3 Cost Effective Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Blog

#Bloggers can get traffic to their #blogs from Facebook
3 August, 2016

Is your blog getting decent traffic from search engines? After all those days of pouring your heart and soul into writing long-form content…after doing everything you know to optimize blog posts for search engines… you were expecting more. But search engines don’t seem to send […]


Your Blog Needs Video Content. Here’s Why…

Video content helps make #blogging easier.
30 July, 2016

Despite the rapidly growing prevalence of it, video content is often neglected or put off by bloggers and business owners. Many still see videos as a decorative little gimmick; something that they could take or leave. If you’re still holding onto this attitude, then you […]


How to Make Readers Stick To Your Blog

#Bloggers can keep their blog readers #blogging
21 June, 2016

How To Make Readers Stick On Your Blog Over 3 million blog posts are published daily. Guess how many of these blog posts would see the limelight? If you ask me, I would say 10%. I think my guess is even higher. Maybe it’s somewhere […]


How to Create the Best Website Name in the World

Website Name and Logo help increase blog traffic
3 May, 2016

In August of 2015, readers questioned me. “Why are you changing blog names?” they asked. “Why are you changing blog URL’s?” they wondered. I previously ran the Reflections blog, but my site wasn’t about self-improvement. My URL was mycurrentnewsblog.com, but my niche wasn’t news. I […]