4 Reasons Why Building an Email List is More Important than Ever

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#Bloggers should build an Email list immediatelyEmail has long been a touchy subject. Some don’t pay much attention to it. Others love it. Social media conversations say its end is near, but some online marketers swear by it when it comes to getting paying customers. Whatever the notion, almost everyone craves a healthy email list.
While it can take a while to build an email list that works wonders for your business, the benefits are worth it. This post doesn’t go into the details of marketing strategies or segmentation, but helps you understand why building an email list is more important than ever and why you should work to build one as soon as you can.

1. A Targeted Email List Drives Your Business Forward
Targeted email lists can be based on a variety of demographic criteria. Horizon Advertising and Email Lists suggest that finding customers interested in your service or product has never been easier. That’s because instead of building an email list from scratch, bloggers can invest in email lists and prospective consumer lists at a fraction of what they’ll pay for advertising to get subscribers. They can get access to an already available email list for different categories, as well as know the full name, city, state, zip code, street address and county of subscribers.

2. You Are the Owner of the List
Bloggers, in the past few years, have invested in social media networks. That’s because the platforms promised to let entrepreneurs communicate with their audience directly. While social media channels do provide real-time interaction opportunities and a chance to create a big following, you have to pay in most instances. Also, with all the algorithm changes, your ability to connect with your audience without shelling out money has declined significantly. And, at any point, your account can get banned or even deleted. On the other hand, an email list is yours, and you have 100% ownership of it. You can make several copies of it, transfer it, and basically do anything with it. It can even be sold to prospective buyers without requiring permission.

3. You Spend Less
You can communicate with your email subscribers at a very low cost. You don’t need marketing analysts or special tools to send them a message. Also, you don’t need to spend on phone lines, mailing, printing, or advertising. All you need is a good newsletter, which you can create with one of the many newsletter tools out there. An effective email campaign that involves sending emails to a targeted list only needs a blogger with strategic thinking, someone who can get the copy and design right while putting relevant offers in front of the target audience. There’s no other marketing channel that provides better returns on your investment of energy and time.

4. You Generate Outright Sales
When you decide to send exclusive offers to subscribers, such as discounts or special promo codes, they feel important and become comfortable with your brand/business. The best part about sending such messages to email subscribers is that you benefit from outright sales. Getting a few sales with a single message is good for you as you generate income without doing much. The added benefit comes in the form of advertisers who pay you to get a mention of their offering in your email message.

Due to these reasons, you should start building an email list right away.

This post was contributed by Katherine Smith.

Readers, please share, so other content creators and marketers know the advantages of building a strong Email list immediately.

How do you build your Email list? What incentives do you offer if any? What opt-in box do you use if any? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

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  1. anita

    I have been trying to establish an email list for the last two years. I cannot seem to grasp how to get a good one, my recent endeavour with Mailchimp put a pop up on our WordPress blog, which was fine, but annoyed all my visitors using a mobile phone or ipad. Is the one already on WordPress gathering emails, and if it is, how can I get them added to Mailchimp? Or is Mailchimp the wrong one to use?
    You can see how hopeless I am…

  2. LuAnn Braley

    In regards to item #1, how do they obtain the lists? Most everything you sign up for has a disclaimer along the lines that “I value your privacy and will never sell your email….”? Just wondering.

  3. Anonymous

    As usual great advice. Do you think you will ever have a follow up post on SNIPLY?

  4. Bill Kasman

    Building an email list is something I don’t consider a priority but then I don’t actually sell anything online – it would be a different matter if I did and would probably make it a top priority.

  5. Vernon

    I learned a lot from this post. I didn’t know I owned the list I already have.
    I will be sending out a campaign soon because the Newsletters I do get does make me feel important especially when it have my name on it.
    Great information.

  6. Vickie Ewell

    I have never understood the value of having an email list, but then low-carb dieting has a huge turnover in traffic. Readers come and go. Only a handful of devoted dieters stick around for more than 6 months. I also find the pop ups begging me to subscribe extremely annoying, especially since signing up for someone’s blog updates or newsletter doesn’t make them go away.

  7. Marie Mack

    Lists are oh so important. The nice thing is that people on the list already love you! And if they don’t they will leave the list. It’s your own personal fan club and a great reason to use the list for building relationships and sharing content.

  8. Sarah Harris

    I appreciate this information. Building a list seems like such a big “commitment” but it’s one more step to commit to my blog’s growth!

  9. Melinda Mitchell

    BBFFJ, I loved that the pic had 4 mailboxes in it. I know you did that deliberately!!

  10. Mark

    Thanks for sharing your four excellent reasons Katherine!

    And you are so right, having your very own
    opt in email list, is an extremely valuable asset!And a must!

    Because as you mentioned, it’s incredibly dangerous
    to be solely dependent on the various social media platforms!

    They can and often do get shutdown or deleted, for any number of
    reasons, totally out of our control! You shared four extremely valuable tips!Thanks!

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