How to Run a Successful Blog in 8 Amazing Ways

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Follow these 8 tip and have a successful blogCan effective blogging tips result in a successful blog regardless of the niche?

I think so. That is why when a fashion blogger offered to guest post for us, I seized the opportunity.

The author called it “8 Amazing Tips to Run a Successful Fashion Blog.” I think the post contains 8 amazing tips to run any successful blog. I omitted the word “fashion,” since these tips for how to be successful apply to all blogs.


Success in any field is similar to achieving a certain goal in life. If you are a fashion freak and have a lot to say about fashion, then why not become a fashion blogger?

Being a blogger is not all; you must try to become one of the successful ones who know how to [maneuver] this world through your outstanding posts.

Blog space is quite crowded and competitive at the same time.


Tons of [blog] lovers have started [blogging]…  If you want to start this journey, you just need to learn a trick that is to navigate straight to one of the top bloggers and see how they are making it big and successful. This is what we are going to do for you in this post.

Running a successful blog is not at all an easy job. You have to follow some experienced trends and styles of bloggers who others are following. [See what is making them] successful in this field.

Slowly and steadily you will definitely see the success behind the stars. All you need to do is gather all your strength and vision for a beautiful successful future in blogging. Here are some of the amazing tips we have gathered for you to follow and run a successful blog in the future:


Have you ever thought why these blogs are so successful? The very first thing that they are doing is presenting something unique and different on their blogs.

Whether it is their style of writing or covering different events uniquely, your blog must stand out in the crowd. You must come up with a compelling idea as why you want to start all this.

Do you have enough knowledge about this field? Will you be doing any justice to it?

You must consider all these bits before starting a  blog. Once you have highlighted all these notes, you must initiate to start a blog with a unique blog title that must be catchy and trendy. So the difference is in all the differences you can present on your blog. Show different, show trendy, and see success. (Admin Blogger’s Note: shows trending topics.)


The second thing you have to consider is for who you are going to write your blog.

The key is to remember those who are going to follow you and why you are going to blog. You never have to lose your sight on this major point, no matter how successful a blogger you become. Before starting a blog, ask yourself how people will interact with you and how well you will engage the audience towards your blog.

Pay attention to the minute details and back-end of your blog business.

Try to understand your analytics in order to see success in the future. Just think what your audience wants from you and what they want to see. Try to pen down all these important points before having an initial start.


Your blog must be limited to your website but it must also be connected to a relevant Facebook page and Instagram account. These are the fastest ways to get success and build a brand name.

Nowadays stand alone blogs are dying just because they are not well-connected to social media.

These social media giants have changed the way we see the world.

Almost the whole world is connected to each other through [social media]. One can interact with different groups, pictures, and pages which are… easy and [effective].

You can grab high traffic and well maintain your blog without any hassle. So get started with the most convenient and easiest way to blog.


Study your own self before starting your blog. Remember, if something is right for you, it can be different for someone else.

It is an overall risk that has to be tackled carefully. Just consider whatever you want and like along with considering what your followers require. Connect yourself with your brand. Make yourself as presentable as possible because you are going to be the face of your blog.

If your audience sees you better, they will better follow your blog. Enhance your personal style according to the latest trends with a twist of something unique that is new for someone following you. So be sassy and smart to trigger the best audience in town.


The very important aspect of a successful blog is the high-quality content you are providing your audience. Whether you are posting an article or uploading a picture, make sure you are posting the best.

You need to master the way you write. Improve your writing style by checking all sorts of flaws, make your blog searchable, so that more and more people will [find your blog when they] look for [it]. The better content you post, the better your blog will be [found] through different search engines.


While you are [growing] your blog, try to take [showcase] your true personality. No need to feel shy as this is how you are to present yourself on your blog… You must follow [what] is most comfortable for you and matches your personality. Showcase your true persona  which is the key to making anything different.

Try to be genuine and don’t try to imitate others. Don’t you want to see your blog be outstanding? Try to show what you really are.


Sometimes you cannot perform some tasks all alone and you require a bunch of people who can share their views and ideas with you. At the end of the day, it will be no more a one-[person] job. Think about having a team, what sort of people you want, and how they will benefit your blog.

The key is to gather different viewpoints, and share them accordingly on your blog with their names. You blog will soon function like a company with employees who love to work for their passion.


Think of an overall look and theme of your blog to pace it towards success. Look for a theme that most matches you own style. Consider a nice color scheme and the way your pictures will be presented. The key is to have a best possible overall look of your blog and the same way you will present it on social media. Try to keep it eye-catchy and trendy, as it’s human nature to fall for the looks at first sight.


[In conclusion, consider these points, and your blog] will be a future success story.

Admin Blogger’s Commentary: The introduction stressed it is important to

  • Emulate the styles of successful bloggers (but not their personalities)
  • Envision yourself as a successful blogger

All eight additional tips work for the success of any blog in any niche.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers, especially those just starting out, have the benefit of these suggestions.

Which do you think is the best tip for any blogger? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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  1. Carolann

    Lots of great info here Janice. I think the best tip I can give to any blogger is to never give up. You started blogging for a reason out of a passion you were fulfilling and you need to remember your core mission statement when times get tough. Also, feel free to constantly evolve and change if you need to. It’s your blog and you are free to grow and develop as you see fit. Change can be a good thing. Also, share with your readers the best of everything you know and love. After all, it’s what makes you uniquely you! Thanks for sharing some great pointers here!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carolann,
      I agree with you. Perseverance, especially what stats are low and comments few and page views disappointing, is important. Thanks for writing.

