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One Word Book

By having a focus word as your 2015 goal, you will be less likely to end the year with discarded resolutions.

Are you a blogger who tries too hard to focus on doing too many things?  Have you heard that if you try to do too much, you won’t end up doing anything well?

Recently, I attended a blogging conference called Rev Up Your Goals for 2015!  Get Yourself Organized, Focused, and Make A Plan!  About half the seminar was devoted to teaching bloggers the importance of focus and how to achieve it.  Since only 25 could attend, I am bringing the conference to my readers.

New Years just passed.  Did you make a resolution to achieve your goals?  Goals are often discarded and resolutions forgotten.  The presenter, life coach, blogger, and author Melissa Reyes came up with a simple solution for bloggers to achieve their goals in 2015.  Instead of focusing on a goal or a resolution, focus on one word.

According to Reyes and the video she showed, one word can change everything.  “It has transformational power.”

Think of just one word which you will help you focus your 2015 blogging goals.  A one-word goal should be easy to achieve.  Mine was balance since my 2015 goal is to find a

These are the focus words the bloggers at the conference had as their goals.

These are the focus words the bloggers at the conference had as their goals.

balance between family and blogging.  Once chosen, it is important to tell someone your focus word.  Verbally commit.  If someone knows you’re determined, you’ll be less likely to back away from your intention since you’d risk losing face.  (Intention, by the way, was one of the focus words.)

We are taught that skilled people multitask, so it’s good to take on too much.  For this reason, we aren’t trained to simplify our lives.

According to the book One Word that Can Change Your Life, “Urgent things scream, and important things whisper.”  The one word can help you hear the whisper.

The late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden believed in the power of the one word.  He agreed it will promote a life change.

By following the advice of Melissa Reyes, and the authors of One Word that Can Change Your Life, you can narrow your focus to produce extraordinary results.  Envision a better life.  You can have it, but living your one word.

More helpful ideas from Melissa Reyes can be found at her blog,

If you think this post can help other bloggers, or  people in general, achieve focus, please share.

Readers, do you believe that one word can bring a mission to your life?  If not, how can you experience renewed purpose this year?  I look forward to your views.

  1. maryhopecampbell

    Yes, I believe one word can guide you and keep you moving straight ahead. A word that helps direct my life is hope. Thanks for sharing!

  2. john doe

    This sounds like a good concept..if you set a one word goal like any goal, if you do not completely achieve it, you are still better off than when you started.

  3. Nicole Keener

    Yes, definitely . One word can definitely help. Especially if you make sure to display it where you usually write your blog.

  4. thisyearinmusic

    Sounds like a good idea. I think my word would be better. How can I get better? How can getting better make my life better.

  5. Sharon

    Focus.. I think that is a good choice for me, I have my finger in too many pies!

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  8. Lauren

    I didn’t necessary choose one word for my blog, but my one word for the year is Grace. I think it can carry over into all aspects of life, so I’m sure I can apply it to the blog. #SITSBlogging

    • Janice Wald

      Grace is a beautiful word with many applicable meanings. Thanks for writing.

  9. Mrs. AOK

    I chose a few words it was terribly hard for me to choose just one.
    Happy SIT Sharefest Saturday!

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