How to Stay Healthy in 2022 When You’re Blogging

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Do you need mental health blog ideas?

Are you aware blogging can hurt you both emotionally and physically?

Whether you run a blog on the side or it has become your whole life, it can definitely be a demanding and time-consuming task.

You might spend hours each week at your computer, and you can find yourself attending events or trying out products when you’re not doing that.

Looking after your health as a blogger is a must, especially if you spend a lot of your time working on your blog.

Long hours at a desk or maybe even sampling lots of things for your food blog could have an effect on how fit and healthy you are.

So how can you stay as healthy as possible while running your blog?

Try some of these tips to be a healthy blogger and enjoy running your blog more.

mental health blog ideas

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By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll have both physical health and mental health blog ideas so you can stay a healthy blogger.

Sit Comfortably

Sometimes blogging will find you sitting at a desk. Other times, you could be lounging on the sofa with a laptop, sitting in a hotel lobby, or even trying to write in the airport before jetting off somewhere.

Wherever you’re working, having somewhere comfortable to sit is important. When you’re sitting at a desk, making sure you have a comfortable chair that supports your back. While a good desk chair might be ideal, you can get comfortable in other chairs when you need to. Put your feet flat on the floor or use a footrest and sit up straight or lean back slightly.

Care for Your Wrists

When you’re doing a lot of typing, your wrists can start to feel the strain. Even if you’re spending a lot of time using a mouse instead, it can still put pressure on your wrists and hands. Taking care of your wrists is important to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other wrist complaints.

While you can use a rest for your wrists, many experts recommend not using one. Instead, make sure you can sit with your arms level and in a comfortable position. Learning how to type well can help you to protect your wrists too.

Protect Your Eyes

Staring at a screen for a long time won’t worsen your eyesight, but it can make your eyes tired and dry.

As a blogger, you’re probably looking at either a computer, phone, or tablet much of the time. As well as giving you eye strain, it could also affect your mood, your sleep cycle, and more.

Some people choose to get blue light glasses to help protect them when they’re using screens. They’re designed to filter out blue light, which could disrupt your circadian rhythm if you are exposed to too much of it.

However, there are other ways of protecting your eyes. These include taking regular breaks from screens to give your eyes a break.

Give Yourself a Schedule

When you run a blog, it can consume a lot of your time.

It’s hard to switch off when you’re in charge of when you’re working and when you’re not.

There’s no one to tell you it’s time to stop work and go home with no set hours.

By giving yourself a schedule to work on your blog, you can prevent yourself from spending too much time on it. It’s important to know when to step away and do other things.

Even though you need to put work into your blog, there should be other things in your life too.

mental health blog ideas

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Take Breaks for Your Mental Health

As well as giving yourself a blogging schedule to stay organized, you should be sure to take breaks to protect your mental health.

You need to try mental health blog ideas like these.

One reason you should take plenty of breaks is if your blogging means that you use social media a lot. Too much social media can mean that you’re seeing a lot of people living seemingly perfect lives, and you can see a lot of negative comments too.

Making sure that you take breaks gives you the opportunity to get some perspective and reconnect to the “real” world.

Choose Opportunities Carefully

If you’re lucky, you can get various opportunities as a blogger.

You might be sent products to review or be invited to attend events. When you’re offered these opportunities, being selective can help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, you might want to be careful not to attend too many events where there will be lots of food and drink passed around if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet.

Wrapping Up: Physical and Mental Health Blog Ideas

There are many advantages and disadvantages to blogging. One of the disadvantages is your health can be adversely affected.

Keep healthy as a blogger by being careful of how and when you work on your blog. You can protect your health in different ways and still keep your blog running.

Readers, please share so bloggers read these physical health and mental health blog ideas.

Do you have any physical and mental health blog ideas? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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  1. Rachel Helberg

    THANK YOU!!! I have a really bad habit of getting on a roll with my writing and then forget to take care of me. Some days I completely forget to eat. I am smart enough to keep tons of cold bottled water near, but sitting up straight is not on my “back of my mind” list. My lower back will remind me if I have been mistreating it. I have started to set a timer on my phone so I make sure to take a step-back breather. Your ideas are a great help – THANK YOU!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rachel,
      Great to see you! My pleasure! I’m glad you found these tips helpful and timely. Thank you for writing to tell me.

  2. Liton Biswas

    Hey Janice,

    Some cool ideas here for bloggers to maintain mental and physical health. Staying healthy both physically and mentally is very important for being productive. As I’m a full-time blogger I really need to take care of my physical and mental health. I’ve got some nice ideas from your post. Such as using blue light glasses. I’ll try to buy one.
    I’ve already formed some good habits for this. I’m sharing them for your readers.

    > I made a daily routine for all my tasks. If I need to do any new tasks I just try to adjust them into my routine. This helps me to maintain my sleeping time and other activities that keep myself healthy.
    > I get up 5 am every day and take exercise for one and half an hour.
    > I do meditation for half an hour every day in the morning.
    > I read self-improvements books for half an hour.
    > I get into my blogging work after completing the above three tasks.
    > During work, I take a break for 5 minutes every half an hour.
    > I drink a lot of freshwaters. In fact, I keep a water bottle beside me.

    However, thank you for sharing some nice ideas here.

    – Liton

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Liton,
      I appreciate you adding to the discussion with your valuable suggestions. These are all great ideas.

  3. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Janice, I loved your pause button, I need one of those! I sometimes forget until I hurt and then it’s too late. I’m trying to start new routines and take the dog for a walk several times a day and just purchased a stationary bike for bad weather, etc.
    I do find I work many hours a day, at one time I was at 18 but that is why too many. I’ve down to 10-12 per day and trying to take most of the weekends off. (Which for me means working just 2-3 hours in the a.m. on a weekend, lol)
    But you are right, our health is so important. We really can’t do anything without it!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Wow! 18 hours a day?!
      This is my routine:
      I’m at the computer working on the blog from 6:30 to 8 Am.
      I get ready for the day and then walk the dog at 8:30 AM.
      I am at the computer working for school from 9 AM until 3:00 PM
      Then, a nap and again at the computer working on the blog from 5 to 7 PM.
      Then, I walk the dogs again.
      Then, I eat dinner with my husband and watch television with him until bed
      You definitely have me beat at 18 hrs.
      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Preeti

    I am working on the Computer for so long time. I really get tired of my schedules. The tips suggested by you is so pleasing. Hoping to implement them soon in my daily routine. Great work.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Preeti,
      Bloggers do spend long hours at their computers. Thanks for writing to tell us you found our tips helpful.

  5. Patti

    Thanks for all the helpful tips. So many things to remember to do but so well worth it if you do them.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Patti,
      I agree, but once we get in a pattern it’s easier to remember safety precautions. Thanks for commenting.

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