How to Quickly Find 3,000 New Blog Followers

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Where to find 3,000 blog followersCalculate the math.

What percentage of people who you network with follow you back?

1 out of every 2?  Less?

For the sake of this post, let’s assume 50% of the people you network with follow your blog.

You would have to network with twice as many followers as you would want to subscribe to your blog.

Please consider this a follow-up to my recent post, How to Quickly Get 3,000 New Blog Followers.

My guest author Eric Schlehlein explained how he managed to get 3,052 new blog followers in less than eighteen months.

In order to get 3,000 new followers, if you have a 50% follow-back rate, you would have to network with 6,000 people.

If you are going to get 3,000 new blog followers, quickly or otherwise, you have to know where to find them.  This post will tell you where to look.

According to A Good Blog is Hard to Find‘s Jason Cushman,

Most of the blogging articles I see and read aren’t great. They offer no real tips, are simple regurgitation of what other people are saying, and they offer very basic advice on how to network on social media. My conclusion is that these posts read as such because the bloggers generally have no idea what they are talking about.

I could spend an afternoon reading tips under the tags “blogging, SEO, and WordPress” and feel fairly confident that I would have enough knowledge to share something new with the world. But what is the point? So often people write tips on blogging and they really have nothing to say… they just think they do. I will read lines like “it is always a good idea to interact and meet other bloggers,” but that will be it. Ok, thanks for the obvious tip, now tell me HOW to do that. Tell me WHERE to do that and tell me HOW OFTEN to do that. Specifics make or break an article and if you aren’t going to get specific for us don’t bother writing that junk.

Jason, your words have not fallen on deaf ears.  Although the previous post this is based on explained how often to network, this article will explain exactly where to network in order to find the 3,000 blog followers.

13 Places You Can Find 3,000 New Blog Followers

  1. Meet and Greets.  Jason Cushman and Danny Ray have frequent Meet and Greets that attract many bloggers looking to meet new bloggers.  People actually go to  Meet and Greets just for this purpose.  Some months Jason has them weekly, Danny has them bimonthly, and I have monthly Meet and Greets.  (If you would like to participate, these are links to our recent Meet and Greets.)

I’ve seen them on many other blogs as well although with less consistency.  You can actually type “(Your niche) Blogger Meet and Greet” into a search engine to find one in your blogging category.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a few months old.  Those bloggers should still be happy you dropped by to network with them.

2. Daily Post Community Pool

If it’s Monday, the Daily Post is holding their weekly blogging event.  Bloggers leave links to posts they desire feedback on.  By browsing the links, you can find like-minded bloggers like yourself. You can leave feedback and perhaps make a new blogging friend.

3. Facebook Groups

Go to   In the search bar type your blogging niche.  In the entries that come up, look for the word “group”.  If a closed group comes up, request to join.  If the group allows you to promote your link, do so.  Because the bloggers in the group are in your niche, they will get introduced to your blog and become potential new followers.

4. Reblogs users are able to reblog posts they feel their readers would find interesting.  Jason and Danny frequently reblog other people.  They implore their readers to send links they want reblogged.  This is a great way to be introduced to new readers. For your purposes, you want to go into their blogs and introduce yourselves and network with them.

5. Weekly Roundups

You will not only meet new bloggers, but you will meet the authors of the best articles of a certain time period.  Blogs generally hold weekly roundups monthly or weekly.

Go to a search engine and type (Your blogging niche) + Weekly Roundup.  This is another way to find like-minded bloggers in your niche.

6. Linky Parties

What began for me as a way to support my blogging friends who have linky parties turned into a great way for me to begin relationships with new bloggers.

7.  Award Nomineees

If you hear of a blogger who has been nominated for the Liebster Award, the Dragons Loyalty Award, or another blogging award, go into their blog, congratulate them on their nomination, and introduce yourself.

8. External links

Have you noticed the external links in this post?

