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How to fix the disadvantages of mobile phones.Do you know the disadvantages of mobile phones?

Can an activity be both awful and amusing?

Silly and scary?

Productive and time-wasting?

What if I told you it’s an activity you do as often as looking at your smartphone?

That’s it–it’s looking at your smartphone.

Despite being a tool with the capacity to result in great productivity, smartphones also have the potential to be an enormous time-waster.

One of the disadvantages of mobile phones has to do with the apps on the phone.

The disadvantages of mobile phones include your apps sucking your time from you.

Bloggers and other content creators don’t have time to waste.

This post explains how you can get the time back so the disadvantages of mobile phones relating to time no longer affect you.

The squeeze bloggers feel when it comes to time has been a cause of concern across the blogosphere.

Recently, Debby Kaye, Judith Barrow, and myself are among four bloggers whose blogs echo the question, “How do we find more time for all that we need to do?”

This post will answer that question with one simple solution and end with an action plan.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Consider this comment from a reader:

Have you written a post about managing your time using Pinterest… with the influx of emails you start to receive [regarding] Pinterest? (i.e. “Here are some pin boards to follow for your new board” or “Such-and-such is following you; you should follow them back” or “This person “liked” or “repinned” your pin” or “something else” one of your pins, etc., etc.)

Consider a comment from another reader:

I think you’ve touched a nerve because many of us are overwhelmed with email.

A recent statistic says that 80% of all smartphone users use their smartphones to access their Email and do other activities involving the Internet.

Consider this short (I know how busy you are), humorous video.

UPDATE November 2021:

There are more disadvantages of mobile phones:

For instance, mobile phone signals often need a booster. Here you will find more information about a mobile phone signal booster.


Video Link No Longer Works

Life Smartphone is a video that uses hyperbole to comically illustrate examples of disasters that occur because so many people are on their smartphones in lieu of fulfilling their responsibilities. You certainly don’t need to understand the Chinese that begins and ends this comical video clip that has an all-too-serious theme: People paying attention to their smartphones while neglecting their responsibilities can have dire consequences.*


The bottom line is bloggers and other smartphone users are always checking their smartphones instead of doing other activities that might be more productive.

How to Fix the Disadvantages of Mobile Phones: Time Wasting

Action Plan for Having More Time in Your Day

Consider these comments from readers:

While I’d like to grow my site, I’m not a slave to it. I rarely check my iPhone when I’m out and can go hours without being online. I feel sorry for people who seem to prefer what’s happening in digital land over their spouses and real life. That will never be me. 1010ParkPlace

I spend a little time daily unsubscribing from emails and doing the same on my social media accounts that are not affiliated with writing, blogging, and reading. M.J. Leake

What Can We Do Instead of Paying Attention to Our Smartphones?*

Everything in moderation is an eastern philosophy. Its merit is certainly applicable here. If we deprive ourselves of smartphone use completely, it will make us want it more. If instead, smartphone users know they will still be allowed to use their phones at certain times of the day, they will be willing to agree to curb their use of the phones.

For example, on Sundays many families have “Game Day.” Many people use their phones to play games, so the human-interaction that used to accompany board-game use is gone. Try to create tech free times for yourself and your family. For example, by having “Game Day”, or movie night, families still have bonding time.

In addition, there are families that have tech-free hours, for example, after 8:00 pm; tech-free days, and even-tech free vacations. Bear in mind: We don’t have to use smartphones for activities that used to bond people together just because we can.

Readers, before you go schedule your tech free days, please share, so other bloggers and content creators have more time in their day.  They will pick up the time they used to spend on their smartphones.

Readers, what did you think of the video?  Funny or all too serious?  Do you and your family ever schedule tech-free time?  I look forward to your views.

Article Source*: These are excerpts from a guest post I wrote for Lifehack.org.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsH9wGB_Acs

  1. Bun Karyudo

    The video clip was a bit gruesome at times but it was funny and emphasized the point pretty clearly.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bun,
      I agree. Browsing some of the comments here, it sounds like people agreed with the “gruesome” point. I thought it was both as well, and I agree it made the point that there are disadvantages to using the smartphone.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for sharing my post Charles!
      You got a new follower of mine, Tim, I believe. He is great. Happy for you.

  2. Melinda

    Ironically I read this on my phone.
    I do spend too much time on it.
    But last night, I had people over to play cards, while I was distracted a lot by the grandbaby, it was really nice to have tech free time!

    • Janice Wald

      So people still do have tech free time! I heard of a family that made their children “park” their phones after 8:30 which is where I got the idea. Others make their teens “park” their phones over dinner. Thanks for reading what I wrote Melinda!

