How to Have a Popular Blog [and Should You?]

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Bloggers face disappointment when blogging.
Do you want a popular blog?

(I will pause while you give a resounding “yes”.)

Do you want to blog about the interests you are passionate about?

(Again, I pause while you think “yes” in unison.)

What if I told you that you could not have both, but you could have one or the other?

Which would you pick?

This article will explain, with the help of my guest author, how you can have a popular blog and help you decide if you even want one.

Over the weekend, I read a dialogue between two bloggers.

Blogger 1 asked Blogger 2 what he wants from his blog. Blogger 2 answered, “I want it all.”

Suppose you could not have it all.

Do you want a popular blog? It’s yours for the asking. However, it may not be the blog you want to author.

3 Ways to Have a Popular Blog

  1. Go to and go to “Popular” in the dropdown menu. Write about one of those topics.

Bloggers can find popular categories to write about on Pinterest.

2. Pick one of the nine most popular topics according to blogging expert Beth Hayden. These are Beauty, Crafts, Home Decorating, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Kids, Pets, and Travel. 

3. Go to to find a popular topic to write about.

Buzzsumo can help bloggers find popular blog themes.

Buzzsumo can help bloggers find a popular blogging niche. By showing the social shares, this screenshot shows how much interest there is in the topic blogging.


Should You Have a Popular Blog?

Do you want to blog about any of the topics you just discovered were popular?

You have a choice between popular and passionate.  What do you want? A blog that is popular, with boatloads of comments, likes, and followers, or a blog that is interesting to you?

I have invited my guest author Chhiti Pandey, a Huffington post author and former doctoral candidate raising a toddler in Holland, to help answer the question.

Chittry, take it away.

My Take on Blogging

“What are you up to these days? Aren’t you bored to be at home all the time?”

These are the questions many people have asked me numerous times. No, it’s not wrong to be concerned about someone’s sanity as it’s a bit overwhelming to be with a toddler at home all the time.

In my case it was like chewing a bullet to tell people that I have decided to start a blog; above all, at times it was even harder to convince myself that blogging is what I really want to do.

Before people go bazooka over me let me explain: anyone can write but getting what you write to resonate with people is hard, and to top it off, if your aim is to make money, I believe it’s even more difficult.

This world is full of so many people, cultures, beliefs, religions, races, regions, languages to be honest even in a family people don’t have same thoughts, so here we are battling for a diverse group of people. Above all, you are not the only one who is blogging; there are a plethora of people blogging about the same topic as you do.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Starting A Blog

  • Right off the bat the first question people ask me is why did I start blogging? There were times in my life when a lot of emotions, conflicts, and anxiety were curtailed for a moment or ‘cured’ by reading blogs.

When you are lonely and alone, reading blogs feels like you are talking to someone, someone who has gone through what you have gone through. Some of the blogs really give you the power to overcome anything or to work around your weak points or give you the strength that if other person can do it, so can you. I think some can make you feel like a millionaire!

  • The second question is what do you blog about?  It could be anything whatever you are passionate about, very familiar with, or topics extremely popular and in sync these days or any topic with humongous monetary returns.
  • The third question you ask yourself: Do I like it even if it’s not returning me what I expected?

Let me clarify this question. We have expectations about everything we do in this life, either consciously or subconsciously.  We do have some expectations, some more, some less.

A lot of people write really well, but maybe they have a limited audience, or maybe they are not able to promote well.

It’s really hard to stay motivated when you don’t get in return what others get, every like and comment at times can raise your heartbeat or ease the pain.

Are you patient enough to go through the thought that maybe the topic you chose is not in the same league as the blogs that are immensely popular, and you might have to start over again? Hey, you need to always be prepared for the worst in life right?

I love to write and blog, to me it’s redefining myself, rediscovering myself, to evaluate what was wrong and right and how I will never do it again, at times frustrating–that why did I do it this way?

I have some amazing people who told me their stories, who became friends and helped. It’s like I am acting, and it’s my stage where I can be funny, humorous, serious, angry, flirty and of course bitter (my classic trait), complete freedom to express myself in my own way.

I will be lying if I say it’s all that rosy, it’s not for faint-hearted people. When you open up about your life to people, they have their own views, interpretations, and, at times, criticisms, and if you can’t handle them, it’s not a place for you.

The other thing for me is that I try to attract the attention of Google communities by posting my pictures or relevant pictures. However, at times people just visit your profile but not your blog, which is really discouraging…

Try to connect with as many bloggers as you can, when you need help ask for it, there is no shame in it. Of course, you need to have a great content, which is also highly subjective as some people might not like it, some might like it, so it will vary like desert weather.

