How to Easily Find Time for Stress-Free Blogging

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Time-management will lead to stress free #blogging
When was the last time you took a blogging break?

Have you ever taken a blogging break?

Is taking a blogging break desirable or harmful?

The most common complaints among bloggers relate to time limitations.

If you continue to blog during times of stress, blogging can add to your stress.

If you stop blogging during times of stress, the result could add to your stress.

Consider these comments from a blogger that took a break due to personal stress and stopped blogging–

I have hid myself in the shadows for 9+ months, I have become unknown. People forgot about me. It’s like I have to rebuild what I demolished.

If anyone is out there, I am still alive. I will make it imperative to maintain what it is I started.

By the way, I’m afraid my writing skills went downhill.

Fortunately, my guest author Lillith Black will explain how to find enough time to blog without the stress.


Use Time Management to Reduce Stress and See Things Clearly


Time management is sanity management.


Time management is not the sexiest term out there, and many of us cringe when we hear it.


Time management might feel like putting restraints on what you do and taking the fun out of whatever little spare time we have.


But before you say “Bleh!” to time management, realize that it doesn’t restrain your free time, it frees you up from stress.


Stress is not only created by other people and events we can’t control, stress most often comes from us not managing our time wisely.


Just imagine the stress of running late, or not being dressed our best, or being late paying a bill or sending out an all-important package. All of this stress comes from not allowing enough time and not planning in advance.


When it comes to business, it’s even worse. Deadlines sneak up on us, customers or vendors get upset, bills go unpaid, projects we always wanted to work on get pushed back, and we look at it all and feel the wave of stress and overwhelm washing over us.


Why do we do this to ourselves? Is this freedom?


Time management is not there to restrict you; it’s there to empower you and make you the boss of your time.


Starting with time management is not complicated, and it’s not hard. You just need to start.


Start small; you already have plenty of things to take care of.

10 Ways to Blog Stress-Free


  1. Get a notebook or an app where you will keep track of what you’ll be doing with your time. Decide on your medium – paper or digital. Each has its advantages. Pick one that works for you.
  2. Take inventory of your time in a week-span and see where you have time pockets that are not taken up by unmovable commitments like your job, commute, kids’ functions, or family events
  3. Add up your available time. Now you know what you have to work with.
  4. With an inventory of time on hand, you are better equipped to decide if you have time for an extra project or if you can afford to waste your precious hours on an activity that won’t bring joy to you or progress to your business.
  5. Now, go one step further: go through your bills and see if all the due dates can be grouped into two times a month. This way you can sit down and pay a group of bills in one swoop rather than wasting time and tinkering with one bill at a time last minute. This alone will reduce your stress and time wasted.
  6. Grab a wall calendar or use Google calendar and write out everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc., so you never miss buying that gift or sending that card again. Every month, sit down and take care of all the upcoming celebrations at the same time so you don’t have to worry about them later.
  7. Get in the habit of writing out daily the things you want to be done that day. Nothing creates more stress and missed deadlines than trying to jump on tasks as soon as they pop into your head (often a day too late). Every night or every morning, give yourself a short (I mean SHORT) list of things that are important and need to be done that day. Don’t pile up the tasks – they won’t all get done and you’ll feel frustrated. Plan less and end up doing more.
  8. When working on something, work on one thing at a time – multi-tasking is a myth. Really give it your all to that one thing you do and notice your new clarity and speed.
  9. When working, take breaks. Remember to stand up, walk around, sip some water and breathe. You’ve got one body and one mind – take care of them, and they will pay you back with speed, clarity, and reliability.
  10. Write everything down – things you need to do, ideas, reminders, worries, dreams. Get things out of your head and on paper. When you don’t carry a million buzzing thoughts in your head, your mind becomes clear, sharp, and fresh. When you get on task with an unobstructed mind, everything you’ll do will be better quality, done faster, and with less time-costing mistakes.


Time management is not a restriction, it’s a simple routine that brings you clarity, peace, and reduces your stress.

It lets you be in charge of your time, of your tasks, and frees up your mental power for the things you always wanted to do but never found time to.

To learn more about finding spare time in your week, you can also read a post on “How to find time to work on your side business”.


About the Author: Lillith Black is the founder of  and Nightpreneur Facebook group where she provides technical and business knowledge, and moral support to those who are building their dream business at night while still working 9-5.

Admin blogger’s commentary:

We really appreciate Lillith’s explanation about how we can blog stress-free.

Readers, please share this post, so others know about these tips to enable us to blog without the stress.

Can you think of any other time-management tips to help bloggers? I look forward to your views.

After you share in the comments section, go show Lillith some blogging love and visit her blog.

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  1. Trudy | at 3:23 am

    This post came at a good time. Between WordPress courses, my blog, job and life, I became very burnt out and apathetic. I really wanted to write and promote my blog but by the end of the day, I only had energy for daily chores (if that), answering comments, and sleep. Finding that balance is still a work in progress. You’re stumbled Janice!
    Trudy recently posted…Luminaries At Brookfield PlaceMy Profile

  2. T.O. Weller | at 8:30 am

    Having a plan, getting organized and managing time is definitely the key!

    I’m working on it from the writer’s perspective because without balance and perspective, overwhelm can kill a writing project in no time. (I too come from an IT background and a teaching background, two professions in which you can’t survive without time management!)

