47+ Unusual but Effective Free Blogger Tricks You Will Love in 2022

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Do you need blogger tricks? Looking at this blogging schedule, you need all the blogger tricks you can get.

If you are a beginning blogger, you need all the blogging tips and tricks you can find.

The more than 47 blogger tricks in this guide save you time and help you grow your blog.

This data shows you why it’s so imperative you discover the blogger tricks contained in this guide.




Industry Value

31.7 million bloggers 

By 2020, the number of bloggers increased by 10 million. 

409 million people view blogs monthly.

$412.88 billion

UPDATE: These statistics reflect September 2021 data.

Let’s get started learning some new blogger tricks.

47 Best Proven Free Blogger Tricks

Janice Wald

Could you use effective blogger tricks?

Since you’re here, I assume that you do. 

Do you know there is a common criticism of blogging tips coaches?

People complain they all recommend the same strategies. Often, I have heard, “They never have anything new to say.”

A reader of mine predicted that if I offered unique blogger tricks, my blog would stand out and my readership would grow.

Even Sue Anne Dunlevie’s blog Successful Blogging says, “Don’t say what has been said 1,000 times before in your content.”

This post will offer you blogging tips that deviate from the same old rhetoric.

Although they may vary from mainstream blogging tips, these 47 blogger tricks are just as effective if not more.

In addition to discovering unique blogger tricks, you’ll learn what bloggers do

Let’s get started.

47 Unique Blogger Tricks

  1. Deliver your blog posts using web push notifications. The One Signal Push Notification plugin is free to use and easy to set up. Both Stephanie Bledsoe and Harsh Agrawal use this tip. I have a number of readers who receive my posts this way.
  2. Tag interested people. Elite blogging strategist Patrick Coombe explained, “Here is my best tip: Tag people. But don’t be reckless about it. Don’t just tag random people that pop up when the @ symbol comes up, tag people that you know will get amped up about the post and comment. If you can get someone excited, angry, or passionate about a subject, it will create conversation and if you can create conversation, you’ll naturally trigger Facebook’s internal algorithm to make it show up in more news feeds. Tagging people in comments is also helpful. Make a comment on the original post and tag someone in it. Ask them a question and tag them in it; it’ll almost demand their attention. Sadly, without having a budget to “boost” a post on Facebook, it is getting harder and harder to promote a post. This way, with the right initiative, you can get some great reach on Facebook without having to spend the money.
  3. When choosing a keyword, check Related Google Searches at the bottom of Google. “In response to This Is How to Rank for Long-Tail Keywords, 5 Free Secret Tips about 3 years ago we received an email similar to this one explaining long tail keywords…. in a nutshell, the ‘long-tail’ key phrases at the bottom of the searches were the best ones to use.” Blogger Tricks, 47 proven free tipsSource:  Lily Seymour
  4. Promote your posts in aggregation groups in addition to mainstream media. For example, promoting on BizSugar has reaped me a great deal of traffic. Neil Patel and Clay Smith agree with this strategy.
  5. Add 4 numbers to your headline: the 4 digits of the year.  The Gaps.com website recommends this strategy. I’ve seen it work on my blog. My post How to Make Money in 2016 and Beyond as a Beginner received abnormally high page views.
  6. Put your testimonials on your social media sites. Source: MavSocial.com
  7. Take advantage of Twitter impressions. Queuing at Buffer when impressions are great has already helped boost my Twitter traffic.
  8. Call the headline and the SEO title different names. According to a post published on Copyblogger, you do not make the headline and the SEO title the same. By putting extra keywords in the SEO title, you can get found on search engines easier without cluttering up your headline with words. For example, if the HealthRanks.org blog wanted their article, Top 5 Greens Supplements, to get found on search engines, they should make their keyword Greens Supplements longer in the SEO Title. Most people will search for longer keyword phrases today. However, this is a fine headline. Readers love reading about “Top” tips. In addition, this headline: How to Easily Get New Followers with Optins: an Update received a high score. However, the headline I really wanted, the headline containing a number, received a poor score on CoSchedule: How to Easily Get New Blog Followers with Optins & 48 more tips: Update. I made this the SEO headline so when people scrolled through the posts about how to get new blog followers, they would see I was offering 49 tips. This is another example:47 proven free blogger tricksAs you can see, my SEO title would have made a pretty awkward headline. My guest author sent me a focus keyword: Google First Page Guaranteed. Wanting the post to rank on Google, I put this long-tail keyword in my SEO Title. However, I titled the post How To Get Your Blog On The First Page Of Google for Free.
  9. Clear the cache. Why should you clear your browser’s cache and how does this tip relate to blogging? According to Ryan Biddulph, not clearing your cache slows down your loading time. Busy bloggers don’t have time to wait!
  10. Get Insurance. Although my guest author was discussing making money from vlogging, he recommended you get insurance. Commenters reacted they found that tip odd which is why it made this list. My reaction: Anytime people fear getting sued, insurance is a good idea.
  11. Get a Business Licence If you are sued, will you be in trouble if you don’t have a business license? Are you selling products or services? If so, you might want to consider putting out the money for the license. It will be a whole lot cheaper than having to retain a lawyer to defend yourself. My accountant recommended I get one.
  12. Have a disclaimer on your site. Does your site guarantee results? If not, you might want to consider saying so. Where to put the disclaimer? I recommend putting the disclaimer on your Hire Me page or your About page. You are welcome to tweak the disclaimer on my Hire Me page. Scroll down to the bottom where you will find the “Note.”
  13. Write more than 140 characters on Twitter in your tweets. It’s unusual since Twitter has only just recently extended its character count.
  14. Make an umbrella Pinterest board with subboards. This is also an unusual tip since Pinterest just started implementing board sections.
    Blogger Tricks #Pinterest