Try to be as active you can on Facebook and Twitter. There are many other forums I am not aware of. I am also exploring my options here. For now, at least I know people understand what I am trying to tell them, and if with my journey I can make even a single person who is disappointed, bullied or lonely in life smile, I will consider this journey a success.

Good luck.

Admin Blogger’s Commentary

Me again: Thank you so much Chhiti for giving us your take on blogging.

This is my take on Chhiti’s take on blogging:

You have a choice.  You can either choose to write about a popular topic trending on Buzzsumo or Pinterest or be prepared to encounter the disappointments of a blog with a lackluster reception.

I hope that you will share this post, so that bloggers who are disappointed in their number of likes, comments, page views, and subscriber counts can read Chhiti’s article and realize that they are not alone.

After you share, please go to Chhiti’s site and show her some blog love–comment, like, and if you are interested in her topic, subscribe to her blog.

What is your choice? According to Beth Hayden, Beauty, Crafts, Home Decorating, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Kids, Pets, and Travel are the topics that will get your blog the best reception.

Do you blog about one of those nine topics which you are fortunate enough to find interesting, or do you blog about another topic that interests you? I look forward to your views.

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  1. Hammad Rais

    Hey Janice!
    Great post this is. 1 question: is it okay if someone want to have multiple topics covered in his/her blog? I think it is fine as it will bring more exposure.
    What do you say?
    Take Care!

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Hammad,
      It is AWESOME to hear from you. I thought perhaps you’d taken a break from blogging over the summer or something. I took off in July. We spent the month in Europe.
      To answer your question, blogging experts say to have a niche. I brought you the link to the article explaining why:
      Thank you for writing me. It really is AWESOME to be in touch again =).

    • Chhiti Pandey


      I do cover but they all go back to health. I share recipes, how to eat well balanced meals especially since I am a vegetarian. I combine them with the culture we have back home. My blogs also deal with self confidence issues I have always had to face which was pretty brutal I will say.

    • Janice Wald

      I know. Really sad. I hope everyone understood my point that they are making a choice–either pick a popular, trending, blogging topic, or risk facing disappointment. I don’t write about a trending topic.

    • Chhiti Pandey

      Thankyou so much, I guess then my purpose has been solved. I will say I have a good life, a good husband, beautiful daughter but beyond that what am I? I always wondered and so I decided I will share this with people and I am glad.

  2. Melanie Redd

    What an honest post about blogging. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted!

    And, it is fun, amazing, a learning experiencing, and something that gives us the chance to meet and connect with people all over the world.

    Thanks for a good word today!

    I found you on Twinkly Tuesdays.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for clicking my link. I agree. Chhiti’s words were raw. I agree with most of what you wrote about blogging. Nice meeting you.

    • Chhiti Pandey

      Thankyou so much for understanding what I am trying to tell. I think most of us have a talent and we need to use it or polish it.

    • Chhiti Pandey

      Thankyou yes I decided to be as honest as I can be as it was crunch time for me.

  3. Debby Gies

    An wonderful truth about blogging shared here with Chhitti. We all have many reasons we blog and read, besides informative blogs, they can be comforting and uplifting. The power of words! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      I agree. Her words moved me. I’m sure many people could find her emotions relatable, most even. Thanks for writing.

    • Chhiti Pandey

      aww thankyou so much, I am glad I could convey what I had going on in my mind for so long.

      • Debby Gies

        Thanks again! 🙂 PS Janice, I just came by to reply to Chhitti, and I had to fill in my life story again to comment. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        It takes so much time to write and research a blog and when you’re done just a simple comment from people who read it makes you feel that it was all worth it. I felt really bad for your guest blogger but I have noticed that she has not responded to one person not one who commented on her guest blog. I am starting to get the feeling that maybe people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. She has expressed how badly she feels but I ask you this question, why after all this time has she chosen to ignore all the people who took the time to comment on her guest blog. None of this makes any sense it sounds like she was just looking for attention.

        • Chhiti Pandey

          I am extremely sorry for not able to respond to my health reasons however, I am feeling fine now.

          • John Doe

            I am sorry you were ill and I am glad you are feeling better

  4. Rachel (Lifeofmyfamilyandme)

    I’d love a popular blog with tons of likes, comments and followers but for me it’s about having the time to research, write, promote etc. I find myself juggling with working and blogging, for now i am content with blogging when i can without putting pressure on myself to ‘do that bit more’. #TwinklyTuesday

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for clicking my link over at Twinkly Tuesday. I agree. We all make choices. Nice to meet you.

