messenger, G+, normal emails, drafting new posts, visiting other blogs and Satan’s spellbook (the WordPress.Com Dashboard) to contend with.

 PLUS I was spammed rotten, 100 comments an hour for a few days until I found what I thought was a topical Mystery Man comment that I had approved in the middle of 8000 comments. Deleted, the spam went. I almost threw my laptop over the balcony.

I was drowning in blogging “work”. My Inbox was overflowing. Heck, I retired to Spain to have fun (yes, I’m single), fun both in real life and blogging. The “work” was ruining both. My cats threatened to walk out. I forgot how to walk, sleep and eat. The stress was too much. Something had to be done.

Over time I reduced my blogs to one, exporting posts I wanted to keep into

Facebook went as I found it to be pointless.

 G+ had to stay as my YouTube profile was tied to it. I only use G+ to show my new WP posts.

Emails! Ha! There was only one thing to do. Go into Blogs I Follow and reduce them from 200+ to 50. Mainly friends and quality are left. I will never Follow blogs that reblog, single photos, haiku (can’t undersand it), multi-posts per day / week.

 I post once a week just after midnight GMT Sunday / Monday which catches the evening in America and is waiting for Europe to wake up with a smile Monday morning.

My week now works like this.

Monday / Tuesday. Manic, due to many Likes and Comments (which I love to answer). Visits to blogs who Liked or commented unless I am Following already. Emails reduced to only a couple of normal ones in my Inbox.

Wednesday & Friday. (Thursday I am in Gibraltar all day) drafting a new post for next Monday. It takes time as I use my own photos usually with captions and the posts are usually quite long with humour.

Saturday / Sunday. Free to answer emails, do my first Guest Post 😀 and have a real life.

The stress has gone. I have time to draft quality posts (ha ! If you say so Ralph !). I have many bloggy friends that I can have fun with in comments. I can walk away from my laptop and do other things for long periods of time. I feel I have that balance, quality, fun and most of all time ! Blogging is fun again! Yay. Ralph from Spain

Me again:
Thank you so much to Ralph for visiting us today in his first-ever guest post. I sure am glad he found a workable system for saving time.  I would have felt awful if his cats had walked out!

He not only did a great job, but he brought his penchant for humor with him. Ralph is humor blogger over at Bluefishway. I hope you will visit his site as a way of thanking him for coming today. Who doesn’t like humor right?

Before you go visit Ralph’s site, please share, so others get the benefit of Ralph’s system.

If you, too, would like to guest author for Mostly Blogging and get exposure for your site, here is the link with the instructions: Write for Mostly Blogging.

Readers, what do you think? Do you like Ralph’s system? Do you think you might try it? I am planning a future blog post
about other methods of saving time. Do you have alternate suggestions? I look forward to your views.

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    • Ralph at 2:21 pm

      Hi Kelsie. Thank you for reading my Guest Post and commenting. It seems like you are a bit overwhelmed. Blogging is addictive when all is going well. I think (for myself, anyway) that there is a max. stress free level which I must stay under for my own sanity and the Inbox must be kept under control. I do hope that you can find that perfect balance in time, blogging and real life. Ralph 😀
      Ralph recently posted…Scroll Along To Bill’s PartyMy Profile

  1. 1010ParkPlace at 10:57 am

    While I’d like to grow my site, I’m not a slave to it. I rarely check my iPhone when I’m out and can go hours without being online. I feel sorry for people who seem to prefer what’s happening in digital land over their spouses and real life. That will never be me.
    1010ParkPlace recently posted…Win a Copy of Makeup WakeupMy Profile

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  3. Debby Gies at 5:40 pm

    Fabulous blog! I’m glad you invited Ralphy boy over here Janice I’ve been following him for a few years now and his blog is hilarious. I also don’t like to post more than twice a week, a) because I don’t have the time and b) because I don’t want to inundate people’s inbox. Oh PS, I hit ‘like’ and my gravatar didn’t show again, and if people tweet this, the sidebar share/tweet button has your handle, but the share/twitter under ‘like’ button again says shareaholic. Just an FYI. 🙂
    Debby Gies recently posted…Have Bags, Will Travel #Book #Cover RevealMy Profile

  4. Morna at 10:33 pm

    This all sounds so familiar. I’ve had to reduce my following back too. An issue for me is that I think I’ve calmed things down and then I find myself stressing about my next post again. I want to post more than once a week because I’ve got so many ideas floating round my head but when blogging takes the fun out of writing you have to give yourself a break.

    Great first guest post 🙂
    Morna recently posted…Bye bye babyMy Profile

    • Ralph at 3:14 am

      Hello Morna. Wow ! Thanks for writing “Great first guest post”. You’ve made a new friend 😀
      That’s a big step in reducing the blogs you follow. It does quieten the Inbox somewhat. I think that it’s more honest to unfollow than edit the follow to “no emails”.
      As I publish once a week, I try not to get stressed about my next post. I usually get half an idea and it takes a couple of days for it to take shape (well, I’m a man 😉 )
      I agree. When the fun goes out of blogging, take a break, have a good think over a box of chocolates and a glass of wine before throwing your laptop over the balcony 😉 lol
      Ralph 😀
      Ralph recently posted…Scroll Along To Bill’s PartyMy Profile

    • Janice Wald at 10:09 pm

      Hi Tess,
      Wow, everybody is cutting back on who they follow to reduce Email inbox clutter. Should I be insecure? LOL? The truth is, I feel too guilty to do that. How do you (and Ralph) deal with that? What if someone finds out I unfollowed them, I don’t like risking hurt feelings.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #49My Profile

      • Ralph at 5:04 am

        Hi Janice. Initially I felt guilty about unfollowing, but for my own sanity I had to do it. Only one emailed me, saying,

        “Hi Ralph,

        I was going through my blog contacts last night and realized that you aren’t following the blog anymore. Did I do or say anything that offended you?

