How You Can Use Your Blog Readers to Get More Blog Readers

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Use Your Blog Readers

Your current blog readers can help you get future blog readers.

Like many bloggers, are you concerned with your stats?  Do you frequently check your number of blog followers and page views hoping to see them rise?

During your visits to your stats, do you ever click the “shares” tab to see if people are sharing your writing with others?

If the goal is to grow your blog, you need more exposure to other readers.  If your current readers share your writing on other forms of social media, their followers will be able to see your link, and you can potentially get more blog followers.

This post will explain how your current readers will be motivated to share your writing with their social media followers.

 How to Have Share-Worthy Blog Content

  • Make your content about your readers.  Find out what your readers are interested in and make your content about those topics.  For example, if you write tips to help your readers, they might be motivated to share your tips so that they too can help other people.  According to Brian Dean at, it is human nature to want to look good to others.

I understand it is your blog, but if you want more traffic, you need to write about what your readers care about, not what you care about.  If your readers find it engaging, they will be more likely to want to share your content with others.

In my post 13 Foolproof Ways You Can Stop Writing Ineffective Blog Headlines I outlined ways to write a headline that will let your readers know your blog will be about them and how their lives will be improved by reading your post.

What Topics Do Your Readers Care About?

I don’t know what your readers and potential readers care about.  Do you?  Do they ask you questions when they comment on your posts?  Do they express concerns when commenting at your site?

  • Write blog posts that answer their questions and address their concerns, and they will be more likely to share your posts with others.
  • Have an infographic that addresses their concerns.  They will be motivated to share it on Pinterest.  I use to make my infographics.

When Are Your Readers Likely to Share Your Posts?


Research shows your link will be tweeted at these times.

If you want your links shared on Twitter, post them at times divisible by 3.

  • Know when to put your posts on social media for best sharing potential.  Research shows that if you put your links on Twitter at certain times, for example, they are more likely to be shared.  Think in terms of three’s.  Tweet your link at times divisible by 3–9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm, and so forth.

When you see your content is shared on social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, you will know that your blogging efforts are paying off.

Readers, if you think other bloggers will be grateful for this advice, please share.

Bloggers, what advice can you share that you feel contributed to your post getting more shares than usual?  One of my readers is curious as to what works best, sharing buttons at the top of a post or the bottom?   I look forward to your views.

Sources: Donna Ward, Intuitive Business Coach

Brian Dean, Backlinko


    • Janice Wald

      I just wanted to thank you again for the reblog. I received three new followers today which I’m thinking could be a result of your reblog. Thanks so much for the exposure.

      • Human Interest


        You’re very welcome. Really? That’s awesome! I’m glad that I can help! I will continue reblogging your work if you don’t mind? You deserve the exposure and I’m more than willing to help. What do you say? 🙂


  1. suzie81speaks

    Participating (and running) blog hops and Twitter parties has massively increased my views

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks Suzie as always for everything. Your support means so much to me. I hope you know how much.
      I have a Linky part on Mondays. It’s true. I get a lot of traffic from it on Mondays which dwindles throughout the week. However, it’s a lot of work reading and commenting. I started the Linky party in January and received a “massive” boost in traffic. Since then, my page views have plateaued. Although staying high, my page views are not continuing to grow. Currently, I’m not projected to top January’s stats.
      Do you have any advice? I have such respect for you. I consider you a blogging celeb. Thanks, Janice

      • suzie81speaks

        Thanks Janice – what a flattering thing to say! (Blushing furiously here)… A link up takes times to grow from week to week. The amount you post will affect your traffic, the number of other blogs you visit, the Twitter parties you participate in, the number of comments you reply to that keeps people coming back for more… Its a lot of work! Which Twitter parties do you join?

        • Janice Wald

          #mondayblogs #wwwblogs #writerWednesday #archiveday #sundayblogshare. Are those Twitter parties? Thanks for the encouragement.

          • suzie81speaks

            Yup, looks like you’ve got them all haha!

  2. MizMeliz

    Adding a Call to Action at the end of your post os a good practice too. Ask readers an open ended question or give them a suggestion for a Tweet.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for reading my post and commenting. I did have a “call to action”, did you see it? Since getting your comment, I moved the sources I used, so the “call to action” is more visible.
      On other matters, I said “no thank You” to two people, and it got awkward. I am sticking to my guns though.
      Last question: Twitter: you advised we ask for Retweets. When you do, do you say “Please RT” or just “RT”? Thanks as always for everything. I consider myself your protege =). Janice

    • Janice Wald

      My pleasure. Always happy to help. Consider following my blog for more tips or adding your blog to my Follow for Follow directory for more followers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dena,
      Thank you for writing me and your compliment on my article.
      As far as getting feedback for your site, are you aware I have a Follow to Follow directory? There are approximately 50 people, a really nice community, all waiting to follow you and offer any feedback you need. I’m on it too. We could do a follow for follow. Check it out. Here is the link

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  4. Life With Lorelai

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – We hope to see you again next week.
    Life With Lorelai

    • Janice Wald

      Hi again!
      I don’t know if I realized you reblogged two. My picture–I call her ‘my little girl’. She did well in the Pinterest crowd. I’m glad you liked her, and the article, as well. Thank you so much for all the exposure you’ve given my writing this week. Thank you so much for the reblogs.

  5. Oh My Heartsie Girl

    Hi Janice, so happy to have you share your post on The Oh My Heartsie Girls ww this week, Im sure that many of my readers will appreciate this information. And I was just ask what are the best times for posting, your post answers many questions.

    And I can see you have much more that I will want to read.I have reblogged your post!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
    Karren Host @Oh My Heartsie Girl ww

    • Janice Wald

      It was my pleasure to link up with you. Please make sure I am on your mailing list so I never. miss an opportunity

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