“The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos” eBook Giveaway

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos eBook Giveaway

Welcome to “The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos” eBook Giveaway!!

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Improve your blog visually in 2016

Kindle Cover The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos

The eBook Version is for sale on Amazon ← at that link there!

About the Author

Ciao!! My name is Lysa Wilds and I blog over at Welcome to my Circus. I am a former journalist, a poet, an author, a mother of four with two stepchildren, and Nona to six grandbabies with one more on the way. With all the chaos I am always saying that “My life is SERIOUSLY like a Circus BUT… I wouldn’t have it any other way!!” So I thought to myself, “What a perfect name for my blog!!” After all, I do write about the crazy, silly, and often ridiculous things that just so happen to occur in my daily life. AND… We can’t forget about the nasty and always rude Mr. RSD; I write about him too!!

About the Book

Do you have a non-existent blogging or creative budget (or a tiny one), like I do?? Are you always in need of resources, blogging hacks, and FREEBIES?? Well, if you answered yes this is the series for YOU as I will give you exactly that!! I share with you how I have been running my blog with $0 for a budget for almost two years now and now YOU CAN TOO!!

©2015 Melissa Larance Collage 3

I have gathered my collection of resources, hacks, and FREEBIES from my “Rolodex of Cheapness” from the past two years and put them all into the “Blogging with Circus Peanuts” series and this is the very first book in that series, “Volume One ~ The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos.” After all your first step to running a professional looking blog is with professional looking images right?! And we all know that content is King and visual content is well, let’s face it, visual content is what makes or breaks a blog!

Visual Content is crucial to catching the attention of those browsing the web and even more crucial in keeping the attention of your readers. In “The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos,” I give you tons of resources to obtain FREE Stock Photos to use as you wish on your blog or however you see fit!! That is about 40 different ways to begin your private stock photo collection all for FREE!!

©2015 Melissa Larance Collage 2

You see, the reason I began this project in the first place was to help out other bloggers and creatives, like myself, who have a passion and a LOVE for creating but don’t necessarily have the disposable income to support that passion. Writing and creating in general are truly a part of my soul and without them in my life I’m simply LOST!! So, I’m paying it forward to the creative community the only way I can… By using my God-given talents and amazingly awesome investigative journalism skills to hunt down resources that seem impossible to find and turning those, from the past two years, into a valuable tool for ALL creatives to utilize despite what their finances look like.

Hey, I totally get it trust me… Every dollar helps pay the bills and feed my soul creatively. My calling in life is to create!! Not only with words but with anything and everything I possibly can so why not create something beautiful within the creative community and by helping to feed other starving creative souls like mine by offering my collection of resources at a price YOU can truly afford. So the “Blogging with Circus Peanuts” series was created as a way for me to offer each book in this series at a Circus Peanuts Price, no pun, okay pun was totally intended!! (Just for you RC.)

Paperback Book Cover The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos

Back Cover The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos Paperback Version

The Paperback Version is for sale on Amazon ← at that link there!

The Giveaway…

Two Winners Will Each Receive One eBook Copy of “Blogging with Circus Peanuts ~ Volume One ~ The Ultimate Guide to Free Stock Photos” written by Lysa Wilds from the blog Welcome to my Circus and published by Creations by Contessa.



This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media Networking Site.  This Giveaway is valid Worldwide and Entrants MUST be 18+ years of age to enter and win. The winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize via email by sending an email to publisher@creationsbycontessa.xyz or a new winner(s) will be drawn. You may want to mark this email address as safe as this is how you will be receiving your prize, and it could go to spam otherwise. The sponsors are responsible for shipping of the above prizes. Mostly Blogging is NOT responsible for prize fulfillment, nor were they compensated for hosting or promoting this giveaway. If you would like to be a host in a giveaway like this, please email Lysa Wilds at publisher@creationsbycontessa.xyz. No purchase is necessary to enter and chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. By entering this giveaway you are also subscribing to Welcome to my Circus and Mostly Blogging’s email lists.

Enter for Your Chance to Win Below

Good Luck!!

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  1. Lee MacArthur

    Looks great. It is always good to know where to get free photos to use. After all, no won can take photos of everything, everywhere. I’m lucky to have time to sit down some days. Thanks for this.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lee,
      Lysa’s book is amazing. Thanks for the supportive comments.

  2. Hugh

    I tend to prefer to use my own photos, but this is great information for anybody that does not take their own photos. I always think any blog post needs at least one image in it and have always found that it will get more readers when text is separated by photos or images.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hugh,
      Thanks for dropping by this morning. I agree.
      The formatting engages readers, and visual learners understand the message better by looking at photos.

  3. Wandering Soul

    i can’t figure out how to participate. i would kill to win this ! ok, not kill, but certainly, threaten, blackmail, steal, beg.. What? None of that will work! oh well, i’ll just leave my comment and wait at the end of the line.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Wandering Soul,
      Thank you for your interest. Is there a box in the middle where it lets you enter your Email?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Wandering Soul,
      Fill in the box right above “Good Luck”.

    • Janice Wald

      Try again. It’s fixed now. Let me know if it works this time. Thanks!

  4. Elle Knowles

    Would love to add this to my ever growing collection of helpful books. Never can get enough freebies! ~Elle

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kathleen, Thank you for the link and the exposure. I hear people like giveaways, and this is my first, so here’s hoping! Thanks for the help!

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