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Stumble Upon Can Help Increase Page Views

My guest author got 40,000 referrals from StumbleUpon.



Why do some bloggers have posts that go viral and others don’t?

Why is it that you don’t?

One blogger who has experienced mind-blowing success offered to explain how he was able to achieve 40,000 traffic referrals just within the last year, and just from one source–StumbleUpon.

 Useful Hints for Using StumbleUpon
Hi, my name is Jordan Dumer. I am a creative writer and random blogger at openthevox.wordpress.com. I recently reblogged a post of the lovely Janice Wald’s blog, Reflections. The post titled, 9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Gambling With Your Blog gave some excellent advice for referrals using social media. I mentioned how I received over 40,000 views using StumbleUpon in under a year. She politely asked me for some pointers using StumbleUpon, and I humbly agreed. Here’s what I had to say-
Embrace the Random. When using StumbleUpon, make sure to stumble all your interests. This not only enriches the randomness experience, you also seem to find better and rarer material. When stumbling only one main area of interest, you get more and more target marketing bombardment from big name sites. And the more you keep stumbling, the more they show up. I often find high quality content on lesser known sites and low quality content on big name sites. So, learn to mix it up.
Mastering Thumbs Down. By clicking on the little down arrow next to the thumbs down, you can explain why you don’t like this page or post. This is important because it helps improve the StumbleUpon system by exposing web posts or pages of their weak points and by allowing the higher quality of content to leak through to the general populace.
Less is More. Popular posts especially high quality posts are key to success on StumbleUpon. If you add too much, too often, people get annoyed. They could just as easily visit your site. It’s no longer random and posts, sometimes even sites, get banned by the users!  Make sure to add only the best of the best on StumbleUpon for the main categories you’re contributing towards. Otherwise, people will begin overlooking those gems.
Fewer Posts, More Often. I’ve added masterpieces, only to have them flop on StumbleUpon. Then, I added them again at a later time and had them take off! If a post does well on your site, then chances are it’ll make a great addition to StumbleUpon as well. Keep adding it. You only get four adds a day, so don’t look at it as spamming but as targeted marketing. I’ve found 8 am, 12 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm produce the best results.
Contribute to Multiple Interests. Remember, spamming on StumbleUpon isn’t pushing the same great post to the far corners of the world. It’s spamming multiple lesser works to the same interests day after day. That’s what Email followers and news feeds are for. Get the most out of StumbleUpon by adding the same great post to all the key categories it fits under or add new posts to different categories altogether.  Show them only your best stuff and you’ll have them coming back for more!
Administrate your interests. After you post your masterpiece to StumbleUpon, switch your interests to the main category you just published and start stumbling. Thumbs Up only the content you’d expect to see on your site. Thumbs Down the poor quality posts. Ban sites you already know and use on a daily basis if they get distracting. I’ve found the most rewarding StumbleUpon experience is finding rich material from random unknown sites.
Make Great Lists. You can organize your favorite posts into lists either public or private. This is a great way to gain followers on StumbleUpon while also making a great source of reference for later use. StumbleUpon isn’t just a great site to acquire exposure. It’s also a great source of random yet surprisingly useful knowledge on everything you could imagine.
Engage. StumbleUpon is also a social media center. Remember to comment, share, follow and like the posts of others as well. Make sure to remind them to follow your site, share your post, or comment back. This makes StumbleUpon a great alternative for Twitter or Facebook. It takes awhile to get your posts out there in “StumbleLand”, but it’s well worth the wait.
Have Fun. I use StumbleUpon as more than just a marketing tool. I’ve found it to be a great way to enrich your life as well. StumbleUpon includes plenty of apps that can convert social media and other popular sites into random StumbleUpon generators. For 20 minutes a day, you can find some great art, beautiful photos, inspirational quotes and plenty of useful advice. I highly suggest StumbleUpon.
Jordan DumerJordan has proven his method works for getting traffic that will blow the roof off your blog.
Thanks so much to Jordan Dumer for guest posting today, so the rest of us can have tips that will dramatically increase our traffic, and enrich our lives.
What are you waiting for?  Go to StumbleUpon.com and make an account!
While you’re at it, follow Jordan over to his site openthevox.wordpress.com.  Jordan Dumer is a Freelance Creative Writer and owner of the sole proprietorship, Opened Vox Publishing.  He strives for excellence in all his endeavors, including blogging.
Readers, before you go, I would appreciate a favor.  I am doing research for a post about improving your blog’s page views, and it would help me to know how you met me.
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Readers, if you have any questions for Jordan about his methods, please put them in the comments section.  Have you used StumbleUpon?  Have you experienced the kind of success Jordan has?  I look forward to your views.


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    • Jordan Dumer | at 10:30 am

      StumbleUpon is actually a big deal!!! Lots of big name sites market through StumbleUpon!!! I’ve also gotten more page views through StumbleUpon than all my other social media accounts combined!

  1. Jordan Dumer | at 10:27 am

    Reblogged this on Open the Vox and commented:
    Check it out! My first guest post! I hope ya’ll find it useful!!! It’s about how I acquired over 40,000 views using Stumble Upon in just under a year! TAKE A LOOK!!!

  2. Trudy | at 11:03 am

    I just added my stumbleupon extension to my browser I haven’t used it in about six years. It’s just staring me in the face! Thanks for reminding me that it has a great purpose.

  3. ashandcrafts | at 9:37 pm

    Hi there! Visiting from the Home Matters link party. I’ve only received a couple of visits form SU vs other sites like Pinterest. I was going to invest more time in it, but was worried about the bounce rate for SU visits, since I’m already trying to reduce my bounce rate as it is right now. Perhaps I should give it another try! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Beth McIntire | at 9:47 am

    Thanks for the great post. I had one post with a lot of hits from StumbleUpon, but obviously, I still have a lot to learn. I’m still trying to get a feel for what articles will take off on SU.

  5. Kate | at 1:42 pm

    This is the 2nd post I’ve read this week about Stumbleupon. I haven’t paid much attention to it before, but after reading recent posts I think I really need to give it a go. I shall pin this so I can check out the tips again 🙂

    Over from #homematterslinkyparty.

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  10. Gretchen Gasper | at 10:51 am

    Looks great! I was able to gain something after I read your article. Thanks for sharing it to us. Actually as I came to your website, I found a website that offers offers to build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media. Check it out here: http://uberdigit.com/.

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  14. northierthanthou | at 5:11 pm

    4 adds a day? This is definitely news to me. I had been under the impression, the rule of thumb was about 1 in 20 could be from your site without getting into trouble, but I don’t recall a hard limit to adds. Is that four adds from a single site?

    • Janice Wald | at 5:46 pm

      1. I like your blog name. It sounds like “Holier Than Thou.”
      2. Thank you for your interest in my guest author’s post. I hate to contradict him, but…
      I have a StumbleUpon group. If people subscribe to my blog, I stumble their links for them. On April 26 I stumbled 15 links. I do not recall if they were all from my site or other places. If you’d like to check out the group,
      Maybe that is old news…?
      Thanks for the visit and the comments.
      Janice Wald recently posted…Blogger’s Pit Stop #34My Profile

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