7 Ways Blogging Helps You Better Navigate Life

Bloggers can multitask
3 January, 2016

This article, a guest post I authored, first appeared on SuccessStories.com on August 22, 2015. Shocking isn’t it? People exist that just don’t “get” us. Do you get paid for blogging? Efforts that don’t result in money are considered worthless. I had dinner recently with people who […]


How to Easily Install a Click to Tweet in a Welcome Email

Click to Tweet is a promotional tool for #bloggers
24 November, 2015

Busy bloggers find ways to cut time off blogging tasks. Busy bloggers become productive bloggers when they find ways to cut corners. Busy bloggers don’t have egos since they accept help when and where they can. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get your own […]


How to Be a More Organized Blogger with Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists Help Bloggers
14 November, 2015

You are living in a Digital Age with information coming at you with lightening speed. After all, according to recent statistics, there are approximately one billion websites. No wonder bloggers are so busy. They don’t have any more time in their day to process all this […]


How to Use Pinterest and Still Have Time to Breathe

Pinterest helps bloggers save time.
1 November, 2015

Do you need a free Pinterest scheduler? You will learn of several by reading this post. What is the one common denominator linking bloggers? No matter what their blogging niche, there is a characteristic that describes all of them. Despite differences in gender, nationality, religion, […]


30 Tools You Need to Create a Successful Blog

These tools will help bloggers blog quicker.
11 October, 2015

What is your biggest concern as a blogger? According to a study CoSchedule conducted, lack of time is the biggest concern bloggers have. Wouldn’t it be life-changing if tools existed to help you blog faster? Fortunately, they do, and the best part–most of them are […]


How to Save Time Blogging with Acronyms

Blogging with acronyms saves you time and get you page views.
3 October, 2015

How do you remember everything you have to do as a blogger? Do you have cheat sheets? Words written on your hand like some of my middle schoolers? Do you have post it-notes everywhere the eye can see? Perhaps a Things To Do list is in […]


How to Engage Blog Readers Who Are in a Rush

20 September, 2015

You have a problem. You have more and more decisions to make due to the increasing number of choices the Internet gives you. Imagine how busy your readers are. This post is for people with busy readers, readers too busy to read your blog posts. That […]


How to Blog and Still Live a Quality Life

8 September, 2015

Do you think he felt slighted? In my post 7 Effective Ways to Avoid Drowning in Emails, I quoted four bloggers who responded to D.G. Kaye’s spin-off post of Hugh Roberts’ Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out of Control?,  but I excluded his quote. Am I rude? […]


How to Increase Blog Traffic with Content Curation

30 August, 2015

You shouldn’t have to remember this. You have so much to remember as a blogger. You come up with an idea, research, write, edit, promote, respond to commenters. You should even remember to put in the “Read More” tag for double page views. However, the […]


6 Best Ways Bloggers Can Save Time with Templates

11 August, 2015

If you had a choice between more time or more blog traffic which would you pick? The question presumes you are a content creator, of course. Bloggers want traffic.  It’s a fact plain and simple.  Do they want time even more? Suppose you could have […]


11 Ways to Absolutely Help You Simplify Your Blogging

7 April, 2015

Overwhelming, isn’t it? You’re running a blog, and then you must promote it as well. Your 1,440 minutes a day aren’t enough. You are not alone anymore. Tools exist to help you save time by simplifying your blogging. Thanks to the evolution of technology, blogging […]