How to Grow Big With B2B Marketing, Top 10 Tips for 2020

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B2B technology.

Is B2B technology free?

Is B2B technology necessary?

Is B2B technology easy to implement?

Amanda Jerelyn offers you tools and methods to be a more effective marketer in 2020 using B2B technology.

Amanda, take it away.

Tips To Grow Professionally Through B2B Marketing Tactics

b2b technology

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Amanda Jerelyn

As the world we live in is heading exponentially towards growth and advancement in almost every field, the sheer need for change and innovation is felt deliberately.

Considering the most prevalent aspects that are now associated with the lives of human beings, the potency of conventional methods cannot be ignored. 

Out of the technological advancement that we happened to witness today, the field of marketing has drastically evolved as one of the most powerful tools for business enterprises.

But when it comes to passive growth, we cannot neglect the power of B2B marketing and how effectively it can help an organization towards eminent success.

When we think of B2B (business to business), we may end up having an old school idea that is outdated and ineffective. However, research shows that it is far-stretched from those out-bounded techniques and ideas and has effectively advanced towards more new and innovative methods – things are now more compelling, engaging, effective, and efficient.

The connection with the audience has been developed with practical techniques, providing a path to businesses towards rapid organizational growth.

There are many tools and practices that can help you promote your business. One of the solutions for your business is marketing software which can move your expectations to the new level. The facts mentioned below will help you understand the significance of B2B, and tips for growing your business with success.

Research and Development

You must have heard about research and development in engineering and other technical backgrounds. However, research is considered the bedrock for the field of modern marketing and business enterprises. It has provided the basic building blocks for all sorts of marketing techniques that are popular in 2020. 

Matters not what business type you are linked to; conducting research is always necessary and required for the right growth. Be it related to any genre; research helps your organization in having a better understanding of your clients. It provides you with a data barometer that you can follow easily to keep a strict check on your performance. 

Focus on the Fundamentals

The most potent method is strongly associated with appealing to your target audience when it comes to the professional growth of your business. Some of the most leading and fastest-growing enterprises have gained reputation due to having a target audience and marketing to them through business networking.

To become an undisputed leader in the field of marketing, the need for incorporating a targeted niche is essential. Only after you have gained a strong reputation in your niche can you specialize.

Need for High-Performance Website

In today’s era, where competition has evolved to be the most exceptional hardship for businesses, there is a dire need of having a platform through which you can have easy access to your customers. Witnessing all the remarkable features that are somehow linked to B2B marketing, we cannot disregard the need for an official website. 

It May sound a bit outdated, but its importance will remain the same regardless of the era in which we live. You must need to understand to make the most out of your production, you must be having access to far-reaching customers. That is only possible when you have a platform, like that of a website with social media sharing. 

Your website is the primary tool that will help your business prosper towards the right track, allowing it to climb the ladder of actual organizational growth.

Most of the leading assignment help providers mentioned that almost 80% of the people consider the website as the primary source of B2B marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Fundamentally, learning marketing and its new methods is always necessary to make a noticeable change in your business.

Many methods have introduced that have added significantly to the power of marketing techniques. Among them, Search Engine Optimization has dramatically evolved as the most effective tool for marketers, especially related to business to business marketing techniques.  Let us briefly discuss the two types that are associated with SEO methods. 

On-Site SEO

As we are particular about SEO methods which involve incorporation of some unique keywords. When integrated with your content, these keywords provide you with an opportunity to rank on Google

One type of search engine optimization is on-site blogging that is widely used as a useful tool for marketing.  The primary purpose of SEO – on-site– is to notify your potential customers about your services and products. It helps you to represent your offers indirectly.

The content is published on your blog page, unlike off-site. The ability to market is one of the advantages of blogging.

Off-Site SEO

As the name suggests, it is more or less the same as on-site blogging but the content is mostly published on other platforms. These are some extra efforts that you can utilize as a part of the eminent technologies to grow your business professionally.

You add your content to renowned and platforms around the world. The keywords integrated help in increasing your website ranking. However, the primary purpose is to direct clients to your leading site through channels of back-linking.

CRM – Enhanced Customer Relation

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential aspect of B2B marketing.

CRM has provided an opportunity to organize and track all the activities that are associated with clients. It is considered as the most preeminent and sophisticated platform that has allowed marketing connoisseurs to built a robust link with customers around the globe. A CRM serves as a platform where you can find forthcoming opportunities through which you can increase your possibilities of getting more clients.

B2B Technology

Analytics and Reporting

The essence of leading your B2B marketing comes with having the capability to learn from your mistakes. To guide your path towards expected growth, analyzing your steps, and then reporting to it could be regarded as the most prevalent and effective method.

By analyzing the right and useful metric of B2B marketing, you allow your business to pace in a path of more detailed-oriented success. B2B technology such as Google Analytics is the most widely used by marketers to professionally grow their B2B market platform.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

I conducted an interview of 24 marketers. Many of them reported using Google Analytics as their favorite B2B technology.

