How to Market to Your Business Email Lists with Warmth in 2023, 5 Ways

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business email lists

Do you know how to market to your business email lists?

When you send email to multiple recipients, it’s easy for your emails to sound canned.

This results in people on your B2B (business to business) email list feeling like a number instead of a client whose business you value.

By following these strategies on how to communicate with your business email lists, you sound like you care about the people on your business email list instead of sounding like you view them as a dollar sign.

By reading this post, you learn to increase your B2B email list open rates and click-through rates dramatically.

5 Email Personalization Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

Email marketing and email outreach are critical to the success of your business. With email marketing, you can reach prospects and turn them into paying customers. You can build credibility and boost your brand recognition, too.

Email personalization can increase your open rates and click-through rates dramatically. That’s because personalized emails are a form of targeted content. And when people feel the email was written especially for them, they are far more likely to open it and read it.

So how exactly should you personalize your emails? In this article, we’ll look at five tips you can use to help you. 

Let’s dive in and learn how to effectively market to our business email lists.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Email Marketing

Email personalization is much more than just including the name of the recipient in the email subject line (though that’s a good start!). Personalizing emails means personalizing the prospects’ experiences when they interact with your emails, too. But before you even begin your outreach, you must make sure to verify the email addresses of your prospects. You can use email verification tools to help you with this task

Follow these five tips to ensure you send the right emails to the right people at the right time, and supercharge the results of your email marketing and email prospecting campaigns.

Build Buyer Personas

You can only personalize emails when you know your target audience. That means you need data. While you can ask your audience for some information when they sign up for your mailing list, asking for too much can put them off. 

business email lists

Source: WheelHouse Advisors

So what should you do? Create buyer personas. 

A buyer persona is a fictional person who embodies the characteristics of your ideal customer. Instead of asking each person a long list of questions, group your customers based on their behaviors and attributes. 

Once you’ve categorized customers into one of those buyer personas (like Owner Ollie, Marketing Mary, or Enterprise Erin in the example above) you can tailor your marketing emails to each group based on their preferences and needs.

Set Up Trigger Emails

You can set up emails to be triggered by a particular action. For example, when a website visitor hasn’t visited in a specified length of time, you can send an email asking them how they’ve been and share what’s new with your business.

People who sign up for your mailing list can receive a welcome email, those who purchased a product can receive a thank you email, and of course, don’t forget about sending a holiday message to clients using which you can ensure the involvement of your consumers as well as inform them about your special offerings.

Trigger emails allow you to communicate the right way. It’s no wonder they have a 152% higher open rate than traditional emails, according to Neil Patel. There are many tools available – for B2B and for ecommerce are just two examples.

Personalize the Email Copy

Personalizing email content is about more than just including your subscriber’s name. High-converting copy must be tailored to your subscribers’ preferences. That means customizing product offers, content highlights, and even language and tone for each audience segment. 

To understand your subscribers’ interests, check out what they search for on your website. Take a leaf out of ecommerce giant Amazon’s book, and recommend products based on their previous actions or purchases. 

You can send emails based on customers’ personal details, too. For example, if you ask them to provide their date of birth, you can send them an offer or freebie for their birthday.

The key is to tailor every message based on what you know about your audience. You can get that data through integrations, analytics, and your sign-up forms. Then use personalized marketing tools to tailor your email content to each subscriber. 

Remember, grammar is also important. Use a grammar checker to review your copy. Most tools have a freemium entry plan. Here’s how to get a discount on Grammarly, the most popular grammar checker, in case you’re interested.

Keep Time and Location in Mind

You can personalize your emails based on time and location. For example, you can also personalize your emails based on your subscribers’ time zones. If you send your emails in bulk at 9 AM GMT, your subscribers in California may not open them because it is 1 AM there! 

The solution? Segment your email list based on your subscribers’ time zones so you can send them your emails at the time they are most likely to open and read them.

Use Relevant Landing Pages

Don’t use the same landing page for all your email marketing campaigns. Optimize your landing pages so they have the same look and tone as the corresponding email in order to create a cohesive campaign. You want your subscribers to enjoy a unified experience from the time they open your email to the time they click through to your website. 

Your email landing page should also be relevant to the buying stage your subscribers are in. Don’t send a subscriber to a product page if they’re not ready to buy yet. If your call to action in the email was “Read More,” don’t send them to a landing page that asks for their payment details. Create the perfect landing page and your conversion rates will soar.

Business Email Lists: FAQ 

How do I create an email list for my business?

You need an incentive for website visitors to opt-in to your list, and you need an email vendor. Aweber and MailChimp are popular choices. You need an email capture form strategically placed on your website to capture emails when new visitors arrive. Some email marketers place the form on social media sites like the Facebook Business Page.

In Closing: How to Effectively Market to Your Business Email Lists

Email marketing is vital to business success. But you need to know how to do it the right way. And that right way involves personalizing your emails at every stage of the marketing funnel. 

In this article, we looked at five ways to do this. Now it’s over to you. Gather as much data as you can and use that data to your advantage. If you do, you can expect your email marketing campaign to be a success.

If you need more intense training, the Mostly Blogging Academy has an effective email marketing course that fits every budget.

Readers, please share so email marketers discover these strategies for a warmer approach to marketing to their business email lists.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Can you suggest ways to personalize your communication with your business email lists?

This post is contributed and made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Solid tips all around Janice. Building buyer personas helps you get clear on your email list. I am back into list-building again after a break. Feels good to bond with my readers through email.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Great to see you. Welcome back to the world of list building.
      I use a bitly link shortener for my email list optin form and share that on social media sites. Bitly has analytics, so I can check on my analytics and determine my ROI on social media.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Neubert Rommel

    Thank you for all the tips Janice!
    I really learned a lot about how to improve my email marketing campaign! Especially, the part about personalizing the email content is very useful. I think it is important to make each reader feel like that one email was just written for them. So thank you!

    I have another tip to improve email marketing campaigns. It is really crucial to write your newsletter subject line as catchy as possible, because it is the first thing that the subscriber read, and they base their decision on whether to open the email or not on the subject line and the sender’s name. Here are some more tips about email subject lines:
    So invest your time and money in a good subject line and don’t forget to use a proper sender name instead of a “???!!!” or no reply email.

    Hope this helped a bit 🙂

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