    Screenshot: Courtesy of InfoBunny.com

  15. Offer citations. This provides proof what you are saying is correct because other experts say so. Also, if you link out, Google thinks you have quality content. Even Donna Merrill says this is a good idea.  So many bloggers don’t cite references, I felt this warranted sharing.
  16. Use an Excel spreadsheet to blog. You might wonder why this is needed. Bloggers use a spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. Some use a spreadsheet to keep track of linky parties. Others use a spreadsheet to keep track of keywords they rank for.
  17. Create a hashtag and use it on social media. I know bloggers who have their own hashtag. I was flattered when one created a hashtag for me. If it’s memorable, your brand (and traffic) will grow. Use it in your tweets. Once it becomes associated with you, others may use it when they retweet your links and share your posts on other social media. User-Generated Content is free advertising for you. Social Media Today recommends this blogger trick.
  18. Place links in a context. According to Neil Patel, links should be surrounded by context and not at the bottom of your post in the footer. For example, this link appeared near the top of the text in my recent publication about a blog commenting techniqueOnce they come the first time, there are many ways to get visitors to repeatedly return, but how do you get them to sign up?  Do you see how the link is surrounded by text?
  19. Do not write an introductory hook longer than 1 sentence. Do not write a paragraph longer than 3 sentences. When blogging, remember that less is more. Busy readers skim. [Related: How to Engage Blog Readers Who Are in a Rush]
  20. Install an SSL certificate. Research says that it may have a positive factor over at Google. Whether you rank could depend on whether you have an “S” in your blog URL. You will also see a padlock to the left of your URL.
  21. Let your readers dictate your content User-generated content is trendy. Ryan Biddulph recommends letting your readers request content they’d like to see you write.
  22. Buy a plant. According to the INC blog, buying a plant will help you blog for several reasons. First, people make sure their plants have good light since plants thrive in the light. If you blog near a plant, the result is you’ll have good light, and your eyes will have less strain when you blog. Also, the blog’s research shows that people are more creative near plants.
  23. Limit your coffee. Hey, I love coffee. However, according to DivasRunforBling, “Caffeine can be a good thing… But when drinking too much of it, it can leave us jittery and unable to focus. Do you want more blogger tricks? Read on.
  24. Rub peppermint oil on your neck and temples. The INC blog recommends you smell peppermint. “Peppermint aroma… has been shown to have a positive impact on memory and alertness.”
  25. Boost your number of Twitter followers. This is especially important for blog monetization. People have found me on Twitter and offered me financial opportunities since they know I will retweet their information to my Twitter followers. Ryan Biddulph and Kimsea Sok report having similar experiences.
  26. Take scenic photos in landscape orientation (horizontal). Why unusual? I recommended taking photos vertically to appease the Pinterest gods. Photo-editing sites like Canva have vertical templates you can put your horizontal pictures in.
  27. Blog backward According to Heidi Williams, you should know where you want to end up and plan your blogging goals with that end result in mind.
  28. Include links to your social media sites in your emails. Make it easy for potential visitors to find you. [Read: NewOldStamp Generator: This is How to Build Your Brand.]
  29. Put the name of a celebrity in your headline. My post How to Make Money Blogging Like a Celebrity was one of my best-performing posts of 2017. The article mentions “a celebrity” and shows a picture of celebrity blogger Ryan Biddulph The graphic mentions his name. Mentioning names of celebrities catches people’s attention and has a familiar feel according to B2C.
  30. Make the most of brushing your teeth time. (True confessions: When I brush my teeth in the morning, I stumble, when I brush my teeth before bedtime, I follow people on Twitter or flip on Flipboard.)
  31. Give your blog a SWOT Analysis. Assess your blog’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Source: Carla Jenkins
  32. Put a link to your blog in your Email signature. I don’t think this is odd; I think it makes sense. However, when I blogged about it before, so many people found it unusual but inspired I thought I’d mention it here.