Social Media

To add more strength to your professional growth, Social Media and its platforms are the best ways to effectively and efficiently realize that growth

Be it related to email marketing or Facebook and Instagram, and you can use all such platforms to increase your possibilities to attain more recommendations and referrals.

There are many advantages of social media. For instance, social media can turn out to be an accelerator for your business, helping you to gain reputation and expertise. You can increase your valuable contacts and expand your reach to the most influenced marketers and businesses around the globe.

Marketing Automation

There is always a need to leave the norms behind and opt for new and innovative methods to get the best results. B2B technology certainly provides that innovation.

Especially when it comes to B2B marketing, professionalism is the key to success that helps you transpire and outshine the rest.

Below mentioned are a few tips that you can utilize to take the maximum benefit of B2B marketing:

By replacing manual and self-professed workload with automatic methods, we humans have unleashed a high limit in the field of marketing. 

Marketing, when linked with automation, provides us with excellent results in the complexities that were once associated with conventional techniques of marketing. It provides marketers with a centralized platform that they can use to manage their product campaigns.

Testing and Optimization

The best way to operate your business approach is by conducting tests and optimization regularly.

Following these procedures helps you in making optimum decisions about your business. With the help of relevant data and information, you can work more precisely on your goals. After contemplating the significance of research and development, marketers must also have the potential to use advanced testing tools to check the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. 

Don’t forget this aspect of B2B technology. If you don’t test, you won’t know if you are getting a good return on your time (ROI).

You can consider incorporating A/B testing of emails and other online facilities to improve the productivity of your landing pages. Moreover, you must also use the B2B technology and methods that you are using to achieve far-reaching business goals.   

Referral Marketing

One of the significant characteristics of B2B marketing strategy philosophies is associated with referral marketing strategies. By incorporating referral marketing with your ongoing strategy, you can significantly attract more potential clients towards your business. However, the only way of working on a referral strategy is by providing personalized services to your existing customer. The best way to leverage referral marking is by having a unique presence in the market. 

Final Thoughts: B2B Technology

After having a clear insight into the tips mentioned above, you may now be able to access your current B2B marketing techniques. Timely evaluation is necessary to leave the conventional methods behind and adopt the new ones. This helps you to run your enterprise more effectively with increased productiveness. 

Author Bio: 

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Marketing Manager at Assignment Assistance. It is a renowned firm that provides “essay writing service UK” to university and college students at affordable prices.  Being an active member, she likes sharing his diversified knowledge among her readers and audience.

Host blogger’s comments:

Let’s answer the questions posed at the beginning:

Is B2B technology free?

Some tools are free and others are paid. Google Analytics which was recommended in the post is a free tool.

Is B2B technology easy to use?

The answer may depend on your degree of technical prowess. The difficulty varies depending on which B2B technology you implement. However, in my experience, the support staff at most tools are helpful if you need help.

Is B2B technology necessary?

Yes! Use B2B technology to ensure you’re not wasting your time with your marketing campaigns.

Readers, please share so marketers learn these B2B marketing methods which include using B2B technology.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you conduct research as part of your marketing strategy? Can you add to the discussion about B2B technology by recommending your favorite marketing tool?

  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Amanda,

    Your article is excellent and informative. In all marketing endeavors, we need technology to help streamline the workload. And as digital marketing continues to evolve, the need for marketing automation via technology has become paramount to our successes. Marketers need these marketing tools to analyze, measure, quantify, marketing performance to define areas of adjustments and improve on what is already working.
    Thank you so much for sharing! I already shared it across social media.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      Great to see you. Thank you so much for sharing our post on social media. I’m glad you feel Amanda did a great job with her post. I agree.
      I appreciate you adding to the discussion. I use Buffer to automate my social media promotion. Do you? Some prefer Hootsuite.

  2. Amit Garg

    Hey Amanda

    You have shared amazing tips on B2B technology.

    Undoubtedly, SEO is the backbone of every online business.

    And because social media is trending everywhere, automation plays a key role in online business success.

    Thanks for sharing
    Amit Garg

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Amit,
      Great to see you. Do you use an automation tool? I use Buffer.

  3. Rahul Kumar

    Hi Amanda,

    Indeed these tips are helpful in B2B growth, but as you have mentioned Social Media as a B2B technology, do you think it really is helpful in B2B and one should spend money on it?


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rahul,
      I’m glad you mentioned Amanda’s tips are helpful. I agree that she did a great job. Regarding social media, I once spent money on Facebook ads but didn’t generate sales. I do better when I don’t pay. For instance, using the Swipe Up link on Instagram, I’m able to sell my ebook. I hear Quora ads are cheaper than Facebook ads. My business partner is considering buying Quora ads.

  4. Vanessa Hub

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for writing such an informative piece of work and share it with us.

    Applying a point of sale system can be a great deal.

    With POS, you can easily keep track of your stock, inventory, customers and staff management while still bring a seamless experience to your customers.

    Learn more and enjoy our 3 week free trial at: Grow your business with the Best Retail POS Software | ConnectPOS (

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