  2. Ganesh

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogging tips. I feel the most important thing to remember while writing a blog is how well you can connect with your readers. If you can deliver your audience just the kind of information they are looking for, you have your battle half won!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ganesh,
      Pleased to meet you. Thank you for writing me. I am glad you enjoyed the post. As far as your comments, it is a fine line between writing about what’s popular (giving them what they want) and writing about what you are interested in writing about. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Joan stommen

    Great tips! Finding unique and intriguing is not easy…but I do need to try harder with this one! Thanks for a great post!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joan,
      Thank you for writing me. I agree with your comments. Finding content unique, so that there isn’t so much competition for readership, and finding content intriguing that people are engaged, is a challenge. Thanks for the visit today.

  4. Jeanette Hall

    OK, I give in! Will have to set try and set up an Instagram account. Something else to add to my To-Do list for the day.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      Thanks so much for visiting me today and commenting on the post. I noticed the outbound clicks on the article– Instagram received the most. You are in good company with your interest. =) Great to see you!

  5. Anita Irlen

    I’m sorry, I’m very sorry, but these tips are so poorly written, I can’t take them seriously. I’m not meaning to hurt anyone, but blatant flattery is empty and doesn’t help anyone. Like the writer says, “study your own self.” That, I think, is good advice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anita,
      Your comments and opinion are welcome and appreciated. Blogging is fun when we have an analytical exchange of ideas. However, after reading your comments, I reviewed the post. I can not figure out which tip or tips you consider “blatant flattery.”

  6. Lindsey Elyse

    Great tips! I change my mind so often about a certain style and I can never stick to one! I guess I need to work on that and find something I’m happy with soon!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lindsey,
      Nice to meet you. I am thinking of changing my style for this Saturday’s post. A risk? I don’t know. I’m still contemplating. Thanks for writing. I am glad you enjoyed the tips in the post.

  7. GiGi Eats

    You always hit these topics on the head PERFECTLY! I agree 100% with all of this, especially the personality aspect! If you don’t inject your personality into your posts, no one will get a sense of who you truly are, and won’t be able to relate to you all that well and will never come back to your blog. End of story!

  8. Psd to Wordpress Conversion

    Nicely written post. Thanks for the writing this quite interested post. I really glad to find you on web.

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. I would love to encourage you to subscribe, so you never miss a post. I publish posts like these all the time.

  9. Arista

    Hi Janice,

    First of all thanks for sharing these amazing blog writing tips. Totally agree with your point that when writing a blog, it should first appeal to you before you can expect readers to like it. Thanks again for the post. Great work!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Arista,
      What kind words about the post. I didn’t write it; it was guest authored. However, I do publish posts like this all the time. I’d love to encourage you to subscribe, so you always get notified.

  10. Leanne

    All really good points – I’m finding (after blogging every day for the atoz challenge) that I’m wanting to wind back a little and just blog as me again. No writing what others want to read etc, just what’s on my heart our in my head – that way it gives me pleasure regardless of how “successful” my blog is 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      I use Medium to blog without constraint from concerns about SEO or clickable headlines, etc. I can relate to what you wrote.

  11. Ingrid

    Letting your personality show in your blog posts is important and will attract readers to your blog in my opinion.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ingrid,
      I agree with you. I will go “return the blog love” and check out your site. I hope you find by checking out my articles, that I have a voice and personality. The article you saw was written by a guest author. Thanks for the comments.

  12. Melinda Mitchell

    Be yourself is the #1 thing, in my opinion.
    And who else would I be??
    BBFF Janice is already taken! lol
    Thanks for always presenting quality content!
    We know we can always rely on you.
    Love, BBFF Melinda

    • Janice Wald

      Awww… What kind words! Thank you! You know it is always my pleasure to help.

  13. Deynn

    I’ve written an article publishes it on my blog then my next problem is how will I let encourage my target audience to read my blog. I always promote it at my own social media channels such as Twitter and facebook. Once a month I conduct surveys to gather feedback from my readers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Dynn,
      Pleased to meet you. Thanks for your comments. I would love to help you with your blog. I have articles on how to engage readers I’ll be happy to send you if you can take just a moment to sign up first. I always set aside extra time for my subscribers. I think your ideas for social promotion and surveying your readers are good ones. I’ll be happy to send you some more ideas.

  14. AArti

    Very helpful tips, thank you! I’m going to take all of these into account with the next phase of my blogging process.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi AArti,
      Thank you for reading my guest author’s article. I am glad you found the tips helpful. I encourage you to subscribe since I have posts like this all the time. Mine is a blogging tips site. That way, you’ll never miss a post. Where did you find the article, may I ask? I always wonder.
      By the way, I tried to visit your blog to return the “blog love,” but it said you don’t have any articles yet. Thanks for your comments.

  15. Tamara Hoerner

    Hello Janice!
    I loved your blog and your tips for effective blogging. I think the one that hits home for me is the idea of a “team”. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this, and to see it in writing, makes it all the more “real” and important. I’ll be re-evaluating things as I write. Thanks again for these tips and for visiting my blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tamra thank you for the kind words about my blog. I would love to have your readership.

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