  33. Include your blog name in your name when you leave it in the comment section. It should look like this: Janice | Mostly Blogging. People will see it and remember it resulting in increased exposure for your blog.
  34. Write from a different persona. If you write the same valuable information as other bloggers but present it differently, you are bound to stand out in the crowded internet. Jeanine Michaels writes from the perspective of a dog.
  35. Wake an hour earlier. You’ll get more done in your day. You’ll make blogging decisions when you’re refreshed since you would have just had a night’s sleep. If you get more tired as the day goes on, you’ll be a more effective blogger if you get up earlier. Source: The Reality Challenged Blog
  36. Only write 300-word posts. This is an unusual tip coming from me since I insist Google will give your post visibility if your articles are longer than 2,000 words. 300 is a far cry from 2,000. However, Google is not the only search engine. According to Coast Digital Companythe Bing search engine will give your post a boost in their search rankings if your posts are at least 300 words.
  37. Dress up in your gravatar photo. There is an expression that goes, “The clothes make the man.” According to Pospi, people will judge your blog by how you look in your gravatar picture. If you have a nice picture, people will assume you have a nice blog.
  38. Use fewer hashtags. Although Instagram allows 30, using more than 8 makes you seem spammy. On Twitter using more than 2 or 3 hashtags has the same negative effect.
  39. Start your own subReddit. Many bloggers are familiar with Reddit.com and its reputation: Link drop and be called “a spammer.” Also, using Reddit to generate blog traffic can be so difficult people consider Reddit a waste of time. However, blogger Jason Chow offers a unique way to use Reddit for blogging success: Create your own subReddit. He explains you can micromanage what goes on over there better. For example, you can moderate discussions so you aren’t just posting links to your articles. Creating a subReddit can add to your blog’s exposure.
  40. Tweet your subject line before sending your article to your email list. Twitter (and the Buffer queue I use to schedule my tweets) has analytics. Try tweeting two subject lines. Fast Company sends the subject line that received the most clicks on Twitter to their email subscribers. According to the blog, this technique helps increase the click-through rate and boost their traffic.
  41. Add your photos to photo-sharing sites. Ask for a link to your site as “payment” for the photo. Links to your site boost your SEO. Flickr is an example of a popular photo-sharing site.
  42. Change the name of your About page. (Note: I have not tried this tip.) The Aasifjamal blog recommends calling your About page the “Start Here” page. The admin blogger boasts he receives 1 million page views a month. This was one of his 30 tips the resulted in his increased page views.
  43. The one Facebook rule you need to avoid following: If the Facebook group asks you to linger for 5-8 seconds on someone’s post, and in exchange, people will linger on your post for 5-8 seconds, don’t follow this rule. If you do, your bounce rate will suffer. The reason: it takes the average person 12 minutes to read an article. If Google thinks people are only spending 5-8 seconds on your post, the search engine will think your article is poor. Your search rankings and your Alexa score will drop.
  44. Use the word “my” more than the word “the” in your Call to Action. Bloggers report the following: When they gave a Call to Action asking visitors to download their optin, it was not as effective as capturing emails as asking readers to download “my” optin (an ebook or a guide, for example). 
  45. Have a chatbot respond to your commenters. A commenter thought it would be fun for his readers to be greeted by a chatbot. It certainly would save you time replying to comments.
  46. Start your blog post with a Table of Contents. This is easy if you bullet your subheads.
  47. Go after low competition keywords without high search volume. Go after low competition words with low search volume. If the search volume is low, the big bloggers in your niche won’t be interested in competing for them, and the field will be yours. Even if the keywords have low search volume, while you’re still building your Domain Authority, those low numbers coming over from search engines will add up.
  48. Bonus Tip: Getting people to stick to your blog is important since it reduces your bounce rate which helps your SEO. Getting people to return for more is even trickier. Both blogger tricks are accomplished when you use the Sticking Blogging technique.

