International Weekly Roundup #6

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international weekly roundup

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Welcome to the Weekly Link Roundup for November 19.

The Best Links of the Week


  1. Last week I was so excited when blogging influencer Matt Banner joined us.  This week blogging influencer Eugene Mota has submitted a link for us. November has been quite a month for blogging influencers at Mostly Blogging. Recently, people have been asking how to increase their subscribers. Mota thoroughly answers by explaining 18 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience. Eugene Mota is from Europe.
  2. Vincent Wambua is from Kenya. His post Knowledge Vs. Wisdom discusses the difference between knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Wambua asks, “If a doctor smokes, is he wise or just knowledgeable?” Click his link to see his opinion.
  3. Protected From Everything But Learning Nothing is an article about an expat family and how they educate their children. is an interesting site which seems to be an online community for expat families (families living outside their native country). The author lives in the Seychelles, which is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

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Meet and Greets

This Saturday I am hosting a Meet and Greet, and Danny Ray is too.

Cavelle Martin is hosting a Meet and Greet now.

Other Events Around the Blogosphere

  1. RonovanWrites is starting a new writing prompt called “Friday Fiction” and is collecting haikus for publication in an anthology.
  2. A Journey with You started a Follow to Follow Directory.
  3. I was impressed with how the Ronovan Writes community banded together to help Ronovan buy a new laptop when his broke. I thought the blogging community could do the same for author/blogger Lysa Wilds to help her fund her laptop which finally met its end this week. Here is the link


If anyone knows of any upcoming or ongoing blogging events, please share them in the comments section.

If anyone would like to have their links promoted, please submit them to Charles Rogers for publication on this site with your country of residence. He will be selecting them going forward. Note: They do not have to be about blogging.

Readers, please share this post, so that other bloggers know about these bloggers featured here today.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selections.

What did you think of the articles? Do you agree with Vincent that the doctor who smokes is knowledgeable but not wise? What was your opinion of the expat site? Did you feel Eugene Mota gave helpful suggestions about growing your blogs? I look forward to your views.


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  2. Vincent Wambua

    Much appreciated for the pingback and awesome job!! Very relevant topics to read from your website. Cheers!!

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