How to Blog Like an Expert Part II

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Blog helpDo you ever run short on blogging time?

Since I am in the middle of an ocean, blogging time is extremely short.

Rather than disappoint and not adhere to my normal blogging schedule, in lieu of a post, I am presenting questions that I frequently receive from bloggers and the answers I give.

You may have had these questions and might be interested in knowing the answers.

This post is a follow-up to How to Blog Like an Expert.

Frequently Asked Blogging Questions

Question 1: I did want to know how should I find the best bloggers of my niche; I did a lot of reading but don’t really end up anywhere.

Answer 1:  I would Google “Top _______ blogs”; you would fill in the blank with the name of your niche. Also, if you go to and type in the name of your blogging niche, you will see who is blogging about your topic.

Q2: Is it wrong to repin your own pins from your board and then delete them later since it seems quicker?

A2: Pins get pushed down by newer pins. I don’t understand why people need to delete them. I have been asked this a number of times. Since they get pushed down by newer pins, newer members of the group board or more recent Pinterest followers of yours will not have seen them. I would just repin without deleting.
I was reading Daniela Uslan‘s Pinterest article today, and she echoes this.

Q3: [Regarding Pinterest:] So you need to upload the picture and retype the text?

A3: After uploading the photo, many people send it to a site where you can turn your photo into a graphic. Graphics that are long and brightly colored and combine text with the image do the best on Pinterest.

Q4:  [Regarding Pinterest:] Is it okay to pin from your own website?

A4: Yes.but try to promote other people’s pins too if you can.

Q5: How often should I pin to group Pinterest boards?
A5: Daniela Uslan explained she pins only one pin a day to each group board, no more than twice.
As far as I go, I use Ahalogy, a Pinterest pin scheduler. It says that the pins are scheduled for the best performing times. I don’t question computers or automation. Ahalogy wouldn’t have the waiting list it has unless it was effective. I always check what Ahalogy schedules for me. The one pin only goes to the different boards about twice a day. If I have 20 boards, one pin might take ten days to schedule. Some people have a brand. If their pins look alike, and they pin that much, it will look like they are trying to be a spammer.

(Note:  Since receiving this question, I’ve started using Viralwoot. If you have subscribed to this blog, and you would like to pin to our blog’s Pinterest Community board, let me know in the comment section.)

Q6: Janice, where do you find your subjects to photograph?? They are always so interesting and on point.

A6: The bottom line is out-of-the-box creative thinking. You need to have the foresight that one day you MIGHT need the photo for a blog post.  If you see an interesting photo, take it. My phone is always with me, so I always have a camera with me.

Q7: How do you add an icon or badge to your site? I have looked in many different places on WP, they can be overwhelming! There must be an easier way to add them. Do you have to have a premium account to add them?

A7: I am now on, so I don’t have knowledge about WP premium accounts; however, I can answer your question. There are two ways I know of to add an icon or badge to your site.
1. Copy-paste code. users can do this. In the edit mode, click HTML, and you can paste code. Get the code from the place where you found the icon or badge.
For example, at my Blogger’s Pit Stop linky party, Kathleen, one of the hosts, asks people to have the banner on their site. She gives the code for them to copy and then paste on their site.
2. Before I became comfortable with code, I would take a screenshot, put it into Paint, and upload it to my site. Beware you might be violating copyright restrictions if you do this. I remember about a month into blogging, I was nominated for the Liebster Award which gave me the right to have the badge on my site. I don’t remember if someone sent it to me or if I captured it via screenshot, but I didn’t copy the code back then.

Q8: StumbleUpon isn’t one of the SM [social media] buttons on my WordPress. Can I download this from somewhere to place with my SM buttons?

A8: I have instructions for you about how to put the StumbleUpon button back:
That article ends with Sue Coletta giving the instructions, so be sure to click her link at the end of the article. When you click the link, the instructions are at the end of her article.

Q9:  I am a newbie in blogging, and I had a conversation with you lately about having archives. I went to settings and did not find any ‘archive’ button. I am not sure if I did the right thing.