Wrapping Up: Unique Blogger Tricks

In conclusion, even though these blogging tips may seem unusual, these are proven tips. They really work. The best part– they are free to try.

Readers, please share so other bloggers discover these unique blogger tricks.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: Did I leave any out? Do you have any unusual blogger tricks you can recommend?


No post about blogging for beginners should leave guidelines for avoiding accusations of plagiarism. For guidance, see this Mostly Blogging post about incremental plagiarism.

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  1. Susan Velez

    Hi Janice,

    Great tips and you read my mind. I’ve been wanting to set up push notifications on my blog, but I always get busy with something else. You know there’s always something to do, but I thought today is the morning that I sit down and figure it out.

    Now reading your post, I think I will grab some coffee and figure it out. I’ve heard so many people say that it’s helped them grow their blog.

    Another one of your tips that I started using is going after the low competition keywords. Like you said when your blog is new and your Domain Authority is low, it’s impossible to rank for those competitive keywords.

    I’ve actually started taking the time to search for keywords that will help me rank easily in Google. It’s nice when you’re able to get traffic from Google even if it’s not a lot of traffic. After all, like you said it all adds up over time the more content that you write.

    Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Susan,
      Since you wrote me, have you tried the push notifications? What do you think? Even if there’s not immediate result, give it time for people to sign up for them.
      Regarding the keywords: As much as it pains me not to try for more competitive keywords, I try to reach for attainable keywords, and my blog traffic has picked up greatly from search engines.
      Thanks for your comments.

      • Anil Agarwal

        Great tips Janice.

        Short, crisp and they all work incredibly well.

        Few more blogger tricks that work like charm.

        – Focus on spying on your competition: find out what they are doing to get more shares, sales, traffic etc.
        – Learn how to find useful keywords: SEO without keyword research is incomplete.
        – Build as many links as possible: Links are golden and help you get more traffic from search engines.

        Keep rocking.

  2. Mona Andrei

    These are awesome! Also, I can’t believe people actually do #43. I mean, when I go onto another blog, I actually READ IT and always thought others do the same with my posts. Am I naive???

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mona,
      My new reader! I love seeing you here! Thanks for writing!
      The answer to your question is absolutely yes.
      Bloggers are driven to get blog traffic. If they are told, their search traffic will pick up if they click on links and stay there for five seconds and other people will do the same for them, they will do it.
      What the admins of those groups don’t realize is that 5 seconds hurts the SEO since it takes people 12 minutes to read the average blog post.

