Top 7 Most Valuable Time-Management Tips for Bloggers

Time management tips for entrepreneurs
18 October, 2016

Top 7 Time-Management Tips for Bloggers by Luisa Brenton We’ve all heard the saying, time is money. When you’re trying to not only create high-quality content for your blog but also build a large, loyal audience, time can burn away so fast you’ll have no idea […]


19 Strange Ideas That Will Amplify Your Productivity

Strange Productivity Tips to Help with #Blogging
8 May, 2016

Bloggers wear many hats. From researching, writing, promoting, and photographing for posts, you could feel like you are drowning in blogging tasks. I no longer write about busy bloggers. All bloggers are busy; the term is redundant. Consider this comment from a reader: I’m finding […]


How to Save Time Blogging with Acronyms

Blogging with acronyms saves you time and get you page views.
3 October, 2015

How do you remember everything you have to do as a blogger? Do you have cheat sheets? Words written on your hand like some of my middle schoolers? Do you have post it-notes everywhere the eye can see? Perhaps a Things To Do list is in […]


1 Easy Way to Find More Time in Your Day

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones, how to fix
13 September, 2015

Do you know the disadvantages of mobile phones? Can an activity be both awful and amusing? Silly and scary? Productive and time-wasting? What if I told you it’s an activity you do as often as looking at your smartphone? That’s it–it’s looking at your smartphone. […]


How to Blog and Still Live a Quality Life

8 September, 2015

Do you think he felt slighted? In my post 7 Effective Ways to Avoid Drowning in Emails, I quoted four bloggers who responded to D.G. Kaye’s spin-off post of Hugh Roberts’ Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out of Control?,  but I excluded his quote. Am I rude? […]


7 Effective Ways to Avoid Drowning in Emails

7 apps that help you declutter your Email inbox
6 September, 2015

A shot heard around the world is a phrase associated with history and baseball. Hugh Roberts’ post about how to keep up with blogging, Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out Of Control? is a post that resonated around the Internet. The post was reblogged nine times, and including this one, […]


How to Blog and Easily Find Time to Sleep

#Bloggers Need a Balance
11 May, 2015

This post shares time-saving tips for people who blog. If someone asked what you need to make blogging easier, what would your answer be? One of The SITS Girls asked her readers what they felt was the most difficult aspect of blogging.  She expected answers […]


Warning: Your 24 Hour Day is Shrinking

3 May, 2015

Need more time in your day? Many content creators complain they don’t have the time it takes to network and promote their content once it’s created. By following these tips, you will have more time in your day to promote your content, network with other […]


17 Time-Saving Tips for People Who Are Rushed

6 January, 2015

Do you need time-saving tips? Do you want to blog but fear you don’t have the time?  Do you love blogging but are frustrated that it’s cutting into many other activities? Are you considering blogging less or abandoning your blog altogether due to time constraints? […]