This Is What You Need to Know to Quickly Make $100 to $1,000+ Monthly with Affiliate Marketing With or Without Making Sales

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Affiliate Marketing is easy with Kingged's #marketing program

How Bloggers Can Make $100 to $1,000+ Monthly With Affiliate Marketing, With or Without Making Affiliate Sales

… Contains FAQs, More Testimonials From Those Who Have Been Paid and quick $1,000 for Fastest Readers To Apply

Yes, It’s Still All FREE

This is one more follow-up post about’s Special Affiliate System which has paid many more readers of this blog in the last couple of days, even without them making any affiliate sales.

The first post about this special affiliate system was published here on Janice’s on the 30th of December, 2016 and has now got a lot more responses – 100+ comments already within the first 20 days, with many of the comments coming from those who been paid just for posting on their blogs.

Today’s post will answer some of the frequently asked questions that readers of this blog have asked, as well as provide new testimonials of people who have actually gotten paid, even without them making any affiliate sales.

Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Let’s dive in and learn about these affiliate marketing strategies.

What Is This System Really About?

This is special affiliate partnership where bloggers and owners of good lists are paid to promote the products of members, as affiliates.

But while other affiliate programs and systems only pay when sales are made by the affiliates, this Kingged system pays affiliates, just for the efforts they put in, even if the efforts don’t lead to any affiliate sales.

And of course, we pay much more when the efforts of our affiliates eventually lead to affiliate sales.

We are doing this to reward affiliates for the efforts they put in, as a way to motivate them to do even more, to make affiliate sales.

We are fully aware of the efforts many affiliates put into promoting affiliate products. They spend a great deal of time and effort writing good review posts on their blogs and emailing their lists.

Sometimes the promotions don’t go as planned and they don’t sell as many copies as they expected.

Sometimes they don’t even make any affiliate sale at all and even end up wasting time and/or losing money.

That’s why we are rewarding our affiliates who actually put in the effort but don’t make any sales.

We are rewarding them because we know failure today doesn’t amount to failure tomorrow. But being dejected today because of lack of sales might lead to losing hope and not even trying tomorrow.

By rewarding our affiliate partners, whether they make sales or not, we hope to keep them motivated to do more in promoting more offers tomorrow.

How Much Can I Get Paid, even if I don’t make any affiliate sales?

Just publishing a single review post on your blog or emailing your list about some of Kingged members’ products can get you $10 to $100+ within minutes, whether your efforts result in any affiliate sale or not.

Do that repeatedly for 1 week or 1 month and your payments obviously increase, whether your efforts result in any affiliate sales or not. currently pays each of their affiliate partner bloggers anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ monthly, just to publish such review posts on their blogs or emailing their lists, whether the reviews result in sales or not.

You can read the 6 different ways you get paid with this program in the first post right here on Janice’s blog

I am still a bit confused. Can you explain this a bit more?

This system involves working with bloggers like you and list owners who already have a good relationship with their readers and subscribers. If you have a good blog or list, you can get involved and earn some money in the process.

You simply recommend good quality products/services from our members and partners to your readers and/or subscribers and get paid, whether they buy or not. This is to encourage you to do more because you get paid much more when they do buy.

Do I already have to be an affiliate and do I have to be selling something?

> Do I already have to be an affiliate?

Yes, you will need to join and then apply to the affiliate system using the application link at the bottom of this post. To save you the trouble finding it, here are the links again:

To join

To apply for this program:

> Do I have to be selling something?

Yes, but it can be as easy as writing a review about a product or service. The owner of the product or service does the actual selling and handling customers’ issues before, during and after the sale.

I have a health blog. Can I apply for this?

Kingged is currently focused on working with those who have blogs around the same topics as These topics include Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Writing, Making Money Online, Social Media, SEO, etc.

If you have a health or other niche blog but you still blog about similar topics, even if not so frequently, you can be considered for this.

My blog is not active and doesn’t have traffic but I have a good list of subscribers I have been building for a while. Can I still apply for this?

Of course, you can apply if you have a “good list of subscribers”, 🙂 We are working with bloggers as well as list owners. There are many list owners who get great results without running active blogs.

Is this country specific? Can I apply from any country?

The program itself is not country specific. The problem is that some countries were temporarily blocked from getting access to Unfortunately, such countries won’t be able to participate in this program for now.

We had to block lots of IPs in some countries because of massive and unending spam and hacking attacks.

Here’s the post explaining why we did this, for those interested in reading more about this: – the non-blocked version for anyone who can’t access the first link

It’s still a temporal block until we figure out how to deal with the massive spam and hacking attempts from the affected countries, without using up most of our time and resources.

If you are able to open up from your country, then you are not affected and can register/apply for this program.

Do I have to be a Kingged member to apply for this program?

Yes, it’s much better to be a member of when you apply. We like to help our members (Kinggers) make money before other nonmembers, 😉

And of course, by becoming a member of Kingged, you get closer access to the team and other members and can ask any question(s) you might have and get a faster response.

Testimonial of Some Of Those Who Have Already Made Money With This Affiliate System, even without making any affiliate sales

Many people, including Janice of, have been paid just to partake in this system, even before they made any affiliate sales.

Kingged helps make affiliate marketing easier #marketing

Kingged makes affiliate marketing easier for #marketers

Kingged makes affiliate marketing easier #marketing

Kingged Affiliate

#Bloggers can make money with affiliate sales

#Bloggers can make money with affiliate sales

#Bloggers can make money with affiliate sales

#Bloggers can make money with affiliate sales

#Bloggers can #MakeMoneyOnline with Kingged's affiliate marketing program

You can read these testimonials and other comments in the first post right here on Janice’s blog.

