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For legitimate marketers, email marketing is still the most effective channel to reach your customers.

Did you know that 91% of all consumers check their e-mail daily? Did you know that 66% of US customers over 15 have purchased at least one product via an email campaign?

​Unfortunately engagement with opted-in customers of legitimate emails is getting harder. Marketing emails now only reach approximately 20% of their contacts depending on the industry.

Big ISPs like GMail and Yahoo are filtering emails into Promotions folders, and Junk, partly in reaction to the SPAM problem. This filtering is based on customer interactions - good senders with better engagement (opens and clicks) achieve better delivery.

Of the 105 billion emails sent each day, over 59% ​are spam. That is 62.5 billion unwanted emails received daily.

Let me ask you this: If emails weren't profitable, do you think that spammers would bother sending out all those emails?

Email Marketing Funnels

​To an outside observer, email funnels can look insanely complicated. Let's make them simple.

A marketing funnel is a representation of how somebody goes from prospect to customer. Emails are the central part of any funnel.

So what is it about ​emails that makes them work? What even makes a funnel “effective” anyway?

We’ve all heard of AIDA:

  • Attention, 
  • Interest,
  • Desire and
  • Action.

It’s an old sales framework that goes all the way back to the golden days of internet marketing, but it still holds true today. And it’s exactly what a funnel is designed to do.

Any good funnel captures someone's attention , gets them interested in whatever you're talking about, builds their desire for the product you're offering, and finally, moves them to take action .

This process works whether you're selling physical products, services (like a coaching package), charitable donations, or training (like e-books or online courses).

Here are the essential parts:

  • The Hook → ​Grab the reader's attention
  • ​Engage → ​Give the reader incredible value & keep interested
  • ​Pitch → ​Start selling
  • Proof → ​Demonstrate that you can deliver on your promise
  • Objection → ​Identify and overcome any concerns
  • ​Close → ​Move the reader to action
  • Last Chance → ​Make sure no one misses out

If you can just master these factors (emails), you have all the building blocks you need to create your first funnel … all the way up to a multi-million-dollar funnel.

Course Structure


Profitable Email Funnels

To an outside observer, email funnels can look insanely complicated. Let's make them simple.

What It Takes To Earn 6 Figures With Email

Earning 4, 5 or 6 figures is 1.) a number game and 2.) a strategy game.

Email Marketing Tools

For legitimate marketers, email marketing is still the most effective channel to reach your customers.


Lead Magnets That Will Build Your List

​Most bloggers get lead magnets extremely wrong.

I have signed up for a lot of email lists and I don’t recall too many lead magnets that I was happy about. Most of them didn't deliver. 

Creating Your Sing-up Forms

What is the perfect opt-in form? First of all, don't put an opt-in text that says, "Sign up to receive my weekly newsletter." This doesn't work in a saturated world.

Sample Opt-in Forms

What are some sample opt-in forms that are bound to convert your visitors?

Rebel Bosses Opt-in Page

Here is a high-converting opt-in page and the follow-up that you can analyze for your success.


Anatomy of the Perfect Email Series

It’s been said many times that money is in the list. But how do you get it into your bank account?

Writing Subject Lines That People Want to Read

You might be offering the very best value in the world, but if your subject headings aren’t conveying this then it won’t matter. Without the right subject heading, no one will open your emails and what’s more, they’ll likely just end up in the spam box!

Email Type #1: Welcome Emails

Your welcome sequence should have a product at the end. This way you will be earning income from the very beginning. Here is a sample Welcome email.

Sample Welcome Email Series

Here are a few examples of well converting welcome email series.

Sample Welcome Email Series #2

Keto Dash email series.

Email Type #2: Information Emails

It’s time to dive into the heavy duty content – the stuff that is going to build up your credibility and show them that you are someone they can trust.

People don’t naturally trust a faceless guy on the Internet. They do, however, trust people who give them valuable information. That’s what your emails will do.

Email Type #3: The Quick-Fire Promo

This is a much shorter email designed to simply get the subscriber to click through to the product you’re promoting.

Product Launch Email Series

Email series example: This is Bryan Harris' email sequence to sell his 10K Subscribers course.

How To Get People to Open Your Emails

The main thing in getting people to open your emails is to deliver the value you promised and building up your authority.

My welcome email series has a 40 percent open rate.

Keeping Your List Clean

Now that you’ve done a ton of work to build an engaged list, you want to keep it clean.

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