External links are to bloggers outside Mostly Blogging.  I’ve linked to Danny, Jason, a blogger that wrote one of Danny’s reblogs, and in my conclusion I link to Charles.  I often have external links to sources when I use ideas gathered from their sites.

When you read posts of bloggers in your niche, if they have external links that sound interesting, click on them, and introduce yourselves to the authors of the posts.

9. Comments in blog posts

You don’t have to just network with the blogger who wrote the blog post you are reading.  If you see an interesting comment on the post, check out the comment writer’s site.

10. People who click the like button on your site

Go into their blogs and thank them for visiting your site and liking your article.

11. The WordPress Reader

Since Eric Schlehlein wrote the post this article is based on, it seemed fitting to ask Eric where he got his 3,052 (by the end of the post) followers.  According to Eric,

The WordPress “Reader” allows you to save as many categories and tags as you wish. I have several specific tags I go to that generate a lot of interest for me… such as “Historical Fiction,” “Manuscript,” “Query Letter,” “Literary Agent,” and “Short Story.” I also peruse through tags that I have found a lot of bloggers use, such as “writing,” “poetry,” “life,” “love,” “people,” and “photography.” I also peruse through “conferences,” “EMS,” “Firefighting,” “American History,” “Sarcasm,” “Humor,” “Inspiration,” “Rejection,” and “Gratitude.”

12. Poets

Eric explained, “Poetry is a great category to search through, mainly because most postings in this category are short and easy to read in a short amount of time.”

13. Photographers 

The same reasons as number 12 apply.  Since photographs don’t take long to look at, bloggers who are photographers are great people to network with.  Since looking at their photo takes less time than reading a post, you save time by networking with photographers.

This is where you can find new blog followers.


In my introduction, I cited Jason Cushman who criticized blogging articles that didn’t offer an explanation of how or where to network.  Hopefully, these ideas explained where to network.  As far as how to network, in addition to introducing yourself, respond to their post.  People like to know they’ve been understood.  Let them know you read what they had to say in an analytical response.

In closing, consider a comment from a reader,

…I started reading random blogs in WP readers’ files. When I find an interesting blogger, I write in their comments section, “follow them”, and send a link of one of my posts, and ask for their views on it. 

I’ve had a good response to that and I’ve expanded my group of interesting people. This blogging endeavor is fun.

In conclusion, networking is valuable if you want new blog followers, but as my reader Charles observed, networking is fun as well.  A two-for-one proposition, who can beat that?

 Readers, if you think other bloggers would be interested in knowing where to network to dramatically increase their following, please share.
What are your experiences?  Which of these tips have worked best for you?  Do you have any other ideas for networking locations?  I look forward to your views.

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  1. Chris Graham | at 3:35 am

    I agree with your listed points and do most of them already Janice, but the big danger is that bloggers could easily end up being so busy socialising that they have no time left for blogging 😀
    It’s all a matter of time balance and achievements consolidation – step by step.
    Jason, like me and a few others, sometimes overreach ourselves and have to cull blogs we follow so we can spend more meaningful time with those who follow us back (consolidation)
    Chris Graham recently posted…New Book Fanfare – The Sorcerer’s Garden by D. Wallace PeachMy Profile

  2. Deniza | at 4:36 am

    I am so thankful I met you. Your posts have helped me so much! Blogging and meeting new people of the same niche is such an enrichment.
    I haven’t been able to take part in your Linky Party’s yet (somehow I missed them).

    Thank you again, I will share this, so other people can benefit of your knowledge too 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Charles Rogers | at 5:34 am

    I’ve tried several of these, and they work. The best one is to mine the notes made in other bloggers’ comment section. When you find an author interested in your arena, write that commentator and invite him/ her to one of your links. For me, I gathered 4 or 5. Those few then recommend my blog to a bunch of their followers. It is like compound interest, only faster! Reblogging is a great invention. When I like a post, I write the author, out of courtesy- they’ve always said yes- then reblog. This activity attracts the attention of the author; one has reblogged, and you have published more often, increasing your visibility. ccr
    Charles Rogers recently posted…Blogger’s GPS August 28, 2015- Felinae SupplementMy Profile

  4. John Doe | at 7:52 am

    That post was so full of information and more important useable information. On another subject,WHEN DO YOU SLEEP?????????????

