How to Blog and Easily Find Time to Sleep

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This post shares time-saving tips for people who blog.

#Bloggers Need a Balance

You can blog and still find time to sleep.

If someone asked what you need to make blogging easier, what would your answer be?

One of The SITS Girls asked her readers what they felt was the most difficult aspect of blogging.  She expected answers relevant to how to grow readership, and instead she received answers about how to increase time.

Her response to those bloggers was, “I forgot that some of you are actually still sleeping out there!”


My recent post Warning: Your 24 Hour Day is Shrinking seems to have struck a chord with readers.  Since its publication, I have received comments like this:

NO matter what you do, no matter how organized you are, and your suggestions are perfectly valid, but it’s never going to MAKE you time. It will never add minutes to your day…

How do you follow blogs, keep up with reading…?

…I am starting to feel ridiculously overwhelmed. I am happy if I get 10 comments on a post, and can engage a little with each of those people. But where do you find time to visit the pages of 50, 60, 100 other bloggers? I see this list of recent posts in my inbox (they get emailed to me) and want to read so many of them….but I have a job, two children, my own blog, a book to promote, food to be shopped for and cooked, an overseas move to organise, bills to pay, the garage to call……aaaagh, am starting to wonder if I need to duck out of blogging altogether as I don’t seem to be able to do it right.

How to Blog and Still Find Time for the Rest of Your Life

I have broken up the blogging tasks over the seven-day week.  Since I work outside the home, this ensures all the tasks get done in the course of a week, even if they don’t get accomplished every day.


On Sunday, when I wake up, I promote the post I wrote the night before that published at 2:00 am Sunday morning.

I greet guests who came to my Linky party the week before.  I have a comment schedule that I use to respond to commenters.

I also set up Monday’s Inspire Me Monday Linky Party and choose the two most inspirational posts from the previous Monday.

I respond to commenters and greet visitors to my blog.


Since my blog publishes on Tuesday, I write Tuesday’s blog post on Monday and preschedule it for publication at 2:00 am Tuesday morning.  I also like to network at the Daily Post Community Pool.


Before I leave for work, I preschedule my new post on Twitter using Hootsuite.

I like to leave early enough to beat the traffic, so when I get to work, before it starts, using my smartphone, I post my link in Facebook and Google+ groups.  I pay for a data package, so I am not using my work’s Internet.

I go to Linky parties that I have been invited to.  Since people support me by coming to my Linky party, I like to return the blog love and support them.  Besides, I have made great contacts through networking, so I try to visit other parties.

I have an Email list of bloggers who have visited Reflections before but don’t follow my blog.  On Tuesday, I set up my MailChimp Email and preschedule it to go out at 2:00 am Wednesday morning.  The bloggers on the East coast can wake up to my Email that week apprising them that the Linky party is going to close the next morning in case they still want to attend.  Since they don’t follow my blog, they won’t be notified about it otherwise.

Since my blog doesn’t publish on Wednesday, I am free to write a guest post for another blog on Tuesday.  I have heard it is a great way to get new readers, and my experience so far proves this is true.

I also respond to comments I’ve received since Sunday.  I also try to network with other visitors to my blog since then.


On Thursdays, I reblog another blogger’s post.  People have been so supportive of my writing by reblogging my posts, this is my way of giving back to a supportive community.  Therefore, on Wednesday, I select Thursday’s reblog, and write my introductory comments as to why I chose the post for my readers.  I call this series Reblog Thursdays.

Since I am not writing my own material to publish the next day, I have time to greet visitors to my blog and network by going to visit their blogs.

My husband and I generally catch up on our TV watching by watching shows we’ve recorded that aired while I was blogging the rest of the week.


I will promote Reblog Thursday‘s post the way I promoted the post I wrote on Monday. 

Reflections does not publish on Friday.  Since I am not writing an original post, I have time to perfect the guest post I started on Tuesday.

I also answer comments, greet visitors to my blog, and network by going to their blogs.


My husband and I go out to dinner.  I have to make sure I still pay attention to other important aspects of my life besides blogging.

When I return from dinner, I write my Saturday post and preschedule it for 2:00 am.

I stay up to midnight since the SITS Girls have a very popular Linky party.  In order to receive maximum traffic from the party, I try to be the first one to post my link.

When I am done blogging, I preschedule my blog to post on Twitter the next day using Hootsuite.


When I wake up, I greet visitors and reply to comments.

I also post my link to the post I wrote the night before on Facebook and Google+.

There are ways to use Hootsuite to do this, but so far I have only used Hootsuite to post my link on Twitter.

In the evening, generally after social plans (it is Saturday night, after all), I write and preschedule Sunday’s blog post.


I clean out my Email inbox every two hours.  While I realize there are apps that can help me with this, I haven’t taken advantage of them just yet.

In conclusion, if you stay regimented, all the necessary tasks to successful blogging will get done every week even if they don’t get done every day.

In Do You Make These Three Blogging Mistakes? I wrote about the importance of responding to commenters in a timely manner.  With this schedule, the commenters don’t go more than two days waiting for a reply from you.

What is important is finding a balance between your blogging life and the rest of your life.  If you can’t find a balance at first, try to tweak your schedule until you find one that works for you.

Readers, if you think others could benefit from this suggested schedule, please share.

What do you do to find time for blogging and still have time for life outside of the Blogosphere?  Is there a schedule that works for you that you can recommend in the comments section?  I look forward to your views.