  3. Yasar Ali

    OF course Janaice,
    I really love these tricks plus tips.
    Keep it UP 🙁

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for the kind words about my post-Yasar. I just came from your site. Informative! Thanks for your comments.

  4. Elise Cohen Ho

    OMG, so many amazing tips here. I think I will pick a couple each week to concentrate on.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Elise,
      I hope you bookmarked so you can review the article and follow a few each week.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • Elise Cohen Ho

        Yes, indeed. This week and next is about load time. I found many of the potential areas in which load time may be slowed and this week is about fixing that.

  5. Martha

    What excellent tips! I’m definitely going to come back to this from time to time to make sure I’m doing these!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Martha,
      Did you bookmark? Great idea so you can review the 47 tips. Thanks for commenting and your compliment on my article.

  6. Ryan Biddulph

    Awesome resource Janice! Thanks for the shout out. Every second counts when you are an efficient, effective pro blogger. Clearing your cache adds up big time over the long haul.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for this inspiration for the clearing the cache tip. I agree. It’s a great idea. Thanks for commenting.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shel,
      Great to see you. Happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate your compliments and your comments on my 47 tips article.

  7. Oyundoyin

    Hi Janice,this is very interesting post, I will try to implement some of the tricks.Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Oyundoyin,
      Thanks for commenting on my post that came out on Sunday. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my blogging tricks. Definitely, implement and let me know what the results are.

  8. Moss

    Hi Janice,

    Great tricks for all bloggers. It’s amazing some of these are ne to me. In fact, I will call this article ” a round up resource post.”

    Tagging has worked wonders for me. I recently posted one of my new post on LinkedIn without tagging anyone. The next day when I checked, I got about 120 views.

    The next day I repost the same article and tagged 10 of my connections. When I checked, it had over 500 views. So, tagging is an amazing trick that works well, though I’m yet to try that on Facebook.

    Clearing your cache, mentioning celebrities or a celebrity, UGC are great as well as the other tips.

    I mentioned Rebekah Radice in one of my post, informed her about it and senf her the link., she tweeted the post and it was one of my best performing articles.

    Thank you Janice for this round up post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      I so appreciate you calling my post a “roundup.” I guess it is a roundup of unusual but effective tips that yes, I have “rounded up.”
      Speaking of LinkedIn vs. Facebook,” someone was going to write a post about why some people like you have such traction with LinkedIn but not Facebook but other people like me have traction at Facebook but not LinkedIn when we are in the same niche.
      Any thoughts?
      Thanks for writing my friend.


    Wow, this is such a useful post! Learned some new tips and tricks. I have to keep it for future reference. Thanks Janice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      I consider you a talented blogger. If I was able to teach you new “tricks” I am excited. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  10. Leanne

    Really interesting tips Janice – I don’t think I’m doing very many of them! I’m going to pin this and also re-read it to see whether there’s something I can start doing to give me a boost.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      I so glad you liked my article and found my tips valuable enough to bookmark. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  11. Handbagsjd

    If Google thinks people are only spending 5-8 seconds on your post, the search engine will think your article is poor.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Handbagsid,
      It’s interesting to see which of the 47 tips resonated with people the most. The tip you commented on, which hurts our bounce rates, is perhaps the most commented on tip! I agree with you, of course. Thanks for writing.

  12. Matthew Brewin

    Hi Janice

    Marvellous round up of concise tips for us hard working bloggers. And some pretty useful comments coming in as well to add to the awesome tips. Will return to keep an eye on these too.

    I’d also recommend Rosemary essential oil for mental clarity and alertness. Rub a few drops together in the palm of your hand then cup over your nose and inhale deeply. Really blows the cobwebs away!

    Many thanks.

    Matthew Brewin

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Matthew,
      I’m really excited about your connection over the last month or two here and on Facebook. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my list of 47 unusual tips here and on Facebook. I also appreciate you adding to the discussion with your suggestion. I heard inhaling peppermint has a similar effect, so I tried it and it does clear the sinuses. Thanks for writing.

