4 Proven Ways to Increase Conversions

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Do you want to increase your landing page views?

This guide explains how to optimize your product pages.

The result: You’ll boost your website traffic along with your landing page views.

It gets better: If you use your landing pages to sell products, you make money.

Landing pages are static pages on your website where you want visitors to land. This can be for the purpose of generating email sign-ups, traffic, or sales.

Businesses such as startups need landing pages designed to market products or services. This action plan explains how to make sure your landing page views lead to conversions.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know how to optimize your landing pages to boost traffic to your landing pages and income.

Common sense tells you: The more people see your landing pages, the higher the chance that you make sales.

When you get website visitors to view your landing page, they enter your funnel. Only a fraction will purchase.

How can you increase your landing page views and the income you make from those landing pages?

Are you ready to get started learning how to make the most of your landing page views?

What are Landing Page Views?

A landing page view occurs when a website visitor lands on your landing page.

Optimizing for landing page views is a way to improve the quality of the traffic your website receives because of your landing pages.

Product Page Optimizations: Proven Ways to Increase Conversions

Your product page is critical because this is where buying decisions are made. Visitors can either go forward or leave the website entirely.

Because of this, your landing pages should be optimized and make you money instead of making it harder for customers to take that last step.

It is understandable to want to optimize your landing or checkout pages, but remember that all this effort will be for nothing if the visitor cannot turn into a paying customer. So, what tweaks can you make to ensure your product pages are making you money?

Get to the Point Faster

Many products have intricate descriptions that the customer needs to know about. But, the positioning of these descriptions can result in the customer unaware of why they should buy a certain product.

Take inspiration from the newspaper industry. They put the lead right in front of the reader without keeping them waiting and then provide more details when the reader wants them. In the same way, make the customer know what your product is, why it is valuable, and why they should buy it as quickly as possible. 

Make Customers See Product Value

Sometimes, telling the customer that you have the best product in the world is not enough. You have to go beyond the obvious and let your customers see the product’s value while addressing any concerns they have.

For example, if you sell survival backpacks, it pays to let customers know your bags are made of durable material that will stand up to the wear and tear customers will subject it to during a hike.

Clear Call to Action

In the pursuit to optimize your product pages, you might forget one thing: your call-to-action button. Drowning this button in content and not making it stand out will make it harder to realize the result you want from your landing page.

Your call to action shouldn’t be hard to miss, and it shouldn’t clash with your website’s design.

This is a lesson that marketers and web designers can learn from online gambling websites. The call to action button or text is usually large, so it stands out and makes it clear what actions the webmaster wants the user to take.

Additionally, your call to action is not a place to be clever. Do not confuse the visitor.

Activate Live Chat

While FAQ pages are still important when customers need answers, they are limited in the amount of information they can contain.

Live chat does not have this limitation and it is often faster than going through a list of questions to find the answer you need. Because of this, a live chat feature is often rated as the most helpful tool on a website. It allows customers to ask any questions they have while still going through the website. This makes them feel like they are making the most of their time.

Live chat also lets customers know that you care about their questions, and you will always be available to address them.

Landing Page Views FAQ

How do you optimize landing page views?

Get to the point quickly, make customers see product value, have a clear call-to-action, and activate a live chat on your website.

Wrapping Up: Landing Page Views

Your product pages are critical to your business success. If they are designed and presented properly, they can grow your revenue. Optimizing your product pages often has a higher return on investment than most other things you do on your website, so ensure they are in top shape.

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