        Please let me know. I would like to apologize if I did.

        Hope you are well!

        S******* ♥ ”

        I just had to follow her again after that, didn’t I ?. Ralph 😀
        Ralph recently posted…Scroll Along To Bill’s PartyMy Profile

      • Debby Gies at 5:21 pm

        Good question Janice. I’m still working on this. I can’t seem to cut back, lol. My clean up strategy has seemed to give me duplicates now. Thus far, I don’t have to worry about hurt feelings, lol. What I do, like I did with you, is let the person know even though it will appear to them I’m unfollowing somewhere, I’m still following somewhere else (through email or reader.) 🙂
        Debby Gies recently posted…Have Bags, Will Travel #Book #Cover RevealMy Profile

          • Debby Gies at 2:05 pm

            When I started blogging, I knew nothing. After I started self publishing, I learned a lot by subscribing to pioneers in the field. I’m somewhat knowledgeable in the dashboard, and had to learn quick after I fired my site manager. Now I have my site host look after the big things, but problems with plugins and posting and organizing in my dash is my problem. I don’t know code, so I’ve had to become a little more savvy. I have learned through past problems that plugins can sometimes screw up certain things. I know that when this happens I have to go in my dash and disable plugins one at a time to see which one is the culprit of the current problem. Usually, it’s a plugin. Oh, and FYI, I’ve unsubscribed to your blog through one of the duplicates through another email I signed up with when I couldn’t get through. Happily I can tell you I’m still getting your posts with the appropriate email. Yay! 🙂 PS If you’re talking to Merri, can you ask why every single time I comment here, I have to fill out my life story, lol – name, website, etc. Usually once someone has been granted comment rights they don’t have to keep signing in. Food for thought. 🙂
            Debby Gies recently posted…What’s Wrong with Getting an Ebook for Nothing? – Jack EasonMy Profile

          • Janice Wald at 10:15 pm

            Hi Debby,
            I sent Merri the message. She said she thought she might help me with sight maintenance this week.
            So, in answer to my question, if your host doesn’t help you, you do the site maintenance yourself. How would I know how to do that? I found on article at WP. Is that how you know?
            Janice Wald recently posted…How to Immediately Make Your Blog Posts Go ViralMy Profile

  5. Nick #thisyearinmusic at 5:53 am

    He does make some valid points, but I don’t agree with some others.

    Personally I make a list of all the things I want to cover each week, and then workout a timetable so I can do it. Some nights I have more time, other nights I have none.

    • Janice Wald at 10:12 pm

      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for writing. It’s great to see you again. You found me at my new site!
      When you wrote that some nights you have no time, it reminded me of the importance of having posts “on the shelf,” in case your publication schedule is unable to be met due to time limitations. I learned the hard way of the importance of having posts on the shelf, ready to go, in case I get too busy to write on a night I normally do. Thanks again for the visit and the comments. Hope all is well with you.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #49My Profile

  6. Melinda at 5:42 pm

    Hey Ralph!! What a pleasant surprise to see you here at Janice’s house!! (I was gonna just say surprise, but then I knew you’d stew about whether I thought it was good or bad! 😉 )
    You have it down pat!! Great system! I’ve already cut down on my follows, and going to have to do it again. (Don’t worry, you’re safe.)
    Janice, thanks for having Ralph. He’s so funny!!
    Melinda recently posted…Love/Hate ChallengeMy Profile

  7. Caro at 4:02 am

    I’m really struggling with these posts on ‘how to blog’. I come across so many of them and I find it really odd that bloggers blog for their industry rather than their readership. In this instance you blog specifically for other bloggers so I can see the relevance but I see lots of parent bloggers doing the same and I’m assuming it’s to increase their traffic! Particularly as there are so many searches on the subject! Thanks so much for linking up with us #TwinklyTuesday — please could you add our badge to your post or sidebar. Thanks!

    Caro |
    Caro recently posted…Home Etc #17 — Home and Garden Inspired Blog HopMy Profile

  8. BritishMumUSA at 10:31 am

    Oh my goodness Janet I can’t believe I have been gone for the summer and you have fashioned a NEW BLOG. It is AWESOME!!!!!

    I knew I was drawn to you for a reason, without knowing it I pick you out of the crowd to read.

    Funny I do this myself, my blog is for my peace of mind, I do not stress if one or a hundred read it, I do it for myself 🙂

    BritishMumUSA recently posted…Saying Goodbye to College-Bound TeenagerMy Profile

    • Janice Wald at 10:19 pm

      Hi Ray,
      I wondered what had become of you! Lysa disappeared for a while too. So great to see you again, and yes, at my new site. So glad you found me here and like the site.
      As far as your comment, I am working hard to make my blog grow, especially here where I can’t be reblogged.
      My kids are older than yours I think–college age and older, so it’s a nice diversion right now. I’m hoping one day perhaps another source of income.
      So great to see you again.
      Janice Wald recently posted…How to Immediately Make Your Blog Posts Go ViralMy Profile

  9. Kim at 4:41 am

    It’s so true about following anyone who gives you a follow in the beginning. I like his blog mgmt tips and ideas. You definitely have to cut your follow list down because it gets overwhelming, but it’s hard because there are so many great, helpful blogs out there. Thanks for the info.

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