A9: How to add widgets to WordPress


Q10: I was emailed about allowing a person to write for  my blog. It’s part of my niche kind of, it would help because I don’t have anything to post right now. But I can’t pay her.

A10: You can have a “Write For Me” page that stipulates the guest author will receive exposure and traffic but will not be paid for the post.

Q11: How does guest posts work? Do I give her a user name or does she just email me the post?

A11: Generally, posts are Emailed as attachments or sent via Google Docs.

Q12:  I have questions as trite as how to archive my blogs. 😀

A12: Go to my site. My archive is in the right sidebar. Do you know how to install a widget on your site? If not, if you comment on any page on my site, I can put a screenshot in a comment showing you how to install the archive.

If not, here you go:
Dashboard, Setting, Appearance, Widgets.
Then, you drag and drop the word “archives” where you want it to appear on your site, and then save changes.

Q13: What I want is to know how to consolidate categories. When I first started out, I made a category for every.tiny.thing. And now I realize that is way too unwieldy.

A13: Here is your answer to how to delete categories:
In my dashboard, I would hover over the word posts. A drop-down menu opens. I would select “Categories.” All my categories would come up. I would check the one I don’t want and click “delete.”

Q14: What is that little green button?

Social Sharing Buttons

A14: There are social sharing buttons under there. If you want to share a post using a service you don’t see, it’s quite likely you will find the service under “the little green button”. Click the button and see. You will make a blogger happy by sharing.

Q15: Do you know how to post links to blogs on Instagram and Pinterest?

A15: How to post links to Pinterest: Click this link. The instructions are under the subhead How to install social sharing buttons. See

How to post links to Instagram:
Unless something has changed, you can’t. However, you can go into your dashboard and copy a link. Then, at Instagram, paste the link into a relevant comment.


Q16: Should you click “Open in New Tab” when inserting backlinks?
A16: Yes, you should. Otherwise, your bounce rate will get hurt. If they open the link in the new tab, they stay on your tab while they look at the new article.


Q17: You write it! What other questions do you have for me? I look forward to reading them in the comment section. I will answer your question in my next FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) series.
Readers, please share, so other people that have these questions can read the answers.
Note: Mostly Blogging is looking for guest authors.
I will resume my regular blogging schedule when I return home from my vacation in August. The Inspire Me Monday Linky Party and the Blogger’s Pit Stop Linky Party will continue at this site uninterrupted.
  1. Benjamin Carter-Riley

    I like this format, Janice,

    I had a read through all of the questions and they were very interesting (with equally interesting answers. Aha 🙂 )

    The question I found most interesting was about opening backlinks in new tabs. I think I’ve put my backlinks at this setting, but I think I’ll have a quick check to make sure (I don’t want to hurt my bounce rate!).

    Thanks for the post :),


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Benjamin,
      Great to see you! I don’t know if you remember, but you and I had a dialogue the day I received traffic from your site. You once mentioned a way for the blogger to get traffic. I don’t remember how. Was it by using If yes, would you have time to guest post about how to use and its advantages for my readers? I would love to know more about it, and I’m sure other people would too. I have a pretty decent Alexa score, and you should get traffic and possibly new readers.
      Thank you for the nice comments about my question and answer post. I have received such wonderful feedback from the format. It is nice to see.

  2. Melinda Mitchell

    Hey BBFFJ, I recognize myself in Q13!! I’ve really pared down a LOT since I first asked that question!
    Now, open new tab, for backlinks. I was doing that, then I read someone said no, now you say Yes. AGH!
    I know I need to listen to whatever you do, since you’re so successful! One person already complained about being lost in “backlink land”. I will go back to checking new tab, post haste!

    Thank you!!
    Your BBFFM

    • Janice Wald

      Hi BBFFM,
      How was your week? Miss you! I’m sorry I’m not getting over more, but Internet is expensive on a cruise ship.
      In response to what you wrote, I think you had two questions used in my FAQ post. You had the question about how I find the appropriate photos. You also had the question about whether you click “Open in New Tab”. Thanks for providing some of the questions for the post! Keep them coming, if you have them!