  13. Gaurav Kumar

    Hi Janice,

    Push notification are more in trend. It is a good idea to make the readers know about latest updates even if they have not subscribed your blog. Though I missed push notification function on your blog.

    I like the idea of subreddit, promotion, feel good factor and call to action always work in great way.

    thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi, You don’t see the push notification option? It should be a red bell in the bottom right. I see it when I go into my site. Do you?? Thanks for writing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carolann,
      I appreciate you coming by and commenting on my 47 unusual blogging tips. Thanks for the kind words. Great to see you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Michael Dinich


    Great list of Ideas, drinking less coffee is going to be tough pill to swallow. However, I’m sure I can apply the rest of them, in particular I like the idea of using a celebrity in the headline. I can see that tactic playing well on twitter, as I have a sneeking suspicion folks just tweet headlines and rarely read the blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the compliment on my 47 unusual blogging tips post. I laughed when I first read your comment. I, too, love coffee. I found your comment regarding Twitter interesting. (Cynical, perhaps?)
      Since you and I apparently both need caffeine, may I offer another tip? My daughter turned me on to Monster Zero which I love and does help to perk me up.
      Thanks for commenting.

  15. dhaval

    Hi! this was very helpful. i just read your every step and i learned many new things about blogging.

    specially i like
    point no.:-

    even i can say…
    point no.:-
    9 and
    was good too.

    keep doing it. you write good stuff.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dhaval!
      Thanks for writing You made me look! I haven’t memorized the tip numbers! Although, I did know that #1 was push notifications. Regarding #3– I am relying on it more and more rather than using up tried at free keyword tools.
      Thanks for the compliments on my writing.

  16. Jeanine Michaels-Leftwich

    As always, all your tips have grrr-eat value for all bloggers. From the tech challenged (me) to the pro’s, there is something useful for everyone’s needs. I would always come to you first as a resource for blogging related questions, and truly appreciate your expertise. What you offer is priceless for free, so thisclose to Thanksgiving, I wanted to say thank you for your experience and for sharing your knowledge with us. Bree and I are also very grateful for the link on #34, your best tip!
    ?? Thank you! And for your comment on her blog ?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanine,
      Your kind words mean a great deal. Thank you. Happy belated Thanksgiving. It was my pleasure to link to you. Thank you for the inspiration for the tip about writing with an alternate persona.

  17. Jeanine Michaels-Leftwich

    Can you give me more information on how to create a “gravitar” photo?
    #37 Or direct me to the proper easy ( AKA for tech challenged) site to explain how to do it? I would like to use Bree’s pup photo. I assume this is a good way for bloggers to promote their blog sites? It appears after your name? Thank you.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanine,
      Regarding how to get a gravatar that you can use in WordPress, try signing up here:
      Yes. I would agree. If you’re writing from the persona of a dog, your gravatar should be a dog. I know people who write as animals and their gravatars are animals.

      • Jeanine Michaels-Leftwich

        Thanks Janice!
        I looked it up ” How to Create An Avatar” on Google also. Seems easy that way. Just have an email and an image. It appears to be a free service through that link. Should I use yours instead?
        Nothing these days is really free! Except your trusted advice. So I always trust to ask you as a resource, and hope other bloggers will also. So , next step?
        Thank you! And I hope you had a grr-eat Thanksgiving. WOOF!
        There are some new photos up on entry HAPPY HOLIDAYS Missing my dad . To your readers, comfort on the loss of your loved ones, but ” Love the ones you are with” ? ???❤️

        • Janice Wald

          I did not pay for my Gravatar. I miss my dad too. Thank you again for the compliments and the faith. I found the link I gave you through Google as well.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks so much Ganesh. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  18. Bill Kasman

    Lots of good tips. Probably too many to take in at once so I have bookmarked this post for further reference.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bill,
      Great idea to bookmark the list. I realize it’s comprehensive. Thanks for bookmarking and writing to tell me.