  5. John Doe

    Am I the only person that has to sign on to this site every time I do anything? Even though I have the box checked stay signed in, it Makes me sign in each time. I have to put my name and email each time. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not signed out at word press I’m always signed iN

    • Tim Gatewood

      I was having that problem, too. Finally did a reset on Firefox, which removed most of my add-ons and the problem went away. I still don’t know which add-on was causing the problem and I’ve been more selective on which ones I use now, so the issue hasn’t come back. Hope that helps.

    • Debby Gies

      I have the same problem, like now, again to reply to you. It is frustrating.

    • Janice Wald

      My tech helper is working on it, but she can’t duplicate the problem.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Tim,
      I think Chitti is probably in a majority. I mean, how many bloggers have audience the size of the Huffiington Post’s audience? I am glad you enjoyed the article. I assume many people found her relatable.

    • Chhiti Pandey

      Thankyou so much Sir for enjoying the article. I finally decided to put down my thoughts and share with the world.

  6. Debby Gies

    Hi Janice, after I responded to John Doe having the same problem, I just noticed my name was filled in for the first time, to leave this comment. It wasn’t when I just replied to John Doe a moment ago. We’ll see if it’s filled in next visit? 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Yes, I am very encouraged that Merri may have fixed the problem. Keep me posted. Thanks,

  7. sue

    This is such a great post to encourage those of us who are fairly new to blogging and sometimes despair. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes and I’ll be certainly checking out your tips.

  8. Tim Gatewood

    I noticed this list of top topics is one you’ve used in previous posts. So, that got me thinking. While I do sometimes mention our cats in my posts, I’m not ready to make my blog about them just so it will be more popular. Okay, sometimes I might do an article on the pets to see if it boosts traffic, but these other hot topics are simply not even close to my interests.

    All of which leads to this question, what are the top 30 topics? Surely, with more to choose from than just the top 5 or 6, we would be more likely to find topics we are better suited to address. I bet writing is in the top 15 and SEO or social media are in the top 20. Is there a link to where we can look up the current hot topics? One that goes a bit further down the list and perhaps even ranks them by popularity?

  9. Janice Wald

    Normally, it’s done in the reverse order. People find a topic and go to Buzzsumo to see if it’s popular. I tried Googling the top 30 blog topics but got no where. So I wrote the Buzzsumo people and asked them. I will let you know when they reply. Thanks for writing and trying to help John Doe today.

  10. ERFmama

    Good tips! 🙂 I blog to educate and to spread awareness – but I do care about traffic and I care about what I teach. It’s a passion and this year has been such a great year for me and the blog.

    When I first started the blog I didn’t think it would grow into all it is today haha, but I love it!

  11. Beth McIntire

    Great post as always! I write about most of these topics on my lifestyle-themed blog. Strangely enough, my most popular posts have been related to things I’m passionate about. Until recently, the most popular have been about solving technical problems, mainly with Rokus and smartphones. The other day, I posted about my genealogy research hobby and have seen large traffic numbers from the posts (a two-part series).

    In general, how-to articles and posts about how to fix problems have been my biggest hits.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Beth,
      Great to hear from you. I am so glad we are keeping in touch.
      Regarding your comments: It sounds like you have a niche–technology. You are also seeing a boost from genealogy. I have checked out your site. I saw a lot of technical-related posts. Shouldn’t that be the niche for the Link Exchange you expressed interest in?

  12. Holly

    Great read! Thanks so much for sharing! I love blogging and blog about what’s important to me. It’s hard at times getting posts out of my head – I think that would be even harder if I was just writing for what’s popular. I’ve always been the one who bucks trends – maybe I’ve brought it over into to blog life! 😉

    • Chhiti Pandey

      Thankyou for liking the post. I also want to make money who doesnt? but I want to meet new people and know if they understand what I have to say. I think if your writing or voice has the power no one can stop it although right now I am pretty new to say that. Wish you all the best.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Holly,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my post. I thin it’s good to be your own person–as long as you don’t feel disappointed if your blog doesn’t give you the results you want. as far as page views.

  13. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    This is a great post and really helpful. I don’t think k too much about what I blog about but being a mum pretty much always brings me go blogging about that! I basically write about whatever might pop into my head or something that has happened. I don’t purposefully write a certain type of post to gain more readership. If people want to read it then great 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • chhiti pandey

      Thankyou and I am glad you liked the post. I also blog with the topics that hit my mind or whatever I observe around me.

      • Janice Wald

        Hi Chhiti!
        Any thoughts about the photography posts I sent? Do you think you could put together a guest post about photography?


