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#Networking Opportunity

Welcome to Our Blog Party!

It’s time for our bi-monthly blog party.

At today’s party, we are having Asian food.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new subscribers too.

Note: At other Meet and Greets, guests return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

Enjoy the food and the networking.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at our Meet and Greet, please share on your blogs and social media. The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

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  1. Mainy

    Hi there, I’m Mainy and I blog at

    I’m based in the U.K. And blog about family time, recipes, reviews and I throw in the odd poem too!

    Here’s my latest post link about the British blog awards and if you like my blog then it would’ve fab if you wanted to nominate me. However I would love you to visit and just enjoy too:)

    I love Janice’s blog here and am a strong advocate of her great advice:)

    I look forward to making more blogging buddies here today.


    • Nigel

      Mainy how are you !
      How’s Britain and the infamous weather ?

      It’s good to meet you and you blog

      Please also subscribe to mine , leave comments (I don’t charge for that) ? lol

      • mainy

        Hi Nigel
        Britain is it’s usual sunny self!! OK maybe not that sunny;) but we smile about it and drink lots of tea:)
        Loved your blog and I’ve subscribed!
        Have a fab day!

    • Vero

      Hi Mainy,

      nice to meet you here and your blog as well. I have recently started with my blog (in UK), learning every single moment and loving Janice´s blog with the same reasons! I am blogging mainly about cooking for “our international” family and for my little baby and how I am enjoying motherhood, maybe you can enjoy some recipes as well 🙂

      I look forward to enjoying every new blog and get inspired!


      • mainy

        Hello Vero

        Your blog looks great and I enjoyed your swimming one. Have a look at your sidebar widget as it may need the text inserting there, maybe for your ‘about me’ bit? I look forward to reading more and please feel free to subscribe to mine and vote on my link if you have time:)
        I’m also on twitter @myrealfairy

    • Pranab

      Hi Kevin,

      Glad to meet a fellow poet though I can’t claim any published books to my credit still.


      • Kevin

        Good to meet you also and the best of luck with your poetry. Best wishes, Kevin

    • mainy

      Hi Donna

      Lovely to meet you. I’ve just been over to your site and read more about you and commented too. I look forward to seeing more of you and keeping up to date:) Joining you from the UK and my site

      • Donna DeGuglielmo

        Hello Mainy, Great to meet you, too. Thank you I am glad you like my site, Same in return to you. I liked, commented and followed. 🙂 blessings hope to see you again. blessings from the USA. Hope all is well. in the UK.

  2. John Doe

    The spread of food you put out looks fantastic. Thanks for hosting another great party.

  3. Betty Asphy

    Hi everyone. My blog is about family. It is my goal to share and help others. I find myself learning a lot along the way. One of my favorite posts is My post was recently featured here at This post honors those that have died for our country and also allows for others to promote their blogs. Have a great day everyone.

  4. Onome

    Hi my name is ONOME, I’m proudly Nigerian and I Blog about the blogging life/mistakes of newbies like me.
    I enjoy sharing my opinion via blogging because it seems to work out well for me, that’s why I named my blog “Blogtrovert”.

    I will be glad if someone as experienced as you checks out my blog and yell me 1 or two things that’s I’m doing wrong…

  5. Rachel

    Thanks for inviting me to the party! my name is Rachel and my blog is called By the Pounds where I share food and cocktail recipes, along with the occasional book review and food tourism.

    Check out my blog here:

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  6. Marsha Ingrao

    Thanks for the yummy food, Janice. Hi everyone, my name is Marsha. I live in Central California about 40 minutes from the big trees, Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park. I have two blogs, http://www.marshajustwrites for bloggers, writers & photographers. I review books and share tips I find as I blog. The other blog is more personal, Traveling and Blogging Near & Far at Mostly I have fun and love to write and comment.

    • mainy

      Hi Marcie

      I’m Mainy and blog over at and I live in the UK I do a bit of everything around parenting, lifestyles and giveaways.

      Lovely to meet you! I’m heading over to your blog now:)


    • Chloe

      Great read she is just s number and doesn’t define us. I say make the most of life and enjoy ?

  7. Gaurav Heera

    Excellent post, always Seeking for extra, I agreed with you and Looking forward to seeing your post. The information you have posted is very useful. Keep going on, Great Post.

  8. Gentle Joy Homemaker

    I appreciate reading your helpful posts… I am Gentle Joy and I write 2 blogs. The first one is Gentle Joy Homemaker where I post about saving money, cooking, family, garage sales, hints and tips and lots more. A recent post from the site is:

    The other blog I write is Gentle Joy Photography. The main focus on that blog is photography, although there are also many family posts there too. A recent post from that blog is:

    Thank you for the party!

  9. Donna Parker

    Wait! Did I miss one of your parties, Janice, how? Oh no! I’ll blame WordPress lol But seriously, better late than never when it comes to blogging goldmining.
    My name is Donna, I blog about life, the Universe, and everything, all with a lot of humour. Here’s my latest Drop by, stay a spell, you might never want to leave.
    I’m off to visits and share. Hope this weekend is treating everyone kindly so far. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Donna,
      I agree. It’s never too late to party! Thank you for joining us.

  10. Patti Stevens

    Guess I missed the earlier email also! But thanks for the invite.

    I help women create a lifestyle to bring their life into balance – Body, Mind & Soul – so the can Live Agelessly! You can find me at: and there are blogs and recipes to help you get started.

    And here’s a link to my latest blog and recipe:

    Looking forward to checking out all the other great blogs!

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