      • Melinda Mitchell

        BBFFJ, I had 2 questions?? Wow, you love me! You really love me!! Thanks!
        I’ll be glad when you’re home, I miss you too! All better (mostly) from my fall.
        Hope you’re still enjoying!!

        • Janice Wald

          Are you sore and bruised? We use something called Blue Relief which helps. Yes, we’re having fun! Thanks, and yes, I do really love you. ( I got the Sally Field reference. Little gets by me!)

  3. dgkaye

    I thoroughly enjoyed the question/answers theme today Janice. Hope you’re having a fab time! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby,
      Yes, we are having fun. Yesterday, I went swimming and sat in the jacuzzi. We went to a Malaysian zoo. I am alternating between reading your Meno What book and your Have Bags Will Travel Book.
      I am glad you enjoyed the FAQ format of my post. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I have to pace my Internet minutes since they are not free here.

  4. GiGi Eats

    Okay, amazing resource!!!! Seriously love this! I think we should collab on something like this! 🙂 People are always asking me questions! It would be great to put our heads together!

  5. Carla

    OK 🙂 I’ve been blogging for over a decade and yet that first one? Had never occurred to me. The question had occurred… I don’t know why I never thought of that answer!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carla,
      So glad I could help! That’s the beauty of the FAQ format. I can share the answers to questions with others. Glad you found the format and the information valuable.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Camille,
      Thanks for reading my FAQ post and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the format. I only use the FAQ format rarely, but it gets met with positive feedback. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it.

  6. Cynthia

    What a very interesting and informative question and answer session on blogging. I have always wondered why anyone would want to delete pins. I was really glad to see that we agree on that issue.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Cynthia,
      Thank you for reading what I wrote and commenting on my FAQ article. Where did you find the post? I always like to know what promotion tips for working for me.
      I see you wrote about wild animals like polar bears. I just came from a zoo in Malasia yesterday. I’m on a cruise. I saw a brown bear. Nice to meet you.

  7. Leanne

    It’s always interesting reading other people’s questions and I love your short simple answers Janice. I learn something new – or relearn something I’ve forgotten whenever I read your blog – thanks x

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Leanne,
      I’ve only done the FAQ format twice, but both times it has gotten such positive feedback. I actually feel a little guilty not creating new content, so I’m glad people like it. Thanks for writing and letting me know that you did too. I sent you an Email by the way.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathleen,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the format and found the answers valuable. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  8. Mark

    Thanks for sharing and demonstrating your expertise Janice!

    I always learn so much more, from your screenshots, and your
    extremely easy to follow, step by step instructions!

    And I’m quite certain, once you start adding in some of
    paid, personal 4- 7 week, one on one, personalized coaching sessions,
    some of your loyal audience, will be just thrilled!

    Because you are such an excellent teacher Coach!Great job!

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks so much Mark for your testimonial and your kind words about my expertise. I’m hoping for more passive income as time goes on. My upcoming Ebook is a start in that direction.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mark,
      What kind words about my FAQ post. I don’t normally post in that format, so your feedback is appreciated!

  9. siya

    What an interesting list of question & answers. Many answers cleared my doubts regarding blogging. Very helpful!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carla,
      Great to see you! I also saw you at Twitter this week as well. I’m glad you found my question and answer format helpful. It’s received a lot of positive feedback. I’ve already started collecting questions for the next installment in the series! Thanks for writing.

  10. Chingum

    Janice can you give me some tips on how to increase my wordpress blogs traffic ?

    • Janice Wald

      Yes! Absolutely! That’s what I do! I help bloggers of all levels increase traffic. If you could take just a moment to subscribe to my blog, I’d be happy to send you my articles with step to step easy-to-implement instructions.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi again Chingum,
      I am not able to see your Email with your comment. If you sign up, let me know, and we can get started increasing your traffic and subscribers.

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