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  6. Tiffani | at 4:50 am

    Great tips! I’ve found linky parties & FB groups to be very helpful. I am really going to look into using the other strategies you shared. Thank you SO much! (Coming over from Mom’s Small Victories)

    • Janice Wald | at 7:48 am

      Hi Debby,
      How wonderful you’ve been able to comment again. It is so great hearing from you again. I hope your personal situation that caused you to take a blogging break for a while is better.
      As far as your comment, I am a fan of blogging folders. I use them to stay organized. I was even going to include the idea in a guest post once, but I was told they were too simplistic, LOL. Thanks for writing.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Weekly Link Roundup #5My Profile

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  8. Shine | at 10:47 pm

    Hi Janice,

    Thank you for an informative post. I am really new at blogging and I’m enjoying the interaction and communication with other bloggers for just a week I’ve been active here. I didn’t even thought that someone will follow my blog or read my post but somehow because I really like to read and comment, my follower increased. I have yet to find the time to post a new article, actually I think it’s not only the time but the inspiration to write, I have to improve on that. Also, since I’m new at this I have yet to learn the ropes of improving my site including using tags or category. I admire those who are balanced and are able to write on a daily or even weekly basis. God bless.

    • Janice Wald | at 8:11 am

      Hi Shine,
      I am so glad you are part of our community. As far as your comment about tags vs. categories, I brought you a link. I interviewed an SEO expert who discusses tags.
      For me though, the way I understand them, it’s like understanding an outline. In an outline, there are main categories and details that go with each main category. The main categories are your blog post Categories; the details are the Tags. Thanks for writing. I am enjoying getting to know you.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Weekly Link Roundup #5My Profile

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  11. Mark | at 8:06 pm

    Thanks for sharing 13 fabulous resources Janice!

    This post would and will make an excellent cheat sheet type of bonus,
    for anyone that buys one of your products or affiliate products!

    Or for signing up to attend one of your paid webinars and or
    paid tele-seminars etc!LOL!

    Or if they give you a bank account filling testimonial!

    I also think your linky Party concept is totally awesome and a fantastic way for
    bloggers, especially those in a specific niche, to effectively network and help each
    other grow!

    Thanks for sharing some awesome content Janice!
    Mark recently posted…How Savvy Small Business Owners Consistently Get A 50% Boost From Their Promotions!My Profile

  12. Jen | at 6:28 pm

    Great post
    I love how specific it was. I went back and read the one on how to get 3000 followers, and I am going to be completely honest. I don’t want to spend an hour networking when I have only 1-2 hours to spend on blogging. That said, i can see how that would work! I think it was a great tip for those that have time. I love how this post shows how you can use your time wisely-by joining link parties, and community pools etc. And still gain followers. Thank you!
    Jen recently posted…My Favorite “Go-To” Homeschooling ResourcesMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 9:30 pm

      Hi Jen,
      I agree with what you wrote.
      1. Eric did a great job in his original guest post. I was SO inspired to this day I make a concerted effort to network. I blog more than Eric (did he blog much at all?) so, like you, my networking time is much more limited.
      2. I believe you get out of things what you put into them. If you have time to put into blogging, your return will be greater. We do what we can. Thanks for writing. It was fun reliving this older post with you. Did you read the comments on Eric’s original guest post? I believe the authors that read it also wondered where they’d find the time for it, but I haven’t reviewed it in a while.
      Janice Wald recently posted…How to Use YouTube to Be a Better BloggerMy Profile

  13. Ankit Main | at 3:41 am

    Thanks Janice for sharing these amazing methods to quickly grow blog following. You have really written it above the mark.
    No every blogger shares their secret methods to grow traffic or following, you just made it. I have come here by following your Pinterest board which is also awesome.
    Keep updating us with the latest trends and news.

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