Getting the Most Out of Your New Blog

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Blogging is a well-established, breathing part of the internet these days. People are realizing the potential of the blogosphere. What better way to communicate with like-minded individuals the world over?

With the amount of blogs on the internet, it can be a daunting pool to dip your toe in. Still, with the right approach, nothing should stop you from writing your passions whether it happens to be recipe collecting, foreign exchange markets or anything in between. Here, we hope to help you find that right approach, starting from the very beginning.


A plan for starting a #Blog

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1)   Starting your blog

If you’re on this page, the chances are you’ve already decided to start a blog. Firstly, make sure you’re blogging something you’re actually enthusiastic about. What it is doesn’t matter, so long as you can keep writing about it. The first steps of starting a blog are fairly important as you can’t easily change your mind on them. Learning where to start a blog, what niche to fill and what name to use are just a few of things covered in the linked guide.


2)   Using the right tools

There are all kinds of platforms to use as a delivery tool for blogging. WordPress and Tumblr are some of the more common ones, but that’s not what this point is really about. Despite the options offered by these sites, most bloggers prefer to write their blogs elsewhere then copy them into the blog. For writing your blog posts, we recommend using Google Docs. In fact, we have 25 great reasons to use Google Docs in case you’re interested in making the best of your blog-writing experience.

A plan for starting a blog

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3)   Get social

Social media is becoming a mainstay of all kinds of internet communication, from the personal to the strictly business. Blogging is no different. Building your social media network of choice is a great way to start disseminating your articles and whatever news you have. It also allows you to connect to your audience, to strengthen your niche into a core. Furthermore, it plugs you into the wider network of your interests. This gives you even more material to feed from for later posts.


4)      Build your community

With the above advice, you have the approach and strategy to keep an audience well informed and a network connected. But there are other ways besides social media to build your audience. Further the reach of your blog by writing guest posts and giving interviews. Join in the blogging community by participating in round-ups. The more you connect to people doing the same thing as you, the more they can help expand your blog in the process. Everyone wins.

Making a plan for a new #blog takes great thought.

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5)   Sponsored blogging

This is something to be prepared for should your blog start to make tracks. Many bloggers get offered to write a post for a sponsor. It can be a good way of getting gifts and even a bit of cash from your blog, but it’s up to the individual whether to participate. Keep your sponsored posts genuine so that you don’t alienate your audience but don’t close your mind to the practice entirely. Sponsored posts can be great for driving traffic to your blog.


With the right approach, writing about your passions can become a worthwhile and even lucrative practice. Keep open communication and build a supportive, thriving community around yourself. Keep following us for more tips on how to make the most of your blog and you’ll be typing away for years to come.

This post was contributed by Emmett Mulgrew

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Which tip do you think was the most valuable? Which might come as a surprise to new bloggers? Are there any other valuable tips you think new bloggers should be aware of? I look forward to your views.




  1. John Doe

    I really like the google docs tip along with your 25 tips to use Google docs.

  2. Janice Wald

    Hi John,
    Thanks for writing! Great seeing you! Thaks for the kind words. I wrote the Google Docs article. It was kind of the author to link back to me.

  3. melinda

    Great post, Emmet!
    Congrats on your recent sponsored post, Janice!
    Your BBFFM

    • Janice Wald

      I thought he did a good job too Melinda. These are great tips, especially for new bloggers. Thanks, as always, for writing BBFF M.
      Nancy is back!
      BBFF J

  4. Raghu

    That’s a great post.. Lots of valuable information for new bloggers.
    Thank you.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Raghu,
      Great to see you here! For some reasons, bloggers who blog about blogging often don’t think they need additional blogging tips. I truly appreciate your readership. Thank you for your kind words about my contributor’s post. I agree he did a great job.

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