    Lillith, thank you for sharing so many great tips and Janice, as always, thank you for providing such timely advice!
    T.O. Weller recently posted…Plan and Find Your Freedom to WriteMy Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 9:26 pm

      HI T.O.,
      I was excited to see you visited this week. Thank you! You had a busy week, interviewed by Mary! Congratulations!
      As far as your comments. I, too, am a teacher, and you are correct. Organization is pivotal, and you are organized if you have strong time management.
      Lillith’s advice is definitely timely. Our struggles with balance is ongoing. Thanks again for your visit and for writing me. Great to see you!
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #6My Profile

  3. Lee MacArthur | at 8:41 am

    I need this. I tend to wing it rather than planning ahead and the most I do for planning is a list. I have tried in the past but never made it so maybe I’ve not considered this important enough to do so perhaps this is my year.

    • Janice Wald | at 9:28 pm

      Hi Lee,
      I read you ordered a weekly and monthly planner. Great idea. I was using a paper calendar until I switched to the WP Editorial Calendar. Paper or digital doesn’t matter, as long as you plan ahead. It keeps you organized. I wing it sometimes, but I usually follow my plan.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #6My Profile

    • Janice Wald | at 9:30 pm

      Hi Katy,
      Thank you so much for writing and for sharing the Time-Management article. It seems to have touched a nerve. I think balance is something bloggers keep striving for. Lillith already seems to have it, which is why I asked her to guest post about this topic. Great to see you. Thanks for the visit and the comments.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #6My Profile

  4. Joan Stommen | at 10:40 am

    Great post….I appreciate these tips! I’ve started writing on paper again, getting down ideas when they pip in my head. At least I have something to write about. I’ve figured out my best times to be at the computer is early morning or evening……when I usualky take a sit down break! Thanks for laying these specifics out….very helpful!

    • Janice Wald | at 9:31 pm

      Hi Joan,
      I read your comments when they come in two days ago. You might be a good influence on me. I am thinking perhaps I should attend to my blogging tasks in early morning or evening like you. Thanks for writing and adding these ideas. Glad you enjoyed the article.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #6My Profile

  5. Lee Gaitan | at 10:51 am

    Very helpful tips. I seem to resist and resist making a good plan for my time and then, just as you said, I get stressed out and panicky when deadlines approach–or when I realize I’m not accomplishing what I need to. Investing a little time up front saves headaches later on!

  6. Victoria L Mai | at 6:05 pm

    Great article! I just discovered recently how wonderful Google Calendar is. Where was I all this time?!

    Also tip #7 is HUGE for me this year. I had a habit (and just did this last week) of writing a list of 10 things I want to do for the day and feeling like a failure when I complete 8/10. Now I only write 3 things max but usually just 1-2 things I need to get done for that day and then complete them.

    • Janice Wald | at 6:09 pm

      Hi Victoria!
      Thanks for visiting me. Over the year, I have shared Google Calendar with my husband, so he can see my appointments and vice versa, and I have shared with my daughter for the same reason. I love the colors. I have one for work, one for personal, one for the calendar I share with my husband,etc. Google Calendar is a great way to stay organized. Thanks for the suggestion and for writing me.

  7. Melinda Mitchell | at 7:04 pm

    Thanks, Lilith! I already do my bills all at once, once monthly when I get paid. Yaya ME!
    And I do try to keep a to do list for the day. Otherwise, you’re right- I’ll think of it too late!!
    Stopping blogging due to a family death was stressful for me, but I had to.
    Janice, you found another great guest author. A home run, for sure!!
    Thanks, My BBFFJ!!
    Melinda Mitchell recently posted…MY newest new place!My Profile

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  9. Tricia | at 7:41 am

    Thank you Janice, for these time management tips. I find it most difficult to multi task. Yes, I think I can do it but in reality, I suck at it! I need to practice one task at a time even if I only do part of it. For example I can get so bogged down in emails. If I’ll spend 5 minutes on emails and nothing else I can make a pretty good dent in them if I do it daily.

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  12. Mithra Ballesteros | at 7:22 pm

    Nice post. I like #7. It is so true that time management is critical in reducing stress. But blogging is similar to journalism in that content must be produced in a timely and consistent manner, and that aspect is not for everybody. I’m guessing that the most successful bloggers in the field exhibit excellent time management AND have nerves of steel.

  13. Pingback: Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #65
  14. Clare Sweeney | at 3:46 am

    Sometimes, when I’m reading other people’s blogs, it seems like the Blog is running their lives. They feel they have to blog a few times a week or every day or even every hour! They apologize when they have not blogged in a while. They feel they need to accept every award even though awards can be quite time consuming. The list goes on and I wonder why they’ve given up their freedom to a blog page? Now, I understand about loyalty to followers. I have some of the neatest people visiting me on a weekly basis. But I know they’ll show up again should I decide to take some time to write my book or leave my house. Is too much pressure or manipulation being placed on people when they enter the blogosphere? Or are they doing this to themselves?

  15. Mark | at 8:21 am

    Thanks for sharing some excellent advice on creating an environment
    for some much needed stress free blogging Janice!

    Your guest really nailed it! And I’m so glad she
    is blowing the top off of the mult tasking myth!

    As she so clearly stated, it’s far better to laser focus
    on starting and completing one task at a time!

    Thanks for featuring her, because she shared some extremely
    practical advice!
    Mark recently posted…So What’s This Extremely Powerful Five Word Phrase All Serious Entrepreneurs Simply Have To Know?My Profile

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