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Eugenia. I’m glad you enjoyed my 47 blogging tips. I appreciate you writing to tell me. I hope your Thanksgiving was happy.

  19. Saurabh Tiwari

    Hey Janice ma,am, much gratitude for sharing such instructive post with us.

    Yes, As someone who loves Blogging, and it’s a must for Blogging beginners for those who don’t know about Content creation, blog post promotion, keyword research, etc. Thanks

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Saurabh,
      Thanks for coming by this week. I’m glad you felt the tips I chose to share were valuable. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  20. Barbara Radisavljevic

    What a lot to absorb at one sitting. Some of these I’ve been doing. I did get that advice about staying on a blog for five seconds, but I tend to read posts all the way through unless there’s really not much to hold my interest. Now I’m a bit worried because some of my photo blogs don’t take twelve minutes to read. I’ll have to check into the sub-Reddit idea. I’ve pretty much been lost at Reddit. It seems to demand you spend your life there to be able to post anything and the people running the sub-Reddits that interest me often have moderators who flew the coop a long time ago and don’t approve new members.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Barbara,
      1. Regarding how hard it is to absorb the 47 tips in one sitting, I encourage you to bookmark to return to when convenient.
      2. Regarding the 12 minute tip– that’s for blogs that do take 12 minutes to read like mine. So, if someone only spent 5 seconds, my bounce rate would fall. So, if your blog does not take 12 minutes to read, you don’t have to worry about people spending less time than that and your bounce rate falling.

  21. Donna Merrill

    Hi Janice,

    This is a great list of ideas for building a great blogging business.

    SEO + social media sharing are, of course, always important.

    I think the most valuable one though is letting your readers dictate your content.

    When you are tuned into helping your readers, everything else falls into place.

    I’ve tried most of these things but I must admit though… I never even thought about the peppermint idea, 🙂


  22. Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor (realfitbody.com)

    This is a great list and I am happy to learn something new. Thanks for this.

  23. Herlina Kwee

    I can’t seem to leave your site because you have so many helpful articles. LOL.

  24. Kyla Matton Osborne

    What a great roundup of blogging tips! I am pinning it for future reference. I actually followed a link from Bill Kasman’s FB profile to this particular post. Glad I saw it!

  25. Kimberly

    Janice, these are awesome tips! Pinned it. Thanks for sharing on #TrafficJamWeekend.

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  27. Himanshu

    Hey Janice! Super awesome article and I got so much to learn. I liked #16 and #30 these both are good.
    And I read many of your articles and follow them and follow you.

    And yes, I recently published an awesome content which includes 51 tricks and tips.
    Feel free to check it out and please tell me how is the article.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Himanshu,
      I posted this on your blog post and I’m posting it here as well:

      Quite a list! I recognize many of my ideas in your article. For example, the first six tips in your article are from my post
      https://www.mostlyblogging.com/blogger-tricks/ and they are even in the same order.
      Can you please cite my post as a source and link to the article?

      Himanshu, you asked me to tell you how the article is.
      1. It is okay to use other people’s ideas as long as you cite them as a source. At the bottom, I have a Sources section where I mention and link to my sources.
      2. Google likes you to link to authoritative sources. It shows Google you have a quality blog if you’re citing your sources and recommending them to others.

      • Himanshu

        Hey Janice! There are limited listed tips and tricks about blogging which everyone knows. It is natural to match some tips and tricks in 2 articles.

        I wrote those tips which I know in my article and everyone knows those which are in your and my article.

        That doesn’t mean that I used your ideas.

        My articles contain 51 blogging tips and tricks and your contains 47.

        And I give credit to my sources, you can check my latest articles.


  28. WonderPush

    Web push notifications are certainly effective for driving in more traffic, yet they are very hard to get right. This is why not many websites fully trust them.

  29. Hendrix in The Sky

    Hi Janice,
    I am first time in your blog. Came to post comment to get a back-link. After reading your article…i’m impressed really. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing blogging tricks!

    • Janice Wald

      What kind words, Hendrix! Welcome! Thank you for your comments and your honesty.

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