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Weekly link round up


Welcome to Another Edition of the Best Blogging Links of the Week!

1. Since posting How To Make Money From Blogging Even If No One Is Paying You Part 2readers have been sharing their motivations for blogging.  How many can you think of?

When I read What are Your Blogging ExpectationsI was shocked to see how many blogging motivations exist.  Susan Langer’s guest author Renard Moreau thoroughly examines the topic.

2. 6 Best Ways Bloggers Can Save Time with Templates was well-received, and the post actually promoted on the Ronovan’s Writes Positively blog.  The reason is clear.  Bloggers are tired!

Lucy Mitchell from Blondewritemore parodies the Five Stages of Grief with her comical and totally relatable The Five Stages of the Writer’s Nap.  Lucy recently received the Funniest Blogger award at this summer’s Bloggers Bash which is an indication of just how funny this post is.

3. Since publishing How To Make Money From Blogging Even If No One Is Paying You Part 2 which offers the pros and cons of self-hosting, I have received many questions about it.  There is great interest.  Readers are definitely considering self-hosting. 

One question bloggers need to ask when considering the move is which company will host your blog.  Sam Anthony, in his post WordPress Hosting: The Complete Resource Guide on How to Choose a Managed WordPress Host,  thoroughly answers that question.  The post is written in the form of chapters.  I found Chapter 3, an overview of the choices, and Chapter 9, all factors considered, which self-hosting company is the best, the most valuable.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selections!

As always, blogging-related link submissions are welcome! Links into your site improve your SEO ranking, and your information empowers others.  Just leave your link and a short blurb about how it relates to blogging in the comments section.  Any post about blogging, writing, productivity, or technology that helps bloggers would be considered.

If you left a link for reblog consideration on my previous site, Reflections, I would appreciate your resubmitting the link in the comments section here, so I have a running list of submissions.

Please share, so others have a chance to get their writing promoted.

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  1. Renard Moreau | at 8:42 am

    [ Smiles ] Hmm. Amazing. I see that I have managed to make your list.

    Susan and I would both disagree that I was a guest blogger on her blog; for the record, we share each other’s posts via Triberr, Twitter, Google Plus, etcetra.

    However, thank you for the great honour.
    Renard Moreau recently posted…Five Ways To Keep Your Readers HappyMy Profile

  2. Jeanette Hall | at 10:33 am

    Thank you for your posts and sharing Mr. Anthony’s post “WordPress Hosting: The Complete Resource Guide on How to Choose a Managed WordPress Host” with all of us! Hoping to be deciding on who to self-host with later today / tomorrow time frame.

    Gotta keep my fingers crossed that this works out this time!

          • Melinda | at 10:41 pm

            Yes, Omie is what the baby calls me. Thank you. I’m getting excited! At first I was surprised! I believe she’s only 8 weeks, so looong time! Gives me prep time! I gotta get stuff organized for two! And start buying cutesy little bitty clothes again! Yay!
            Pudding Pop is gonna be a great big sister! I just hope she learns to share our attention! lol She’s not used to that!
            Melinda recently posted…Strawberry StartingsMy Profile

    • Jeanette Hall | at 7:47 am

      Will be taking your advice starting TODAY! Will be getting a site from the Orange (forgot exact name) company. Going to be an exciting day. How do I get you to get credited for the affiliate pay out?

      • Janice Wald | at 9:34 am

        Do you mean how do I get a discount for referring a friend?
        That is so kind of you to think of me. Very thoughtful! I went to their site, and it said to give you this code.
        Be sure to use it. I am not sure if it said that you might get a discount as well.
        Thank you, much appreciated. Good luck with the hosting. Their 24/7 tech support is knowledgeable, friendly, and generous with their time.
        Let me know how it goes.
        Janice Wald recently posted…6 Best Ways Bloggers Can Save Time with TemplatesMy Profile

        • Jeanette Hall | at 10:12 am

          I didn’t get the answer before I set up the account. Is there any way to notify them that you referred me after I created my account with them? There was a field for coupon code, but since I didn’t have one I ignored it.

          • Janice Wald | at 10:15 am

            If you will be contacting them today, please ask. I have an appointment soon and I will be out most of the day. If you do contact them, please let me know, so I don’t try later. Thank you!

          • Jeanette Hall | at 10:24 am

            Am opening a ticket. Asked them to credit your account for my sign up!

          • Janice Wald | at 10:25 am

            You are wonderful. Thank you so much for thinking of me as you begin your new endeavor. When your new site is ready let me know so I can come visit.

          • Jeanette Hall | at 10:31 am

            Will let you know as soon as it is up!

          • Jeanette Hall | at 8:17 am

            My setup had program blocking the flow between it and my site with the tiny Orange. My multiple sclerosis has left me with a cognitive thinking reduction. Takes a lot longer for me to catch on now than it used to. Figured out what the problem probably was while lying in bed last night. Just logged on to the computer for the day, so have not attacked the problem yet.

          • Janice Wald | at 8:18 am

            The people at Orange are very supportive. There are also supportive groups on Facebook. If you need their link let me know.

          • Jeanette Hall | at 8:25 am

            I know! They helped me get started on the fact I forgot to use the link to give you the credit for referring me to their business. Still working on completeing that trouble ticket with them.

          • Jeanette | at 11:05 am

            The ticket has been closed, so you should have received credit for my new site! My new site is up, but is still a work in progress. The site is:

            Any suggestions are welcome. Have not got the parts in that has a potential to make me money, yet. Had a hard enough time moving my blog info over. Had to actually sleep on the process several times before figuring it out!

          • Jeanette Hall | at 10:27 am

            Ticket # is NAX-932-24385. I will be following up on this issue. Have a great weekend!

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