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  1. Elle Knowles

    You are just way too organized Janice! Lol! Sometimes I feel as though my blog is hit and miss. You would think working from home would be a benefit, but it’s not. I need to start scheduling more and stay on track There is an App for cleaning up your email box? I need that! ~Elle

    • Janice Wald

      Yes, there are many apps. I’ll plan a post about it!
      I once had a job where I worked at home, but I wasn’t productive. Too many distractions. I don’t like online classes for that reason as well.
      You are so sweet to always want to be apprised of my posts. Your etiquette reblog did nicely last week.

      • Elle Knowles

        Yes it did. Thanks for that Janice. I’ll be looking for that post. ~Elle

  2. john doe

    That is a crazy schedule. You are a teacher. When do you grade papers and lesson plan?

    • Janice Wald

      I grade at school and plan at home on Sundays. Thanks for writing.

  3. lovetotrav

    I am curious why you post on certain days (Tuesdays, Saturdays) and not others and always at 2am? Thanks. I love reading everything you write. Always intriguing to see how others organize and think.

    • Janice Wald

      I love your camels in your avatar. I’ve been to the Sahara desert and my daughter and I photographed with a camel.
      In response to your question, when I first started blogging, I wrote daily or almost daily. However, I found that my stats on Wednesdays and Fridays were low, so I stopped publishing those days. Thursdays is low too, but instead of going three days in a row without writing, Thursdays is Reblog Thursday so I can still publish. I know someone else who told me that Friday has low stats for them too.
      Thank you so much for your very kind words about my writing and for visiting my site.

      • lovetotrav

        Thanks Janice! I have noticed similar things as well. I appreciate you taking the time to explain.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Cheryl!
          I’m glad. It sounds like some readers found the schedule a bit cumbersome.

  4. sunny vegan-AmandaⓋ (

    That is one hectic schedule! I guess I would rather snuggle with my girls and watch a movie instead of driving traffic to my blog 😉

    • Janice Wald

      My daughters are college age and older. I didn’t start blogging until the youngest left for college. Thanks for writing me.

  5. A Well Styled Life

    I’m impressed. You do all this and work outside the home too! I feel like an underachiever!

    • Janice Wald

      I have a science teacher as a follower. I asked her how she finds time for everything. Her answer was that she grades, plans, communicates with parents, etc. at school. That’s what I do. So, when I’m not at school, I consider it my free time, and I do what I love to do–I blog, I network, etc.
      Thanks for writing.

  6. Rena McDaniel

    I’m always amazed at how quickly it can slip away from you. I try to stay organized and ahead of myself but it never fails something will happen and I find myself all backed up again. I’ve learned to live on 5-6 hours of sleep!

    • Janice Wald

      I agree which is why I wrote the post, to try and offer a schedule that helps us stay on top of things. By the way, I read you were published in the Huffington Post?! Congratulations my friend. I’m proud of you and happy for you.

  7. purpleslobinrecovery

    I always glean so much info, and help!! from your posts. I am a Janice groupie!! I’m so amazed that you are a teacher, and write, and do all you do! I was a KG teacher, and that was all I could get done!
    Now that I’m blogging, I don’t have to worry about work, since I’m on disability.
    And my girls are long grown and gone.
    So glad I have you as a resource!! Thank you!!

    • Janice Wald

      I am so glad we connected recently. My girls are grown too. Thank you for the kind words. Would you mind if I put your first sentence on my Testimonial page? I would link back to your site.

  8. D.G.Kaye

    Unfortunately there are no apps to read all the blogs we subscribe to. Someone needs to make more hours in a day. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      How was your week? I keep the blogs I want to read in a folder. Then, when I get reading time, I open the folder and read them.

      • D.G.Kaye

        HI Janice. It’s been a busy and productive week. Got through another round of revisions, and wrote for 2 interviews, 3 blog drafts, and got half caught up on reading blogs. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll look into your method of using a folder to save blogs to read, Lol, I’m not sure that will help the backlog though. 🙂 Have a great weekend! 🙂

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Debby,
        How exciting–writing for interviews. The folder for Emails really does keep me organized. Good luck with all you have going on.

  9. Janice Wald

    Thanks for stopping by and having faith in my schedule. The trick is staying regimented. Thanks for clicking my link and writing.

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  12. Ingrid

    I never realised how many hours blogging would chew up! But as I love blogging it’s never a chore for me 🙂

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  19. Josefa

    This is a perfect article for those who are seriously looking at blogging for a profession, part time or full time. Being a newbie blogger, I will certainly start a disciplined “lifestyle” so as to accommodate a lot of time blogging. Thanks a bunch, Ms. Janice.

    Your new avid follower,
    Josefa’s website:

  20. shri

    Nice blog. I would recommend a good mattress for back pain. You can easily fall asleep.

  21. Melanie Green

    Wow…thats a nice schedule right there. As a blogger, I always try to balance my work and activities so I can have enough time to sleep. I have to say it’s not always possible to get quality sleep but I do try my best. Might have to create a better schedule..

  22. Snoozer

    One of the best schedule I have seen in great times. Making schedules and sticking to them is very important and to make sure that you don’t lack anywhere a good sleep is must. Give proper time to everything and make sure that we end up choosing wisely for everything specially our mattress as they tend to effect us all day long.

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