  3. Debby Gies

    Janice thanks again for the mention. I didn’t find that video funny at all, in fact it was quite troubling, especially the end. I think people are much too involved in the cyber world, which in turn is damaging to social etiquette sometimes. I’ve often seen people crossing the road looking at their phones, leaving me to question if they even value their lives with the amount of crazy drivers out there, no doubt themselves texting.
    I don’t use my cell phone while at home working (which is most of the time). I keep it on for those who need to get in touch with me, especially those who no longer use a phone and text. I still like it for its original intent – a phone, as well as to take pictures while I’m out or away. I would hope that companies would be enforcing some strict phone usage laws, especially when it comes to the safety of others, such as that video. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Thanks for watching the video. I think it was supposed to be a comical video with a serious theme. One reason I think it takes me long to blog is I do it with my smart phone next to me. If WordPress is indicating someone is commenting, I am like a kid in a candy store, I want to see what they are saying. It sounds like you have great self control! Better than mine certainly. Thanks for writing.

  4. Merri Dennis

    Janice – I’m testing comments from a different computer in response to your latest email. FYI.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks so much,
      Keep me posted and apprised if you need me to do anything..

  5. Jeanette

    Personally, do not have a smart phone, nor do I want one! Am happy with my stupid cell phone that sends and receives phone calls. Isn’t that what a phone is supposed to do?

    Have way too much technology in our lives. Do not need more!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      Nice to hear from you. I saw you out and about in the blogosphere recently and I thought of you. I am still wondering how self-hosting is going for you.
      As far as your comment, my daughter use to be like you. If she couldn’t have an Apple Iphone, she preferred her cell phone. I think she lost her phone or it broke or something. We offered her a Droid, but she preferred her cell phone. Now an Iphone… apparently that was different.

  6. Joe doe

    I thinkThe reason why people thought the video was disturbing was it hit a little too close to home as to what reality in life really is. Unfortunately that video showed that people are just too preoccupied with their cell phones or any other kinds of technology

    • Janice Wald

      HI John,
      You may be right; that could be the reason. Thank you for writing

  7. Roisin

    Yep this is me. I spend way too much time aimlessly wandering through the Internet on my phone. It’s a bad habit I want to work on!

    My flatmate and I have just started “creative hours” and we sit together and work on our projects. Its motivating!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Roisin,
      Thank you for visiting my blog today. (Still Sunday here in California.) I wish I did what you do–surfing the Internet exploring. I mostly try to delete the mountain of Emails that come in constantly and don’t get much else done. Thanks for the visit!

  8. Cathy Chester

    I think we’re all (including myself) ending up like the movie “Her”, that is, falling in love with our operating systems. I have to learn how to become more productive. I’m learning how to use Pinterest better yet all those emails! Oy. I feel I’m missing out if I don’t follow boards, get new pins. SM is driving me crazy. Thanks for inspiring me to do better. Wonderful post.

  9. Heena Rathore P.

    Great article Janice. I agree with you on using everything in moderation. I was a smartphone junkie at one time, but now I’ve learned my lessons and prefer checking my phone only when needed for my blog and emails.
    Thanks for sharing this great advice!
    Have a great day 🙂

  10. Autumn Jade

    Excellent article. I am grateful to not have much interest in the smart phone. My blogging activity, which is PC-driven, is restricted to weeknights and the occasional early morning. I use spreadsheets to help me organize and to keep up with blogs that I find inspiring and helpful. When I am out and about I sometimes feel just as isolated as the video made me feel when I watched it. I turn to smile to people only to find them buried in a smart phone. I never have one on me and often don’t even have a cell phone. I’m not a texter and most people don’t want to talk on the phone.

    Great tips on how to cut-back on excessive smart-phone time. I have friends who certainly find it frustrating when they find their time zapped by their finger-tips without even realizing it. One friend of mine has suffered with his college schedule because of this.

    I think there are a lot of advantages to them, but as you said, in moderation. I am a bit extreme I think and probably could benefit from some of those advantages. Maybe someday.

    All the best,

    Autumn Jade

    • Janice Wald

      What interesting reactions to the video! I am glad I posted the article I wrote for Lifehack. I did not predict these varying reactions to it which is great for that is what makes a great blog. I’m glad you liked my suggestions as well. Thanks Autumn Jade for your thoughtful remarks.

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  12. Annette Harris

    Janice, I wanted to tell you two things. I like that you are having advice or suggestions that improve the quality of life for a busy blogger. And, you mentioned above that a thing that might be done is unplug from smartphones. Well, I did a challenge and it was to unplug for as many hours as I could then write a post about. How do you think I did? Well, most of those hours were sleep and the other hours was like pulling teeth. This comes from a “digital immigrant” (hey, you introduced me to that term in a post right?) person until Dec last year. So, I was amazed how my life had changed from a house phone, to a smart phone, to a blogging app, and now a blog with over 260 followers now. And you have been and your blog posts have helped me get there. I do want to add that any posts like this that help the fellow blogger with time management or any topic you can think of will be great to see. So, is the blogging tips/tools. Anyway, thanks again….Annette

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Annette,
      Thanks as always for your validation and support. I actually have one or two productivity posts coming up. As a blogger who works outside the home, I know the importance of any ideas that will help us save time. Thanks for writing and the nice compliments on my tips. I am glad they are helping.

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