          Dear Janice,

          I like taking pictures but I think as a blogger I am not sure if it is something in my forte. I saw your blog and it looks like you are a photography pro while I am a novice. I am not sure if I can make any contribution for the photography blog. Sorry and thanks for considering.

  14. sue

    Congratulations Janice! Your post was in my top two picks for this week’s #AnythingGoes link up. I hope you will join us again.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sue!
      I was so honored to read I was in the top two I included it in my Weekly Roundup at my linky party. Thanks for letting me know.

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  16. Memee

    Thanks for the Hug!

    Have been experiencing love-hate growing pains but reached out, blogged about it and received a lot of great encouragement. Had I seen this post earlier I might have realized none of it mattered because I love what I write and I love my blog. Who cares about anyone else!

    This post will be pinged to a post I am running next month and I am encouraging other bloggers to be smart and follow you!

    Now, off to give some love to Chhiti.


      Yes I am receiving the love lol!!!! I am glad you liked the post. Thanks again to Janice.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Brianna,
      What great comments these are. Thank you! I am so sorry I did not write back sooner. It’s been a busy week with Parent Night at school. Did you see I started a StumbleUpon group? It’s a page on my site now. Why don’t you leave a link? People are reporting getting mass traffic after just a day or two.
      In response to your comments, it sounds like Chhiti’s article was relatable. I figured it would be. I am glad it helped with the “growing pains” and those frustrating moments. I am so glad you liked my graphic using the Disney character. Yes, it was a hug for people experiencing those “growing pains” you put so eloquently.
      Thank you so much for offering to link my post to your article you are running next month. I would love the promotion. Thank you for offering to help me grow my subscriber list. Thanks again for your wonderful comments and forgive my delay in responding.

  17. Janelle

    Hi, another great suggestion. I do have one question, if i sm blogging about an assortment of popular topics, should i pick just one? I feel my niche is being eclectic, I’m a jane of all trades and master of none. Could it be possible that my break from blogging hurt my growth and i must just start the growth scale again? Maybe its my lack of promoting…you see you’ve got me thinking about my brand again and i wonder if maybe my eclectic brand can work if i find the right schedule and promotion system. What do you think? Did i make sense?

    • Janice Wald

      HI Janelle,
      Thank you for writing me today. This is what I am understanding you to ask:
      1. Is it possible taking a break from writing could hurt my growth?
      Answer: I don’t know what you did on the break. I took a month off without writing or promoting in July. I got many new subscribers since all I did was network. Even if you took a non-blogging related break, you won’t grow unless your followers reblogged you while you were gone, but you won’t lose your followers. They would still be there upon your return.
      2. Do I need a blogging niche? I write about many popular topics.
      Answer: Then have many different blogs. Yes, you need a niche. I even wrote a blog post about why you need a niche:
      1,000 words about the importance of finding and maintaining a niche.
      I like to pride myself on my writing. I had many wonderfully written articles last year about many different “eclectic” topics. My blog was struggling big time until I got a niche. Please check out the article. There are over 70 comments on it with people weighing in on the importance of a niche. I am sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear. Thanks for contacting me today.

      • Janelle (JEM)

        Thanks. I checked out the post you suggested and I believe that I might have a niche already. Yay. I have subcategories but they all have a general theme.(except maybe my elf on the shelf posts) my general theme is having a healthy lifestyle or over all wellness. Crafting, recipes of food and green products and gardening all go together with a healthy lifestyle if I write it that way…which I do. I think I need to keep working towards sharing and learning. The more I write, share and learn the more readers I’ll find.

        I am learning so much from you and have noticed a small jump in veiws each time I add a new suggestion you write about or direct me too. I only have 22 posts and this is my 3rd steady month of blogging. I started my blog in 2014 but gave up, then decided in September I’d give it a try again. I love it, it is a great outlet for me. I have to remember I am a patience person and slow and steady wins the race. I just want it so bad. I do have a post is over 8,000 views. I should be happy its a year old but still my most viewed post daily. Maybe more like it…

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Janelle,
          8,000! That’s amazing. Yes, write more like that, if possible. Clearly, that’s what your readers like.
          Thank you for sharing the news with me that you see improvement in stats each time you take my suggestions. I am so glad. I love to help. It is a great outlet for me too. I’m glad the niche situation worked out for you. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Janelle (JEM)

            It exploded via pinterest. I just don’t know if i want to give away all my recipes of body products I am trying to sell…tough situation.

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  24. Bella D. @ Self-Publishing Made Easy Now

    Sounds great! I love this topic. I usually create blog posts about the things I am interested in but I think I should be trying popular topics now. Thanks for sharing this cool article.

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