$1,000 For The Fastest To Apply still has a quick $1,000 for the fastest of Janice’s readers to apply and publish the first review post.

You can be one of these by simply applying for the affiliate program. We will go through your application and approve it as soon as possible. But please make sure you indicate in your application that you applied after reading this post on Janice’s blog.

How do you get some of the $1,000?

By simply publishing a review post on your blog. The review post will have YOUR affiliate link, meaning you still get the chance to make sales when your readers buy through your link.

Depending on the quality of your blog, you will receive $10 to $50+ just to publish one of our review posts on your blog. And yes, you get paid whether your review makes any sales or not.

How To Get Started with These Affiliate Marketing Methods

First, join, if you haven’t already done so.

Second, apply for the affiliate partnership of your choice. When applying, indicate in “other information” section that you were referred by Janice and you could get some of the $1,000, if you are among the fastest to apply after reading this post.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask right here on this post or directly on

Don’t forget to read the first post right here on Janice’s blog, as it contains much more about this affiliate system, as well as testimonials and answers to many questions you might have.

Readers, please share these affiliate marketing methods, so other bloggers and marketers know how easy Kingged makes affiliate marketing. There is no down side!

Do you have any questions or concerns about Kingged’s affiliate marketing program? Please write them in the comments section so we can address them.  Have you already worked with Kingged? Testimonials are appreciated in the comment section as well.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Kingsely is wonderful. As is his platform.

    Many years ago I recall making some nice coin through Kingged by commenting on Kingged posts. Had to be in the thousands of dollars. They pay timely, through Paypal I believe. I was focused on creating content for many years and worked different networks but strongly recommend seizing this opportunity with both hands. Awesome guy who runs the network, fabulous prospering venture for doing something simple.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Janice Wald

      Wow Ryan! This is quite a testimonial! Thank you! What a coincidence that we both have the experience of working with Kingged.
      I agree Kingsley is wonderful. I am lucky to be associated with him and Kingged. Thank you for writing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Debby, Kingsley can explain better than I can. I will let him answer the question if that’s okay. Thanks for your interest though. They really are a great company. I think you qualify.

        • Kingsley

          Hey Debby,

          Thanks for your interest in learning more and for your question.

          > What are they selling?

          We have a marketplace on where we and our members list products and services for sale. These products and services are usually around the same niches/topics as – Internet marketing, Making money online, Writing, Freelancing, Blogging, Social media, SEO, Technology, Software/Plugins, etc.

          Many of these products and services are further promoted by using our different promotional strategies. One of which is having reviews or sponsored posts about these products and services published on the blogs or lists of our 100 to 1,000+ partners, made up of bloggers and list owners, 🙂

          Most times, our partners sign up for these products and services as affiliates so they also get paid or rewarded for sales made through their affiliate links.

          But instead of only relying on affiliate sales, our partners also get paid by us, just to participate in publishing the reviews or sponsored posts and to email their lists about the products, 🙂

          That’s what makes our affiliate program much more different from others out there. We pay and reward our partners, whether or not they make affiliate sales promoting the products/services of our members. And we pay and reward them much more, when they do make affiliate sales.

          I hope this explains it a bit more.

          If you have any further questions or need more explanation, let me know here or directly on


          • dgkaye

            Thanks so much for replying Kingsley. This does sound very interesting. So I presume we put an affiliate ad on our site? Also we are writing posts for some of these companies advertising? Sorry for the confusion. I get the basic concept.
            I’m definitely interested in learning more. I’m going on vacation in February, taking a blogging break, and was interested in getting into some content writing, besides my book writing in the spring. This sounds great.

      • Kingsley

        Hey Janice,

        Thanks for letting me know about Debby’s question.

        I just replied her here, but if she has any further questions, I am certainly ready to answer anytime, 🙂

  2. Rasile Kenneth

    Great concept this is, a perfect opportunity to earn money.

    I have a question, I have only recently started building a list, less than 100 subscribers but have sold to them a couple times, can I apply and get paid?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rasile,
      Thanks for reading the article and writing us. I’m guessing you can. I’ll ask Kingsley, the author, to respond to you. Congratulations on making those sales so early in your blogging career.

    • Kingsley

      Hey Rasile,

      Thanks for your kind words about our affiliate program. Yes, it’s indeed “a perfect opportunity to earn money” even when your efforts don’t lead to affiliate sales 🙂

      We try to reward everyone for the effort they put in, even if they don’t make any affiliate sales in the beginning. This usually helps them to do more, to eventually get the affiliate sales… and get them going until they become more successful at it.

      Regarding your question:

      > I have only recently started building a list, less than 100 subscribers but have sold to them a couple times, can I apply and get paid?

      Of course you can apply. We look at more factors than just the size of your list.

      And you can’t know if you will be approved or not, if you don’t apply, 🙂

      So, yes, go ahead and apply. Remember to join before applying.

      Any further questions, feel free to hit me up here or directly on Kingged.

  3. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    Money on trees sounds nice. Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity.

  4. Ken Marshall

    I haven’t done this yet, but it sounds like an absolutely incredible opportunity! I definitely am going to start on this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


    Blogger’s Pit Stop

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ken,
      Yes it is an incredible opportunity. There is no down side! How often does that happen? Thanks for writing.

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